Chinese town and city – an endless love

Business competition and contention are common in all countries. In this region, the competition is more strife, particularly when only one group of people of the society is monopolizing almost all kinds of business activities.

When only one group of people is up against all other groups in the society for the business activities, the competition among all groups of the society for the right to conduct a business is becoming a racial concern.

In Malaysia, the Chinese hold all kinds of business activities; consequently, our society is further divided not merely through the color of the skin and races, but also through profession.

The major critical issue that I have been trying to invoke is the imbalance of a town or city population, which has arisen due to this unjust and discriminatory business competition.

Despite several attempts to address stiff competition from the Chinese entrepreneurs in the town centre and to assist other races such the Malays and the Indians in the business by occupying the commercial areas of the town, thus restoring the imbalance in the composition of the races of a town, these efforts have been proven as failed attempts.

UDA, an organization founded to address this social imbalance is an example how weak our policy is against the racial business competition.

Whilst many other policies embedded, such as in Felcra, Felda and MARA, and of other rural development policies, which found to be successful ventures, the policies involving the reorganization of urban population is still an unfinished attempt.

We are awaiting the policy makers to address the unfairness that have been rooted in our society for a long time.

Shah EWC

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