My house is made of a round timber joist, woodern plank floors, and nipah roof,

I suspended my friends from seeing me at my house, always accepted those really close to visit me, because my house is never a home of this century, it is a home that is unfit for today’s generation.

It is hard for me to a buy a house here, when I ran away from Kelantan to live here in the state that doesn’t belong to me. I can do a similar state of home, a similar round timber joist, wooden plank floor but with improvement to a zinc roofing home. That is the choice between making provisions for food and housing, when on a small salary, food takes a major portion of it, and leaves the balance for the woods that structure my home.

The balance of what is left out of my salary, saved for 15 years, is used to travel for umrah where I spent quality time with God and my wife. In a cheap hotel.

This is my leader, who said a lot about helping me and my family and my people. I am very sad that he had done nothing, even not giving me an opportunity to progress in my state. Nothing and nothing at all. He lives a healthy life on my deception of his politics.

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