The thousand’s concubine would have waited 2.7 years for quick sex.

vivian pesta seks makan babi

You get annoyed, upset, displeased, cheesed off, irritated and all of that bad feeling because of a photo of Vivian and Alvin wishing you breaking fast. (The above photo).

By the way, a photo cannot really hurt anyone. When a photo that shows Vivian and Alvin with a severed head beheaded by someone who is equally crazy as they are, then probably you would feel remorse, repentance, compunction, and all that sad feeling.

Because they are Chinese of the China origin and live here. They are, oh my, our close relation?.

Whose MPs feel very unenthusiastic to learn the Islamic Civilization, and whose society divulges in a finding that the word Malay doesn’t exist at all in this universe.

You must have sympathy for them, after all in the Chinese Civilization though sounds good, the Great Wall and all those things named great, the Civilization actually has no meaning, it has nothing of a great value to mankind. That is why we see Vivian and Alvin with a photo wishing us to break fast with a dish of Bak Ku Teh.

The Chinese Civilization gives you some idea how their Kings had lived their life during the day they reigned China luxuriously. I genuinely don’t like to smudge bad representations of the civilization, but then the history told us that most of their Kings enjoyed the company of so many women. That’s not that bad, because today’s men, akin to Alvin, like women too. In this civilization however their kings married 1,000 women.

If the concubine were Vivian, and had lived the time during the civilization and married to a King, she would have waited for Alvin, if Alvin is a king, to come in to fondle and molest her, just like in her sex video, for 2.7 years. That is if she were the thousand’s concubine. Even if she was the first, I would think she had to wait another 2.7 years to have sex. If I were Vivian, I won’t wait 2.7 years to have sex. I would want it now, wouldn’t you?.  That’s their civilization. The great civilization. So then, why are you so pissed off?.

Just ponder how would that be for a woman like Vivian. At least, we, Malay, should feel very sad for her, for her character, and for a civilization that makes her today.

Oh well, put out of your mind about these two uncivilized people who were the product of the past great Chinese Civilization. I suggest, they should consider learning the subject of the Islamic Civilization as a compulsory subject in IPTS.

Lat’ Pasar Ramadan

Kartonist Lat menempelak yang dikatakan satu cadangan dari Tony Pua mengikut lapuran media untuk menutup pasar ramadan dengan alasan ianya akan mengakibatkan kesesakan lalu lintas, sebagai tindakan membalas dendam dengan pembukaan jalan jalan di Jonker Street oleh kerajaan BN di Melaka.

China chauvanist dalam DAP telah mempergunakan isu ini untuk menarik perhatian peminat mereka di Melaka. Isu Jonker Street telah di tentang oleh DAP 13 tahun lalu, tetapi setelah berjaya memberi keuntungan besar kepada kaum China di kawasan itu mengambil pendirian baru dengan menyokong projek Jonker Street supaya jangan diusik oleh kerajaan walaupun ianya mengakibatkan kerumitan kepada penguna jalan raya dan orang awam.

Sekurang kurang nya Lat pun benci China chauvanist.


The PM has the right to speak to Idris after being queried about Jonker Street. He should also respect Idris who gave Malacca to BN

Well, he is the PM. He has the right to speak to his officer and find out what the fuss Jonker Street is all about.

If the state punishes the voters for being an anti government in the last election, so why not?. The state government owns all its rights to do so. But, I don’t think the state uses punishment for being the reason to close down Jonker Street.

The portion of the street, the stretch of the alleys in that field is included in the definition of roads for public use for which all motorists need to pay road taxes in billion of dollars in years. Taking part of it and presented it to Chinese in China Towns who do not contribute very much to the government but to themselves is an act of betrayal to road users.

If the government still needs to leave these people to operate on the roads for which road users pay the taxes then perhaps the government must reimburse the taxes to road users in term of lower road taxes, taking into account the special privilege Chinese who were given to operate on roads which should be afforded to public use by making stacks of money for themselves. This can be a reimbursement for all road users for a period of 13 years.

If the government believes it is reasonable for these privileges Chinese to be operating in this country, the government must also think for us the road users some kind privilege too. Lower road tax, please. To be fair to all, after all that was the line of fire opposition leaders were asking year in year out. Fair.

Hope PM Najib allows what the state thinks is fair for the people of Malacca, and does not force on the administration the dirty Chinese racial politic into play. After all, Idris has given you the state of Malacca as part of BN’s ruling state.

So I must read it again and again. WE LOVE PM. Oh my stars! Do you love US, SIR? From the events in last election the CHINESE LOVE RM, Sir. I think that you know what I mean.

So you talk about giving home ownership to all

Bullshit, thats what I thought of home ownership to all.

Whats in place was giving whatever policy and solving whatever problems to Chinese developers in the city so that they seem to building home and make huge profit. This is so called non intervention in the market forces by the government. Free market but of course with greater help from MCA in the government to ensure Chinese in the industry come out clean with huge profit.

So you talk about giving home ownership to all

Bullshit, thats what I thought of home ownership to all.

Whats in place was giving whatever policy and solving whatever problems to Chinese developers in the city so that they seem to building home and make huge profit. This is so called non intervention in the market forces by the government. Free market but of course with greater help from MCA in the government to ensure Chinese in the industry come out clean with huge profit.

Car price drop is similar to some majority wins by MCA, MIC and UMNO

Car Price drop is equivalent to the majority win by Tiong Lai in Bentong.

In fact some models the price drop is similar to MIC win in Cameron Highland. It like BN wants to let us know that it wants some price drop but the drop in price couldn’t be more than the number of majority wins in the last general election.

It all about following the people who are at the helm of the industry. Price drop means lesser income both for the government and the industry players. We know who are at the helm of the industry and it pointless to tell us that the government is now in “a caring” machinery for the people at large and the government is seen only pumping a small jab on the nose of the Chinese. Its just a show fight.

The government is still the blue eyes of the Chinese, and the price drop is just a chicken feed as compared to the amount the government is making from taxation.

The government is also keen protecting the second hand car dealers and commercial banks who over the last century eaten your heart out profiting from the half sided over priced cars in this country.

If the government is expecting a bigger majority win to drop a larger amount on car price, sorry to say that it’ll never happened.

The government is still protecting the Chinese, the only race which has rejected it overwhelmingly.

Its a fucked up price drop really.

City of foreign national: Shah Alam

Well, its a kind of very good thing, when we have everybody in a place. We can see and interact with one another. Know every kind of cultures from far away and these people aren’t fussy to show you their cultures and teach a word or two of their language. But all of them, Pakistanis, Vietnamese, Myamars, Indonesia, Bangladeshi, Iranian, and West Indians, Papuan New Guineas speak fantastic Bahasa Kebangsaan. They like the Bahasa, and I feel Dong Zong should start a Chinese School learning how these people learn Bahasa just in a short span of time.

Hi all my friends in the UK, just want to ask a simple question. Do you think fair for me to have Chinese in my neighborhood who don’t speak our Bahasa at all? They have been living here more than 100 years. How stingy they are, aren’t they guys?. How fuck up they are, aren’t they, knowing pretty well they were from China and still practicing Chinese in my country. Is it fair for me?.

You know would be fair for these foreigners to be given citizenship as well, since much of our people the Chinese in particular were given citizenship even when many, pretty a lot of them, couldn’t spell a word in Bahasa or make a grammatically right sentence in Bahasa or even worst, don’t mutter a word in Bahasa. As if the Chinese were the foreigners, and not the foreigners the foreigners.

It’d be nice you know if the government flooded cities and towns in this country with new citizenship, who could be very loyal to our language. Not only It’d be easy for local Malays to mingle around and doing business with them but also for the Chinese to learn Bahasa.

London has almost 60% foreigners in the city, and they don’t make much a problem to other city dwellers. In fact they speak English in British slang as if they were more British than the Brits themselves. Well I mean, many of these foreigners adapt to the local climate as you like. Not the Chinese in this country. They the kind of don’t know how to acclimatize.

My former girlfriend was a Hong Kee, and she spoke as if she were a Londoner in every accent, and we could make up things easily, no fuss in miscommunication ever.

Something fishy here you know, my Chinese friends still cannot pronounce certain words which can make me misunderstood him or her’s, and most of these friends were in the teaching industry, lecturing but with oral deficiency.

The funny thing is that they, the Chinese assessor asses them as superb teachers. True racist assessor because many students felt that nothing was thought there.

Frankly speaking it’d be better for more foreigners spreading in the city and towns in Malaysia, let them come in and be part of our society, be our citizen, and let them vote as well. Its a free nation.

Bring them more, a million or two million or may be 8 or 9 million. That will give us more people as our population is still very small. We need 80 million to be a very strong nation.


Why do I need to live in with Chinese in this country?

The first thought in my mind since my childhood was why do I need to live in with Chinese in this country.

It is still the same question I ask over and over, and it has never been an easy question to answer.

Perhaps, that question is supposed to be a question for the Chinese, by reverting it to give a clear view to answer “why do the Chinese need to live in with Malays” in Malaysia.

They have own country, own language and own culture, and if I were a Chinese I would definitely go home to my home country as soon as possible.

Or perhaps, if I were not going home, I would assimilate into the local culture and respect the local’s traditions.

I would also like to use local language daily and communicate with the local in any way not to harm them or by giving false hope in the relationship.

Why do I need to become what the Chinese were doing now, i.e, be in a separate society and build a nation within my nation.

Why do I need to work aggressively in controlling the economy, and why do I need to seek only one SRJK China in a country which is predominantly Bumiputera and Malays country.

Why do I need to steal the local interest in al things, landed property and movable property so much so I have deprived the local of their need as well.

Why do I need Kampung Baru which were stolen from the Malays?.

Why must I be hard on the local who had given all their support to their Sultans when they the Sultans agreed and had given me the right as the citizen of Malaysia?

Why am I so racist when selecting workers for my firms?.

In the end, you know, it is a waste of my energy to think of an answer to that question.

I still need to think why do I need to live in with the Chinese, who I think, are not the same as I am, me. And if they are not the same, why do I Kongsi Raya with these people?. Or perhaps, why do I need to kongsi anything with these guys at all?.

Not in politics and not in the economy.

That is why I boycott Chinese Products and continue with Buy Chinese Last.

It is because I still cannot answer why do I need to live in with the Chinese in this country for ever. It must be stopped. Or they need to change. Change drastically and fast.

The hatred is growing, in me, and in all people like me. It is now a common thing, when friendship is in fact a lie. It proves my inability to answer why do I need to live in with the Chinese. I am not a liar.

Thanks for listening.


When famous Datuk Lat‘s Kampung Boy comic gives a carton comparing Almera and Almari last week in NST, I think his brain is halted
somehow or rather.

He could not think of an issue which has made him famous, i.e, portraying good humor among all races in Perak or Malaysia.

He too, I think, has a second thought on racial issue belated this country of late, which was then an issue made him famous for a kind for a perpaduan message.

Perhaps his book is truly a carton or comic book. Not a serious thing in the life style at all. Thats is why he made up Almera and Almari slot in NST.


Hadi Awang di nasihat jangan busy body isu video sex, lebih afdal bela penerima BRIM dari di lembu dan ayamkan.

Di, buat aper penat bela Stopa Ali, dia nutuh, dia sedap, dia diam, mu gi bela dia. Itu baru video dunia, video tuhan seksot mu nak gi bela dia gak ker?.

Tak pasal jer, tangan Stopa kata “ya ambo gesek gesek rit dia tu, bagi basah”. “Ambo pun goyang jugak” kata punggung Stopa. “Ambo jong nyelam hari tu, dalam tak dalam adalah empat lima inci” kata pak da Stopa, bila tuhan tanya.

Di, tak kan mu nak blebong kata pada tuhan heh, pak da, tangan dan punggung Stopa buat fitnah dan blebong pada tuhan, Di?.

Lepas tu mu nak kata macam mana bila mu dengar “ah, oh, ah, oh, ah, hmmm, ahh” di perdengarkan balik? Audio yang lebih changgih lagi dari la ni, bila mu dengar pas ko mu naik steam!.

Susah Di, mu dok support atau protek kes macam ni. Mu ni presiden, tak pasal lak jadi macam presiden Husni Mubarak.

Mu heh, patut gi support atau protek orang orang miskin yang terima BRIM dari dok kena di ayamlembukan oleh Nik Aziz. Di, Nik Aziz bukan presiden Di, dia tu am am jer. Dia pun diam bab bab video ni Di.

Aduh, mu nak dengar dengar lah. Tok Say tak per. Aku tak rugi gapo gapo.


Belebongwa pertama bulan March – “sembahyang orang UMNO outside, tak der markah”. Bukan Nik Aziz cakap!!!!


Dia nih, kepala besar weh. Tak tahu lak kut sahabat kita tuh sama besar kepala dia.

Serupo dah dah. Dengan turban dia tuh. Dengan badges dia tuh, cuma tak der badge R jer. Dia dok kata gitu kut. Mana aku tahu. Mu tanya dia lah.

Tapi ingat wey, engkau, dia ada pedang tu.

Dia boleh kata dan buat Belebongwa tuh, kerana dia bukan Islam.

Nik Aziz pun serupo corak berpakaian. Dengar khabar dia tuh agame Isle. Nik Aziz pun boleh pakai semacam dia nih. Cuma mungkin tidak boleh ada pedang. Salah. Hegat ke Polis. Tak tahu lak, kut ada pedang tersorok dalam kain tuh!!.

Jadi, apa hendak risau tentang Belebongwa dia tuh, kita sembahyang dan doa banyak banyak. Tidak dapat markah pun tak aper.

Ikut kata dia, tidak dapat. Kita kata kita dapat.

Engkau agama engkau, lah, aku agama aku. Pergi jauh jauh lah wey. Aku ingat agama aku serupo dengan agama dia.

Rupa rupanya tak!!!!!.

Sebab kebanyakan orang kafir tidak reti gapo benda tentang Islam. Semua tak reti Islam. Buat buat pandai reti Islam sahaja.

Itu Belebongwa number ONE pada bulan pilihan raya nih.

Di Kelantan nih, banyak dah tokong yang tidur, bersila dan berjalan, kerana Firaun mula hidup balik di sini. Takut wey, banyak nya yang sudah berdiri di merata tempat. Sikit lagi patung berlari pulak wey. Islam begapo lagu tuh mek wei? Jikalau Umar al Khatab masih hidup di penampar nya muka Nik Aziz nih. Kenapa, bukan senang hendak runtuhkan patung patung tuh. Lima enam ratus tahun pun bukan boleh main roboh dia. Dah tu mu dok ajar anak kamu sembah tokong pagi pagi hari. Tak sembah pun tengok tiap hari. Tuhan beri mata, maka tengok lah. Masjid pun dia tak bina macam mana nak tengok masjid. Tentu tengok dan sembah tokong tepi jalan semasa hendak ke sekolah.  Tuhan bagi otak tak guna, asyik guna mulut sahaja.


Rumah Pakatan pecah jamban, tahi melempah. Rumah kita sebelah terkena tempias bau busuk.

Ini lah dia kedudukan para pemimpin pakatan. Dan mereka di ketuai oleh Nik Aziz, Annuar Ibrahim dan Lim Kit Siang.

Mereka ini di ibaratkan berada didalam sebuah rumah bersebelahan dengan rumah kita. Rumah mereka sudah pecah jamban tahi yang meleleh keluar dan berbau busuk.

Ketua agama kata apa hendak buat bila ramai pelacur haram. Dia tidak belajar sekolah sampai tidak tau apa nak buat dan salahkan kita di rumah sebelah. Ketua penerangan PKR kata tidak salah melancap di depan komputer, kerana boss dia dan kawan kawan lagi hebat berzina dan berbogel tanpa dipecat.

Mak oii, kalau rumah sudah pecah jamban baiki lah dia, tidak tahan kita menghidu bau busuk dari tahi yang keluar dari jamban yang sudah pecah.

Nurul kata undang-undang kebebasan agama sama rata, kalau gitu Cina pun patut kena hukum Islam di kelantan. Apa pulak Hadi nak tarik balik?

Hey nyonya Cina gunting rambut, nasib baik saman potong rambut, kalau potong kepala ker, atau potong tangan, macam mana? Mana lu mau komplain? Kepala sudah masuk dalam lubang tanah ma. MCA pun tarak bolih tolong ma. Itu hantu Pak Kiong bolih, lu angkat phone sama itu hantu cekik itu olang kasi potong lu, ok?.

Apa benda nih?.

Sekali kena saman, kemudian tidak kena saman dan sekali hendak tarik saman. Adil lah sikit PAS!!

Nasib baik tentang potong rambut, jikalau kena potong kepala atau potong tangan, macam mana?. Tidak nyanya nyonya potong rambut kena potong tangan atau potong kepala, dan baru Hadi kata, kita tengok lah dulu macamana hendak selesaikan isu hukum Islam keatas bukan Islam. Hey, nyanya nyonya tu ke hulu ke hilir dengan tapak tangan telah kudung sebelah hendak buat komplain!. Kalau kena potong kepala, macamana?,  susah orang sekeliling melihat manusia tidak berkepala ke hulu hilir hendak buat komplain, nanti orang kata pontianak pulak!!.

Biar betul lah PAS, sekali berkeras, dan sekali lembik macam pisang masak berbulan.

Apa engkauorang takut, sudah menjalankan kuasa undang-undang itu dari 1991. Apa jadi orang-orang lain yang sudah kena saman? Bolih refund kah? Takiyuddin sudah kata dia tidak akan berganjak. Tetiba hendak berganjak, apa kena bro?. Duit refund hendak minta derma pulak ker?, aduh dah dekat pilihanraya nih, takkan hendak bawa balang minta derma bayar balik saman dahulu kala. Mampus PAS!!.

Kan Nurul sudah kata, ianya kena pakai sama rata, Melayu ke, Cina ke, sama rata kena buat. Tak kira bangsa dan agama bro!!!

Mana bolih tidak ikut ikut kata dari Nurul dan Takiyuddin, nanti orang kata PAS parti carca marba, parti pinggan mangkuk. Malu beb.

Selamat – selamat hari raya > hari raya haji.

“Jangan merapu, ok, balik tu pasang download AES trap software pada hand phone tu.”

“Jikalau bunyi oh” ek oh ek oh”, ha itu AES lah tu”


“Lepas tu pecut, laju beb, cepat sampai Kelantan”.

“Jangan langgar tiang AES pulak, ngarut tu”.





“Tidak apa, pergi masjid ambil daging besuk hari ok”

“Cakap tok bilal hang tak der duit kerana hendak bayar saman AES, mesti dia bagi hang dua kilo daging punggung yang best”



Dulu beria-ia suruh Mahathir berhenti, bila sampai masa dia, amboi, PAS tidak benar dia berhenti!!, wa pu cek, belawok!!

Aku tak reti hendak cakap apa benda.

Engkau orang reti tak?

Amboi, bila orang suruh berhenti, dia kata PAS tidak beri dia berhenti. Satu jawapan koner bengkok tu.

Aku bukan hendak mengata apa, cuma naik sebak dada ni mendengarkan berita mengatakan perkara sebegitu.

Jikalau Kelantan naik semacam Amerika, dengan faktorinya, dengan jet nya, dengan air bersihnya, dengan segala macam, aku tak kisah  lah bagi kerja kepada dia, sampai mati pun tak aper. Bubuh dalam peti kaca pun boleh, seperti Kim Jong il, no hal nya. Tak der siapa kisah dan busuk hati, tau tak.

Ini entah apa apa, silap silap haribulan aku ni dituduh kafir, engkau tahu tak?

Tengok ler, jalan raya siap dengan duit kumpul lagi, katakan sudah ada jentera yang hendak buat?. Mana dia. Bohong nombor satu lah PAS ni, kenapa lah jadi semacam itu.

Kemudian dengan keretapi laju dia lah, hey, semacam lah kita semua ni buta. Tak nampak kereta api Tanah Melayu yang ada dari Tumpat ke Dabong tu laju setara mana lah?

Lagi lagi hendak tipu kami semua. Dah tu dia kata PAS tidak beri dia berhenti. La. Jikalau lah aku jadi semacam dia tu, aku naik malu muka lah, tidak ada benda aku buat, baik lah aku stop jer.

Dah tua tua tak der kerja, okay lah takut senang jatuh sakit aku khawin muda. Ada kerja sikit, payah lah hendak jatuh sakit, ada bini muda dok urut. Tetapi jikalau jenis duduk takut dekat bini, ini lah sebabnya, tak hendak henti kerja, takut tak tau apa hendak buat dan senang lah terkojol.

Jangan lah macam tu, sampai bila hendak tahan penduduk Kelantan supaya jadi orang Taliban?

Satu masa di Talibankan kamu semua baru tau.

DAP is pursuing PAP’s inspiration to be on top!

Like it or not, that was what I thought about Lynas and Green demonstrations in Gebeng, Pahang and in Pengerang, Johore this year, which were, by the number of the Chinese participants, seems orchestrated by DAP.

Now if that is so, we Malaysian, can’t afford to give support to such an idea which may destroy our own destiny in the new global economic world market.

Singapore’s free market as an open economy is no stranger to Malaysians. Likewise we too can be as good as in its open economy. Corruption free status as given to Singapore soon will be with us also as we have seen many and serious efforts by our government to stem such negative perceptions, both in the government and in the private sector.

If everything is in place, Iskandar Johore will be the window of Malaysia for “work, live and play”, and it rivals to Singapore’s own “work, live and play”, the common global arithmetic and marketing verbs in attracting high wealth nationals or countries to invest. Iskandar will create greater competition if Selat Tebrau  were to be opened with a new bridge connecting to Singapore.

Why Iskandar is a window to Malaysia’s next economic growth regional area?. Iskandar is planned on 2, 217 km2, three times the size of Singapore. It will have a density of 631 persons per hectare, as compared to highly dense Singapore of 6, 003 persons per hectare, falls short of Hong Kong’s 6,301 person per hectare.

It will be the place to manufacture raw materials for export, from Electrical, Electronics, Petro and Oleo Chemical, Food and Agricultural processing, Logistic services, Tourism and healthcare services, Educational services, Financial Services, and creative products. Special economic corridor from Tg Pelepas to Pasir Gudang alone will rival that of Singapore’s own similar services. What more if Iskandar is running at full strength.

Singapore is relying on import of raw materials for add-value export, such as water fabrication and oil refinery. The chunk of its economy however comes from port services, the financial sector, and the bio technology. As India opened up its own oil refinery, Singapore’s oil refinery sector is shrinking, moreover with plans by Petronas to create a deep sea Port near Pengerang, Singapore reliance on oil refinery will be diminishing. Already some  owners of oil refinery in Singapore are looking at the possibility of divesting their investments in that Island State to another area.

Iskandar will be developed within JB City Centre, Nusanjaya, Western Gate, Eastern gate, and Senoi Skudai area. If these areas are fully developed with the intention to maximize “work, live and play” marketing strategy based on the planned economic activities, Singapore will have to admit that they will have to further enhance its capabilities from a stiff competition in all its economic activities from neighboring countries, not only from Malaysia, but also from Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam.

So DAP, are you helping us as Malaysian, or Singaporean?. I know all of you are Chinese.

Freedom of expresion. We too can do the same.

Cina sudah kurang ajar. Cina perlu diajar. Cina sudah lupa 13 Mei. Ini negara Melayu. Agama Malaysia ialah Islam. Sekiranya Cina tak boleh terima ini maka mereka boleh keluar dari Malaysia. RPK.

It appears like the opposition is not consistent with its stand regarding freedom of speech. When we say something they don’t like they whack us. They call us all sorts of foul names. They call us a traitor and turncoat. They call us a Trojan horse.” — RPK.

Yes, true, and adding up with words like dam low standard or class etc.

Yes, that statement, too, is covered under my right of absolute freedom of expression. So how can you say it is malicious, seditious, vicious and mischievous? Under freedom of expression, as Shiou says, there are no limits. There are no boundaries. Everything goes. All is kosher. RPK.

Actually, we too can say anything about Chinese. It is not racist if we do, just apply the same principle, i.e, freedom of expression.

“Hey you, puki chee bai lu, fcuk you mother you nincompoop nut worthless bastard low-class monkey, whoever you are,  fcuk you!!”.

That’s my right of absolute freedom of expression when he steps on my leader’s photo. Ok.

Thanks you.

What bare, everyone is bare-breasted when welcoming Kate and William in Solomon.


Read more  here.

Ayam pun bersunat, itu lah dia



This kind of people once ruled many countries years ago, we would’ve been like them if they still do. Happy Merdeka Day

We are not forced to call them “Mem”, instead we can call them Mad Mem. BTW, like to see Hishammuudin Rais in this kind of gesture very much.

Kita lembik atau keras. atau keras lembik?

Jikalau gambar ketua Taliban di buat semacam di atas, nyanya.

Tidak pasal esuk hari kepala semua mat yeh di atas terputus dua di pedang.

Jikalau gambar Obama dibuat semacam itu, nampus.

Semua mat yeh di atas di bawa ke kem tahanan bawah tanah, di hilangkan dari pandangan umum bertahun tahun dan di sondol dengan “big cock’ ketua ketua CIA dan FBI.

Jikalau gambar ketua Arab Saudi di buat semacam itu, nampus.

Hari Jumaat di depan masjid di Jedah kepala putus dua kerana menghina raja Arab al Saud.

Ini kerana kita adalah keras lembik. Nak menusuk pun sangat susah. Bila keras tetapi jadi lembik.

Jenis yang kuat pejam mata semasa bermesyuarat.



Osama Laden Cum Pok Dogol  Malaysia.

Napa lah RAHMAN itu harus di jadi kan pedoman untuk nama perdana menteri.

Tak payah bubuh A itu, tengok sekarang orang naik kepala.

Sebab kepala lembik hendak tunjuk keras.

Siapa yang susah sekarang.

Jikalau Mahathir masih PM, tak siapa berani buat macam tu.

Melampau batas, akal tak ada, perangai buruk ada.