New politics Vs Old Politics

By fielding a- 27 year old Dyana Sofia, DAP seems in the hope of emerging as one of the political parties that throws away the tradition, and becomes a party with new face in this country.

The party rebranding has begun since 2013 General Election when blogger was selected for Raub’s constituency. The Blogger won the seat beating famous BN’s candidate.

The fact that Dyana was from UiTM, this fact is of no concern to the DAP’s selection committee for candidates for Teluk Intan. From an Indian, Manoharan, to a Chinese, and now to a Malay, is showing how DAP has been transferring its belief in Malaysian Malaysia into the political arena of the country.

As far as the candidate is concerned, Dyana though lacks the experience, may be a new political bet by DAP to survive in rebranding its name into the next century in the Malaysia politics.

Our country is a large country by comparison with other countries nearby, and has huge natural resources, and the handling of the state affair is at anybody guess.

But the thing is for sure it will follow the tradition. Do you give your house to another person outside your family members, clans, or race?. I would make a will to my son, a Malay, all my belongings. So the Chinese, the Indian and all the others. If you hold a large chunk of the market share, do you give to the others?. If DAP wins, the master who holds the economy will give largely to their clans, member of family and related race.

Who in this world would give fairly to all?. I think it is only UMNO. No one else. That is why UMNO chiefs are old stuff.

New politics is therefore serves as a method of holding the power to plunder into resources of the country for their own clans, which is now, is fairly distributed under BN.


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