Apa lagi kita mahu?


31 Ogos 2013 nanti merupakan hari kemerdekaan negara ini dari British dan di bulan kemerdekaaan ini, kita rakyat Malaysia berbilang kaum harus merenungkan kemana kah arah tuju kita sebagai rakyat sebuah negara yang bebas dari penjajahan.

Beberapa gambar yang saya ambil dari google image boleh memberi gambaran sebenar keadaan rakyat berbilang kaum di negara ini tanpa kesan tempiasan tekanan parti-parti politik.

Kita hidup bergembira, aman damai dan  menjalankan kehidupan didalam keadaan mesra dengan kebebasan yang tidak pernah di kecapi oleh kebanyakan rakyat-rakyat berbilang kaum di negara-negara lain.

Kesemua ahli masyarakat menghurmati budaya sesuatu kaum yang lain, agama mereka dan juga corak kehidupan tanpa sempadan. Malahan kita sanggup berkongsi kemeriahan hari-hari raya, hari-hari kebesaran bagi agama-agama  sebahagian besar penduduk negara ini, tanpa rasa segan dan silu.

image 1

Yang kaya dan berjaya, menjadi penaung kepada yang daif dan miskin.

Kesemua golongan ahli masyarakat mendapat belaian yang baik dari semua ahli masyarakat kita tanpa mengenal kaum, bangsa serta agama semenjak kita mencapai kemerdekaan.

Beribu ahli masyarakat akan menghulur bantuan kepada mereka yang menderita dalam kesusahan hidup.

kampung 2

Yang miskin dan tidak berharta mempunyai harapan untuk mencapai kehidupan yang lebih baik dengan beberapa polisi yang menyeluruh, dengan kebebasan memperkayakan ilmu pengetahuan, memperkayakan bakat bakat terpendam dan di beri peluang-peluang yang boleh membawa kepada perubahan corak kehidupan mereka kepada taraf yang lebih baik, tanpa perlu merubah corak-corak kehidupan kaum kaum yang lain.

Dan apabila kerenah politik di pertengahkan,  maka segala segala nya menjadi lesu dan bisu.

Kita kehilangan arah.

Kehilangan arah yang boleh menghancurkan kita. Dan itulah yang akan terjadi bila ahli masyarakat tidak lagi memikirkan keheningan dan bersyukur dengan kejayaan kita didalam kemesraan yang telah kita capai selama ini.

A Buddhist woman cries for her home that was burned down during the riot in Meikhtila

Dan akan hilang segala segala nya kerana keangkuhan segelintir mereka yang rosak ahlak dan budi pekerti.

Mari lah kita bertafakur dan fikir yang indah indah supaya ianya memberi keheningan disanubari kita untuk membina kegemilangan kehidupan kita di masa masa yang mendatang.

Eekaa EWC.

Nothing Hill Carnival is for all

nothing hill gate 1

nothing hill gate2


nothing hill


Read more here.

Jalan Imbi and the notorious living style of the community that DBKL will help. Why?

At least you have a breathing space within KL landscape and this is not found anywhere in other towns in Malaysia.

In Ipoh, you barely have a spot for you to throw your lunch time or eating in a shop that sells Malay foods.

This is mainly for a reason that Kuala Lumpur belongs to all of us, Malay and Chinese, or Indian and other foreign nationals.

However, all efforts made on the improvements of the city’s facilities are pointing to on the improvement or improvement of the livelihood of the Chinese, which, in my opinion, are racist at all the time.

We already have Petaling Street for the Chinese to play dumb with the counterfeit law of the land, and we have all kinds of businesses run by the Chinese in every part of the city, in the city fringe, and in lanes or alleys. In fact, everywhere else is a Chinese ground in a true sense. So, where is a Malaysian city that Kuala Lumpur is trying to portray itself?.

Now the already Chinese area in Jalan Imbi is being developed with another government project to spur the ego of the Chinese as the skipper of the inner city development. Where does other Malaysian will go?

DBKL should not always think of the Chinese although the population in the area mainly Chinese because the whole Kuala Lumpur belongs not only to the Chinese but also other Malaysians such as Malays and Indian.

Please do not think Kuala Lumpur is for the Chinese ONLY. Our voice also is important to make sure that we also own Kuala Lumpur as much as the Chinese. As part owners, we have the right to object that Jalan Imbi should not be approved to be developed with a Chinese Food Center using the Rakyat money.

What DBKL has done by approving the site for a tourist spot in fact is to complement already a notorious living style within the residential district of the country. For some others who are unfamiliar with the living style within the area it is suffice to say that all the dark sides of the city begin here. They’re in the area the big shark of Along, who collect money daily from the enterprising Chinese or Malays. There in the area is the flesh trade which uses human trafficking as a hideout. In fact all Malays from the kampung will have a heart attack the moment they know how the Chinese have lived the notorious life within the area, and for the fact that DBKL, a Malaysian government agency, has abetted them to live such a life.

Can we have a better way to aid the so-called Chinese gain a better way of life? And of course, one way of doing is not by complementing their immoral activity.

Please don’t ask Nazri Aziz for his judgement on this subject. This is because he is a lawyer by profession and he knows nuts about humanity and eastern living style.

The communist story – my view.


They are fighting the Japanese because they were at war with Japan. Not for Malaya.

Why the British said to the communists’ guerrilla army MPAJA or known to the British as MRLA (Malayan Race Liberation Army – Only the Chinese race) “thanks you very much for helping us and gives up the weapons to us now” in 1945.


This is the enemy of the state, and not the hero of the country.

The British even gave Chin Peng an OBE, which later was cancelled, and invited MRLA to join a parade in London, after WW11 was over, and Malaya was placed under MBA (British Military Administration).

I would say that MPAJA as a guerrilla army, which was MCP’s arm, therefore it was an ideological or a Marxist group having a working plan for the SEA countries, i.e. to gain control of this country for Russia or China. After winning the war and the restoration of the British Army in the Malaya, the government was aware of the need of de-colonialization.

MRLA after knowing Japan had lost the war came out of the jungle and started to persecute civilian Malays and Chinese for being accused as the Japan secret military police in the kangaroo court style. Some historians believed the army had also entered the Royal Place to hunt for those who were loyal to the Japanese Army. There were about 800 believed dead or missing in action.

That was the early history of the Chinese in this country in order to gain control of power of the country, and they, the Chinese still think that they have the right to control the country through vote which was accorded to them later part in the history.

When we achieved independence in 1957, the need to fight the British was over. MPAJA under Chin Peng was still at the confrontation with the Alliance Party and the Emergency Rule was extended until 1960, and further extended to 1989 (Post War Emergency).

In 1955, the Tunku had given amnesty to the MPAJA or MRLA to lay down the weapon and surrender. One of the terms of the amnesty was to allow the communist army a safe return to China.

In all 6, 710 Chinese terrorist armies were killed, 1, 287 were captured and 2,707 surrendered, excluding about 500 more later. On the British side, 1,345 Malay Regiment armies were killed, 519 Commonwealth killed, and 2, 478 civilian were dead.


They killed anyone who supported the Japanese, including Malay force in the British Army.

At first, MPAJA was on the British side, and it was trained and was given military supplies. When they failed to gain control of the country, which I think as the result of illegitimate or false claim of the ownership of the country as a ruler of the state, they confronted the British from 1948 to 1957. When the communist party was outlawed, they became the enemy of the state and confronted the Tunku administration under the Alliance party.

Because of the Sino Japan War (1937), the Chinese in Malaya were subject to Japanese’s rule does not mean they have the right to rule this country in that common sense when the Japanese lost the war.

Today’s Chinese in this country have a similar trend in fighting for a right that is not theirs as shown from 1948. They manipulate the same techniques in which the Communist has used against the British and later against the Malaysian government. Are they a new reformist from the same group of people who idealized the communist ideology?. They still wish to have a control of this country by hook or crook!.

The history paints some gruesome behaviors of the Chinese which have been in their soul until now. That is why I said, they are a laughing stock in the eyes of the West because of this elusive attitude.

Can anyone give a reason why they behave that way?. Is it because they have many Chinese graves on the slope of the hills in all towns?. If that is so, then the government must remove them to another suitable place. A sickening view really and to downgrade their misbehavior.

The Chinese are a serious problem in this country from day one they arrived from China. Period.

Surat kepada Nawewee

Aku baca surat seorang kepada Nawewee, tetapi mungkin terlalu sadist.

Ini surat aku kepada dia setelah aku mendengar lolongan dia dalan vedio yang di tuju kepada aku sebagai kaum Melayu.

Aku ada hak menjawab kerana apa dia cakap dalam vedio itu telah menyinggong perasaan aku sebagai seorang Melayu.

Dia open vedio dia kepada public dan public itu aku, dan sebagai Melayu yang dia tibai, aku ada hak tibai dia balik. Tidak salah dalam segi undang undang. Seperti pencuri masuk rumah engkau, engkau ada hak tembak pencuri yang masuk rumah itu sampai keot.


Hey babi Nawewee. Anak haram.

Engkau ingat ini kepala datuk nenek engkau punya negeri. Babi, lancau, puki mak engkau. Beri monyet lah jubor engkau, bagi dia syok kan kamu. Bodoh, banggang. Lantui.

Engkau ingat saudara mara engkau yang jadi kominis tu warga negara ini kah. Bacul. Tak ingat sedar dek untung, tak reti ingat datang merempat ke sini, kena rogol oleh Jepun, kena basuh perut oleh askar Jepun, nak jadi hero lawan Jepun. Jepun kalah perang bukan sebab engkau dan kominis bahaloi. Jepun kalah kena bom atom lah, bukan sebab engkau kominis.

Kepala hotak engkau bangsa engkau yang jadi kominis lawan Jepun sehingga kalah dan kominis China jadi hero di Malaysia. Cheh bedebah engkau fikir kominis yang berjasa pada negara ini. Bila masa kominis rakyat negara ini?. Buat filem cinta konon. Kepala botoh engkau cinta. Pergi cinta dengan gajah lah engkau, kalau ingat pelir engkau besar, babi. Tokok. Talk cock tak reti eja. Sialan lah kamu berada dalam negeri ini.

Engkau mempunyai perangai lebih buruk dari beruk, melolong sana melolong sini, cakau sana cakau sini, beruk tak ada otak, kamu pun sama dengan otak beruk ke?. Babi, suil sampai mampus lah engkau.

Lancau punya orang. Bagero engkau, pergi leceh pelir engkau lah kepada orang orang seperti kamu. Leceh pelir engkau kepada emak babak kamu lah, apa macam. Itu lah jenis kamu.


Apamacam, kalau dia boleh kata kepada Melayu, kita boleh kata buruk buruk kepada dia, itu baru lah fair and square kan?. Butuh lah lu Namwewee. Tokok pun silap eja. Talk cock lah lantui. Talk cock. Cakap lah pelir engkau yang busuk banggau macam longkang.

Babi. Sialan. Tokok, kepala butoh engkau.

PS: Nazri, gua caya sama lu. Sekali kena sudah tahu. Ini kali gua tarak kasi lu undi. Ada faham?. Sekali kena sudah cukup bro.

Strays walk the street

The crime index in Malaysia has not risen at an alarming rate.

OSAC gave a rating of medium on the crime rate in Malaysia.

The recent outbreak of criminal activity, however involved day light shooting of several people including a prominent banker. It was an alarming development, and unfortunately it has occurred only after the repeal of two important preventing laws, ISA and OD.

Although there was no substantial evidence to show proof crimes had taken place after the acts were annulled, the PDRM had initially revealed that the federal agency had released more than 2,500 criminals from jails. The agency also had suggested 90% of the crimes registered over the year were involved the strays or the released criminals.

If this is accepted as a fact arising from proper investigations, the Police therefore may act against them in pronto in preventing the crimes, irrespective of whether the authority needs new preventive laws, as I am sure, we have enough laws to prevent crimes.

One crime which people are scared is being shot down in the public. I am not too sure, whether this is a heavy crime or a medium crime, but being dead on the streets without protection whatsoever is a scary experience and say gunning down is surely a heavy crime.

I am not too sure, why our government has repealed the two important laws recently. Is it because of the 1Malaysia a concept that denotes for equal fairness to all Malaysians? I am also not too sure, whether people who cannot live within the society due to their bad habits are treated fairly under 1Malaysia thus entitled to be freed and released to the streets.

Strays are dangerous, and due to a long confinement in various jails may go about the towns to get revenge. Giving pardons to criminals can pass only if they repent, and are not likely committing any serious crime against the people at large in the society, again and again.

If PDRM is of the opinion that the two laws need to be reintroduced so that the crime rate will decrease and assist the federal agency work, the government must take notice of the view and take appropriate action for the safety of the masses in this country.

Meriam oh Meriam are you okay today?.

Some people, the like Meriam Mokhtar, are brave enough to condemn Malays and their livelihood under UMNO, and accuse them the cause to all problems in this country.

When my great-grandfather and grandma were still around in this country they also felt the same feeling as Meriam feels today, i.e. the liking of blaming others for the mischief they have, in their livelihood.

In the same way Meriam had written about the Malays, but then instead of blaming themselves Malays they had the blame on the immigrants of those days.

The words that I still remember from the stories told among our family members during hari Raya, how unsophisticated and crude these immigrants were, some with bonded feet, were unlikely to become someone who you would like to be friendly with. In fact the hatred of the immigrants is something like the hatred that you have on the PATI today. The same feeling.

But even with so much hatred in their essence, the Chinese and Indian immigrants were sent to their village for no clear reason, just like you were seeing at some of the PATI in Chow Kit Road.

I am sure you hate these guys to your bone, the same feeling my great-grandfather had, when he told his story to his son and the son after him.

Probably Meriam and her other similar brainless critique of the Malay has a father that was born in another country, and that they came to this country in pursuit to let Meriam lives in a better place than their own, from corruption, from poverty, from human conflicts that Malaya didn’t have. Since your siblings were subject to these similar misfortunes in this country now, may be it’s the time to go home.

For some of you who use a Malay name, probably you are also a Malay and probably you are not. If you are not a Malay and hating a Malay in a sense is not going to be a bad idea after all.

Like my great-grandfather, he hated the people who were not of the same species like him. So then, it is quite normal. Because people like Meriam are also the same kind, i.e. the animal kind, like a tiger who mates only with a tiger.

Did you ever catch a tiger mated a cow?. Or, an elephant?.

Inikalilah adalah untuk kita, bukan DAP


Buka mata, semenjak DEB di lancarkan, segala perancangan untuk membangunkan bangsa Melayu didalam urusan perniagaan dan aktiviti komersial di dalam negara ini tidak tercapai. Dari anggaran agar kaum Melayu memegang syare 30% didalam kesemua aktiviti perniagaan tinggal sebagai satu kenangan mengusik jiwa.

Kita harus faham dasar sedemikian tidak akan tercapai walaupun di ulang kali dengan pengesahan itu dan ini oleh para pemerintah Melayu, akhirnya, percapaian yang ingin di perolehi untuk bangsa Melayu ketidak kesampaian.

Kita mesti faham pokok utama nya dengan pengkongsian kuasa antara Melayu dengan kaum China dan India di dalam urusan politik memerintah Semanjung Malaysia ialah bererti berkongsi menduduki negara ini, dan sebahagian besar wilayah di Semanjung Malaysia adalah wilayah wilayah atau kawasan kawasan negeri negeri Melayu.

Ini bermakna, kita berkongsi kuasa politik untuk memecahkan belah kan negeri negeri Melayu kepada bangsa China dan India. Pekara pengkongsian tanah tanah negeri negeri Melayu dengan bangsa lain adalah hasil dari politik pengkongsian kuasa politik yang dicipta oleh UMNO, dan disokong oleh MCA dan MIC. Sudah tentu mereka sokong, kerana boleh menduduki tanan tanah dan wilayah wilayah kediaman kaum Melayu di negara ini.

Sedangkan pada awalnya setelah merdeka, kerajaan Melayu memberi peluang besar kepada kaum China dan India mengambil alih peranan yang telah dimainkan oleh British didalam urusan perniagaan dan komersial, dimana sepatutnya ini tidak terjadi dengan sewenang wenang nya. Sepatutnya, walaupun kaum Melayu merupa kalangan petani dan nelayan pada masa itu, para pentadbir dimasa ini harus diberi peluang memegang 90% dari urusan komersial dan aktiviti perniagaan dalam negara Melayu, dan mereka ini adalah setanding dengan kebolehan para pengurus yang lain. Dari situ, setelah merdeka, kaum Melayu betul betul menikmati kemerdekaan negara mereka yang telah di jajah oleh kerajaan British.

Kenapa percaturan ini tidak terjadi dan hanya selepas 40 tahun, keraajan Melayu melihat bahawa ada kepincangan dengan polisi yang di terbina dari asas perkongsian kuasa tersebut.

Mereka yang memegang kekayaan tidak akan menyerah kembali harta yang dikumpul kepada hak empunya walaupun di paksa dengan dengan perkongsian sama rata dengan kumpulan mereka.

Peranan yang di mainkan oleh semua pemimpin Melayu telah terpesong dari tujuan asal sebuah kerajaan Melayu iaitu membangunkan anak bangsa Melayu, tetapi hakikatnya telah mengadai bangsa ini kepada kumpulan yang diberi hak membolos harta di Malaysia yang sepatutnya di beri kepada bangsa Melayu setelah kerajaan British meninggalkan negara ini. Bila keadaan ini berlaku, kita bangsa Melayu telah tertingal dari kemerdekaan sepenuhnya, atau belum merdeka.

Peranan kaum China dan India di negara ini ialah berperanan sebagai penjajah British, dan dasar ekonomi baru yang di umumkan oleh kerajaan Melayu kepada negara adalah seolah olah memohon satu bentuk kemerdekaan dari bangsa imigran China dan India, dan sudah tentu mereka seperti penjajah yang lain tidak akan memberikan kemerdekaan dalam erti kata membolot hasil negara dan aktiviti komersial yang lain yang ditinggalkan oleh British itu kepada kaum Melayu.

Sebagai contoh, pernahkah kita melihat percapaian kaum Melayu melebihi 30% pegangan asset negara?, Kita masih memegang di sekitar kurang dari 10% dari kesemua asset asset penting negara. Mengapa kaum Melayu sehina ini sedangkan kesemua asset negara adalah kepunyaan mereka pada haknya selepas diberi kemerdekaan oleh British?

Jikalau sedemikian rupa, bila kah kita masa nya orang orang Melayu telah Merdeka?.

Dan yang penting nya, adakah pemimpin Melayu yang di pegang oleh UMNO telah betul betul merdeka, walaupun mereka ini memegang bendera dan kibarkan nya semasa perayaan kemerdekaan. Adakah senyuman mereka itu sebuah senyuman kemerdekaan palsu atau merayakan hari perayaaan kemerdekaan olok-olok setiap tanggal 31 Ogos setiap tahun sebagai pamiran bohong bohongan kepada umat Melayu?.

Sekarang kita perlu memerdekakan diri kita dari di jajah bangsa asing semenjak bertahun tahun lama nya dengan menukar para pemimpin yang belum merdeka dalam kalangan kita. Ingat inikalilah.

The silence enforcement

images (1)

Gambling is synonymous with gangsters. There are plenty gambling hideouts nesting in shop houses as well as in hidden spots around towns across the country.

Sometimes you will be confused to see a coffee shop which is intentionally differentiated by two portions to front a gambling den at the rear. It holds nothing inside but computer equipment, slot machines and a few women mending a multi million Ringgit gambling activity. Normally the coffee shop at the front is served by a Mamak or an Indonesian.

Judging by the patrons who visit the coffee shop we can take for granted that they are the perpetual addicted gamblers, and surprisingly they are majority Muslims.

These sorts of hideouts are normally not licensed, and as the shops are often raided by the authority and but re-opened in the couple of days later, so then, I am really confused about this kind of arrangement.

I don’t know that the closing and re-opening of the spots within a few days was the standard operating procedure to put right to the gambling addiction or substance abuse.

I am confident that this business venture is a lucrative one for the operators and by not paying taxes could make tons of money.

As far as I know the only gambling spot that pays taxes is Genting Highland Casino, and closing these spots in the towns will eventually boast more patrons to Genting.

Today, the agency has raided all premises over the country in hope to slam the ridiculous and unhealthy multi million joints for a few days. As we were informed, the directive was directly from top government officials.

This is Ramadan month, and Muslim is observing a fasting month and it is timely that the authorities’ have the will to crack down these joints which have hundreds or thousands live beyond their means a very long time, thus contributing to higher household debts.

According to some security analysts, the closing down will eventually increase petty crimes within the city center, when unemployed patrons will have to go up to Genting Highland due to addiction to gambling. This closure will eventually add pressure to the police force which requires extra staff. The force however is unlikely to work on a rehabilitation programme of known perpetual addicted gambler as it is very uncommon in this country.

Hope that there are several responsible NGOs which will start a social work for the community seriously in the rehabilitation of the known habitual gamblers.

Something has to be right, and that something is to close down all unhealthy joints which by the numbers of raided shops owned and run by the majority urban Chinese.

Hope, this time they will be closed forever.

Haunting burial practice, could be a useful tip for the practice here too. Is it?. Naw. There’s no bird flying. Only ghosts.


Cemetery (Photo credit: highstrungloner)

Sometimes people living in the hills are not using a hill as a burial ground. They do a more rational burial practice than using the land on the slope of a hill, just to protect other animals from being eaten by the vultures.

Oh well, why do we always have to see the burial ground occupying a large expensive hilly land in towns?. Sickening, of a haunting ghost.


The thousand’s concubine would have waited 2.7 years for quick sex.

vivian pesta seks makan babi

You get annoyed, upset, displeased, cheesed off, irritated and all of that bad feeling because of a photo of Vivian and Alvin wishing you breaking fast. (The above photo).

By the way, a photo cannot really hurt anyone. When a photo that shows Vivian and Alvin with a severed head beheaded by someone who is equally crazy as they are, then probably you would feel remorse, repentance, compunction, and all that sad feeling.

Because they are Chinese of the China origin and live here. They are, oh my, our close relation?.

Whose MPs feel very unenthusiastic to learn the Islamic Civilization, and whose society divulges in a finding that the word Malay doesn’t exist at all in this universe.

You must have sympathy for them, after all in the Chinese Civilization though sounds good, the Great Wall and all those things named great, the Civilization actually has no meaning, it has nothing of a great value to mankind. That is why we see Vivian and Alvin with a photo wishing us to break fast with a dish of Bak Ku Teh.

The Chinese Civilization gives you some idea how their Kings had lived their life during the day they reigned China luxuriously. I genuinely don’t like to smudge bad representations of the civilization, but then the history told us that most of their Kings enjoyed the company of so many women. That’s not that bad, because today’s men, akin to Alvin, like women too. In this civilization however their kings married 1,000 women.

If the concubine were Vivian, and had lived the time during the civilization and married to a King, she would have waited for Alvin, if Alvin is a king, to come in to fondle and molest her, just like in her sex video, for 2.7 years. That is if she were the thousand’s concubine. Even if she was the first, I would think she had to wait another 2.7 years to have sex. If I were Vivian, I won’t wait 2.7 years to have sex. I would want it now, wouldn’t you?.  That’s their civilization. The great civilization. So then, why are you so pissed off?.

Just ponder how would that be for a woman like Vivian. At least, we, Malay, should feel very sad for her, for her character, and for a civilization that makes her today.

Oh well, put out of your mind about these two uncivilized people who were the product of the past great Chinese Civilization. I suggest, they should consider learning the subject of the Islamic Civilization as a compulsory subject in IPTS.

Chicken farming is a lucrative SME enterprise.

At the outset of the Ramadan month, like a few days ago, we, the Muslim, were normally confronted with a higher cost of chicken meat.

As if Ramadan is a festive time of year. The fact is that Muslims eat very little during the whole month of Ramadan as they are fasting during the daytime.

I don’t go into details about the poultry farming business in this country. I don’t know who are the farmers or what kind of race they are. Looking at a constant increase in prices of the processed meat of the whole chicken during important month for Muslims, it is about time we the Muslim going into the business of poultry in raring chicken, or other kinds of fowl, including turkey, for meat and egg.

The following links are a few known studies on chicken farming and poultry, which may apply to some of you the idea of how the business of poultry is done.

  1. Other sources of information.
  2. Other useful information included

In the hope of increasing the supply of chicken meat, the government has approved the import of chicken meat from China. Perhaps, the birds from China are also in talking terms with the birds in Malaysia, or perhaps their flock in a group of birds who talk the same language, Mandarin. That’s before they are being slaughtered.

Joke aside, large Muslim’s GLCs such as Tabung Haji, or JAIS, and all other Religious Departments in the states should consider investing in chicken farming or poultry in a big way. By investing into chicken farming in the region the halal food price on chicken meat and egg can be stabilized during the whole season as well as exporting the products to other Islamic nations.


Kuala Besut is a Malay Town in the making

Kuala Besut is a short 30 minutes drive from Pasir Puteh. Due to a short distance by road the two towns relate to one another in term of services and commercial activities.

Kuala Besut is located in Besut, Trengganu, whilst Pasir Puteh is located in the state of Kelantan. Another local center for commercial activities is Jertih, which is also located nearby and is a border town in the state of Kelantan.

I was driving through the towns to Kuala Lumpur a week ago. I saw the towns have switched from the scenes they used to be in the last 10 years. Along the coastline as you drive up to Kota Bharu there is a new strip of land zoned for tourism. This strip of land known as Tok Bali is clearly developing with waterfront resorts, albeit on a smaller scale.

Pasir Puteh has a small population of 140,000 people, whilst Besut has a smaller number of 133,000 people. They both represent about 7% of the size of the Hulu Langat District in term of demography.

The two towns are also the town that is wholly occupied by the Malay of Kelantan and Trengganu descents.

As the result from the death of Dr A Rahman, Kuala Besut will have a by-election this month on 24 of July to select a new state representative. Current registered voters of Kuala Besut are about 23,000, and the late Dr A Rahman won with majority of more than 2,300 votes in the last general election.

Kuala Besut is famous for island resorts which are found on the Islands of Perhentian, and along its beach front as well. While visiting the Islands that the other day I found out that they have been improved with public facilities which include Police Quarters, a new Mosque, shop lots and food stalls on the smaller Islands, Perhentian Kecil.

Whilst the other island is developed with various well-known resorts including the Coral View. Transport serving the resorts between island is in the form of speed boats operated by the local fishermen under the supervision of the island’s services committee group.

Kuala Besut town has a 7 Eleven shop which you can get local newspaper as early as 7 am in the morning. Boat facilities to the islands open business at 8 am in the morning and the cost of a return ticket to the islands is RM50.

With 130,000 people in Besut area, almost 97% of Malay origin, Kuala Besut town can excel well into the next century as a tourist center. A complete new waterfront shopping area with all modern facilities to cater for tourists and the population would add value to enhance the social and commercial activities for this small town. By doing this new development in the town it will also improve the surrounding areas including Tok Bali.

In my view, Pas’s choice in naming Husam Musa as the director of the election for Kuala Besut stems from his experiences  in Tok Bali and the well-being of the population in Pasir Puteh areas, while in the Pas’s State Government. These experiences can give him a headway in his campaign. But then, high expectation of a return winner is on the BN’s candidate. He is young and a professional engineer by profession. He is a better bet for the town to stay relevant as a tourist destination for years to come.


Is it learning Chinese civilization is better than learning Islamic Civilization?

English: Painting of King Mongkut in the unifo...

English: Painting of King Mongkut in the uniform of a Chinese Mandarin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Early Chinese civilization in the history described how the civilization has created a Chinese society today.

Kampar’s MP Ko Chung Sen has questioned the Ministry of Education the need for the Islamic Civilization as a compulsory subject in IPTA and IPTS before completing the courses.

I don’t know whether the subject is a compulsory subject, but as a layman in the education thing, learning a subject that arose an intellectual discussion thus giving a greater understanding of a known culture is good for the students. And Islamic Civilization is a subject so common with the society in this country, therefore any citizen who wish to live in this country should understand the history in this great civilization.

In the history of Islamic Civilization one could not find a king with 1,000 concubines. Or perhaps, a story of a man was selected among a hundred other men, to taste King’s food as a food tester. The story of a King who forced the Rakyat to build sculptures of warriors fully dressed and were ready for a war. A story how pageants or farmers forced to work for free in farms owned by elite leaders. A story of how thousands and thousands Chinese families with bonded feet moms forced to run away from the farms in “tongkang” to various parts of many countries, including countries whose population is Muslim.

When I was working in a bank, some of my superiors asked me to make credit work, of which I had rejected that idea because I felt I should do the thing I knew best. That reason was nothing spectacular, but, I think it arose because of my arrogance. I think, in the case of Kampar’s MP, the reason to object Islamic Civilization as a compulsory subject is also because of his arrogance in learning something which is a worthwhile after all most students, local students, have to live in a country where Islam is the official religion.

Tiada munafaat berkawan dengan orang China yang rendah akhlak. Dan tiada munafaat beli barangan keluaran kaum China.

A Chinese POW about to be beheaded by a Japane...

A Chinese POW about to be beheaded by a Japanese officer with a shin gunto during the Nanking Massacre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bila berniaga di bandar bandar di duduki oleh kaum Cina immigran di kawasan Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor, kaum Cina immigran layak menjalankan perniagaan bertentangan dengan akhlak baik yang diterima seluruh dunia, seperti membuka sarang pelacuran, sarang judi, sarang pembuat benda benda haram, sarang jual dadah dan lain lain lagi.

Apakah faedah berkawan dengan kaum yang menjalankan perniagaan yang haram ini?. Kita di nasihat supaya menjauhi mereka dan dari segala bentuk perniagaan mereka yang haram, supaya keharaman dari hasil wang haram itu tidak menjadi darah daging kita orang orang yang elok dan baik budi pekerti.

Sudah menjadi perkara lazim wang haram ini akan di labur pula didalam perniagaan halal seperti membuka cawangan pusat pengedaran barangan buatan China demi kemakmuran kaum mereka itu.

Oleh yang demikian orang orang Melayu seharusnya, malahan wajib, menjauhi kedai kedai pengedaran barangan pengguna seperti barang makanan dan juga peralatan perabut dan lain lain lagi yang di usahakan oleh kaum Cina yang telah mengunakan wang haram.

Kita kena faham bahawa tugas kita harus menghancurkan kegiatan haram yang telah lama di lakukan oleh Cina immigran di seluruh bandar Melayu di Malaysia, sehinggakan ramai diantara ahli kaum ini menjadi jutawan dengan tipu helah jijik kaum ini yang tidak mempunyai nilai budaya yang baik.

Dan jika di DNA kan semua wang kumpulan ini, maka jawapan DNA wang wang tersebut semestinya wang jenis haram dan tidak boleh di gunakan oleh umat Islam, terutama semasa beribadat puasa bulan Ramadan.




Lat’ Pasar Ramadan

Kartonist Lat menempelak yang dikatakan satu cadangan dari Tony Pua mengikut lapuran media untuk menutup pasar ramadan dengan alasan ianya akan mengakibatkan kesesakan lalu lintas, sebagai tindakan membalas dendam dengan pembukaan jalan jalan di Jonker Street oleh kerajaan BN di Melaka.

China chauvanist dalam DAP telah mempergunakan isu ini untuk menarik perhatian peminat mereka di Melaka. Isu Jonker Street telah di tentang oleh DAP 13 tahun lalu, tetapi setelah berjaya memberi keuntungan besar kepada kaum China di kawasan itu mengambil pendirian baru dengan menyokong projek Jonker Street supaya jangan diusik oleh kerajaan walaupun ianya mengakibatkan kerumitan kepada penguna jalan raya dan orang awam.

Sekurang kurang nya Lat pun benci China chauvanist.


It’s okay. Jual lah arak, tak per

Apa nak risau. Jual lah arak. Beer ke, wisky ke, todi ker, tak apa.

Kalu boleh, semua kedai boleh jual. Kedai mamak pun boleh. Apa salah nya. Best sikit macam dok London. Semua korner ada pub. Pi lah kalau nak minum kit kit. Tak aper. Ala, draught tu apa lah sangat. Sekali tenggok tak rasa apa apa.

Tak dosa tau tak. Sebab itu kerajaan Selangor tak heran nya. Dari engkau orang hisap rokok batang besi tu lebih baik bantai Heineken. Dari dok hisap air gelegak tok Arab tu baik hang perkena tiga empat botol Anchor Beer. Good for your health. Tau tak.

Apa dosa dosa. Mana ada. Kalu berdosa kerajaan dah tak benar jual. Ini kerajaan tak kisah pun.

Tak kan lah sebab keling mabuk baru nak fikir macam mana nak tutup kedai jual arak. Apa negeri ini negeri keling jer ker?.

Eh tengok orang Islam tak mabuk pun bila bantai Anchor setiap malam. Steady beb!.

Look I can say whatever I like, it’s a free speech

That’s exactly what it is.

I can say whatever to whoever. As long as what I have said has no lie.

I can even say “go to another country if you don’t like to live here”. It’s my right to say whatever so long as I don’t ask a Siamese gangster to bang a bullet in his head.

So that is called anger. Anger in the country and for the people who sold me.

So when you guys need to speak up on an issue please speak diligently.

So when other people talk about you and your speech and asking you to leave the country if you don’t like the way it is run here, surely there is something wrong with what you have stated.

To say something which was not a norm in this country would invite enemies.

Your bloody lucky brother, our people don’t resort to violence yet. If you’re in other countries like Pakistan, many of you would probably be corpse and leaving 7 feet down underground.

Oh my, a lousy and gangster debater. You surely have my nerve spilling like a kettle of full hot boiled water.

Hey, there will be a pot of gold at our rainbow’s ETP program, so Malays support us please!

Old folk stories are mimicking with a story that you will end up with a pot of gold if you chase a rainbow.

When you were small kids you’d believe it, and always with the hope to find one and struck rich.

That is basically ETP. You know, the economic transformation programme.

When you’re talking about transforming the economy, you couldn’t transform a vacuum space known as the economy. You need to transform the doer in the space of the world economy, you then realise that ETP is a machine to transform Chinese the main doers of the verb in economy.

That was why the Chinese had rejected BN in total, they knew without BN or with BN, for the country to achieve a developed state as in the master plan, the main BN election propaganda, would work either way, without or with BN. Without BN and with DAP ETP would transform Chinese to be the controlling group on the economy. In other words, the Malay government needs the Chinese for the country to become a rich and developed state.

The work of BN’s lawmakers in creating a static policy achieving a high income society by 7 years time was hijacked by DAP through lies and deception, as if MCA as a secret agent in the government laying down an infrastructure for the Chinese to take over the running of the country through DAP, after successfully planted the most successful plan to convert rich Chinese to a super rich group.

That was why Najib was so persistent in grabbing the shoulders of the Chinese during the last election, for without them Najib won’t be remembered as a leader of change. Whereas without Najib or with Najib ETP is seems as a normal transformation of change needed for a country to achieve a developed status, i.e. transform the doer of the economy, and who would you think would be the doer?.

Now if you say what would happen to another group of people namely the people who voted BN last election, Malays. I would say they were promised a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow line, i.e. you know a great of hope for them becoming rich when the country is wholly developed.

By that time they would say “oh my country is now a developed state, oh my, great, where is my pot of gold, Najib?. Is that all the promised gold you had given us in BR1M Sir?. What about our land you had taken Sir. Where would my grandchildren live next, Sir?.”

Planned internal migration of Chinese to Negeri negeri Melayu

images (1)

Transformation in the economy in fact has been ineffective since 1990. The current economic transformation is in fact a continuation of the old transformation policy which was indirectly being drawn up by some people in MCA and Chinese Business Associations and Commerce.

There are two main issues in the economic transformation happening in the country, first is the transfer of capital into massive development projects around the country, which can be termed as capital investment by large corporations to recoup huge profit i.e. by rich and famous people of this country. Second is to distribute consumer good within the selected investment areas, on demography which has been redrawn through planned internal Chinese migration.

images (2)The two economic transformations above favour capital extensive for fast and quick profit, and to make sure the profit is recouped in the correct order, the projects will house consumer good operators who are mainly controlled by the Chinese. These include food and restaurant.

Both transformations in fact favour both Chinese capitalists and socialists, and in fact very little is a hope for Malay entrepreneurs succeeding in this option as the economic infrastructure within the cycle of the Malay is already a monopoly market.

We see a thousand or perhaps hundred thousand Chinese being moved into large capital investment projects around the country thus creating internal migration of Chinese into newly created new towns and commercial areas in the Malay States, especially in Trengganu, Kedah, Perak, Johor and Pahang.

So anyway the economic transformation is in fact a move by the government to create two main spots for Chinese capitalists to invest large capital and owning Malay land in the area and creating a distribution centre for the lower strata of investment by the Chinese distributors of consumer good. There is no plan to give opportunity to Malay as the group is ineffective both in supply of large capital investment or initiatives for investment in the distribution of consumer commodity as this market is already held by the socialists or communists Chinese and capitalists.


By this transformation in the economy the society is still split into two racial groups I. e. The users and the investors, thus we will have a strong Chinese society of capitalists and a lower class of the society or the end users, the Malays.

These Economic transformation programs that are the basis for Negara Maju, or at 6% Yearly growth, are in fact a master plan by MCA. And by that time the government will be, in the MCA plan, a Chinese controlled government. The Chinese capitalists are in fact controlling all commercial centres which are the main investment planning used by the two groups of Chinasian.

So now where do we go from here? If you want the Malays to control stop this policy. If you are a lousy Malay then follow this policy. Or we ask the government to change big issues above, and fast. Please think of where the Malay will be with such a bias and racist program.

PS : to stay afloat Banks such as CIMB will favour Chinese who are the planned social group who will undertake a large capital and income from the policy. Not Malays. So Malays are the bastards, if there is such a word. Why banks should fend for them then. Eh, Azran is only a small nudge to show us a real truth of the policy, and I Love PM banners held by the selected rich Capitalist and investors. In fact they read, “I LOVE RM”.