Apa lagi kita mahu?


31 Ogos 2013 nanti merupakan hari kemerdekaan negara ini dari British dan di bulan kemerdekaaan ini, kita rakyat Malaysia berbilang kaum harus merenungkan kemana kah arah tuju kita sebagai rakyat sebuah negara yang bebas dari penjajahan.

Beberapa gambar yang saya ambil dari google image boleh memberi gambaran sebenar keadaan rakyat berbilang kaum di negara ini tanpa kesan tempiasan tekanan parti-parti politik.

Kita hidup bergembira, aman damai dan  menjalankan kehidupan didalam keadaan mesra dengan kebebasan yang tidak pernah di kecapi oleh kebanyakan rakyat-rakyat berbilang kaum di negara-negara lain.

Kesemua ahli masyarakat menghurmati budaya sesuatu kaum yang lain, agama mereka dan juga corak kehidupan tanpa sempadan. Malahan kita sanggup berkongsi kemeriahan hari-hari raya, hari-hari kebesaran bagi agama-agama  sebahagian besar penduduk negara ini, tanpa rasa segan dan silu.

image 1

Yang kaya dan berjaya, menjadi penaung kepada yang daif dan miskin.

Kesemua golongan ahli masyarakat mendapat belaian yang baik dari semua ahli masyarakat kita tanpa mengenal kaum, bangsa serta agama semenjak kita mencapai kemerdekaan.

Beribu ahli masyarakat akan menghulur bantuan kepada mereka yang menderita dalam kesusahan hidup.

kampung 2

Yang miskin dan tidak berharta mempunyai harapan untuk mencapai kehidupan yang lebih baik dengan beberapa polisi yang menyeluruh, dengan kebebasan memperkayakan ilmu pengetahuan, memperkayakan bakat bakat terpendam dan di beri peluang-peluang yang boleh membawa kepada perubahan corak kehidupan mereka kepada taraf yang lebih baik, tanpa perlu merubah corak-corak kehidupan kaum kaum yang lain.

Dan apabila kerenah politik di pertengahkan,  maka segala segala nya menjadi lesu dan bisu.

Kita kehilangan arah.

Kehilangan arah yang boleh menghancurkan kita. Dan itulah yang akan terjadi bila ahli masyarakat tidak lagi memikirkan keheningan dan bersyukur dengan kejayaan kita didalam kemesraan yang telah kita capai selama ini.

A Buddhist woman cries for her home that was burned down during the riot in Meikhtila

Dan akan hilang segala segala nya kerana keangkuhan segelintir mereka yang rosak ahlak dan budi pekerti.

Mari lah kita bertafakur dan fikir yang indah indah supaya ianya memberi keheningan disanubari kita untuk membina kegemilangan kehidupan kita di masa masa yang mendatang.

Eekaa EWC.

Chinese town and city – an endless love

Business competition and contention are common in all countries. In this region, the competition is more strife, particularly when only one group of people of the society is monopolizing almost all kinds of business activities.

When only one group of people is up against all other groups in the society for the business activities, the competition among all groups of the society for the right to conduct a business is becoming a racial concern.

In Malaysia, the Chinese hold all kinds of business activities; consequently, our society is further divided not merely through the color of the skin and races, but also through profession.

The major critical issue that I have been trying to invoke is the imbalance of a town or city population, which has arisen due to this unjust and discriminatory business competition.

Despite several attempts to address stiff competition from the Chinese entrepreneurs in the town centre and to assist other races such the Malays and the Indians in the business by occupying the commercial areas of the town, thus restoring the imbalance in the composition of the races of a town, these efforts have been proven as failed attempts.

UDA, an organization founded to address this social imbalance is an example how weak our policy is against the racial business competition.

Whilst many other policies embedded, such as in Felcra, Felda and MARA, and of other rural development policies, which found to be successful ventures, the policies involving the reorganization of urban population is still an unfinished attempt.

We are awaiting the policy makers to address the unfairness that have been rooted in our society for a long time.

Shah EWC

Jalan 双倍中国食品中心



If I were a Chinese, I am ashamed of myself because of this unruly behaviour


“It should have been named as PAU LIM BU TOH, instead of PAU AHMAD. This is a Muslim food product, so JAIS or pejabat AGAMA must stop these people from using Islam to gain large profit from their products”.

When a Chinese opens a shop, he places a Chinese logo, or a character that depicts the Chineseness.

Very proud of the Chinese’s clan wherever they are, and sometimes air Chinese opera songs through a radio, which has several other loud speakers while opening the shops.

Never mind where the shops are located, even in the kampung such as in Tanjung Dua Belas where the kampung folks are allergic to the sound of Chineseness.

However, one thing they never shy of using while making profit from the poor Malay people.

They name their products in Malay character, and in Kota Bharu and Pasir Puteh, name their shop in Malay names.

Dong Zong never say anything about this unruly behavior of the Chinese in this instance. Although they support Chineseness in all expects of their life, but dishonest thing they do to the Malay in this way is not a matter that Dong Zong will look and complain.

It is the times for the authority to stop all these deceitful acts by making all Chinese products given a name in a proper perspective.

It is unlawful for anyone to deceit people using names in Islam whilst the truth he is not. Similar to the Indian shops where Quran and the likes are hung to display Muslim ownership, whilst the owner is actually a Hindu.

Please PDRM, and Menteri Dalam Negeri, stop this unlawful behavior of the Chinese from cheating the Muslim in this country.

Read more here:

Nazri Aziz and Adolf Hitler, are in a wax museum?.

nazri 3

The only Malay minister that goes hand in hand in promoting a rival city to Shah Alam, I-City, is Nazri Aziz.

nazri 1

Unknowingly though, he was pinned with a five star logo on the front of his shirt, which may be the sign of a communist at work in the area, where Malays are the predominant populace.

He likes a wax model, and he played kung fu with Bruce Lee wax model and has little respect for the people living in the area who are not interested in those lousy wax models.

nazri 2

One thing good about the Chinese is in their doing of any imitation good or product all over the world, and in this state they are imitating other people’s products such those works by Madame Tassuad in the famous wax museum and planetarium in London, and in all its branches over the world.

I don’t know who are the famous and rich people of this country that I-City has created in the form of wax models. I hope, none is made of a Nazri Aziz.

Marie Tussaud, or Anna Maria Grashotz, was a true France rebellion, and had created wax models of people who have been killed and called during the revolution as a memory of the history. She learnt wax modelling from a doctor in 1761, and made a famous model of Voltaire in 1777. During the war, she went to the United Kingdom and married to Mr Tussaud and retained her name as Madame Tussaud. She opened up the first wax museum in Baker Street, London and used all her famous creations of model that include Haration Nelsen, Sir Walter Scott, and many more from the famous figures including Adolf Hitler.

She went to establish her work patiently and now has branches all over the world.

You see this I-City guys imitate her work hoping that Malay like me 30 years ago will be going there to see the work. But whose works are these wax models made?. And I don’t really know which models that stand in this imitation museum?

Is there Chin Peng wax model in the museum. Or, are these people would cook up a model of Nazri?. Well, I tell you, the max model of Adolf Hitler was decapitated by a German visitor, and I hope that won’t happen to Nazri Aziz’s wax model should it be placed in this imitation museum.

The truth about imitating a wax museum is that I City thinks by doing so it will create demand for the space and its land development in Shah Alam, a direct competitor to other commercial areas of the Shah Alam town centre.

By doing so, the remaining 50 acres of land they own will be high in value thus kill for super profit. They desire to redesign Shah Alam into the hand of the Chinese. But, imitating another person works won’t make this venture as a true winner. They are only good in imitation products the same as their brothers in the main China.

So what is so great about Malaysian Chinese?. None, except in the eyes of people likes Nazri Aziz who like imitation works. In fact they are uncivilized people of this country. 

PS: This guy must be derailed out of the line in the next party election. I tell you, he is not that clever a person as he thinks he is.

Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Tamarod and those who like to lie

Lying is a fact of life when you are in a war, or beginning to make the preparation for it.

That occurs on both sides, the appointed government in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters.

In the first place, Morsi shouldn’t be appointed as the President of Egypt, replacing the so much talked about Mubarak. The Eygpt’s population should know what democracy is all about,and then place the importance of ruling through votes from the public.

When you have an army who controls 60% of the country wealth, and every other person is a member of the military through someone in the military, who receives government benefits through the military, who owns the banks, houses, properties, and all other money making machineries in the country, who do you think that will never support the military?. Muslim Brotherhood.

So when Morsi was ousted MB and their supporters want the power back, but, you know, out of 84 years in existence MB was almost outlawed all the time. It was known to be active of late, and what do you suppose to say about this group when many observers say that it represents all Muslims, but most of the time the story that came out from the movement tells it represents some hardcore fascism.

Recent sit-in protests by MB and its supporters including Al-Qaeda and Tamarod give us a different picture altogether.

According to MB, some 2,000 of its men and women killed. According to other reliable sources only 270 were injured or killed. Nothing is said about the lost on the government side, which according to a record 43 policemen were killed and 140 wounded. Four churches were burned, 13 were attacked and and right now 3 are burning. Policemen who were on duty to disperse the sit-in were brutally skined alive and killed. 21 police station were attacked in the conflict areas, and that shows MB too is using weapons to destroy not only the military personnel but also the Christians, who it has some form of mutual hatred from a very long time.

It is therefore a conflict that arises out of the religion hatred and a conflict for the control of wealth of the nation. Those who died from the sit-ins are those innocent blokes who have nothing to do or to think wisely.

So next time when you see anything that says an Islamic movement, you would better make a quick check on its main purpose before giving your support.

Praying to something else is the main reason why I am diferent from them

Surau and the story that came out of it recently, tells us one thing that most of you want an answer.

The diference between the Sami and his followers in the surau when perfoming a prayer to God and me doing the same pray is that I don’t use a third party or something else to pray to God. I do it straight to Him.

No picture of God, or whatever to remind me of how God will look like.

This is because I am a straight guy, whereas others aren’t. I mean they need something to look and pray and then imagine how God will response through looking and smiling at the photo of God in front of them.

It is a kind of using an agent to convey a message to God. It doesn’t sound and look right to me, and when people do that kind of thing in a Surau where I don’t need another medium to do the same, I felt they were wrong and I supposed everyone like me felt very outregous.

If the Sami did the same thing like I do in the surau, perhaps there would not be much objection from people like me.

So because of that the Surau would be demolished. It has nothing to do with how dirty they are, or whether Sami is dirtier than a dog, but the way they performed a prayer using a third party medium or artifact instead of directly to God was the most dirtiest act againt my believe that God does not need a third party or agent for prople to offer a prayer to Him.

That is why that Surau should be demolished. It has been used against my fundamental believe. The one and most important aspect of my God.

So please do understand me. Please don’t ask Nazri Aziz or similar person like him, especially Raja Petra, they don’t really understand the fundamentals.

Stairway to heaven – Camille and Kennerly for UMNO’s post election

Camille and Kennerly



The original

Strays walk the street

The crime index in Malaysia has not risen at an alarming rate.

OSAC gave a rating of medium on the crime rate in Malaysia.

The recent outbreak of criminal activity, however involved day light shooting of several people including a prominent banker. It was an alarming development, and unfortunately it has occurred only after the repeal of two important preventing laws, ISA and OD.

Although there was no substantial evidence to show proof crimes had taken place after the acts were annulled, the PDRM had initially revealed that the federal agency had released more than 2,500 criminals from jails. The agency also had suggested 90% of the crimes registered over the year were involved the strays or the released criminals.

If this is accepted as a fact arising from proper investigations, the Police therefore may act against them in pronto in preventing the crimes, irrespective of whether the authority needs new preventive laws, as I am sure, we have enough laws to prevent crimes.

One crime which people are scared is being shot down in the public. I am not too sure, whether this is a heavy crime or a medium crime, but being dead on the streets without protection whatsoever is a scary experience and say gunning down is surely a heavy crime.

I am not too sure, why our government has repealed the two important laws recently. Is it because of the 1Malaysia a concept that denotes for equal fairness to all Malaysians? I am also not too sure, whether people who cannot live within the society due to their bad habits are treated fairly under 1Malaysia thus entitled to be freed and released to the streets.

Strays are dangerous, and due to a long confinement in various jails may go about the towns to get revenge. Giving pardons to criminals can pass only if they repent, and are not likely committing any serious crime against the people at large in the society, again and again.

If PDRM is of the opinion that the two laws need to be reintroduced so that the crime rate will decrease and assist the federal agency work, the government must take notice of the view and take appropriate action for the safety of the masses in this country.

Just a laughing stock

Namwewee, or whatever name he is, talked rubbish in his latest video. Talkkok, a name synonym to “talk cock”.

His Chinese clan, Chua So Lek, accused Noh Omar mad over the later to explore the use of Akta Hasutan on the canteen toilet issue.

Wee Ka Siong, former Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran has accused the department over hackneyed meritocracy for the Chinese students who he claimed had been refused entrance into public higher learning institutions.

Dong Zong later in the week rejected government’s initiative to improve schooling system.

On the opposition side, Lim Guan Eng refused to comply with a ROS order for a re-election of CEC members.

The list above does not end there. There are plenty other objections around the web over several issues which were voiced by majority Chinese youngsters.

The objections however are mostly baseless and have no truth.

We too heard objections over similar issues by the young Malays, but of course, the objections are more on the housing need and the high cost of living.

I am not very certain how and why these Chinese youngsters, the like of Namwewee, have changed in their attitude over a short period. If you have the time to watch Namwewee video, you probably had noticed that he was not fluent in the common language of this country.

Whilst the older group, like Chua So Lek and We Ka Siong, understands and speaks the language fluently, the younger group of Chinese, by their own leader’s oversight, has a common problem in the language deficiency.

One of the reasons for the deficiency is that the Chinese had refused to learn Bahasa Malaysia as a common language.

Because of direct confrontation from the Chinese groups, we see that Malays have also rejected claims from the Chinese in this country. On top of that, we see a lot of us are talking rubbish about the Chinese like in the West.

In the West, the Chinese are a laughingstock. They are just the same obsession as in the Namwewee video. We can applaud a loud laugh.

Meriam oh Meriam are you okay today?.

Some people, the like Meriam Mokhtar, are brave enough to condemn Malays and their livelihood under UMNO, and accuse them the cause to all problems in this country.

When my great-grandfather and grandma were still around in this country they also felt the same feeling as Meriam feels today, i.e. the liking of blaming others for the mischief they have, in their livelihood.

In the same way Meriam had written about the Malays, but then instead of blaming themselves Malays they had the blame on the immigrants of those days.

The words that I still remember from the stories told among our family members during hari Raya, how unsophisticated and crude these immigrants were, some with bonded feet, were unlikely to become someone who you would like to be friendly with. In fact the hatred of the immigrants is something like the hatred that you have on the PATI today. The same feeling.

But even with so much hatred in their essence, the Chinese and Indian immigrants were sent to their village for no clear reason, just like you were seeing at some of the PATI in Chow Kit Road.

I am sure you hate these guys to your bone, the same feeling my great-grandfather had, when he told his story to his son and the son after him.

Probably Meriam and her other similar brainless critique of the Malay has a father that was born in another country, and that they came to this country in pursuit to let Meriam lives in a better place than their own, from corruption, from poverty, from human conflicts that Malaya didn’t have. Since your siblings were subject to these similar misfortunes in this country now, may be it’s the time to go home.

For some of you who use a Malay name, probably you are also a Malay and probably you are not. If you are not a Malay and hating a Malay in a sense is not going to be a bad idea after all.

Like my great-grandfather, he hated the people who were not of the same species like him. So then, it is quite normal. Because people like Meriam are also the same kind, i.e. the animal kind, like a tiger who mates only with a tiger.

Did you ever catch a tiger mated a cow?. Or, an elephant?.

Inikalilah adalah untuk kita, bukan DAP


Buka mata, semenjak DEB di lancarkan, segala perancangan untuk membangunkan bangsa Melayu didalam urusan perniagaan dan aktiviti komersial di dalam negara ini tidak tercapai. Dari anggaran agar kaum Melayu memegang syare 30% didalam kesemua aktiviti perniagaan tinggal sebagai satu kenangan mengusik jiwa.

Kita harus faham dasar sedemikian tidak akan tercapai walaupun di ulang kali dengan pengesahan itu dan ini oleh para pemerintah Melayu, akhirnya, percapaian yang ingin di perolehi untuk bangsa Melayu ketidak kesampaian.

Kita mesti faham pokok utama nya dengan pengkongsian kuasa antara Melayu dengan kaum China dan India di dalam urusan politik memerintah Semanjung Malaysia ialah bererti berkongsi menduduki negara ini, dan sebahagian besar wilayah di Semanjung Malaysia adalah wilayah wilayah atau kawasan kawasan negeri negeri Melayu.

Ini bermakna, kita berkongsi kuasa politik untuk memecahkan belah kan negeri negeri Melayu kepada bangsa China dan India. Pekara pengkongsian tanah tanah negeri negeri Melayu dengan bangsa lain adalah hasil dari politik pengkongsian kuasa politik yang dicipta oleh UMNO, dan disokong oleh MCA dan MIC. Sudah tentu mereka sokong, kerana boleh menduduki tanan tanah dan wilayah wilayah kediaman kaum Melayu di negara ini.

Sedangkan pada awalnya setelah merdeka, kerajaan Melayu memberi peluang besar kepada kaum China dan India mengambil alih peranan yang telah dimainkan oleh British didalam urusan perniagaan dan komersial, dimana sepatutnya ini tidak terjadi dengan sewenang wenang nya. Sepatutnya, walaupun kaum Melayu merupa kalangan petani dan nelayan pada masa itu, para pentadbir dimasa ini harus diberi peluang memegang 90% dari urusan komersial dan aktiviti perniagaan dalam negara Melayu, dan mereka ini adalah setanding dengan kebolehan para pengurus yang lain. Dari situ, setelah merdeka, kaum Melayu betul betul menikmati kemerdekaan negara mereka yang telah di jajah oleh kerajaan British.

Kenapa percaturan ini tidak terjadi dan hanya selepas 40 tahun, keraajan Melayu melihat bahawa ada kepincangan dengan polisi yang di terbina dari asas perkongsian kuasa tersebut.

Mereka yang memegang kekayaan tidak akan menyerah kembali harta yang dikumpul kepada hak empunya walaupun di paksa dengan dengan perkongsian sama rata dengan kumpulan mereka.

Peranan yang di mainkan oleh semua pemimpin Melayu telah terpesong dari tujuan asal sebuah kerajaan Melayu iaitu membangunkan anak bangsa Melayu, tetapi hakikatnya telah mengadai bangsa ini kepada kumpulan yang diberi hak membolos harta di Malaysia yang sepatutnya di beri kepada bangsa Melayu setelah kerajaan British meninggalkan negara ini. Bila keadaan ini berlaku, kita bangsa Melayu telah tertingal dari kemerdekaan sepenuhnya, atau belum merdeka.

Peranan kaum China dan India di negara ini ialah berperanan sebagai penjajah British, dan dasar ekonomi baru yang di umumkan oleh kerajaan Melayu kepada negara adalah seolah olah memohon satu bentuk kemerdekaan dari bangsa imigran China dan India, dan sudah tentu mereka seperti penjajah yang lain tidak akan memberikan kemerdekaan dalam erti kata membolot hasil negara dan aktiviti komersial yang lain yang ditinggalkan oleh British itu kepada kaum Melayu.

Sebagai contoh, pernahkah kita melihat percapaian kaum Melayu melebihi 30% pegangan asset negara?, Kita masih memegang di sekitar kurang dari 10% dari kesemua asset asset penting negara. Mengapa kaum Melayu sehina ini sedangkan kesemua asset negara adalah kepunyaan mereka pada haknya selepas diberi kemerdekaan oleh British?

Jikalau sedemikian rupa, bila kah kita masa nya orang orang Melayu telah Merdeka?.

Dan yang penting nya, adakah pemimpin Melayu yang di pegang oleh UMNO telah betul betul merdeka, walaupun mereka ini memegang bendera dan kibarkan nya semasa perayaan kemerdekaan. Adakah senyuman mereka itu sebuah senyuman kemerdekaan palsu atau merayakan hari perayaaan kemerdekaan olok-olok setiap tanggal 31 Ogos setiap tahun sebagai pamiran bohong bohongan kepada umat Melayu?.

Sekarang kita perlu memerdekakan diri kita dari di jajah bangsa asing semenjak bertahun tahun lama nya dengan menukar para pemimpin yang belum merdeka dalam kalangan kita. Ingat inikalilah.

The silence enforcement

images (1)

Gambling is synonymous with gangsters. There are plenty gambling hideouts nesting in shop houses as well as in hidden spots around towns across the country.

Sometimes you will be confused to see a coffee shop which is intentionally differentiated by two portions to front a gambling den at the rear. It holds nothing inside but computer equipment, slot machines and a few women mending a multi million Ringgit gambling activity. Normally the coffee shop at the front is served by a Mamak or an Indonesian.

Judging by the patrons who visit the coffee shop we can take for granted that they are the perpetual addicted gamblers, and surprisingly they are majority Muslims.

These sorts of hideouts are normally not licensed, and as the shops are often raided by the authority and but re-opened in the couple of days later, so then, I am really confused about this kind of arrangement.

I don’t know that the closing and re-opening of the spots within a few days was the standard operating procedure to put right to the gambling addiction or substance abuse.

I am confident that this business venture is a lucrative one for the operators and by not paying taxes could make tons of money.

As far as I know the only gambling spot that pays taxes is Genting Highland Casino, and closing these spots in the towns will eventually boast more patrons to Genting.

Today, the agency has raided all premises over the country in hope to slam the ridiculous and unhealthy multi million joints for a few days. As we were informed, the directive was directly from top government officials.

This is Ramadan month, and Muslim is observing a fasting month and it is timely that the authorities’ have the will to crack down these joints which have hundreds or thousands live beyond their means a very long time, thus contributing to higher household debts.

According to some security analysts, the closing down will eventually increase petty crimes within the city center, when unemployed patrons will have to go up to Genting Highland due to addiction to gambling. This closure will eventually add pressure to the police force which requires extra staff. The force however is unlikely to work on a rehabilitation programme of known perpetual addicted gambler as it is very uncommon in this country.

Hope that there are several responsible NGOs which will start a social work for the community seriously in the rehabilitation of the known habitual gamblers.

Something has to be right, and that something is to close down all unhealthy joints which by the numbers of raided shops owned and run by the majority urban Chinese.

Hope, this time they will be closed forever.

PAS played 4D in a 1616 bet, but lost to 2022, 0719 and 0231. Next time, don’t bet on a 4D. It’s “haram”, do you know?

Pas lost Kuala Besut’s by-election because it had a bet on a 4 Digit of 1616, of which the winning numbers on that day, were, 2022,0719 and 0231.

Betting isn’t a favorite game for the Malays, and there are only a few Chinese who probably didn’t make a bet either.

Indicting the voters from rural area as less intellectual than their counterparts in the cities by certain party members isn’t giving PAS a solid excuse for losing the battle.

But the real losing reason for PAS is its major thrust for the battle is associated with a number 1616, which, I believe, doesn’t make any sense to the rural folks, even to the city dwellers as well.

It is because, for the fact that it didn’t win any prize from TOTO, 4D, and all those 4 D prediction companies, it also will destabilise the state government’s functions. Those rural folks also are quite up to date of this fact, despite of the accusation that they are not.

So then, making a joke by saying rural voters aren’t that smart as the city dwellers are, by certain quarters of the opposition party, is truly showing judgment of a sore loser.

Another issue that has brought down support from BN supporters was then when PAS has decided to bring a retired MB from Kelantan, who is well-known as a blabbermouth. The decision however was a part and parcel of PAS strategist, Husam Musa, who is eyeing for PAS Presidency and while accompanied by Nik Aziz, he thought he would also remind the supporters in the two villages in Kuala Besut how close he was with the Ulama, and garners more inward bound votes for his next ambitious challenge.

Of course the main reason for the lost in the bet was the chosen candidate. While a rich and famous, his personalities are proliferated, by some account seen as a very close ally of Husam Musa who is an outsider to Trengganu PAS’s top party line up. Husam Musa’s secret pamphlets distributed to voters outlined how he would challenge the president who is a Trengganu’s leader, and annoyed many of Haji Hadi’s supporters in the state, thus by that intention received lesser help from local party members while on his campaign trails.

Another reason is that people are becoming sick with too much politicking in the recent months, and want it get over soonest as possible.

Example of a written resume for students of higher learning

Railroad signals of North America Resume Speed...

Railroad signals of North America Resume Speed after temporary restricted speed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a first lesson for students of higher learning.  Especially for those students in the Kementerian Pelajaran, please note that our first lesson in how to write a proper resume is by using other people’s resume as an example. To make this a worthwhile lesson, we use an example in the resume from P. Kamalanathan, the so famous politician cum public relation officer in the government.

A first test on a crisis management for P. Kamalanathan‘s so well acclaimed experience in the public relation is the toilet cum the bathing room cum the canteen.

P Kamalanathan in his public resume wrote,

“I have the ability to assess the situation from inside and outside the organization as all stakeholders might perceive it and at the same time would be able to identify the techniques needed to solve or prevent a crisis before it blows out of context.

Probably all persons would have written the above sentence and perhaps it is a normal resume when you want to elaborate your experience in the public relation issue that is involving a crisis management.

Oh well, I would probably write the same thing if I were to get a job for any public relation work in any company, but when I get into problems which are fully described as in my resume, I would make certain my written statement as in the resume fits that of my experience. As a teacher, however, I won’t recommend you to do that. I certainly like to say, I will do what ever a man can do, just like a professional would normally do.

Otherwise, you know, one who is without the necessary experience would jump into making a biased conclusion before asessing of the situation from inside and outside by saying ” Menjadikan bilek persalinan sebagai tempat makan sementara untuk para pelajar bukan beragama Islam pada bulan Ramadan adalah tidak sesuai sama sekali. Perkara ini tidak harus berlaku. Saya kecewa. Kementerian memandang serius perkara ini dan meminta BPSH untuk membuat siasatan serta merta dan katakan kepada kita mengapa tindakan tidak boleh di ambil terhadap pegawai yang membuat keputusan itu.”

All stakeholders might perceive it. Forget about the protocol here, whether you need to ask your boss before voicing out the word of frustration as the whole issue involve Indian’s stakeholders or not. Whose stakeholder is this resume resumed to?. When he did a cursory inspection later the next day, we heard the tone of the voice was a bit mild. In that he had identified the techniques needed to solve or prevent a crisis before it blew out of context. Oh well, it had blown out of context after all.

In our example, the writer of the resume, as informed via the media,  solved the whole problems affecting toilet cum canteen by issuing a cheque for RM10, 000. Probably in Malaysia, that is the best solution for all critical issues. Give money.

For students, writing a resume is a very important exercise. Please make sure what you have written was the whole truth of your capability. If you’re not capable at certain level, please say so. Make sure the written statements don’t lie. At any time, your real work during a crisis would prove whether what written are the whole truth or the whole lie.

Students; as a test for today’s lesson, please write your resume containing the whole truth about yourself, and hand it over to my pigeon box by 10 am tomorrow morning. Anybody who submits it late, a penalty of  RM10,000 will be imposed and added to to your tuition fee. Okay. Bye, Good day, and see ya all tomorrow.

Kita ini sebenarnya pahlawan, jangan lemah kan semangat Kuala Besut setelah menang. Bangkit dan tolak Cinabeng.


Sebenarnya kita tidak payah melantik konsultan untuk memeriahkan sesuatu peristiwa hari besar seperti kemenangan orang-orang Melayu mengekalkan pegangan politik di Kuala Besut.

Saya memang pun tahu bahawa BN akan menang di kawasan ini, kerana sebelum kematian Adun, semua anggota bawahan masyarakat yang saya jumpa di Kuala Besut, terutama mereka yang menjalankan usaha mengambil penumpang dari jeti ke Pulau Perhentian, dan mereka yang berniaga makanan serta sarapan pagi di Kuala Besut, kesemuanya sayang kepada UMNO dan pemimpin mereka, dan kehidupan harian mereka amat bergantung besar kepada jasa dan budi bicara UMNO.

Mereka kaum yang rajin, selepas subuh sudah berkerja mencari rezeki halal, berjual beli sarapan dan makanan tengah hari, dan mereka taat kepada agama.

Kehebatan kepada mereka ini harus diberi perhatian dengan membina kedai kedai yang lebih selesa dan bersih di kawasan tarikan pelancung. Itu harapan kepada anak cucu mereka. Dan sekiranya kekuatan mereka ini di sailang oleh kumpulan bangsat China dari luar, maka lumpuh lah kemurnian hati mereka untuk maju. Seperti bagaimana kaum China melumpuhkan industri membuat perabut kaum Melayu zaman dahulu kala dengan barangan perabut pantas automatic yang kain nya di pinkan dengan pin stapler.

Para tukang pembuat perabut Melayu di hancur orang China dengan kaum kaum ini membina perabut dalam kuantiti yang banyak dan tidak bermutu seperti yang telah dilakukan oleh para tukang kaum Melayu di zaman itu. Dan ini menjadi sejarah. Dan pada mereka yang merahsiakan butiran pertukangan mereka kepada kaum China seperti pembuat bot layar serta perahu kayu yang berkualiti, masih boleh berdiri sampai sekarang, oleh kerana rahsia itu masih di kawal oleh mereka dari jatuh kepada tangan kaum China.

Kita berharap dengan kekuatan kaum Melayu di Kuala Besut, dan peluang pelaburan hanya untuk mereka tanpa campur kaum China, kaum kita disini akan maju kehadapan dengan menjadi pusat keperibadian dan kemelayuan di dalam indusri pelancungan.

Untuk itu kita menaikan semangat kemelayuan kita dan pada hari hari yang baik, disyor kan semua para jemputan memakai baju seragam kaum hulubalang Melayu dan membawa keris dan senjata lama seperti kumpulan pembawa tombak, yang lazim nya berlaku di dalam kebudayaan kita di zaman dahulu kala.

Hari gembira seperti ini bukan sahaja menaikan semangat kemelayuan kita bahkan akan menarik minat para pelawat serta pengunjung untuk menyaksikan kebangkitan kaum Melayu di negeri negeri Melayu.

Dan Tuanku Sultan Selangor amat faham akan keunikan dari semangat kemelayuan yang ada dalam diri dan hati orang orang atau kaum Melayu semua nya. Maka mereka yang berpakaian jubah dan serban itu hanya datang dari pengaruh luar yang tidak memberi semangat ketara kemenangan kepada hati dan sanubari kaum Melayu.

Naikan semangat semangat diri dan hati kita dengan berpakaian moden Melayu lengkap bersenjata keris. Orang orang Jepun berbuat demikian, juga orang orang Itali, Britain, Sepanyol, Nepal, Amerika, dan lain lain bangsa yang kuat. kenapa kita buang kan semangat kemenangan kita dizaman dahulu kala?. Sebab PAS?. Apa yang PAS telah bina dan buat?. Mereka membuat kerja untuk diri mereka sahaja. Mengunci dan memanggakan pejabat pejabat kerajaan setelah menang?. Kerja bodoh.


Ini memberi gambaran kegimbiraan kita keatas kemenangan bangsa kita didalam menjalani kehidupan harian sebagai penghuni tetap negeri negeri Melayu.

Dengan itu kita akan bersatu untuk membangunkan satu kehidupan yang ada satu hala tuju yang lebih baik. Hanya dengan bersatu dibawah budaya dan kemewahan kepahlawanan Melayu sahaja yang boleh mengeratkan hubungan antara orang orang Melayu.

Syabas diatas kemenangan itu, dan ingat lah percaturan dari kaum China akan melemahkan kita semua. Tolak Cina dan barangan mereka. Dan siapa yang akan membangunkan Kuala Besut?. Tentu nya Melayu. Dan bukan China. Ingat lah pesanan ini wahai Datuk Mohd Said, satu pesanan saya yang hina dina ini. Okay Bro.


Tidak menghormati agama Islam dan negara dari kalangan muda mudi bukan Islam

Telah menjadi satu kepincangan dalam perbuatan di kalangan pemuda pemudi bukan Islam, terutama kaum China, dimana mereka telah mengambil jalan sempit dengan memperolokan agama Islam, moral negara Malaysia dan tahap kerhamonian para penduduk berbagai bangsa di Malaysia ketahap yang paling kritikal.

Bukan sahaja dari perbuatan di kalangan pemuda pemudi bangsa China, malahan juga dari penerbit surat khabar di negara ini begitu gemar untuk mempersendakan sebahagian aktiviti umat Islam, seperti dalam amalan berpuasa di bulan Ramadan, dalam amalan umat Islam melalui azan di masjid masjid, dan lain lain perkara yang dahulu nya agak sensitif untuk di permainkan dan serta  di ejek. Amalan berkhawin lebih dari satu isteri sehingga empat isteri yang di amal oleh umat Islam juga bukan sahaja di perolokan, malahan di sindir dengan jenaka yang amat kurang menyenangkan dan serta menarik minat provokasi.

Bagi mereka ini, sudah tentu tahu tentang pergolakan rusuhan kaum kerana tindakan serupa telah banyak terjadi di luar negara. Walaubagaimana pun, mereka di dapati kurang mengambil iktibar dari rusuhan tersebut, dan merasa selamat untuk menghina kaum Melayu serta umat Islam lain di negara ini kerana ketolenransi yang tinggi di kalangan pemimpin, dan juga rakyat Malaysia, terutama nya kaum Melayu.

Toleransi itu sudah pun nampak menurun tahap kesabaran, sehingga ada kaum Melayu yang telah menculik dan membuli pemuda China sebagai jalan cepat membalas dendam.

Untuk mereka yang tidak mengetahui bagaimana pembunuhan berlaku di luar negara diatas dasar penghinaan kaum dan agama keatas sesuatu kaum yang lain, saya suka memperlihatkan contoh di mana ketolenransi umat yang di cerca agama nya dan di halang dalam kegiatan ekonomi boleh menjadi tidak rasional. Contoh terbaik ialah kejadian 13 May 1998 di Jakarta.

Tidak perlu lah saya bercerita panjang tentang peristiwa ini, dan cukup lah bagi saya mempamirkan gambar-gambar yang tersebar di internet, bagaimana pergaduhan dan pembunuhan boleh terjadi, bukan sahaja diatas penghinaan agama, tetapi juga keatas kesempitan ekonomi dari sekatan kegiatan monopoli kegiatan oleh hanya satu kaum di negara itu.

may 13 jakarat 3

Di potong kepala dan di pamirkan di Jakarta May 13, 1998.

may 13 Jakarta

Di bunuh dan di tarik di jalan raya.

may 13 jakarta 2

Di rogol beramai ramai. *Ada berpendapat gambar rogol atas adalah gambar palsu. Saya tidak tahu samada ianya palsu atau tidak. Walaupun begitu contoh ini menunjukan cara mereka di rogol bergilir gilir. Lebih 500 wanita di China-Dolled kan, dan ada yang di sula.


Gedung dan shopping komplek dan peralatan pejabat kepunyaan China di bakar dan ramai terkorban.

Penghinaan keatas agama orang lain, bagi mereka yang tidak ada pelajaran agama, adalah satu sikap yang amat bodoh. Tetapi oleh kerana ianya timbul dari perasaan riak dan sombong, persendaan dan penghinaan dari kalangan ini telah membawa kepada pergaduhan yang membunuh hampir 120,000 ahli masyarakat China dan lebih 500 gadis sunti China di rogol dan dibunuh.

Tolenransi sesuatu umat keatas penghinaan akan tercabar dan merudum dengan melakukan kelakuan super sensitif, dan membawa kepada perbuatan yang tidak rasional. Bila ini terjadi, maka masyarakat yang telah lama hidup harmoni akan bergolak dan peristiwa berdarah seperti 13 May 1969 di Malaysia, mungkin akan berulang. Cuma nya, kali ini berkemungkinan contoh contoh perbuatan pembunuhan dari luar negara akan menjadi ikutan kepada mereka yang amat kecewa dan tertekan.

Kemungkinan mereka yang menghina agama merasa berani, timbul dari perasaan megah dan sombong diri, dan perasaan berani tersebut adalah hanya  pada zaman yang aman. Apabila keadaan negara dan masyarakat tidak lagi aman kerana sikap acoh tak acoh dari kebodohan dan kesombongan sesetengah golongan, percaya lah perasaan berani itu tidak ada apa-apa makna besar. Ini kerana, umat Islam di negara ini berterabur diseluruh negara dan juga luar negara, dan mereka boleh bertindak lebih berani dan lebih aggressif dari mereka seperti kejadian May 13, 1998 di Jakarta.

Waspada dengan perbuatan jahat dari hati anda yang tidak boleh mengawal perasaan terlalu berani melawan orang ramai.

Are there Alibaba in Kuala Besut, if there are, then BN will lose

The post should be written as ..If there are, BN should lose, i.e. Make it loose.

In another two days, we should know who is the winner of the by-election.

BN or PAS.

BN has brought Chinese friends from MCA, to help. PAS also has brought up some Chinese friends. Both parties think Chinese is a great helper.

To the contrary, the people of Besut, the majority Malay, like the Kelantanse, hate the Chinese to the bone. It gives an indication to the level of love/hate affair from the number of Chinese immigrants in Kuala Besut which is under 150 people.

BN has been in power for too long. Despite of the fact that it has been very long in power, BN failed to deliver a credible large Malay private investor to aid in development of any town anywhere in this country. UMNO, a party of the rich and poor Malay, is incapable to stand on its own, and we aren’t sure who will be the contractors for a large election handout of more than RM380 million to the people of Besut. Previously most pre-election goodies were turned to Alibaba and the truth was at the end they went into the mouth of the Chinese, who hate Malay, Malay cultures and their religion.

If Chinese investors are called in to improve Kuala Besut, and it seems they are, I hope, all Kuala Besut registered voters reject a BN’s candidate. We the Malay in this area like to see Malay are improvised by our own self, and help from the chauvinist Chinese is not considered necessary.

PS: It looks better if BN Candidate informs the voters who will take up the jobs in Kuala Besut. If for any reason he can’t do it, then why should we choose him as an Adun?.

BN should change its style of politicking, BN should not make such large handout during an election. Malay never gets the amount BN has promised because the jobs are always given to the bastard Chinese. I hope, Kuala Besut rejects this kind of politicking for the sake of our people in the Malay States. The theory of the effect of capital expenditure when expended in one area will benefit and multiply for the people of the area is worthless when the Chinese are getting much more than us. It is better for us to live exactly as we are than to improve our enemy.

Bila 16:16, Haji Hadi dan Husam kata tak nak MB

Kedua dua MP Pas berucap menegaskan parti mereka tak mahu ambil alih jawatan Menteri Besar.

Ya kah?.

Kut kut sudah menunggu masa dengan beberapa van penuh dengan mangga dan anak kunci untuk kunci pejabat kerajaan negeri Trengganu?.

Haji Hadi. Siapa tak kenal. Husam pun memang terkenal.

Orang PAS nih, jikalau tak bohong, belawok.

Otak mereka sudah faham, jikalau 16:16, negeri kucar kacir. Katak lompat ke PAS, PAS rampas jawatan MB, lompat ke UMNO, UMNO masih pegang jawatan.

Apa sandiwara mereka ni bercakap isu tidak hendak jawatan MB nih?.

Sandiwara nih ada hubung kait dengan Terengganu akan dan harus mengada pilihan raya negeri sekali lagi. Bubar semua dan tanding balik.

Dengan prestasi BN yang di kencing oleh China, mereka berfikir mereka boleh dapat lebih dari 15 kerusi yang mereka memang dulu dan rampas Terengganu.

Ada chance Husam bertanding Adun di Kuala Besut dan jadi MB Trengganu, lagi pun Haji Hadi sudah ingin jadi nelayan sepenuh masa dan akan di tewaskan oleh Husam pada pemilihan presiden parti nanti.

Itu otak pemikiran dan sandiwara dia orang. Jikalau hendak celuk tangan dengan dakwat kekal sekali lagi boleh lah terima sandiwara mereka ini.

Rakyat tak susah pun mengundi, biasa lah tu. Tetapi repurkasi keadaan ini macam perang yang tak sudah sudah. Asyik kena tembak dan kepala pecah atau putus tiap hari semacam di Syria. Kalau ingin perang ikut lah sandiwara Hadi dan Husam. Hendak hendak China hendak sangat perintah negeri negeri Melayu di zaman ini, dengan cadangan dan telahan tipu dan belawok sokmo kedua mereka ini China di beri peluang sekali lagi. Saya faham orang orang Besut, terutama orang Pulau Perhentian sangat lah kurang minat dengan orang China yang suka bertenggek di Kuala Besut.

Malays become Batman and Spiderman, because of too many insulting remarks on Islam

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Anima...

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Animated Series (1992–1995) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sadly, there are many alarming stories involving non-Muslims, especially the Chinese youngsters, who were making fun out of the Islamic faith in the social media; Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

The authority seems very slow in making arrests or taking appropriate actions to stop the sad behaviour of the youngsters and in many cases slapped only with a warning notice.

The first case involving a Chinese from Taiwan who made fun with Negara Ku and Islam was only served with a reminder and warning notice.

In Pakistan, a person who insulted Muslim and made fun out of Islam which is a similar offence as in our above cases was imprisoned for life.

In Mexico, when Police and the authority is unable to defend their neighbourhood for whatever reason, the locals become a vigilante and control the area themselves.

As the result of slow action by the authority, local people are taking the law under their own hand. Malays frustrated with the above delay had taken the law into their own hands and became Batman for the very first time. They have kidnapped an offender, accused of being the person who wrote nasty things about Islam, physically abused him, and left him naked by the roadside.

The kidnappers however was immediately napped by the police later.

The thing is this, if the Malays want to be a Batman, then be a real Batman, by doing so, please reduce the numbers of bad youngsters among us from offending Muslim and make fun out of Islam religion. In being a Batman, and as a Batman, he has never been arrested by the police.

Our Batman, however, was arrested by the police.

There are many others who never been caught by the police. The snipers in Kota Bharu, and around in the country. These people however are Badman.

If you want to be a Batman, please joint force with the police. Batman can reduce crime among us. A dangerous offender is of course a person with the ability to make fun about other people’s religion. That is an offense for a life imprisonment in Pakistan or perhaps, by beheading in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, hope our authority can act as fast as it can and arrest the offender before our vigilante or Batman and Spiderman take to the street.

A severe penalty is expected on these offenders.