Chinese town and city – an endless love

Business competition and contention are common in all countries. In this region, the competition is more strife, particularly when only one group of people of the society is monopolizing almost all kinds of business activities.

When only one group of people is up against all other groups in the society for the business activities, the competition among all groups of the society for the right to conduct a business is becoming a racial concern.

In Malaysia, the Chinese hold all kinds of business activities; consequently, our society is further divided not merely through the color of the skin and races, but also through profession.

The major critical issue that I have been trying to invoke is the imbalance of a town or city population, which has arisen due to this unjust and discriminatory business competition.

Despite several attempts to address stiff competition from the Chinese entrepreneurs in the town centre and to assist other races such the Malays and the Indians in the business by occupying the commercial areas of the town, thus restoring the imbalance in the composition of the races of a town, these efforts have been proven as failed attempts.

UDA, an organization founded to address this social imbalance is an example how weak our policy is against the racial business competition.

Whilst many other policies embedded, such as in Felcra, Felda and MARA, and of other rural development policies, which found to be successful ventures, the policies involving the reorganization of urban population is still an unfinished attempt.

We are awaiting the policy makers to address the unfairness that have been rooted in our society for a long time.

Shah EWC

Jalan Imbi and the notorious living style of the community that DBKL will help. Why?

At least you have a breathing space within KL landscape and this is not found anywhere in other towns in Malaysia.

In Ipoh, you barely have a spot for you to throw your lunch time or eating in a shop that sells Malay foods.

This is mainly for a reason that Kuala Lumpur belongs to all of us, Malay and Chinese, or Indian and other foreign nationals.

However, all efforts made on the improvements of the city’s facilities are pointing to on the improvement or improvement of the livelihood of the Chinese, which, in my opinion, are racist at all the time.

We already have Petaling Street for the Chinese to play dumb with the counterfeit law of the land, and we have all kinds of businesses run by the Chinese in every part of the city, in the city fringe, and in lanes or alleys. In fact, everywhere else is a Chinese ground in a true sense. So, where is a Malaysian city that Kuala Lumpur is trying to portray itself?.

Now the already Chinese area in Jalan Imbi is being developed with another government project to spur the ego of the Chinese as the skipper of the inner city development. Where does other Malaysian will go?

DBKL should not always think of the Chinese although the population in the area mainly Chinese because the whole Kuala Lumpur belongs not only to the Chinese but also other Malaysians such as Malays and Indian.

Please do not think Kuala Lumpur is for the Chinese ONLY. Our voice also is important to make sure that we also own Kuala Lumpur as much as the Chinese. As part owners, we have the right to object that Jalan Imbi should not be approved to be developed with a Chinese Food Center using the Rakyat money.

What DBKL has done by approving the site for a tourist spot in fact is to complement already a notorious living style within the residential district of the country. For some others who are unfamiliar with the living style within the area it is suffice to say that all the dark sides of the city begin here. They’re in the area the big shark of Along, who collect money daily from the enterprising Chinese or Malays. There in the area is the flesh trade which uses human trafficking as a hideout. In fact all Malays from the kampung will have a heart attack the moment they know how the Chinese have lived the notorious life within the area, and for the fact that DBKL, a Malaysian government agency, has abetted them to live such a life.

Can we have a better way to aid the so-called Chinese gain a better way of life? And of course, one way of doing is not by complementing their immoral activity.

Please don’t ask Nazri Aziz for his judgement on this subject. This is because he is a lawyer by profession and he knows nuts about humanity and eastern living style.

When gangsters or triads are qualified as a property manager, what do you expect?

Today’s Star gives a handout about bad guys corner condo job, and what do you expect from the industry when our previous housing minister approved non-qualified Chinese property caretakers to name themselves a property manager.

Well there are some prople who can carry out work but without proper professional qualifications they can do anything without any jurisdiction over their scope of work. In fact most of them are also involved in petty crimes such as harrasing owners for the job of property management, and appointing own gangsters to do the management of the condo projects.

I said serve them right with thier choice recently of appointing non approved qualified personnel among themselves and that they now know how bad guys normally operate. Either they, the owners will incur more money, or lose their life or property.

The work of gangsterism is normall with non qualified, non capable Chinese, Indian and Malay building caretakers who talk only rubbish and want more money because of triad connection.

Serve you right building owners, JMBs and MCs. You eat your own choice of selecting gangsters. And that goes to our previous housing minister too. Padan muka. Pilih kumpulan China tetapi satu pun tak undi hang. He heh, mana taruk muka wei?.

PS: Star yang pro DAP setiap hari dok ptomote I City, sebenarnya hendak beritahu Melayu, Melayu semua bodoh bodoh kerana bandaraya mereka pun Cina boleh ceruboh macam buka kain anak gadis Melayu dalam semak.

When gangsters or triads are qualified as a property manager, what do you expect?

Today’s Star gives a handout about bad guys corner condo job, and what do you expect from the industry when our previous housing minister approved non-qualified Chinese property caretakers to name themselves a property manager.

Well there are some prople who can carry out work but without proper professional qualifications they can do anything without any jurisdiction over their scope of work. In fact most of them are also involved in petty crimes such as harrasing owners for the job of property managemnt, and appointing own gangsters to do the management if the condo projects.

I said serve them right with thier choice recently of appointing non approved qualified personel among themselves and that they now know how bad guys normally operate. Either they, tge owners will incur more money, or lose their life or property.

The wirk of gangsterism is normall with non qualified, non capable Chinese and Indian building caretakers who talk only rubbish and want more money because of triad connection.

Serve you right building owners, JMB and MC. You eat your own choice of selecting gangsters. And that goes to our previous housing minister too. Padan muka. Pilih kumpulan China tetapi satu pun tak undi hang. He heh, mana taruk muka wei?.

Just a laughing stock

Namwewee, or whatever name he is, talked rubbish in his latest video. Talkkok, a name synonym to “talk cock”.

His Chinese clan, Chua So Lek, accused Noh Omar mad over the later to explore the use of Akta Hasutan on the canteen toilet issue.

Wee Ka Siong, former Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran has accused the department over hackneyed meritocracy for the Chinese students who he claimed had been refused entrance into public higher learning institutions.

Dong Zong later in the week rejected government’s initiative to improve schooling system.

On the opposition side, Lim Guan Eng refused to comply with a ROS order for a re-election of CEC members.

The list above does not end there. There are plenty other objections around the web over several issues which were voiced by majority Chinese youngsters.

The objections however are mostly baseless and have no truth.

We too heard objections over similar issues by the young Malays, but of course, the objections are more on the housing need and the high cost of living.

I am not very certain how and why these Chinese youngsters, the like of Namwewee, have changed in their attitude over a short period. If you have the time to watch Namwewee video, you probably had noticed that he was not fluent in the common language of this country.

Whilst the older group, like Chua So Lek and We Ka Siong, understands and speaks the language fluently, the younger group of Chinese, by their own leader’s oversight, has a common problem in the language deficiency.

One of the reasons for the deficiency is that the Chinese had refused to learn Bahasa Malaysia as a common language.

Because of direct confrontation from the Chinese groups, we see that Malays have also rejected claims from the Chinese in this country. On top of that, we see a lot of us are talking rubbish about the Chinese like in the West.

In the West, the Chinese are a laughingstock. They are just the same obsession as in the Namwewee video. We can applaud a loud laugh.

Chinese dilemma – by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed

KONGSI’ CONCEPT: Each side has to sacrifice something so that the other can gain something

IN response to the emergence of a Malay political party,  Umno and its success in rejecting the British inspired Malayan Union, the Chinese community of the 1940s saw the need for a political party of their own to present their views to the British government.

Thus was the MCA conceived and born, led by Malacca’s Sir Cheng-Lock Tan. Although it was intended to counter the influence of Umno and protect the interests of the Chinese community, events changed the strategy and role of the MCA.

In 1952 the Kuala Lumpur Umno leaders and the Kuala Lumpur MCA branch leaders decided that in the Kuala Lumpur municipal elections, they should not contest against each other, but instead should support each other’s candidates in their respective constituencies.

The results startled them as they defeated almost all the non-racial parties. Realising the political advantage of cooperating with each other the Tunku (Abdul Rahman) and Sir Cheng-Lock Tan, and senior leaders of the MCA and Umno decided to formalise their cooperation by setting up the Alliance, a coalition of MCA and Umno.

The basis of this coalition was the idea of supporting each other and sharing the power gained. Buoyed by the success of the Alliance party in the 1955 elections, in which the MIC had joined, the Tunku looked more kindly at the proposal of Sir Cheng-Lock that citizenship should be based on jus soli (citizenship by being born in the country) and not jus saguinis (citizenship based on the Malaysian citizenship of the father or mother, i.e. citizenship based on blood relation).

The Tunku did not quite agree but he nevertheless decided to give one million citizenships to unqualified Chinese and Indians.

With that the confrontation between the Chinese and the Malays changed into positive cooperation.

It was a classic kongsi that was set up. The essence is an undertaking to share. Sharing involves a give and take arrangement, in which each side has to sacrifice something so that the other can gain something.

As the Malays made up the majority of the citizens they naturally led the Alliance. But the Chinese and Indians were not without adequate power. In any case Malay political power would be mitigated by Chinese and Indians’ voting and economic power.

The Tunku saw immediate benefit from the “kongsi” as he believed Malays only wanted to be government employees and the Chinese wanted to be in business. There would be no conflict or tussle between them.

The Indians would fill up the professional posts. He did not foresee the days when government could not create enough jobs for the greatly increased number of Malays.

The kongsi Alliance worked well. But in 1963 Singapore joined Malaysia.

 Immediately the PAP tried to gain Chinese support by condemning the Alliance kongsi for being disadvantageous to the Chinese.  Malaysians, said the PAP, were not equal.  There should be a Malaysian Malaysia where all the benefits should be based on merit alone, with the best taking everything, irrespective of race.

Without saying so in so many words the PAP was inferring that the Malays did not deserve their positions. The best people should rule the country. In the eyes of the PAP, Singapore was ruled by the best qualified people. That they happen to be almost all Chinese is incidental.

In the 1964 elections the MCA and Malaysian Chinese generally valued their cooperation with the Malays. They rejected the PAP and its chauvinistic appeal, giving it only one seat.

The Tunku realised what the PAP was up to and decided that Singapore should not be a part of Malaysia. But the PAP was not done. The remnant of the party in Malaysia set up the DAP to carry on the Malaysian Malaysia meritocratic formula for undermining Chinese support for the MCA.

Harping continuously on the so-called Malay privileges and the unfairness to the Chinese, the DAP slowly eroded the idea of kongsi in the multi-racial coalition of the Barisan Nasional.

Despite the fact that the Barisan Nasional supported Chinese education and the use of the Chinese language, the DAP convinced many Chinese that the Chinese, their culture and language are not given proper treatment by the Barisan Nasional coalition.

The MCA was attacked for not doing enough for the Chinese.


Sejati. Ada lagu yang menghiburkan.

Dan sekarang dunia politik Malaysia di hiburkan dengan lagu lagu hiburan dan jenaka dari perkataan sejati.

Bila hati anda bukan sejati, separuh sayang Cina, separuh sayang India, suku sayang Melayu, maka bila yang separuh paruh tu minta, awak pun beri. Undang undang penting negara seperti ISA dan EO di mansuhkan.

Bila ramai kena tembak mati, diri ingin menjadi sejati. Mula fikir hendak buat undang undang baru. Itu dia bila kita tidak sejati, ambil yang baik, dari Cina, dari Melayu dan dari India. Campur jadi rojak mamak. Rojak mamak, mana sama rojak Johor. Rojak Perak. Tidak sama.

Bila Azlina hendak lawan Sharizat, isteri kepada Mat Kelantan NFC, sibuk dengan perkataan sejati. Perempuan sejati lawan perempuan tak sejati. Apa yang sejati ialah berkerja dengan hati penuh iklas dan perihatin masa depan kaum yang di pimpin. Ada kah begitu?.

Bila Maznah Omar, dog whisperer dari Bruntung Hill buat filem anjing berhari raya, mulanya kita ingat dia ini manusia sejati. Tetapi bila di siasat rupa nya bukan sejati.

Datuk Arif Sabri adalah sejati Melayu, tetapi tindak tanduk dia merupakan Melayu separuh sejati kerana tidak mungkin China DAP akan menolong Melayu walaupun dia masuk DAP.

Ini lah dia. Kita kena sejati. Tanpa sejati kita menjadi karut marut. Tidak keruan. tidak tahu yang mana satu yang baik dari China, India dan Melayu. Bila di campur semuanya dari bahan tidak sejati maka akan terjadi pontianak Gua Musang.

Jangan buat experimen mengenai perkataan sejati dengan benda bukan real. Sejati ada dalam diri kita semua.

The Chinese want to revisit the communist insurgency history at their home

It was not that very long ago, in 1950, Sir Harold Briggs made a brilliant plan to disintegrate hard core communists from their fathers, mothers and relatives, or the symphatisers by introducing new settlements within the Malay community area, which a code named New Village or in Bahasa Melayu, Kampung Baru Cina.

These 450 new villages are a fenced and guarded community in the country, with the police protection, and the settlements were the first guarded home scheme you found in this country, as we have seen many of our towns nowadays.

Briggs Plan was to stop food and medical supplies reaching the hard core communists, some of whom were the relatives of the Chinese peasants who were resettled in the new settlement areas.

After resettling the whole 450,000 Chinese into these new villages, as they were known, Briggs Plan introduced food rationing in all the new villages as to curb fellow relatives from supplying food and medical supplies to their comrades in the forest.

If the plan was not introduced at all, I believe 450,000 immigrants comprising almost 85% Chinese at that time who were known as communist loyalists would have been forced out by the military operation, as the outcome of the communists themselves.

The settlements however created a new era involving racial and political problem in this country as of today. As all lands were withdrawn from the area commonly used by the Malay, and the colonies were formed as a special place with better facilities than what were available in the Malay villages during that time, this whole episode somehow or rather started had perpetuated hatred to the British rule among local Malays who later formed various parties to seek independence.

MCA was the one who leaned their hands in protecting these whole villages with the assistance of the British.

This program was the first of land squandering among Chinese in Malay area within the Malay States. And by joining forces with UMNO, MCA is still the same promoter in squandering Malay land in the whole Peninsular of Malaysia.

If at that particular time, some of the leaders don’t agree to resettlement plan, we would never see an experience racial problem as bad as today.

Now if you asked me, where the hell you want to place these people of 450,000 or more in order to win the fight against the communists. I conceive to be reasonable for my people, I would say to the British at that time that it was their duty to institute a few ships and ship them back to China. It is quite reasonable to say that kind answer because as you know out this brilliant plan, as they said it was, those who made up the decision that time didn’t even think of us who are now faced with a bloody racial problem days and nights.

When we talk about Chinese New Village we talk about our hardship first, and of course it is very logical to think along that line. The most horrible thing I heard about the whole New Village thing was the gruesome of the communists who by the look of their faces resembles those who had been resettled. So then, what was the fuss about screening a film which would angry those who had to feel the terrible things communists had done?. Almost everybody can learn history, but then by presenting the work of Chinese as the skipper of the communists is a form of henious hypocrisies.

PAS played 4D in a 1616 bet, but lost to 2022, 0719 and 0231. Next time, don’t bet on a 4D. It’s “haram”, do you know?

Pas lost Kuala Besut’s by-election because it had a bet on a 4 Digit of 1616, of which the winning numbers on that day, were, 2022,0719 and 0231.

Betting isn’t a favorite game for the Malays, and there are only a few Chinese who probably didn’t make a bet either.

Indicting the voters from rural area as less intellectual than their counterparts in the cities by certain party members isn’t giving PAS a solid excuse for losing the battle.

But the real losing reason for PAS is its major thrust for the battle is associated with a number 1616, which, I believe, doesn’t make any sense to the rural folks, even to the city dwellers as well.

It is because, for the fact that it didn’t win any prize from TOTO, 4D, and all those 4 D prediction companies, it also will destabilise the state government’s functions. Those rural folks also are quite up to date of this fact, despite of the accusation that they are not.

So then, making a joke by saying rural voters aren’t that smart as the city dwellers are, by certain quarters of the opposition party, is truly showing judgment of a sore loser.

Another issue that has brought down support from BN supporters was then when PAS has decided to bring a retired MB from Kelantan, who is well-known as a blabbermouth. The decision however was a part and parcel of PAS strategist, Husam Musa, who is eyeing for PAS Presidency and while accompanied by Nik Aziz, he thought he would also remind the supporters in the two villages in Kuala Besut how close he was with the Ulama, and garners more inward bound votes for his next ambitious challenge.

Of course the main reason for the lost in the bet was the chosen candidate. While a rich and famous, his personalities are proliferated, by some account seen as a very close ally of Husam Musa who is an outsider to Trengganu PAS’s top party line up. Husam Musa’s secret pamphlets distributed to voters outlined how he would challenge the president who is a Trengganu’s leader, and annoyed many of Haji Hadi’s supporters in the state, thus by that intention received lesser help from local party members while on his campaign trails.

Another reason is that people are becoming sick with too much politicking in the recent months, and want it get over soonest as possible.

Haunting burial practice, could be a useful tip for the practice here too. Is it?. Naw. There’s no bird flying. Only ghosts.


Cemetery (Photo credit: highstrungloner)

Sometimes people living in the hills are not using a hill as a burial ground. They do a more rational burial practice than using the land on the slope of a hill, just to protect other animals from being eaten by the vultures.

Oh well, why do we always have to see the burial ground occupying a large expensive hilly land in towns?. Sickening, of a haunting ghost.

Kita ini sebenarnya pahlawan, jangan lemah kan semangat Kuala Besut setelah menang. Bangkit dan tolak Cinabeng.


Sebenarnya kita tidak payah melantik konsultan untuk memeriahkan sesuatu peristiwa hari besar seperti kemenangan orang-orang Melayu mengekalkan pegangan politik di Kuala Besut.

Saya memang pun tahu bahawa BN akan menang di kawasan ini, kerana sebelum kematian Adun, semua anggota bawahan masyarakat yang saya jumpa di Kuala Besut, terutama mereka yang menjalankan usaha mengambil penumpang dari jeti ke Pulau Perhentian, dan mereka yang berniaga makanan serta sarapan pagi di Kuala Besut, kesemuanya sayang kepada UMNO dan pemimpin mereka, dan kehidupan harian mereka amat bergantung besar kepada jasa dan budi bicara UMNO.

Mereka kaum yang rajin, selepas subuh sudah berkerja mencari rezeki halal, berjual beli sarapan dan makanan tengah hari, dan mereka taat kepada agama.

Kehebatan kepada mereka ini harus diberi perhatian dengan membina kedai kedai yang lebih selesa dan bersih di kawasan tarikan pelancung. Itu harapan kepada anak cucu mereka. Dan sekiranya kekuatan mereka ini di sailang oleh kumpulan bangsat China dari luar, maka lumpuh lah kemurnian hati mereka untuk maju. Seperti bagaimana kaum China melumpuhkan industri membuat perabut kaum Melayu zaman dahulu kala dengan barangan perabut pantas automatic yang kain nya di pinkan dengan pin stapler.

Para tukang pembuat perabut Melayu di hancur orang China dengan kaum kaum ini membina perabut dalam kuantiti yang banyak dan tidak bermutu seperti yang telah dilakukan oleh para tukang kaum Melayu di zaman itu. Dan ini menjadi sejarah. Dan pada mereka yang merahsiakan butiran pertukangan mereka kepada kaum China seperti pembuat bot layar serta perahu kayu yang berkualiti, masih boleh berdiri sampai sekarang, oleh kerana rahsia itu masih di kawal oleh mereka dari jatuh kepada tangan kaum China.

Kita berharap dengan kekuatan kaum Melayu di Kuala Besut, dan peluang pelaburan hanya untuk mereka tanpa campur kaum China, kaum kita disini akan maju kehadapan dengan menjadi pusat keperibadian dan kemelayuan di dalam indusri pelancungan.

Untuk itu kita menaikan semangat kemelayuan kita dan pada hari hari yang baik, disyor kan semua para jemputan memakai baju seragam kaum hulubalang Melayu dan membawa keris dan senjata lama seperti kumpulan pembawa tombak, yang lazim nya berlaku di dalam kebudayaan kita di zaman dahulu kala.

Hari gembira seperti ini bukan sahaja menaikan semangat kemelayuan kita bahkan akan menarik minat para pelawat serta pengunjung untuk menyaksikan kebangkitan kaum Melayu di negeri negeri Melayu.

Dan Tuanku Sultan Selangor amat faham akan keunikan dari semangat kemelayuan yang ada dalam diri dan hati orang orang atau kaum Melayu semua nya. Maka mereka yang berpakaian jubah dan serban itu hanya datang dari pengaruh luar yang tidak memberi semangat ketara kemenangan kepada hati dan sanubari kaum Melayu.

Naikan semangat semangat diri dan hati kita dengan berpakaian moden Melayu lengkap bersenjata keris. Orang orang Jepun berbuat demikian, juga orang orang Itali, Britain, Sepanyol, Nepal, Amerika, dan lain lain bangsa yang kuat. kenapa kita buang kan semangat kemenangan kita dizaman dahulu kala?. Sebab PAS?. Apa yang PAS telah bina dan buat?. Mereka membuat kerja untuk diri mereka sahaja. Mengunci dan memanggakan pejabat pejabat kerajaan setelah menang?. Kerja bodoh.


Ini memberi gambaran kegimbiraan kita keatas kemenangan bangsa kita didalam menjalani kehidupan harian sebagai penghuni tetap negeri negeri Melayu.

Dengan itu kita akan bersatu untuk membangunkan satu kehidupan yang ada satu hala tuju yang lebih baik. Hanya dengan bersatu dibawah budaya dan kemewahan kepahlawanan Melayu sahaja yang boleh mengeratkan hubungan antara orang orang Melayu.

Syabas diatas kemenangan itu, dan ingat lah percaturan dari kaum China akan melemahkan kita semua. Tolak Cina dan barangan mereka. Dan siapa yang akan membangunkan Kuala Besut?. Tentu nya Melayu. Dan bukan China. Ingat lah pesanan ini wahai Datuk Mohd Said, satu pesanan saya yang hina dina ini. Okay Bro.


Tamat nya sumpahan Battersea dan naik ke kepala SP Setia, EPF dan Sime Darby.


Tamat nya sumpahan Battersea.

Untuk melihat keseluruhan projek regenerasi  di bawah pembangunan bersepadu Nine Elms di South Bank, sila lihat Peta Nine Elms interactive disini.

Terdapat 24 projek besar di dalam kawasan ini. Battersea Park Power Station merupakan salah satu dari 24 projek di dalam Nine Elms di South Bank. Manakala projek regenerasi di Battersea Park Power Station pula mesti mengambil kira kos membaikpulih dan mengekalkan stesen jana kuasa letrik termasuk peralatan enjin dan segala nya aksesori kerana stesen jana kuasa itu di klasifikasikan sebagai bangunan Listed Class 11 dan menyelaraskan laluan keretapi di kawasan berdekatan.

Bagi mereka yang tidak mengenali Battersea, terutama rakyat Malaysia, maka apa yang di beritakan dengan kemajuan rakyat Malaysia membangun satu kawasan yang malap dan di anggap boleh berjaya merubah persekitaran kemajuan paling lembab di London kepada sesuatu yang menarik adalah telahan kepada kebolehan syarikat Malaysia menjalankan sesuatu kerja yang amat mencabar dan boleh di banggakan.

Battersea, dan sekitarnya, termasuk Stockwell, Brixton, Vauxhall, dan Wansworth, terletak di sebelah selatan Sungai Thames dan kawasan yang dihuni oleh ramai penduduk berkulit hitam, penduduk kaum China, Carribean, Pakistani dan lain lain bangsa bercampur. Manakala di sebelah Sungai Thames adalah kawasan perniagaan dan kediaman separa mewah seperti Victoria, Chelsea, Kinghtbrigde dan Kensington.

Walaupun kemudahan jalan raya dan keretapi ada terdapat di kawasan ini, seperti keretapi bawah tanah atau Tube di Vauxhall, Stockwell, Battersea Park, Brixton, dan setesen keretapi di Queenstown Road Station yang boleh menghubungi kawasan ini ke West End dalam masa kurang 8 minit, kawasan ini adalah kawasan pendudukan padat dengan council flat serta perumahan awam yang dikhaskan kepada warga Britain dengan harga sewa yang rendah dan dengan itu, pembangunan dikawasan baru Nine Elms harus mengambil kira kepadatan penduduk kawasan ini yang terdiri dari berbagai bangsa.

Perumahan kelas pertengahan dan kelas atas terdapat di kawasan perumahan di Kensington serta di Hyde Park, seperti di Bayswater, Queensway, dan juga di kawasan West London seperti di Mayfair.

Battersea Power Plant adalah sebuah hartanah yang di klasifikasikan sebagai bangunan “Listed 11”, yaitu harta pembangunan yang tidak boleh di robohkan serta mesti di pelihara dengan keadaan kekal oleh pemaju. Telah terdapat 3 pembida besar bagi membangunkan Battersea Park Station sebelum kejayaan kita, tetapi kesemua menempuh jalan buntu, kerana harga yang tinggi dan ketidakpastian keatas nilaian harga unit perumahan yang akan dibina.

Pada pendapat saya, harga pembidaan keatas stesen jana kuasa ini telah mengambil kira keluasan tanah yang di bina dengan jana kuasa letrik tersebut, yaitu hampir separuh dari keluasan keseluruhan pembangunan Battersea Park Power Station.

Kekuatan yang ada dan digunakan oleh SP Setia ialah pengalaman mereka membangunkan hartanah di Malaysia, walaubagaimana pun pada pendapat saya kekuatan sebenarnya adalah wang dan dana dari EPF dan Sime Darby. Dengan kekuatan dana serta kemahiran Sime Darby, serta dari EPF, projek yang di syorkan oleh syarikat Malaysia yang di kelolakan oleh seorang China telah diterima oleh syarikat GLC tersebut.

Pada pandangan saya, SP Setia mungkin tidak mengambil kira tentang corak kehidupan kaum kulit hitam dan serta pengolakan perkauman yang bergerak didalam kawasan di sebelah sini, terutama di Brixton, dimana ramai penduduk berbagai kaum terutama kaum kulit hitam yang tidak mempunyai rumah dan merupa lodger atau squatters di kawasan tersebut. Ini adalah kerana lokasi yang amat dekat dengan kawasan pembangunan yang didiami oleh kaum majoriti di London.

Di Malaysia, SP Setia boleh berunding dengan MCA supaya orang orang Melayu di layakan hanya membeli 30% dari hasil pembangunan mereka, dan sekiranya tiada pembeli meminta memansuhkan pembelian itu secara total.

Ramai pengunjung ke London tidak akan memilih untuk hidup di kawasan ini, terutama di Battersea dan Brixton. Mereka akan memilih untuk tinggal di kawasan lain yang tidak mempunyai kerenah perkauman yang tinggi,  seperti di Queenway dan West Hamsptead. Ini seperti kaum Melayu tidak suka tinggal di kawasan orang Cina dan vice versa.

Lagi pun terdapat hampir 23 lagi pembinaan yang sama di dalam kawasan ini yang boleh di pilih oleh pembeli seperti di Embassy Garden, Nine Elms Parkside, River Light, St Geoge Whaft, South Lamberth Palace, dan Spring Mews, yang terletak jauh sikit dari Station jana letrik usang London itu.

(Lihat peta interactive di atas untuk melihat kawasan pembinaan baru di kawasan Nine Elms di South Bank untuk dipilih, dimana akan anda pilih?)

Kita tidak tahu sejauh mana kepintaran SP Setia didalam urusan ini, tetapi jikalau kehilangan besar wang EPF dan Sime Darby di dalam membangunkan sebuah kawasan lembab dengan pembangunan separa mewah, ianya seolah olah seperti mencurah garam kedalam laut, serta ianya mungkin merugikan rakyat Malaysia.

Walaubagaimana pun kita beri pertimbangan yang wajar kepada mereka untuk terus melaksanakan projek regenerasi kependudukan di kawasan South Bank dan Nine Elms dan melihat kejayaan yang dinyatakan itu dimasa masa akan datang.  lagi pun ramai berpendapat bahawa projek yang rumit ini menjadi satu kebanggaan kepada syarikat syarikat di Malaysia.


1. Walau bagaimanapun, diharap pihak berwajib bukan sahaja harus meneliti perjalanan projek disini, tetapi harus menilai keupayaan pasaran mengembalikan wang pelaburan dari EPF dan syarikat GLC tersebut diatas tanpa membuat sebarang kerugian yang besar. Kita, Melayu, selalu di gunakan oleh bangsa China, baik dahulu, sekarang dan akan juga datang.

2. Ringkasan kepada pelaburan ini ialah : Anda beli sebidang tanah untuk di bangunkan dan separuh dari keluasan tanah tidak boleh di bangunkan. Malahan tanah itu kena di jaga dan pelihara macam pelihara beruk tua. Tanah di pesekitaran tanah orang miskin. Awak kena bina rumah orang kaya kerana hendak dapat balik modal keatas harga beli termasuk harga tanah yang tidak boleh di bina. Anda dimestikan pula menandingi 23 lagi perumahan yang serupa dalam pembangunan sama. Kenapa tidak beli tanah yang lebih sesuai diantara 23 pembangunan serupa di kawasan itu?. Kenapa hendak di biayai pembinaan keretapi bawah tanah dikawasan itu? Aku rasa PM Najib pun akan berkata setelah melawat kawasan itu baru baru ini “Rupanya SP Setia memang bijak bistari”.


Problems with young Chinese stem from MCA and Gerakan?.

Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern (Photo credit: Ulrich Thumult)

I really am, you know, having a sort of envy how the Chinese developers make tones of money at the expense of the majority of young urban Chinese who have been crushed like an orange for the juice.

Buying a house is a damned tough decision financially and looking for an alternative place to live in while working in the city is now becoming erratic. Many are happy to settle living in a rented room, sharing the whole house with friends, forgetting buying, or investing in a home in the city.

Many people said they were resilient. Now as it seems, their resilient too has a limit.

They become reckless, but as they are still young, living in a shared home is good enough. Those who were married however are on a different level. Sleeping in a room in a shared house for married couples is uninviting choice, by the local norm. They are urban married Chinese couples, and by their standard always a must have a house. It seems that this is no longer true.

Today’s top 50 rich and famous people in this country comprise mainly or majority Chinese, the same clans as the most urban Chinese. Moreover, many of them have a wide range of businesses from housing to telecommunication and all businesses.

A new place would cost something like RM700, 000, well above the affordable level of these Chinese blokes. In and around Damasara a similar house would cost something like RM1.4 million, double the amount of a house in a suburb, like Putra Jaya.

This hash housing market for some is a tiring business, they begin to alter fault in the government’s policy. However, the fact that, the developers who are mainly Chinese clans, with the help from their own representatives in the government have smart played the market for high earnings, thus many of whom are listed in the top 50 richest men in this country.

Why do I say smartly played the market?. By stressing in location, location, and location, and owning a large chunk of potential development land in the city, built houses on the land when demand is high, and always forgetting the low and middle-income group like the miserable young urban Chinese who were just starting work.

We don’t need to include other races in this equation due to the fact that they are a bit less superior than the Chinese, the one who normally live in high-rise flats and in the outskirt of the city.

The Malay and Indian have faced similar housing problem much earlier however developers in the last 10 years were requested to build low and medium cost housing in any development should they decided to launch, a policy that maintains to redress the housing shortage for the poor, like us. The current requirements are believed to scrap the need as most are constructed for the medium high-income group. Thus as a result pushes out the lower and middle-income group comprising the Chinese.

The frustration is high among this group who begins to reject the government policy involving housing for ordinary citizens, the voice sometimes looms in the social media, not only involving the outcry on the housing problem, high food price or cost of living but, on the religion issues too. Their switch of support from MCA to DAP represents their frustration over all these issues. MCA while in the government has enriched the top 50 richest men in this country, MCA loyalists, and supporters.

So, I believe MCA has done a lot of rubbish while it was in the government, but by switching support to DAP the young urban Chinese would be worse, unless the government role is in the hand of DAP, which is unlikely as at today’s politic.

Alvin dan Vivian lepas, Kuala Besut pun BN terlepas. 16-16 lah nampak nya.

Terengganu stone inscription, Malaysia, side B

Terengganu stone inscription, Malaysia, side B (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Orang Besut bawah bawah cakap. Aku tak tahu lak, betul ke tidak. Engkau orang pergi check ler.

Aku tukang cakap. Sahaja.

Orang Melayu sampai jadi Batman dan Spiderman. Hendak pertahankan cemuhan orang Cina keatas agama mereka.

Tak kira apa lah kepada asas parti yang kuat kuat memerintah. Kita tengok siapa yang suka jaga agama Islam.

Bunyi cakap Alvin dan Vivian mungkin kena warning saja. Ya ker?. Mungkin tak kut. Yang dah kena tangkap adalah Batman dan Spiderman Melayu yang culik budak Cina. Salah, memang salah kerana kes culik. Kes hina agama, mana ada undang undang yang tepat, dot dot. Ada banyak undang undang, undang undang Multi Media lah, undang undang Hasutan lah, tetapi tak tahu yang mana satu yang nak pakai, bro.

Jadi kena fikir dulu. Dalam hal Melayu angkap kepala lembu kena RM5,000 denda bro. Sebab awak Melayu, sebab awak Melayu nak jadi Batman dan Spiderman.

Aku dengar dari bawahan ni, orang tengah fikir fikir nak tolong siapa. Orang suka sangat tolong Pak Yeh. Tetapi nak buat macam mana, orang ramai hendak beri Melayu lain jaga Trengganu. Kena lah 16-16 kut.

Tahun PRU 14 nanti ambik lah balik, tak kemana pun. Trengganu kite.

Endot, buat masa ni engkau nasib baik ler.

Lagi lagi lah jika Alvin dan Vivian tu lepas naik keretapi ke Singapura free free.

Sorry lah Zaihan. Aku hendak dan sudah pun tolong, tetapi nak wat camno. Orang kampung kata gitu.

Aku memang sokong anak muda semacam engkau. Professional lak. Tentu lah best. Doa engkau menang ler.

Tak tahu lah, kut kut puak ni nawak jah.

Sama sama kita tengok dan lihat.


It’s the time to throw them out from the government.

Hishammuddin's act of waving the keris (tradit...

Hishammuddin’s act of waving the keris (traditional Javanese dagger) at the UMNO Annual General Meeting in 2005 drew applause from the UMNO delegates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You should know what is right and what is wrong in any decision.

Or, don’t be afraid to decide an important decision if it is right, even when you don’t know what will be the outcome from the decision.

What is a right decision now?

Throw out all Chinese from the government or BN parties.

But then BN or UMNO is afraid of making that decision because all are softy decision makers or “poyo“.

We are afraid of the consequences? What are its consequences?

All Malays will be back to UMNO including from PAS members.

Is that good or bad decision?.

The existing coalition in the BN destroys the Malay‘s power, and turns them over to the Chinese becoming arrogant with policies that promote Chinese into being the victor in all towns.

We have to stop that and to stop this, we must not accept a single Chinese lawmaker in the government, or the government services.

Enough was enough.

Now is the time for us to act.

When you made decision to build low-cost houses for Malay in a town, the Chinese objected.

When you made a policy to allow 70% home ownership to Malays and 30% Chinese, the Chinese objected.

Whereas, this country comprises of nearly 70% Bumiputera and Malays.

So then, the Chinese are the bastard who opposed all policies BN is trying to get on. And the shit is they are in the government.

And when the people at large asked you, BN lawmakers, why was the racial composition in the town did not represent the demography of the country which was the majority Bumiputera and Malays?

You guys cannot answer that.

“We are doing everything that is possible to balance the social imbalance. We are in a poor country, wait until we become a rich nation.

Poor, rich, but you guys can buy submarines and jet fighters and the lots. Oh yes, for the country.

To make good this social imbalance in all towns and cities too is for the country. It makes no difference on what policy you have spend the money for. It is still for the good of the country.

And we had been for 50 odd years? With you.

We have 7 years, Only 7 odd years. Past fifty years, what have you guys done. I mean with regards to the above social imbalance.

Then you guys said, Melayu mudah lupa.

Kepala korak mu, Melayu mudah lupa.

Kamu orang lah yang mudah lupa, betul tak?

Cepat bertindak lah.

If all Chinese back DAP in the next general election, we  will still be the ruling party. That was proven. How much proof do you guys need? So what are you guys afraid of?.

Oh, come on lah bro. Don’t pakat pakat with the Chinese to destroy us lah.

Tiong lai macam buah lai, menang 200 lebih dah nak tolong BN di Kuala Besut. Tak yah. Aku ngap karang, kan batal puasa.

Asalkan Bukan Cina.

Ini aku hendak sangat beri tahu. Engkau orang semua ni, Melayu. Yang kamu bergaduh Melayu sama Melayu hendak menjadi wakil rakyat di Kuala Besut tu kawasan Melayu, buat apa lah hendak gaduh gaduh.

Endot dan Zaihan, tak yah hendak gaduh gaduh, kedua kamu tu Islam, engkau orang fikir macam mana hendak lanyak Cina sudah lah. Berdamai. Endot, engkau dah banyak duit, hang tolong Zaihan, beri duit, tak yah jadi Adun, nanti Zaihan tolong hang buat bandar elok sikit di Kuala Besut. Yang engkau hendak rebut rebut kerusi yang tak ada makna tu apa hal?.

Zaihan budak lagi, jadi bagi lah chance pada dia jadi Adun. Tak apa, hang kasi chance pada dia, dia kasi chance engkau bina pembangunan Pulau Perhentian untuk semua rakyat. Aku cari investor Melayu beri pada hang kedua, kita buat resort Melayu terbesar di dunia. Apa macam. Okay tak. Engkau berdua kena ingat, Melayu macam cibai pada mata orang Cina. Bila dapat Redang dia lah yang bolot. Engkau hendak holiday kat Redang, aku ingat Zaihan tak der duit nya, mahal. Kalau hang, Endot, ada lah kut. Hey, kita bikin Melayu hero di sini lah. Buat apa gadoh gadoh. Faham tak Bro?.

Jangan nak ikut Mat Tebu, dia tu asyik bau yit  jer, engkau jangan buat tak tau. Tak pasal lak, hang dengar dia kata “Mah, I ni kan tak leh tidur, bau yit you kat bibir I ni wangi”, semasa dia telepon engkau. Semasa dia silap jawab telepon. Semasa dia anggau.

Apa nak ikut Husam, asyik kena buat kerja pecah tanah jer. Sekarang Husam pun tak der kerja, engkau hendak projek dengan dia, habuk ler jawabnya. Baik join Zaihan. Ada chance. Tau tak.

Rakyat sini semua Melayu. Adalah seratus ekor China. Bila dia orang ramai, engkau orang ingat hendak dengar kata engkau ker, Endot. Tiong Lai pun dia orang tak akan dengar. Yang Tiong Lai pergi kata kerja kuat di Kuala Besut, kepala butoh dia. Mana hendak kerja kuat, dia sendiri pun keot dengan undi 200 lebih tempat China. Kalau jumpa Tiong Lai, hang pesan suruh dia pergi bantai member MCA dia yang ikut DAP nak boikot mata pelajaran Tamadun Islam di IPTS. Itu kerja dia. Tak yah hendak datang tempat kita kata kuat kerja. Kerja kuat kepala butoh sui dia weei.

Engkau buang tong sampah lah Cina yang seratus ekor di Kuala Besut tu. Tak masuk buku. Biar lah Tiong Lai beri buah lai kepada China yang bertenggek di Kuala Besut.

PAS ke UMNO ke, kalau tak tolong Melayu jangan undi. Sekarang ni Zaihan boleh tolong orang Melayu, kita bagi chance pada dia lah Endot oii. Buat baik ler sama Islang.


Kubu terakhir di Trengganu, sebelum Melayu kena lari ke Kelantan.

Yang Sing Oriental 1

Yang Sing Oriental 1 (Photo credit: loscuadernosdejulia)

Mari kita cakap cakap tentang Kuala Besut.

Dari Kuantan ke Kemaman, Cina berlambak lambak menjatuhkan sauh untuk mencari makan dan hidup di dalam kawasan Melayu dimana 20 tahun dahulu seekor pun tarak nampak.

Aku ingat UMNO dah perasan kot, jadi Kuala Besut adalah tempat gempur terakhir kaum Melayu di Trengganu untuk kawal dari serangan mat laun Cina dari masuk campur hal ehwal negeri kepunyaan Melayu supaya negeri kita ini menjadi Melayu selalu.

Tak susah heh, kita tengok siapa suka bawa Cina masuk bersama jentera mereka, kalau cam tu kita tak payah lah bersusah payah nak tolong mereka ini.

Zaman ini kedua dua parti jadi gembala Cina. PAS pun jadi gembala Cina, semua kerja besar dapat kepada Cina. UMNO apa tah lagi lah, ada barua barua besar di belakang mereka. MCA lah, Gerakan lah, dan hang tahu DAP pun ada dalam UMNO.

Yang peliknya DAP memang ada dengan PAS. Yang menjadi aku bengong DAP pun ada dengan UMNO. Itu, Cinabeng dari MCA dan Gerakan hang percaya kah?.

Tak tahu lah aku, engkau orang pilih lah yang baik. Supaya kubu kuat kita sebelum kena terajang dan lari ke Kelantan di perkasakan di Kuala Besut. Siapa boleh jadi hulubalang supaya kubu tetap utuh, itu lah kita kena pilih. Jangan dengar apa parti parti dia cakap, dengar apa calun itu bercakap. Zaman sekarang menang pun tak guna, Morsi pun menang, tapi keot lepas tak jaga hati orang majoriti. Kita Melayu, kita majoriti. Kita dengar calun yang di lantik dan dengar apa dia cakap. Boleh perang dengan Cina tak? Jikalau jadi barua Cina baik tolak kesemua dan rakyat semua jadi wakil rakyat. Apa macam?.

Melayu kena hidup, walau pun susah. Sebab tuhan beri nyawa. Kita sudah berada dalam nyawa ikan lama dah.


Are we on the right track?

Be a sport. Answer me frankly. Are you happy with your life living in this country?.

My honest answer is this: NO.

Why am I having such an ungrateful answer?. Well, it depends on what I want, you know.

Perhaps you guys want to live in a place where there isn’t anyone else except you and your big noses and dark brown-skinned fellows who many of them are watchdogs. Or in a place full of color where none is bothering you.

Or you can call the town in your area is your own. A kind of ashamed showing a photograph to your former classmates when a Kuala Lumpur’s photo resembles that of China Town in the West End. And proudly say that I am from this country Malaysia, oh well, when your face doesn’t have similarity with the people who walked the streets in the background. I would have to show my photographs taken over the hills but then they are different as if I were a Taleban in a thick forest.

Ok, where do I make my stand which I can use to say I am from Malaysia, when photographs of towns and cities of this country show a different picture. They were all Chinese. It isn’t just for people like me to face this stupid policy that makes Chinese the king in towns and cities.

So I say, better say at the first meeting with friends in my old college that I am from Kelantan. They will definitely remember how Kota Bharu looks like during their visits, and I perfectly blend with the people in all photographs.

Hey, I think many of you now realize that too. And would be ashamed how this trend is taking place in this country. It is a kind of dangerous to sustain that kind of situation. I believe the government of the day is either careless or being dragged by a heinous partner.

I think it was an expensive lesson and we must remind new lawmakers to never do that again. And start redoing the whole thing so that people like me, those guys who have granted full trust to elected assemblymen, be a bit happier.

UMNO boosting its protecting the Malay







Pasir Puteh.

This township is situated within the province of Kelantan, a Pas’s territory.

Almost 90% shops are occupied by Malay‘s consumer good distributors. It is almost the reverse in the west coast towns where Chinese are monopolizing the ownership of commercial domains.

We know UMNO always say it helps Malay!. BUT in the west coast towns, UMNO is seen helping the Chinese by monopolizing the commercial areas moment the towns or town extensions are built, which is then means it is more in helping the Chinese than helping the Malays.

The thing is that UMNO is condemned by the Chinese, that it is a racist party. What form of racism then when it helps develop the Chinese be  the master in consumer good distribution more than the same thing towards the Malays?.

Distribution is a lousy job because you only have to distribute people’s products to your community. That’s how it is. You don’t need to be a nuclear scientist to become a distributor of consumer good but that is it, the Chinese make it so difficult for Malays to set up it around our area. Definitely the Chinese have manipulated the market for their interest in monopolizing the commercial areas in the new towns.

PAS has done a better job in this aspect of politicking, despite what’s UMNO has said about this party. It has acquired the skills required in Malay to become distributors in their hometown and rejecting Chinese chauvinists out.

UMNO, you need to learn more from PAS. Don’t underestimate this party.

PS| A shop owned by a Malay in Pasir Puteh known as Asal Bukan China Dap : ABCD. The Malays in Kelantan know better than other Malays in UMNO.

One time immigration and controlled immigration. UK’s experience

Oh well, UK or British society has now feel the same thing that we have felt and experienced over the past hundred years.

Malay proverb says, what you do to other may one day befalls on you.

British had left nearly 1 million Chinese and over hundred thousands Indian laborers in Malaya when they packed and went home in 1957. Now Britain’s towns and cities were flooded with as much the number they left us, and cried foul of the situation that gives toll on UK life. half of Briton suffer under strain placed on schools, police, NHS (National Health Service) and housing.

  • Half of population lives in town /city with high immigration in past decade, whilst we have lived a life time where all towns and cities are full of the British’s leftover laborers.
  • Ministers say “uncontrolled” flow has caused problems for wider society. We said your “controlled migration” of the leftover laborers caused greater problems to our life and happiness.
  • Squeeze on school places and disproportionate levels of certain crimes. We say we are living with different school as the leftover laborers want their own schools and expenses.
  • Has also resulted in inflated rent and immigrants living in “beds in shed”. We say we are forced to live in shed some without bed as your leftover laborers fight for space in cities and towns.

So next time you think that you like doing the world community a service by invading a country, don’t leave your laborers in that country later when you decided to leave. They are potential source of all kinds of problem like you are having to face them now.

Expect the same problems will invade you centuries later, please. Don’t you mourn all these problems like a small child. Be like us. Have to live with the problems because of you.


Read more problems in the migrants’ flooding UK’s towns and cities that are affecting Briton here.

PS: Serve you right bro. What you did to other, is coming back to you now in full swing.