When gangsters or triads are qualified as a property manager, what do you expect?

Today’s Star gives a handout about bad guys corner condo job, and what do you expect from the industry when our previous housing minister approved non-qualified Chinese property caretakers to name themselves a property manager.

Well there are some prople who can carry out work but without proper professional qualifications they can do anything without any jurisdiction over their scope of work. In fact most of them are also involved in petty crimes such as harrasing owners for the job of property management, and appointing own gangsters to do the management of the condo projects.

I said serve them right with thier choice recently of appointing non approved qualified personnel among themselves and that they now know how bad guys normally operate. Either they, the owners will incur more money, or lose their life or property.

The work of gangsterism is normall with non qualified, non capable Chinese, Indian and Malay building caretakers who talk only rubbish and want more money because of triad connection.

Serve you right building owners, JMBs and MCs. You eat your own choice of selecting gangsters. And that goes to our previous housing minister too. Padan muka. Pilih kumpulan China tetapi satu pun tak undi hang. He heh, mana taruk muka wei?.

PS: Star yang pro DAP setiap hari dok ptomote I City, sebenarnya hendak beritahu Melayu, Melayu semua bodoh bodoh kerana bandaraya mereka pun Cina boleh ceruboh macam buka kain anak gadis Melayu dalam semak.

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