Freedom of expresion. We too can do the same.

Cina sudah kurang ajar. Cina perlu diajar. Cina sudah lupa 13 Mei. Ini negara Melayu. Agama Malaysia ialah Islam. Sekiranya Cina tak boleh terima ini maka mereka boleh keluar dari Malaysia. RPK.

It appears like the opposition is not consistent with its stand regarding freedom of speech. When we say something they don’t like they whack us. They call us all sorts of foul names. They call us a traitor and turncoat. They call us a Trojan horse.” — RPK.

Yes, true, and adding up with words like dam low standard or class etc.

Yes, that statement, too, is covered under my right of absolute freedom of expression. So how can you say it is malicious, seditious, vicious and mischievous? Under freedom of expression, as Shiou says, there are no limits. There are no boundaries. Everything goes. All is kosher. RPK.

Actually, we too can say anything about Chinese. It is not racist if we do, just apply the same principle, i.e, freedom of expression.

“Hey you, puki chee bai lu, fcuk you mother you nincompoop nut worthless bastard low-class monkey, whoever you are,  fcuk you!!”.

That’s my right of absolute freedom of expression when he steps on my leader’s photo. Ok.

Thanks you.


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