Malays become Batman and Spiderman, because of too many insulting remarks on Islam

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Anima...

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Animated Series (1992–1995) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sadly, there are many alarming stories involving non-Muslims, especially the Chinese youngsters, who were making fun out of the Islamic faith in the social media; Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

The authority seems very slow in making arrests or taking appropriate actions to stop the sad behaviour of the youngsters and in many cases slapped only with a warning notice.

The first case involving a Chinese from Taiwan who made fun with Negara Ku and Islam was only served with a reminder and warning notice.

In Pakistan, a person who insulted Muslim and made fun out of Islam which is a similar offence as in our above cases was imprisoned for life.

In Mexico, when Police and the authority is unable to defend their neighbourhood for whatever reason, the locals become a vigilante and control the area themselves.

As the result of slow action by the authority, local people are taking the law under their own hand. Malays frustrated with the above delay had taken the law into their own hands and became Batman for the very first time. They have kidnapped an offender, accused of being the person who wrote nasty things about Islam, physically abused him, and left him naked by the roadside.

The kidnappers however was immediately napped by the police later.

The thing is this, if the Malays want to be a Batman, then be a real Batman, by doing so, please reduce the numbers of bad youngsters among us from offending Muslim and make fun out of Islam religion. In being a Batman, and as a Batman, he has never been arrested by the police.

Our Batman, however, was arrested by the police.

There are many others who never been caught by the police. The snipers in Kota Bharu, and around in the country. These people however are Badman.

If you want to be a Batman, please joint force with the police. Batman can reduce crime among us. A dangerous offender is of course a person with the ability to make fun about other people’s religion. That is an offense for a life imprisonment in Pakistan or perhaps, by beheading in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, hope our authority can act as fast as it can and arrest the offender before our vigilante or Batman and Spiderman take to the street.

A severe penalty is expected on these offenders.

Gaddafi masih hidup, yang mati dan dibunuh orang lain.

Ini semua kerana dia ada 10 buah lori yang penuh dengan emas. He he he. Satu lori boleh bayar hutang Sepanyol dan Greece.

.Baca cerita dari SPY C.

Baca newspaper ni.

Dan blog SOS disini.

Aku rasa ya juga ni, Gaddafi banyak look alike ler. Berlambak di Libya.

Mat Ell.

Top Ten: US

No 1 in the list is Best Thing I Never Have – Beyonce

No. 2 in the list is Super Bass by Nicki Minaj

No. 3 in the list Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) by Katty Perry

No. 4 in the list is California King Bed by Rihanna

No. 5 in the list is Next To You by Chris Brown.

No. 6 in the list is I Wanna Go by Britney Spear.

No. 7 is Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae

No. 8 is I’m Into You by Jennifer Lopez

No.9 is Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez the Scene.

No. 10 isParty Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bett, GoonRock.

Christian Jihadis formed, the Kinghts Templar – Justiciar Knight Commader

Templar Cross

Image via Wikipedia

Justiciar Knight Commader, ketua jihad Christian Knights Templar pertama abad ini berkata:

“The order is to serve as an armed indigenous rights organisation and as a crusader movement (anti-Jihad movement). Once you decide to strike, it is better to kill too many than not enough, or you risk reducing the desired ideological impact of the strike.

“Do not apologise, make excuses or express regret for you are acting in self-defence in a pre-emptive manner.”

Breivik – Justiciar Knight Commander

Di Britain, kumpulan Jihad Christian di kenali sebagai English Defence League, juga mungkin boleh menjadi dalang untuk membunuh seperti yang terjadi dengan kumpulan jihad Knights Templar.

Makin lama semakin orang tidak suka multiracial, dan kita di Malaysia dingatkan, kita semua pun bukan terlalu suka multiracial. Jadi pandai pandai lah jaga diri. Buka kedai, kedai dia sahaja, monopoli sana monopoli sini, jangan ingat orang duduk diam. Satu hari semua multiracial akan hancur lebur jikalau pentingkan diri kaum mereka sahaja. Tunggu lah.

Baca berita terkini mengenai pembunuhan kejam di Norway disini.

What a Japanese newspapers says here.

Many have gone crazy with the political rhythm in this country, including my cat.

Curly (center) was in his glory while filming ...

Image via Wikipedia

Malaysia needs a place to normalize a person back to his normal being, seriously.

Therefore, he can walk in his normal style, talk by his normal style, and sleep on his normal style.

There are already a few people who walk like zombie, talk like Curly, and sleep like Somniloquy.

There are people who want to go backward in time; to love peace and tranquility brought in by earlier MPs, or PMs, or follow them in their graves.

There are people who want to go forward into the future; talk about middling things here and middling things there, centering points here and centering points there, punching faces here and punching faces there, asking job here and giving job there and the best, taking money here and giving money there.

Lastly, there are people who want to be everywhere in time; backward, forward, reverse, to today, to tomorrow, to yesterday and to the day after.

This is crazy, isn’t it?

I am afraid if we don’t provide this facility, i.e. a center to normalize a person back to his own normal soul, eventually government will need extra provision in the budget or subsidy. The government also must anticipate the arrival of Andy Merring Brahim who is the local version of Norway’s Anders Behring Breivik. So, please be quick.

Why do we need it?

Simple. Politics in Malaysia makes everybody gone crazy.

Quote of the day: Nasib baik Ibrahim Ali bukan keturunan MendeLIAR, kalau tidak punah ranah.

Rebecca Black’s new song – My Moment

My Moment menceritakan keunikan beliau menaiki carta musik mendapat sambutan 167 juta peminat dan paradi di twitter dan lain-lain socia media.

Salah satu lagu parodi mendapat sambutan sehingga 11 juta peminat dalam seminit ialah Rebecca Black Friday official parody di YouTube.

Satu lagi lagu parodi Rebecca Black dibawah ini.

Awww, Rebecca!!! penyanyi baru..


Why not following the Saudi’s beheading the head of bersih 2.00 participants?

1,600 police reports, and surely this is the best method to deter the insurgents. Behead them, like the Saudis do.

Sometimes what other people do in other countries such as in the Saudi Arabia in preventing crimes or punishing criminals such as proven disloyalty to the King of the country is very harsh, but then, beheading the head of the criminals in front of the public is one way of stopping the aggressiveness among people in the plural society like us.

Saudi Arabia is a country that still use capital punishment in the form of beheading the criminals in front of the public as a deterrent to would be doers or intending criminals.

Partipas is likely more interested to promote the move.

I am sure if such a law is implemented, neither Ambigat Natanpuyu nor Chin Peng will come in to promote any bias demonstration such as Bersih 2.00 among the Malaysian population at all.

Watch the Saudi be-header works in the Youtube and you will understand what I mean.

100 years Viva forever – God must be on drugs!!

"You guys carry the deads, we the alive. That's the difference"

"Who says we're hardup, we're not?"

"We called it MLM or pyramid schemes"

"We sell all things dead or alive"

"Oh, Chua, there you are. We are looking for you. Your daughter is getting married, and don't bring that stupid llama with you, ok"

"Shit, ekpensif, Petaling Street's cheaper ma, they're all immitations"

"Hey, I still have that although 100 years old, all in Kuala Selangor. My grand ma brought it with her during the exodus. And the language, too. But why the natives called us "Sengkit"?. "

Oh shit, look around you everything is the same. We are still in China. Who says we are in Malaysia?

Photos: Flickr Photos.

Sinbab #eekaawordpresscom.

Syabas Polis DiRaja Malaysia

Front quarter view of a first generation, firs...

Kereta peronda Polis Di Raja Malaysia (Image via Wikipedia)

Saya, anak bekas anggota Polis Di Raja Malaysia, ingin mengucapkan syabas kepada angkatan Polis Di Raja Malaysia kerana telah mendekati rakyat dengan daya usaha murni mereka meletakkan para pegawai Polis di merata tempat di dalam kawasan perumahan di Selangor.

“Saya berasa seperti hidup zaman kecil kecil dahulu kala, balik rumah dalam  berek polis, bertemu dan bersua dengan anggota polis setiap hari, amat mesra dan tidak ada prasangka buruk di antara kami dengan anggota polis lagi. Mereka adalah seperti ahli keluarga kami sendiri, seolah-olah kami hidup bersama di dalam kawasan berek ,” kata kawan baik saya,  anak kepada bekas anggota Polis Hutan Batalion Sebelas,  Pengkalan Cepa, semasa kami minum minum teh tarik semalam.

“Dahulu kami bermain bola dengan pak cik dan abang abang Polis dan mengangkat berat di jim bersama Koperal Dollah, salah seorang peserta bina badan pasukan Batalion Sebelas.

Kini, kemesraan itu terpancar bila bertemu anggota polis berbadan besar ditepi jalan di bawah payung payung, mengingati kemesraan Koperal Dollah yang berbadan gempal seperti beliau tetapi baik hati itu” sambung kawan saya.

“Kemesraan yang dipamirkan oleh pihak Polis Di Raja Malaysia diharap dapat menghubungkan rakyat jelata seperti kami semasa kecil dahulu kala, dengan sebahagian besar penduduk berbagai kaum di kawasan perumahan ini. Sebenarnya kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia bertuah bernaung di bawah kerajaan yang perihatin dengan masallah rakyat” sambung dia lagi sebelum kami berpisah.

Saya selalu mengangkat tangan dan tabik hurmat kepada semua para anggota polis semasa bertemu di kawasan perumahan ini, seolah-olah saya baru balik dari sekolah ke rumah saya di kemp Batalion Sebelas dahulu. Kami menjadi kawan baik seperti pengalaman saya semasa kecil.  Mungkin, satu hari nanti kami akan bermain bola dan ke jim angkat berat bina badan bersama dengan anggota Polis di kawasan ini.

Syabas, saya teruja dengan keadaan ini.

Mat Ell #eekaawodpresscom.

Panggil Rakyat Demo Isnin

Flag of the Malaysian state Selangor.

Image via Wikipedia

Rakyat Selangor di ajak untuk sama sama jawab kesalahana YB Shuhaimi.

Semua rakyat di Selangor telah dijemput oleh YB Shuhaimi Hj Shafiei untuk turun beramai ramai ke Mahkahmah Seksyen  Shah Alam pada hari Isnin ini 7hb Janurai 2011 jam 9.00 pagi untuk menyatakan sokongan  yang tidak berbelah bahagi kepada beliau dan menjelaskan kepada pihak pemerintah Pusat bahawa kini sudah jelak dan muak dengan tektik kotor mereka menghalalkan apa juga cara untuk terus berkuasa biarpun berterusan menindas rakyat.  lihat disini.

Saya rasa bila kita buat salah besar seperti tuduhan yang di kenakan seperti didalam kes YB Shuhaimi, kita patut  kena gentleman sikit. Tidak payah lah minta back up rakyat yang tidak berdosa.

Rakyat biasa macam saya di Selangor, tidak tahu apa apa niat YB Shuhaimi bila tulis blog mengheret Sultan dalam kes politik beliau. Apa faedah nya saya pergi ke mahkahmah, sudah dia yang buat hal, jawab lah sendiri. Betul tak kawan kawan.

Ini hendak back up konon dia tidak bersalah dan ada hati kata rakyat Selangor sudah jelak dan muak dengan tektik kotor BN menghalalkan apa cara untuk terus berkuasa biarpun berterusan menindas rakyat.

Siapa yang kotor, BN ke PKR.

Jangan buat tuduhan melulu. Pergi jawab tuduhan terhadap tuan dulu.

Adakah, kalau orang itu di tuduh melakukan kan maksiat dan kena pergi Mahkahmah Shariah untuk mempertahankan diri dalam kes maksiat, dia  panggil semua anak murid sekolah tempat beliau membuat maksiat supaya mahkahmah tidak ambil tindakan. La, rosak akal. Macam ini.Budak sekolah atau rakyat tidak tau apa hang buat.

Di mana community service anda? hang pi jawab saekor lah Mi.