Goose that lays eggs but eats egg itself!! No one and nothing else. Of Jonker and Petaling Streets.

English: Rows of shop in Petaling Street

English: Rows of shop in Petaling Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some critics say people or companies that use Jonker Street to display homemade products or counterfeits and sell them to foreign tourists or visitors at exorbitant price make enough money to support their family for years. When the road and its surrounding alleys were to be opened  to the public and road users on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it brought some relief to city’s drivers but a great disappointment to these people and companies who had laid eggs for years but, as many observers believed very little were given to the government coffer as taxation.

Taxation is for a legal business entity, and when the businesses aren’t, there isn’t taxed. When people are making money, and the money received is from an illegal business entity there is always a form of corruption, from either side of the coin.

Petaling Street, for example, is another venue where counterfeits are aplenty, from designer clothes to imitation watches, bags, and sometimes sex video, which by the reckoning of our police forces, are prohibited for anyone to distribute, what more selling them in public.

As the towns and cities of this country are full of commercial crazy-minded Chinese and disloyal to the present administration, they would do anything that makes money and disappear with it. It appears that they get freed every time when get caught, as if the laws are only for serious offenders, and selling counterfeit or imitation goods isn’t a serious criminal offense.

If that’s not a serious crime, the offenders; traders and individuals are free to make millions from their activities that not only seriously inflict injuries to buyers, foreign tourists and local visitors alike, when buying products at exorbitant price for something not worth a dime but also it allows a lawlessness in trading of counterfeits and imitation products.

This final effect on the users is the main concern of many NGOs which want these so-called China Towns of already China towns or Cities of Malaysia to be closed.

By closing them, some critics say the government is looming to punish them for not voting the government. But the truth is these activities have been active over years, and enough is enough. Even many of these people or companies who are trading in these areas have the money to support anti government NGOs or do other criminal or vice activities in the surrounding areas.

In my opinion, we should give up the crime, petty or not, at source. If there are enough evidences to these accusations please close them down.  Why do we need a goose that lays eggs but eats the egg itself?.  It doesn’t serve the society any good.

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