Chinese educated Singaporeans need pyschoterapists

Psychotherapists believe Singapore Chinese educated elderly are going crazy by days. They are biased against color, such as Bangla or Indian, or other migrant workers from SEA countries. They think they are smart people in this tiny island state.

Some of the mums and dads who had the kind of working pressure in this little island state behave irrationally since few years ago when aplenty of foreigners of different color enter Singapore’s job market. Either they are born racist in their own blood or think that they are the force in the whole region that earns respect.

Note: This lady in the film above converses irrationally and giving racial slurs against Bangla, the colored immigrants. Word such as “lancau ah, pregnant sits here, lancau ah,” are words from the mouth of less affluent and hardened chauvinist Chinese educated Singaporeans. Singlish at its best. They have lost their bid to stay afloat among the professionals from various countries that Lee Kuan You had allowed in the Singapore job market. They also are being ushered into the big city gambling den in Sentosa Island. She might have lost thousands in the gambling den. Their distant cousins here too have a similar trait in the blood when harassment of foreign maids or colored  is concerned.

They think they are the Jew of the South East Asia countries.  And, let us see how these Jews performed in the next two decades.

Plenty of youtube films that give evidence of anti social behavior  among the less affluent Chinese educated citizen of Singapore. The citizens with English education background have little of this nonsense on  racial slurs in the public area, such as in trains and the underground LRTs.

Don’t send these people into this place, here. No one wants anyone who is racist and prejudice against colored people. They are worst than “gagak” in the London metropolitan underground.

Singapore is beginning to be a bad place to live in from now on. It isn’t safe and don’t feel safe sort of place.

Yusof Qadrani #eekaaworpresscom