Teluk Intan, nak Pilih DAP juga kah?. Tak ayah fikir panjang. Tengok macamana dia orang lakukan di Singapura.

DAP dan PAP dan adik beradik, otak sama. Nak lagi kah DAP?. Undi lah selain dari DAP di Teluk Intan. Dyana Melayu tetapi, siapa otak nya?….

Boleh kah Dyana fikirkan tentang perkara seperti ini, sedang tarikh masuk DAP dengan tarikh Tunku Aziz keluar DAP pun beliau nyanyuk?. Tentang jadi peguam pun beliau lupa dengan ingat. Cam mana ni bro?….. Tak ayah nak jadi calun Melayu lah, malu pada budak Cina kampung aje.

Praying to something else is the main reason why I am diferent from them

Surau and the story that came out of it recently, tells us one thing that most of you want an answer.

The diference between the Sami and his followers in the surau when perfoming a prayer to God and me doing the same pray is that I don’t use a third party or something else to pray to God. I do it straight to Him.

No picture of God, or whatever to remind me of how God will look like.

This is because I am a straight guy, whereas others aren’t. I mean they need something to look and pray and then imagine how God will response through looking and smiling at the photo of God in front of them.

It is a kind of using an agent to convey a message to God. It doesn’t sound and look right to me, and when people do that kind of thing in a Surau where I don’t need another medium to do the same, I felt they were wrong and I supposed everyone like me felt very outregous.

If the Sami did the same thing like I do in the surau, perhaps there would not be much objection from people like me.

So because of that the Surau would be demolished. It has nothing to do with how dirty they are, or whether Sami is dirtier than a dog, but the way they performed a prayer using a third party medium or artifact instead of directly to God was the most dirtiest act againt my believe that God does not need a third party or agent for prople to offer a prayer to Him.

That is why that Surau should be demolished. It has been used against my fundamental believe. The one and most important aspect of my God.

So please do understand me. Please don’t ask Nazri Aziz or similar person like him, especially Raja Petra, they don’t really understand the fundamentals.

When gangsters or triads are qualified as a property manager, what do you expect?

Today’s Star gives a handout about bad guys corner condo job, and what do you expect from the industry when our previous housing minister approved non-qualified Chinese property caretakers to name themselves a property manager.

Well there are some prople who can carry out work but without proper professional qualifications they can do anything without any jurisdiction over their scope of work. In fact most of them are also involved in petty crimes such as harrasing owners for the job of property management, and appointing own gangsters to do the management of the condo projects.

I said serve them right with thier choice recently of appointing non approved qualified personnel among themselves and that they now know how bad guys normally operate. Either they, the owners will incur more money, or lose their life or property.

The work of gangsterism is normall with non qualified, non capable Chinese, Indian and Malay building caretakers who talk only rubbish and want more money because of triad connection.

Serve you right building owners, JMBs and MCs. You eat your own choice of selecting gangsters. And that goes to our previous housing minister too. Padan muka. Pilih kumpulan China tetapi satu pun tak undi hang. He heh, mana taruk muka wei?.

PS: Star yang pro DAP setiap hari dok ptomote I City, sebenarnya hendak beritahu Melayu, Melayu semua bodoh bodoh kerana bandaraya mereka pun Cina boleh ceruboh macam buka kain anak gadis Melayu dalam semak.

When gangsters or triads are qualified as a property manager, what do you expect?

Today’s Star gives a handout about bad guys corner condo job, and what do you expect from the industry when our previous housing minister approved non-qualified Chinese property caretakers to name themselves a property manager.

Well there are some prople who can carry out work but without proper professional qualifications they can do anything without any jurisdiction over their scope of work. In fact most of them are also involved in petty crimes such as harrasing owners for the job of property managemnt, and appointing own gangsters to do the management if the condo projects.

I said serve them right with thier choice recently of appointing non approved qualified personel among themselves and that they now know how bad guys normally operate. Either they, tge owners will incur more money, or lose their life or property.

The wirk of gangsterism is normall with non qualified, non capable Chinese and Indian building caretakers who talk only rubbish and want more money because of triad connection.

Serve you right building owners, JMB and MC. You eat your own choice of selecting gangsters. And that goes to our previous housing minister too. Padan muka. Pilih kumpulan China tetapi satu pun tak undi hang. He heh, mana taruk muka wei?.

Tanjung Tualang a Chinese dominance small town BN’s example of coalition with MCA

Tanjung Tualang a small town which is full of Chinese and surrounded by Malay kampungs is an example how BN with MCA gives the power to the Chinese to hold the economy of the Malays.

Retails and consumer goods are in the hand of the few Chinese, and and the hard earned money of the peasants goes into the hands of the Chinese, every second, minute, hour, day, weeks, month and years.

The town is established in 1900, and it is almost 113 years, and UMNO has never done anything to reverse the town back to the hand of the Malays as they are the majority of population of whole area.

If we use this example of making a township for the population, for the Malay majority, and to assist and bring in the Malays into the commerce and trading activity, as louded by BN or UMNO, then it is an example of a total failure, or an example of the greatest lie of them all the political propaganda.

Any town that is dependent on mining will be a dead town when the mining industry is halted. But it did not happened to Tanjung Tualang. This is because MCA has saved the few Chinese who live in the town flourishing by collobrating with UMNO in BN coalition by letting them remain as business men and middle men.

Tanjung Tualang must be a dead town long time ago, if it was not because of a short vision as the result of the stupidity among the UMNO leaders.

Malay folks in Tanjung Tualang must take a 30 minute drive to Kampung Gajah, to do shopping in Malay stalls. That is 20 kilometers away, or drive to Ipoh for other consumer goods, but the town is also a town infested with the Chinese. That involves a distance of about 70 kilometers away.

I feel sadden when seeing Malay folks in Perak mutter the very words that the state of Perak is their. Whilst all towns are infested by immigrant Chinese who were at one time tin miners. After 50 years of independence, UMNO has done nothing to change the political landscape.

How on the earth do we want to transform the livelihood of the majority Malays when nothing has been done by the supreme political power of this country to reverse the situation?.

If you ask me about PAS 22 years rule of Kelantan and what was the party doing in the regards to the Malay ownership of a town, vis a vis into holding commercial space and doing commercial activity, I would answer by saying that 22 years rule is a much better than UMNO 55 years rule which the party was not doing anything for the Malays in regards of achieving the reverse take over of a town scape.

So then, can we say UMNO is helping the Malays, as the party has always say that its priority is into helping us the Malays?


It will be another 100 years, and Tanjung Tualang will remain as it is today, infested by the Chinese immigrants who are holding the power to earn money from the poor Malay peasants surrounding it.

Selamat Hari Raya for Tanjung Tualang’s Malays. You need to change the people who are representing you as your leaders if you need your own a Malay town.

Betul kah Melayu tidak pandai berniaga? Akhbar Cina cakap. Bullshit lu

Pergi kemanamana di dunia ni, semua bangsa pandai berniaga.

Pergi India, kaum India berniaga, pergi Mesir, orang Mesir berniaga. Malahan pergi ke Zimbabwe, orang orang Zimbabwe berniaga.

Apabila pergi ke Malaysia, China palat sua ini yang berniaga dan cakap puji dia pandai berniaga. Bull lah you punya shit.

Kenapa? . Mereka bolot semua dari bawah kaki, pelir, perut, mulut hingga ke rambut.

70 tahun mereka dirikan gangster berniaga dalam persatuan. Sesiapa dari bangsa lain masuk berniaga di sabotaj dengan beberapa jenis sabotaj yang zalim.

Kerajaan perlu hentikan pembukaan bandar bandar baru kepada kaum Cina. Semua perniagaan di bandar baru harus di kendalikan oleh orang Melayu. Dan di haramkan Cina dari memasuki pasaran bandar bandar baru seperti mereka lakukan keatas kaum Melayu semenjak 70 tahun dahulu dengan sabotaj kita semua.

Tanpa China kita pun boleh berjaya.Seperti di Melaka sebelum Cina sengket datang merempat ke kawasan kita.

ps: Sekarang in Cina pulak minta rasuah. Lu tahu tak? Lu Cina minta rasuah sama peniaga Melayu. Lu ingat Melayu bodoh ke ?. Sekarang ini kompani korporate Cina terbesar di Malaysia tidak boleh bayar hutang berbelas million kepada syarikat Melayu konon nak bangkrap kan kompani Melayu. Selepas berjanji hampir 3 tahun kena saman boleh bayar pulak. Tak bangrap pun kedai orang Melayu, dan kompani dia masih kena order barang barang dgn orang Melayu. Harga sudah naik 100% kerana perangai Cina buruk.

Dahulu semasa aku bertugas di sebuah bank, aku di arah oleh boss aku untuk memulihkan berbelas belas koporasi Cina yang di usahan oleh Cina MCA.

Alang terkejut aku lihat perangai orang Cina berniaga terdiri ahli koperasi mereka ini. Selepas dapat wang enjoy lebih, rasuah lebih. Dalam seribu ahli, 900 kaki enjoy. Kalah orang Melayu. Dalam seribu Melayu 100 kaki enjoy.

Tidak suka jelas hutang, lari bila orang minta, last last aku lelong semua asset mereka dan kembalikan wang modal kepada koperasi itu supaya bergerak dengan ahli baru. Siapa kata aku tak tolong MCA. Tetapi Cina sememangnya kaum yang tak sedarkan diri.

Lee Kuan Yew – “kerajaan benggong” jikalau melabur di Malaysia.

Lee Kuan Yew berpendapat para pemimpin Singapura harus meneliti pelaburan yang hendak di lakukan di Malaysia, terutama di Iskandar Johor, kerana ianya berisiko tinggi, dan kekayaan yang di bina beliau di Singapura akan lenyap dalam tempuh 100 tahun dengan pelaburan yang tidak memberi menafaat kepada Singapura.

“Dengan melabur di bumi Malaysia, segalanya akan hilang dengan satu tanda tangan sahaja”.

Saya berpendapat, Lee Kuan Yew 90 tahun bulan depan, yang masih hidup tetapi sudah lemah, merasa kecewa apabila Lm Kit Siang tidak terpilih sebagai DPM selepas PRU 13. Sebelum ini, anak beliau PM Lee Hsieng Loong, bersama PM Najib telah bersama menarik pelabur Singapura ke Iskandar.

Perubahan mentaliti Lee Kuan Yew, mungkn juga para pemimpin Singapura, berkait rapat dengan kegagalan politik DAP dan keruncingan mendalam antara kaum Cina dan Melayu yang sedang melanda rakyat Malaysia.

Lim Kuan Yew tidak lagi rasional didalam mengolah kepentingan kawasan pembangunan berdekatan dengan negara mereka, apablla kawasan tersebut berada didalam sebuah negara asing, berbeza dengan kawasan pembangunan wilayah Shenzen di Hong Kong, yang telah memberi kesan ekonomi yang besar kepada Hong Kong. Ini kerana kedua dua kawasan di duduki oleh orang China.

Impak dari kesan pembangunan di Iskandar ke atas Singapura adalah terlalu besar bagi mereka melupakan pelaburan mereka di kawasan ini hanya dengan kerana pertimbangan kaum atau rasial.

Tanpa pelaburan dari Singapura, peluang yang lebih besar akan tertumpu kepada lain lain sovereign funds yang lain di dunia, asanya perlaburan yang memberi kompetatif keatas ekonomi Singapura yang bergantung tinggi keatas pakar dari luar yang tinggi kos pengurusan membolehkan Iskandar menandingi Singapura di rantau global.

Iskandar harus berganding bahu dengan Indonesia dan Selatan Thailand bagi mempebaharui kegiatan asas eknonomi yang lebih baik dari Singapura tertutama didalam ekonomi add value untuk pasaran global yang semakin membangun.

Tanpa Singapura, Malaysia akan lebih maju kerana masaalah perkauman tidak akan timbul lagi.

Beranikah kerajaan Melayu Malaysia menandingi Singapura ?. Tanpa MCA dan Gerakan di dalam kerajaan saya berpendapat kerajaan Melayu Malaysia akan mebuat perancangan demikian.

Surat kepada Nawewee

Aku baca surat seorang kepada Nawewee, tetapi mungkin terlalu sadist.

Ini surat aku kepada dia setelah aku mendengar lolongan dia dalan vedio yang di tuju kepada aku sebagai kaum Melayu.

Aku ada hak menjawab kerana apa dia cakap dalam vedio itu telah menyinggong perasaan aku sebagai seorang Melayu.

Dia open vedio dia kepada public dan public itu aku, dan sebagai Melayu yang dia tibai, aku ada hak tibai dia balik. Tidak salah dalam segi undang undang. Seperti pencuri masuk rumah engkau, engkau ada hak tembak pencuri yang masuk rumah itu sampai keot.


Hey babi Nawewee. Anak haram.

Engkau ingat ini kepala datuk nenek engkau punya negeri. Babi, lancau, puki mak engkau. Beri monyet lah jubor engkau, bagi dia syok kan kamu. Bodoh, banggang. Lantui.

Engkau ingat saudara mara engkau yang jadi kominis tu warga negara ini kah. Bacul. Tak ingat sedar dek untung, tak reti ingat datang merempat ke sini, kena rogol oleh Jepun, kena basuh perut oleh askar Jepun, nak jadi hero lawan Jepun. Jepun kalah perang bukan sebab engkau dan kominis bahaloi. Jepun kalah kena bom atom lah, bukan sebab engkau kominis.

Kepala hotak engkau bangsa engkau yang jadi kominis lawan Jepun sehingga kalah dan kominis China jadi hero di Malaysia. Cheh bedebah engkau fikir kominis yang berjasa pada negara ini. Bila masa kominis rakyat negara ini?. Buat filem cinta konon. Kepala botoh engkau cinta. Pergi cinta dengan gajah lah engkau, kalau ingat pelir engkau besar, babi. Tokok. Talk cock tak reti eja. Sialan lah kamu berada dalam negeri ini.

Engkau mempunyai perangai lebih buruk dari beruk, melolong sana melolong sini, cakau sana cakau sini, beruk tak ada otak, kamu pun sama dengan otak beruk ke?. Babi, suil sampai mampus lah engkau.

Lancau punya orang. Bagero engkau, pergi leceh pelir engkau lah kepada orang orang seperti kamu. Leceh pelir engkau kepada emak babak kamu lah, apa macam. Itu lah jenis kamu.


Apamacam, kalau dia boleh kata kepada Melayu, kita boleh kata buruk buruk kepada dia, itu baru lah fair and square kan?. Butuh lah lu Namwewee. Tokok pun silap eja. Talk cock lah lantui. Talk cock. Cakap lah pelir engkau yang busuk banggau macam longkang.

Babi. Sialan. Tokok, kepala butoh engkau.

PS: Nazri, gua caya sama lu. Sekali kena sudah tahu. Ini kali gua tarak kasi lu undi. Ada faham?. Sekali kena sudah cukup bro.

Just a laughing stock

Namwewee, or whatever name he is, talked rubbish in his latest video. Talkkok, a name synonym to “talk cock”.

His Chinese clan, Chua So Lek, accused Noh Omar mad over the later to explore the use of Akta Hasutan on the canteen toilet issue.

Wee Ka Siong, former Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran has accused the department over hackneyed meritocracy for the Chinese students who he claimed had been refused entrance into public higher learning institutions.

Dong Zong later in the week rejected government’s initiative to improve schooling system.

On the opposition side, Lim Guan Eng refused to comply with a ROS order for a re-election of CEC members.

The list above does not end there. There are plenty other objections around the web over several issues which were voiced by majority Chinese youngsters.

The objections however are mostly baseless and have no truth.

We too heard objections over similar issues by the young Malays, but of course, the objections are more on the housing need and the high cost of living.

I am not very certain how and why these Chinese youngsters, the like of Namwewee, have changed in their attitude over a short period. If you have the time to watch Namwewee video, you probably had noticed that he was not fluent in the common language of this country.

Whilst the older group, like Chua So Lek and We Ka Siong, understands and speaks the language fluently, the younger group of Chinese, by their own leader’s oversight, has a common problem in the language deficiency.

One of the reasons for the deficiency is that the Chinese had refused to learn Bahasa Malaysia as a common language.

Because of direct confrontation from the Chinese groups, we see that Malays have also rejected claims from the Chinese in this country. On top of that, we see a lot of us are talking rubbish about the Chinese like in the West.

In the West, the Chinese are a laughingstock. They are just the same obsession as in the Namwewee video. We can applaud a loud laugh.

Problems with young Chinese stem from MCA and Gerakan?.

Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern (Photo credit: Ulrich Thumult)

I really am, you know, having a sort of envy how the Chinese developers make tones of money at the expense of the majority of young urban Chinese who have been crushed like an orange for the juice.

Buying a house is a damned tough decision financially and looking for an alternative place to live in while working in the city is now becoming erratic. Many are happy to settle living in a rented room, sharing the whole house with friends, forgetting buying, or investing in a home in the city.

Many people said they were resilient. Now as it seems, their resilient too has a limit.

They become reckless, but as they are still young, living in a shared home is good enough. Those who were married however are on a different level. Sleeping in a room in a shared house for married couples is uninviting choice, by the local norm. They are urban married Chinese couples, and by their standard always a must have a house. It seems that this is no longer true.

Today’s top 50 rich and famous people in this country comprise mainly or majority Chinese, the same clans as the most urban Chinese. Moreover, many of them have a wide range of businesses from housing to telecommunication and all businesses.

A new place would cost something like RM700, 000, well above the affordable level of these Chinese blokes. In and around Damasara a similar house would cost something like RM1.4 million, double the amount of a house in a suburb, like Putra Jaya.

This hash housing market for some is a tiring business, they begin to alter fault in the government’s policy. However, the fact that, the developers who are mainly Chinese clans, with the help from their own representatives in the government have smart played the market for high earnings, thus many of whom are listed in the top 50 richest men in this country.

Why do I say smartly played the market?. By stressing in location, location, and location, and owning a large chunk of potential development land in the city, built houses on the land when demand is high, and always forgetting the low and middle-income group like the miserable young urban Chinese who were just starting work.

We don’t need to include other races in this equation due to the fact that they are a bit less superior than the Chinese, the one who normally live in high-rise flats and in the outskirt of the city.

The Malay and Indian have faced similar housing problem much earlier however developers in the last 10 years were requested to build low and medium cost housing in any development should they decided to launch, a policy that maintains to redress the housing shortage for the poor, like us. The current requirements are believed to scrap the need as most are constructed for the medium high-income group. Thus as a result pushes out the lower and middle-income group comprising the Chinese.

The frustration is high among this group who begins to reject the government policy involving housing for ordinary citizens, the voice sometimes looms in the social media, not only involving the outcry on the housing problem, high food price or cost of living but, on the religion issues too. Their switch of support from MCA to DAP represents their frustration over all these issues. MCA while in the government has enriched the top 50 richest men in this country, MCA loyalists, and supporters.

So, I believe MCA has done a lot of rubbish while it was in the government, but by switching support to DAP the young urban Chinese would be worse, unless the government role is in the hand of DAP, which is unlikely as at today’s politic.

Are we on the right track?

Be a sport. Answer me frankly. Are you happy with your life living in this country?.

My honest answer is this: NO.

Why am I having such an ungrateful answer?. Well, it depends on what I want, you know.

Perhaps you guys want to live in a place where there isn’t anyone else except you and your big noses and dark brown-skinned fellows who many of them are watchdogs. Or in a place full of color where none is bothering you.

Or you can call the town in your area is your own. A kind of ashamed showing a photograph to your former classmates when a Kuala Lumpur’s photo resembles that of China Town in the West End. And proudly say that I am from this country Malaysia, oh well, when your face doesn’t have similarity with the people who walked the streets in the background. I would have to show my photographs taken over the hills but then they are different as if I were a Taleban in a thick forest.

Ok, where do I make my stand which I can use to say I am from Malaysia, when photographs of towns and cities of this country show a different picture. They were all Chinese. It isn’t just for people like me to face this stupid policy that makes Chinese the king in towns and cities.

So I say, better say at the first meeting with friends in my old college that I am from Kelantan. They will definitely remember how Kota Bharu looks like during their visits, and I perfectly blend with the people in all photographs.

Hey, I think many of you now realize that too. And would be ashamed how this trend is taking place in this country. It is a kind of dangerous to sustain that kind of situation. I believe the government of the day is either careless or being dragged by a heinous partner.

I think it was an expensive lesson and we must remind new lawmakers to never do that again. And start redoing the whole thing so that people like me, those guys who have granted full trust to elected assemblymen, be a bit happier.

Sekarang orang Melayu telah belajar tiada kemulian di negeri dan dari orang orang China

Sunset of the Forbidden City, Beijing (northwe...

Sunset of the Forbidden City, Beijing (northwest cornor of the Forbidden City) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apa yang anda belajar dari Forbiden City? Gundek beribu orang dan zina, tipu muslihat dan lain lain. Tinggi kah nilai ilmu itu? 

Hadis “belajar lah sampai ke negeri China“. Ini sebuah hadis daif dan hadis yang membawa maksud berlajar lah kamu walaupun negeri itu jauh. Bukan kerana China atau orang orang Cina mempunyai budaya dan perangai yang harus di contohi untuk di pelajari dan mendapat keredaan Allah.

Sekarang pun orang Melayu telah tahu budaya kaum Cina berasal dari budaya rendah akhlak, rendah budi pekerti, rendah nilai dan rendah ketermadunan.

China tidak ada mempunyai budaya yang harus di pelajari dan di contohi.

Malahan budaya dan perangai orang orang China adalah berasal dari budaya yang buruk buruk, serta budaya rendah akhlak, budaya penyembah berhala, budaya tipuan kedunian, seperti terbukti dengan amalan budaya dan perangai yang di amalkan oleh orang orang Cina di Malaysia sekarang ini.

Sekiranya pembuat hadis itu ada di Malaysia sekarang ini, beliau mungkin akan mengubah perkataan negeri China ke negeri lain, bagi kita semua mempelajari budaya serta perangai yang boleh di terima sebagai satu ilmu yang berfaedah dan mulia untuk di pelajari.

Tidak ada apa apa faedah belajar dari kaum Cina seperti kaum itu di Malaysia.

Kaum yang mempunyai sikap tamak, sikap keras hati, sikap suka menipu diri sendiri, bersikap rasis, membenci kaum lain, bersikap suka memonopoli aktiviti ekonomi atau ilmu yang di beri Allah, pemboros, penzina, pejudi, penipu cukai kerajaan, penipu kerajaan dengan menjual harta haram, sorok duit dan wang haram, pengedar wang haram, pembunuh, perogol ahli keluarga, perogol anak sendiri, kedekut dengan harta serta ilmu, hati tidak iklas, berhati busuk, menyangka yang bukan bukan atau buruk sangka kepada ilmu Allah dan banyak lagi perangai buruk buruk yang di laknati oleh Allah yang ada di dalam jiwa lebih 90% kaum Cina immigran di Malaysia.

Kaum ini di laknati Allah setiap masa seperti kaum Kristian baru.

Maka usul supaya kita belajar ke negeri China dari hadis tersebut pincang dan dengan jelas satu anjuran dari hadis palsu atau daif dan dengan itu, orang orang Melayu di larang dari belajar budaya amalan China seperti mereka yang berada di Malaysia.

Jelas sekarang, dari PRU 13, 90% kaum China adalah kaum rendah akhlak, rendah budi pekerti yang mana kita orang orang Melayu harus tolak jenis budaya rendah akhlak ini, dan sudah tentu PM Najib harus menjauhi kaum rendah akhlak dari kumpulan kaum Cina immigran yang mengamal budaya tidak mulia dan rendah aklak seperti sebilangan besar kaum ini di Malaysia.

Dengan ini diharap kita di muliakan oleh Allah.

Orang China harus belajar dari kaum Melayu yang mempunyai nilai baik yang universal.

Gesaan saya, tinggal kan kaum China ini didalam keburukan budaya mereka supaya kita tidak di laknati Allah. Kaum ini kaum jahat yang tidak ada nilai mulia dan murni untuk contohi oleh semua bangsa di dunia, di timur dan di barat.

Lat’ Pasar Ramadan

Kartonist Lat menempelak yang dikatakan satu cadangan dari Tony Pua mengikut lapuran media untuk menutup pasar ramadan dengan alasan ianya akan mengakibatkan kesesakan lalu lintas, sebagai tindakan membalas dendam dengan pembukaan jalan jalan di Jonker Street oleh kerajaan BN di Melaka.

China chauvanist dalam DAP telah mempergunakan isu ini untuk menarik perhatian peminat mereka di Melaka. Isu Jonker Street telah di tentang oleh DAP 13 tahun lalu, tetapi setelah berjaya memberi keuntungan besar kepada kaum China di kawasan itu mengambil pendirian baru dengan menyokong projek Jonker Street supaya jangan diusik oleh kerajaan walaupun ianya mengakibatkan kerumitan kepada penguna jalan raya dan orang awam.

Sekurang kurang nya Lat pun benci China chauvanist.


Apasal China kecil kepala di Kelantan?

Aku buat perangai China Selangor di Kota Bharu semalam.

Bila ada tuan kedai China berhenti di depan kedai dia dan menyekat laluan, aku hon kereta aku macam hon keretapi. Bila dia buat tak endah aku turun dan pergi kepada dia melaung bising supaya dia bergerak dan aku boleh lalu.

Itu aku nak test China Kota Bharu. Dia cepat cepat bergerak.

China ni macam kita juga bila ramai berlagak nak mampus. Tapi lagak Melayu tak melampau batas lah. Tengok keadaan lah. Cuma aku amat respek Melayu Kelantan, mereka berani macam Tarzan.

Banyak kawasan baru di Kota Bharu adalah kawasan kedai orang Melayu. Bila China buka kedai, orang Melayu buka 3 kedai sama dekat dengan dia. Bila China jual dengan harga lima ringgit kedai Melayu jual barang sama dengan harga RM4.75.

Kedai China di Pasir Puteh terpaksa letak nama Melayu, sebuah dari kedai emas di situ di namakan dengan kedai Emas Mek Yang. Yang ini bermaksud Yang Yee Lin, dan Melayu membuka tiga kedai emas dekat dengan kedai dia.

Bila harga emas kedai Mek Yang mahal, kedai Melayu ketiga tiga nya turunkan harga upah buat barang kemas, maka harga di kedai emas Melayu lebih murah. Last last aku nampak China lah sahaja yang menjadi pembeli di kedai Emas Mek Yang.

Di Pasir Puteh 90% kedai di punyai oleh Melayu, manakala di Bandar Baru Bukit Tinggi Kelang 90 % di punyai oleh China.

Bila Melayu Kelantan boleh lakukan ini mengapa Melayu Kelang atau Jawa Jawa tu tak boleh?.

Aku rasa itu sebabnya kerajaan Kelantan kurang beri pekerjaan kepada rakyat mereka, kerana mereka digalakan berniaga. Berniaga adalah 99.9% rezeki. Dan semua kawasan dilihat membangun dengan kedai kedai orang orang Melayu.

Orang orang China nampaknya terpaksa melabur didalam perlaburan yang lebih besar seperti gedung gedung yang besar Tesco dan Giant. Yang kecil kecil jangan harap lah China boleh lawan dengan Melayu Kelantan.

Aku ingin nasihatkan kerajaan Kelantan berhati berhati dengan pelaburan China ini kerana mereka dengan hasrat hati yang busuk cuba menjatuhkan peniaga peniaga kecil kecilan Melayu. Dan aku ingin kompani Melayu yang besar besar melabur di Kelantan untuk mengekang niat jahat pelabur China yang cuba melemahkan kaum Melayu di mana mana sahaja di Malaysia dan mendapat pulangan yang baik.


UMNO boosting its protecting the Malay







Pasir Puteh.

This township is situated within the province of Kelantan, a Pas’s territory.

Almost 90% shops are occupied by Malay‘s consumer good distributors. It is almost the reverse in the west coast towns where Chinese are monopolizing the ownership of commercial domains.

We know UMNO always say it helps Malay!. BUT in the west coast towns, UMNO is seen helping the Chinese by monopolizing the commercial areas moment the towns or town extensions are built, which is then means it is more in helping the Chinese than helping the Malays.

The thing is that UMNO is condemned by the Chinese, that it is a racist party. What form of racism then when it helps develop the Chinese be  the master in consumer good distribution more than the same thing towards the Malays?.

Distribution is a lousy job because you only have to distribute people’s products to your community. That’s how it is. You don’t need to be a nuclear scientist to become a distributor of consumer good but that is it, the Chinese make it so difficult for Malays to set up it around our area. Definitely the Chinese have manipulated the market for their interest in monopolizing the commercial areas in the new towns.

PAS has done a better job in this aspect of politicking, despite what’s UMNO has said about this party. It has acquired the skills required in Malay to become distributors in their hometown and rejecting Chinese chauvinists out.

UMNO, you need to learn more from PAS. Don’t underestimate this party.

PS| A shop owned by a Malay in Pasir Puteh known as Asal Bukan China Dap : ABCD. The Malays in Kelantan know better than other Malays in UMNO.

If they’re arrogant, we don’t eliminate them. We place them for a slow death.

None of you like to even talk about this. What more write about something which may give some idea how Malay reacts to arrogant.

PAS may not like if I say this too, but that is the way they do it.

Place little emphasis on redevelopment, little budget for road improvement, little help in providing amenities and town facilities; all these unplanned town improvements will make sure a slow death to the Chinese community who is arrogant.


Have a shop logo in Chinese in a town where Malays are the master. Arrogant. A shop that sells outdated products for 20 years.

A Chinese shop in the centre of Kota Bharu, is going through a slow death. And the owners too, are awaiting to die from their power in controlling the commercial area in a town in the hand of Malay’s Pas.

BN is afraid of killing enemies this way, and UMNO, because MCA is in BN, too is afraid of disposing its opponents inside out this way. But now, it’s a little too late when almost all new developments in new towns and cities are in the hand of the Chinese, and conducting businesses which were supposed to be conducted by the local Malays.

UMNO failed to understand what PAS has understood in regards to arrogantness. UMNO also has failed to understand the whole issue of a nation building which should in a multiracial society be shared equally, in fairness and in number.

Now Kota Bharu though a sluggish townscape represents a Malay town with its commercial space is proudly shared by all races. But seriously, it is a Malay town in its entity,

PAS has played a smart game if you want to know. Its 20 year rule of the state has brought down Chinese’s arrogantness, if there is such a word, to its knee.

But then they say they like DAP. In fact, in my mind, PAS and DAP are both deceivers. If Kelantan were to be ruled by BN like they used to, the first among others, you may see the spring of Chinese commercial spots everywhere like in Trengganu, denying locals to grow a steady growth, a normal growth like you are seeing in Kota Bharu now.

It has nothing to do with religion of Islam if you want to know. Nothing. It is about living a life, for its people’s welfare. It is about a nation building and about giving the Malays what they want. It isn’t about giving a bit too much to the Chinese, the minority immigrants.

Morsi is a Quran reader and memorized all pages

Eighty years experience and comprising members from all Orthodox Muslims around the Middle East, the Muslim Brotherhood is one of Muslim parties that are obsessed with building a country that is totally Islamic assimilating the Prophet Mohamed’s administration.

And Morsi was the man, the Muslimin Brotherhood’s choice when he won the presidential election last year. Only now he is a man with a lot of promises and or perhaps has forgotten which verses of the Quran he needs to understand and uses to help him keep up his presidential palace and office.

In equal if not slightly lower in the international arena standard is our Hadi Awang. He memorizes Quran and knows every verse of the revealed book as he speaks to crowd practically every time he is on a public speaking round in the country.

Now we ask, what is wrong with the Quran knowledge and using the knowledge in ruling a country that failed to give peace and stability to the people of a country?.

Is there anything else beside knowing and memorizing verses of Quran which makes a progressive leader of a Muslim country like here in Malaysia?.

It’s okay. Jual lah arak, tak per

Apa nak risau. Jual lah arak. Beer ke, wisky ke, todi ker, tak apa.

Kalu boleh, semua kedai boleh jual. Kedai mamak pun boleh. Apa salah nya. Best sikit macam dok London. Semua korner ada pub. Pi lah kalau nak minum kit kit. Tak aper. Ala, draught tu apa lah sangat. Sekali tenggok tak rasa apa apa.

Tak dosa tau tak. Sebab itu kerajaan Selangor tak heran nya. Dari engkau orang hisap rokok batang besi tu lebih baik bantai Heineken. Dari dok hisap air gelegak tok Arab tu baik hang perkena tiga empat botol Anchor Beer. Good for your health. Tau tak.

Apa dosa dosa. Mana ada. Kalu berdosa kerajaan dah tak benar jual. Ini kerajaan tak kisah pun.

Tak kan lah sebab keling mabuk baru nak fikir macam mana nak tutup kedai jual arak. Apa negeri ini negeri keling jer ker?.

Eh tengok orang Islam tak mabuk pun bila bantai Anchor setiap malam. Steady beb!.

Look I can say whatever I like, it’s a free speech

That’s exactly what it is.

I can say whatever to whoever. As long as what I have said has no lie.

I can even say “go to another country if you don’t like to live here”. It’s my right to say whatever so long as I don’t ask a Siamese gangster to bang a bullet in his head.

So that is called anger. Anger in the country and for the people who sold me.

So when you guys need to speak up on an issue please speak diligently.

So when other people talk about you and your speech and asking you to leave the country if you don’t like the way it is run here, surely there is something wrong with what you have stated.

To say something which was not a norm in this country would invite enemies.

Your bloody lucky brother, our people don’t resort to violence yet. If you’re in other countries like Pakistan, many of you would probably be corpse and leaving 7 feet down underground.

Oh my, a lousy and gangster debater. You surely have my nerve spilling like a kettle of full hot boiled water.

Seeing rough character of Adun in Penang is seeing a lousy debater

Today’s news on TV 3 you watched a monkey debating an issue which was out of content for a debate.

As if this country is full of animals.

Perkasa what are your action against this animal debater?