The Malaysian Army duty bound to protect us, the Malays and others, from this stupidity!!


The opposition leaders are going ahead with the decision in going to court to disqualify all previous PRU13 election results.


Wow, ah ha, if it is true, it will be the first of its kind in the nation.

So then, as the first of its kind too, we hope the Malaysian Army and Police, the Kings of Malay States, the appointed governors and the Malay Regiment Army together with the Johore Military Force are willing to give us protection under the laws of the country for our peace and stability.

malaysian army

I feel spoiled. And this is the time the elected government protects our rights without fear or favor.


Please destroy the enemy of democracy, before the democracy is being destroyed.

PS: The world is always changing and this is a change that we want.

Sekarang orang Melayu telah belajar tiada kemulian di negeri dan dari orang orang China

Sunset of the Forbidden City, Beijing (northwe...

Sunset of the Forbidden City, Beijing (northwest cornor of the Forbidden City) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apa yang anda belajar dari Forbiden City? Gundek beribu orang dan zina, tipu muslihat dan lain lain. Tinggi kah nilai ilmu itu? 

Hadis “belajar lah sampai ke negeri China“. Ini sebuah hadis daif dan hadis yang membawa maksud berlajar lah kamu walaupun negeri itu jauh. Bukan kerana China atau orang orang Cina mempunyai budaya dan perangai yang harus di contohi untuk di pelajari dan mendapat keredaan Allah.

Sekarang pun orang Melayu telah tahu budaya kaum Cina berasal dari budaya rendah akhlak, rendah budi pekerti, rendah nilai dan rendah ketermadunan.

China tidak ada mempunyai budaya yang harus di pelajari dan di contohi.

Malahan budaya dan perangai orang orang China adalah berasal dari budaya yang buruk buruk, serta budaya rendah akhlak, budaya penyembah berhala, budaya tipuan kedunian, seperti terbukti dengan amalan budaya dan perangai yang di amalkan oleh orang orang Cina di Malaysia sekarang ini.

Sekiranya pembuat hadis itu ada di Malaysia sekarang ini, beliau mungkin akan mengubah perkataan negeri China ke negeri lain, bagi kita semua mempelajari budaya serta perangai yang boleh di terima sebagai satu ilmu yang berfaedah dan mulia untuk di pelajari.

Tidak ada apa apa faedah belajar dari kaum Cina seperti kaum itu di Malaysia.

Kaum yang mempunyai sikap tamak, sikap keras hati, sikap suka menipu diri sendiri, bersikap rasis, membenci kaum lain, bersikap suka memonopoli aktiviti ekonomi atau ilmu yang di beri Allah, pemboros, penzina, pejudi, penipu cukai kerajaan, penipu kerajaan dengan menjual harta haram, sorok duit dan wang haram, pengedar wang haram, pembunuh, perogol ahli keluarga, perogol anak sendiri, kedekut dengan harta serta ilmu, hati tidak iklas, berhati busuk, menyangka yang bukan bukan atau buruk sangka kepada ilmu Allah dan banyak lagi perangai buruk buruk yang di laknati oleh Allah yang ada di dalam jiwa lebih 90% kaum Cina immigran di Malaysia.

Kaum ini di laknati Allah setiap masa seperti kaum Kristian baru.

Maka usul supaya kita belajar ke negeri China dari hadis tersebut pincang dan dengan jelas satu anjuran dari hadis palsu atau daif dan dengan itu, orang orang Melayu di larang dari belajar budaya amalan China seperti mereka yang berada di Malaysia.

Jelas sekarang, dari PRU 13, 90% kaum China adalah kaum rendah akhlak, rendah budi pekerti yang mana kita orang orang Melayu harus tolak jenis budaya rendah akhlak ini, dan sudah tentu PM Najib harus menjauhi kaum rendah akhlak dari kumpulan kaum Cina immigran yang mengamal budaya tidak mulia dan rendah aklak seperti sebilangan besar kaum ini di Malaysia.

Dengan ini diharap kita di muliakan oleh Allah.

Orang China harus belajar dari kaum Melayu yang mempunyai nilai baik yang universal.

Gesaan saya, tinggal kan kaum China ini didalam keburukan budaya mereka supaya kita tidak di laknati Allah. Kaum ini kaum jahat yang tidak ada nilai mulia dan murni untuk contohi oleh semua bangsa di dunia, di timur dan di barat.

One time immigration and controlled immigration. UK’s experience

Oh well, UK or British society has now feel the same thing that we have felt and experienced over the past hundred years.

Malay proverb says, what you do to other may one day befalls on you.

British had left nearly 1 million Chinese and over hundred thousands Indian laborers in Malaya when they packed and went home in 1957. Now Britain’s towns and cities were flooded with as much the number they left us, and cried foul of the situation that gives toll on UK life. half of Briton suffer under strain placed on schools, police, NHS (National Health Service) and housing.

  • Half of population lives in town /city with high immigration in past decade, whilst we have lived a life time where all towns and cities are full of the British’s leftover laborers.
  • Ministers say “uncontrolled” flow has caused problems for wider society. We said your “controlled migration” of the leftover laborers caused greater problems to our life and happiness.
  • Squeeze on school places and disproportionate levels of certain crimes. We say we are living with different school as the leftover laborers want their own schools and expenses.
  • Has also resulted in inflated rent and immigrants living in “beds in shed”. We say we are forced to live in shed some without bed as your leftover laborers fight for space in cities and towns.

So next time you think that you like doing the world community a service by invading a country, don’t leave your laborers in that country later when you decided to leave. They are potential source of all kinds of problem like you are having to face them now.

Expect the same problems will invade you centuries later, please. Don’t you mourn all these problems like a small child. Be like us. Have to live with the problems because of you.


Read more problems in the migrants’ flooding UK’s towns and cities that are affecting Briton here.

PS: Serve you right bro. What you did to other, is coming back to you now in full swing.

Betterment levy and infringement should be taxed on land owners in City Centre

English: Rows of shop in Petaling Street

English: Rows of shop in Petaling Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When government spent on road and infrastructure within the town centre, the land value would increase tremendously thus indirectly land owners, who are mostly Chinese, should be taxed with betterment levy.

The benefits from the increase in land value are wiped out by the owners when they sell development units at high value, which for some properties, ballooning to million of Ringgit. The government is losing on two folds, one, the burden of infrastructure cost is spread over to all rakyat, including people in the campaign who do not know nut the Chinese have made money from the government’s work, thus unfairly causing hardship to comparing people at large. Two, the town population is laughing with tons of money for the help of the government but they had voted the opposition party, DAP.

In cases where property falls in value due to the government or the local authority’s bad policy, the landowners on the other hand should be compensated due to the likely lost in the capital value of the bad policy or the infringement to their land.

For example, land owners around Jonker Street or Petaling Street could ask compensation from the state government or the federal government for infringement on the land as the result of road closure. By closing the road, the landowners would lose in drop of land value.

In the case of the federal government the issuance by Tourism Minister to close the Jonker walk from traffic use could be linked as the federal government’s order which would result some 500 or 1,000 land owners losing the capital value of their land due to the infringement on the land owned as the result of the road closure.

The landowners of the surrounding properties around Jonker Street and Petaling Street can sue the government or the Tourism Minister both under land laws and under tort for compensation of losses in their land value and capital value, if we include the infringement compensation.

Both betterment and infringement levies may be useful to reduce property price in the city centre, and is a potential avenue to increase government’s revenue.

After all, the Chinese should now pay for the cost of the government projects that benefit their land in the city centre.

It’s time the government blows back the capital expenditure on infrastructure that beautifies the Chinese and their family homes and businesses in the city by taxing them on the betterment levy. The kampung folks do not directly enjoy the beautification projects and good infrastructure in the city centre, except for a social visit. Thus this burden of cost should always be on the Chinese.

Thus far the opposition is always like to champion the fairness in the society. And this is fairness. As far as I am concerned.

An egg for breakfast!!! After all these politictiking brou·ha·ha


Hey, I can give you that too. Its plenty in my kampung. Come and get it!!

Telur. Ah ah ah ah ah. Ah Ah Ah Ah. Telur. Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah. TELUR.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


LKSHa ha ha ha ha. Ah Ah ah ah ah.

Alahai, sumpah laknat Annuar Ibrahim, jumaat nanti. Itu yang Nik Aziz kata dia cerdik?

Ha ha ha ha.

Tengok aku sudah tergelak.

Orang lain buat, dia hendak buat juga. Orang lain dah buat lama, dia baru nak buat. Dekat dekat dengan pilihan raya.

Tuhan tu amat Pengasih. Sumpah ler, tidak apa. Tidak lah Dia beri balasan “on the spot”. Lepas menang pilihan raya, mungkin sebulan dua lepas itu tidak tahu lah pulak. Kan?. Semasa itu, kita yang pilih dia, kerana percaya sumpah laknat beliau, pun kena libas. Mana lah kita tahu.

Aku tak main lah dengan sumpah laknat dekat pilihan raya nih. Mana ianya boleh di percayai. Sumpah semacam ini semacam dengan sumpah atau taubat dengan tuhan semasa matahari sudah naik dari sebelah barat. Sudah hendak kiamat, baru nak taubat dengan sumpah. Mana bolih guna pakai lagi. Tuhan pun tak terima jenis taubat atau sumpah semasa semacam seperti yang hendak di buat.

Macam mana nih?. Sekarang hendak tipu tuhan pulak ker?. Lantak.

Minta minta sumpah laknat dia tu nanti sama dengan sumpah laknat yang telah di buat oleh Bala PI hebat tu. Dua hari lepas sumpah laknat, terus kena, kan baru kita tahu diterima “on the spot atau tak”.

Main ler Annuar, sumpah sumpah nih. Jangan cuba tipu. Dan ikut lah nasihat yang betul. Daim pun kata hang asyik dok dengar advice dari orang salah. Pakai otak sendiri tak boleh, sebab hanya lulus pengajian Melayu. Ikut suka hati lah, ikut lah sapa sapa pun, termasuk Nik Aziz.

Tidak apa. Kita hendak tengok keputusan sumpah tu semacam yang di terima oleh Bala PI tu atau pun tidak. Jikalau ya, aduhai, selamat lah dunia di Malaysia nih. Dah pening dah dengan kerenah pusing pusing nih.

Cepat lah cuba buat dengan segera.Kita menunggu keputusan yang itu satu. He he he.

Aerate Asia – now everyone can fly kite.

My business wishes are to gain 10% of the Indonesia cheap flying zone market!

That’s equal to possible 30 million people , ma. Thirty million fly-able men and women. Time by Rupiah 620, 000 each, you know a whopping 18.6 trillion trillion rupiah. Oh my, my Virgin boss also loses to my standard now that I am a super trillioners, ma.

You know or not?.

I already got 10 to 15% Malaysian’ s market.

That translates to 4.5 million people captured in the market of 28 million fly-able  Malaysian men and women. That’s is ciput, ma. Ciput, ciput, ciput, you know ciput or not??

He he he. Don’t know ciput kah?. You go study at a  university lah!.

Sound in the background from the tv’ news:

“Aerate Asia share plummeted from RM3.80 to the lowest RM2.95 this week after some lions from the forest were flying in the sky like a kite……

Mahu trillion ma, sekarang lugi macam itu mamaktaria lah.

“Siapa tamak selalu rugi”. Lu tidak tahu ker, itu peribahasa dari Mumbai lah, India mali.

“Apa?, siapa mamak selalu rugi?”.

“Bukan, siapa mamak, siapa tamak lah, you ni telinga korek sikit, siapa tamak selalu rugi, itu peribahasa lah bro, tak reti kah?”.

Derelict housing area

English: Derelict housing, Corse Road, Penilee.

Image via Wikipedia

A derelict housing area is a common feature within some areas of the city center due to the fact that either the place is kept purposely for future new developments  or for some unknown reasons no one, the authority or the owner, is able to carry out improvements within the area.

It has become the ghetto of the town, and obviously attracts people with questionable backgrounds and activities.

For some, they are unlucky to leave in that area. Because of low-income jobs they were forced to stay in the area for the time being.

These are the people of this country who are always on constant touch with the true hardship in life. They are very sensitive to all government policies and are very keen for government helps and cares. They are always the ones who use comparisons of the life afforded by other fellow lucky citizen who live in proper housing areas and that of their sporadic housing units.

In late 80’s there were large chunk of housing areas which were below the standard for good human habitation. However, now there are still other areas that are left untouched for some unknown reasons.

Go to Gombak area, which is a predominantly Malay residential area. In the area around Batu Caves, near the hill, there are still areas that can be developed to make the housing units in these areas more acceptable in standard of living condition. For example by providing good roads to the housing units and a proper sanitation, the residents too can also enjoy the progress which the country has been blessed with.

Who would do just that?. So far no one has done the task to improve the condition seriously. Pity these people.

Air jampi brand tok guru tak laku halau syaitan dan iblis lagi – tok guru Negro dari Negeria

Negro from Sudan by Charles Cordier 1857 CE Fr...

Image by mharrsch via Flickr

“Air jampi brand tok guru tak menjadi kali ini.”

“Air mineral brand tok guru pun tak laku lagi.”

“Jikalau buat PRU berasingan antara negeri dengan pusat, ramai syaitan dan iblis datang kemari, huh payoh hendak kawal.”

“Bukan kah tok guru Utraman dari Afrika boleh halau hantu?.”

“Dengar cerita semua hantu kena masuk polong dan di hantar ke bukit untuk di semadikan.”

“Ini tok guru jenis mana tak boleh kawal syaitan dan iblis, ada kah tok guru jenis Negro dari Negeria yang pandai tipu orang dalam internet tu?.”

“Aduh mak, macam macam ada.”

“Lepas jumpa tok guru Utraman dari Afrika, jumpa pulok tok guru Negro dari Negeria.”

“Tak sah jadi ketua kalu syaitan dan iblis pun tidak boleh hendak kawal, macam mana hendak kawal hantu raya dan manusia biasa. Pergi cari cok cangkul gali parit air hujan kuat hendak bah dah ni.”

“Adoh, tok guru Negro dari Negeria, ha ha ha ha. Habis, lenyai mak cik guru Malaya.”

Apa kena Greece?


Image by Dr Max via Flickr

Apa kena dengan orang-orang Macedonian ni?

Zaman dahulu kala sangat hebat, kuat berkerja dan membina negara?

Zaman sekarang orang Macedonian ini suka rilek dengan duit orang lain. Jikalau hutang dibayar semua pun, tahun depan mereka kena bayar USD35billion hutang bond kerajaan dengan faedah sebanyak USD12 billion, walaupun mereka dijangka akan mendapat pertolongan kewangan dari tiga negara besar dengan bayaran USD12billion.

Pada tahun 2013, Greece tidak akan mendapat apa apa pertolongan dari 3 buah negara kuat (Amerika, Perancis dan UK) tetapi mereka terpaksa pula membayar hutang kerajaan dari bond yang telah dikeluar sebanyak USD44billion dengan kadar faedah sebanyak USD17billion. Bermakna Greece perlu sebanyak USD84billion untuk tahun fiscal 2012-2013, dan dengan kemudahan hutang baru Euros60-65billion yang dicadangkan semasa krisis baru baru ini mereka masih perlu sebanyak 20-35billion euros.

Bila mendapat persetujuan dari negara besar termasuk IMF tentang menyelesaikan masaallah hutang, PM Greece George Papandreou kata beliau kena mohon persetujuan kabinet. Bila dengar benda referendum macam ini, mengamuk lah negera maju kerana sebelum ini dia ikut sahaja bila hendak berhutang.

Mereka kena “privatisekan” segala bentuk firma kerajaan dan jual asset penting negara dan hasilnya boleh jadi ketahap hutang “zero-zero”, tetapi macam mana hendak start hidup baru? Para pekerja Kerajaan kena “bertelanjang bulat” bila berkerja dimasa masa depan seperti orang minyak.

Hidup tidak akan berakhir pada tahun 2013, apa jadi tahun 2014 apabila mereka perlu membayar kenaikan kadar faedah hutang berjumlah berpuluh puluh billion euros?

Ini lah dia bila orang purba cuba mengikut orang orang Allien dari Amerika, “hang pi hutang banyak banyak, naikkan gaji pekerja, naik kan gaji menteri, besarkan office dan buat jalan best best, lepas itu, hang enjoy sakan lah, hang pi main Cina Doll atau tengok dia orang menari nari, bab hutang hang jangan fikir kan lagi, ok?”.

Bila rakyat larikan cukai, kerajaan ternganga mulut. Bila sudah syok sendiri, siapa hendak bayar cukai, kerajaan manghadapi kerumitan memunggut cukai yang teruk semenjak 2005.

Pendapatan dari hasil tourism merosot, industri pula dikalahkan oleh Cina dan India, minyak habuk tidak ditemui di Greece.

Mereka berjalan jalan dan bersiar siar dengan duit hutang. Greece adalah sebuah negara maju dan salah satu negara berpendapatan tinggi, numbor 31 dalam dunia.

Kena tahu zaman sekarang negara yang ingin menolong adalah negara yang ada mempunyai niat tersirat. Allah jangan pergi jauh jauh sangat, didalam meminterpretasikan hal hutang ini, kita di dalam adik beradik pun, jikalau hang joli sakan, tidak ada adik atau abang hang hendak tolong nya!.

Kita pun ingin menjadi semacam mereka, maksud saya, ingin menjadi negara berpendapatan tinggi. Tetapi ingat jangan pula kita hidup berhutang besar macam mereka ini. Sekarang ini kerajaan telah gunakan RM10 billion, nasib baik jumlah itu untuk hampir 85% program ETP, jikalau baru 10% berapa banyak wang yang perlu digunakan?. Duit ini datang dari mana? tentu lah dari hutang juga kan? Dan apabila ETP kecundang, siapa akan bayar segala hutang itu? Mr Yala kah? Jangan terlalu ingat ETP itu akan berjaya, tengok sahaja DEB, berapa lama itu beb, belum lagi berjaya.

Jangan lah kita terikut ikut cara orang Allien dari Amerika, sudah sudah lah dengan cara pengunaan sistem kewangan mereka yang telah lapuk dek zaman. Kata bekas PM, Tunku AR, “mampuih”.

Bila terlampau pandai, berani lawan kuasa siapa saja didunia – Isreal

MRBM (Medium range ballistic missiles) and IRB...

Image via Wikipedia

PM Israel Benjamin gesa parlimen lulus cadangan serang loji nuklear Iran pada bila bila masa sahaja sekarang ini, setelah beliau dengan kepandaian ahli roket Amerika membina senjata nuklear missile ballistics jarak jauh LRBM yang pertama dinegara itu hari ini di Palmachim, tengah Israel.

Jarak LRBM Israel yang dipanduuji hari ini melampau ke Tibet yaitu sejauh 6,437 km, dan Iran hanya mempunyai kepakaran membina MRBM (medium range ballistic missiles) sejauh 2,100 km (Shahab 3) dan 2,000km (Ashoura missile) sahaja.

Iran berkata mereka sedang menunggu ketibaan peluru berpandu Isreal itu dan tidak gentar dengan ancaman tersebut, malah berkata akan menghancurkan Israel dan kuasa Amerika di Timur Tengah dengan apa apa yang Iran telah telah perolehi selama ini.

bila pandai angkuh, dan pada masa bodoh pun angkuh. Ini sudah sama dengan beruk pakatan pembangkang.

Ancaman Israel muncul setelah Palestine diterima sebagai ahli UNESCO dan kecundangan rancangan pertukaran askar Israel dengan tawanan politik Mesir.

Israel dilihat sangat takut dengan kemampuan Iran membina pensenjataan berteknologi tinggi, pertamanya kerana Iran sebuah negara yang terkenal anti Israel di Timur Tengah.

Kita lihat siapa yang akan hancur.

William Cheng is a Chinaman

Malay Muslims in Songkhla

Image via Wikipedia

WHEN he spoke about anything:” he speaks for the Chinaman”. How many Chinaman in this country? Oh they aren’t that many but all economic activities are in their hand. And why do we the majority Malays don’t take back what are rightly our?

This is because the main string or the keys to the industry are in their hand. When the government opened up IMalaysia Shops around the city, he said that it was unfair to other 30,000 odd small shop owners, who were all Chinese that actually owned and infested that shops and made their killing days afer days, years after years, for almost 100 years. Who are they made the killing for their life? the poor Indian and Malay. You and me, and all of us.

And when these shops benefit some poor guys who have been screwed for decades for the sake of a Chinese group, this group has the support from a person who was so beneficial by living with the poor Malays in Malacca those day when he was a poor man. Those Malay professionals and government officials might have helped him through to built his dreams in Cheng Malacca. But then who care when they get rich they screwed up every one of us the poor.

This is the personality that is so commonly found among Chinese Chinaman.

Already fed up with DAP, MCA and Gerakan. Go and fly kite all of you, we don’t depend on you for the last 15 years already. We have survived much better than most of you.

Please change your altitude.

DAP’s new flag and anything else new, but brains are still old cows.

Flag of Malaysia - Jalur Gemilang (Stripes of ...

Image via Wikipedia

WHEN NTC of Libya uses an old flag against all green flag of Qaddafi‘s favorite flag, in that instance it gives Manoharam a political idea , or who is he, Mainharam, the bloke who believes that American will be happy not to share its flags, at least to its design and colors, and has the gut to suggest for a change to a new Malaysia flag. No more Jalur Gemilang, because for DAP Jalur Gemilang is something sinister, a bad taste, or whatever, but to win lost votes.

This bloke thinks Malaysia is his own playing field, and anything he thinks everyone else must then follow. What about the UMNO members, 7 million of them, Perkasa, and other NGOs, so many people, does he think that these groups of people will definitely agree to his cow head’s brainy idea?

What about the Sultans, and the top government servants, does he think they will agree?.

Or does Mainharam think DAp will win the federal government and that they winner will do anything else, come what may?

If that is the reasoning behind this stupid idea, then surely we know by now that DAp is a party that employs dictatorship style of leadership, which most of the time thus far, denies of any involvement in following such a philosophy.

Come on Mainharam, go and fly kite in Kota Bharu, perhaps you will see better color in a flag instead of liking only a black color.

Read more here.

Business today’s just like uncut pubic hairs, hay-wired everywhere.

Philippe Jaffré 'business card at Zebank

Image via Wikipedia

Business in this country since new incorporation is growing like uncut pubic hairs, hay wiring to the sides and reaching your stomach at full length.

All big deals involving government and its GLC may probably stem from the brokerage department of CIMB. Or thereabout, as they seem to suggest. Or can anyone there in the business circle tells where the deals have started to grow from? We don’t seem to catch the news.

Anyway, banks are also a good place to do brokering jobs nowadays, well, they wasn’t used to be that way before not during the time when we were in some of the banks. It is good for the nation if other can’t do it, why stop banks to do such a thing huh?.

Read more here. 

Or here.

American dreams

Current number of unemployed people in America is 14.1 million, displaced out of their jobs after economic slowdown. This is representing a rate of 9.2% of total population an increased by more than half million people over the month.

More and more jobless citizens are forced to live in tents, and in New Jersey some displaced workers choose to occupy a new American dream in tents or make shift temporary sheds to cover their heads at night and day.

The congress today compromised with the debt issue between rivals in the government. Republicans and Democrats agreed to raise debt ceiling to $17trillion and the agreement will reduce the debts at$2.5trillion pa over ten years. Both rivals agreed to reduce spending and cuts but this will need endorsement by the congress as soon as possible.

As a comparison, the unemployed American represents at least 1/2 of Malaysian‘s population of 28 million. Some of them are under government subsidy and benefits.

A great nation that has gone astray from the time Mr Bush had decided to spend money to destroy weapons of mass destruction belonging to Mr Saddam the great, which, by the way weren’t found in Iraq. Mr Saddam’s death doesn’t stop his missing weapons of mass destruction to ‘mass-destruct’ the American people after all. It will take a longer time to completely destroy the whole American dreams, as it seems from the dangling debt issues which fret the whole world’s economy too. And countries in Europe too, which spent money to aid the American finding the missing weapons and became partners in killing Saddam are messy with huge debts. Mr Saddam surely has arisen from his grave to “9/1” the American and his enemies once more, but this time is much harder.

Using a Merc, but live in a makeup tent is a dream come true after failing the one and only American dream.

Good luck to all of you Americans. We have seen the worst. This isn’t that bad. At least you guys have a chair and a lounge in the tent, and proper non leaking  roofs. Some other people in the countries you guys have “destroyed” or wage a war can see the star at night and the sun at daytime while living in their tents.

Arab World and Europe, what’s next?

Charles Robert Darwin. A copy made by John Col...

Image via Wikipedia

Europe and the Arab World in the 21st Century

It’s interesting to read the thought from other writer on the fate of Arab world and Europe.Here is a part of JP Lehman’s opinion on both of the continents and what will happen next.

Charles Darwin wrote, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

I have to admit that the first time I read this was not in On the Origin of Species, but on a wall in the foyer of the main building of Koç University in the outskirts of Istanbul. Turkey seems to be heeding this aphorism, as it currently ranks among the more dynamic countries of the “rising global South.”

There can be no dissent from the view that the world is undergoing the greatest transformation it has seen for centuries, perhaps ever. Rising global powers, mind-boggling new technologies, rapidly shifting demographics and the impact of climate change are among the major transforming forces.

Two regions that have had great difficulty adhering to “Darwin’s law” are Europe and the Arab world. Europe is old, inward-looking and basks in the illusion of past power. It is more accustomed to teach than to learn, to impose than to adapt.

As for the Arabs, having been the movers and shakers of globalization for centuries, it has proven difficult to adapt to more modern times. Failing to embrace globalization in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, as the Chinese, Indonesians, Malaysians and others did, Arabs have been described as “the orphans of globalization.”

Rather than focusing on the future, there is far too much energy invested in fighting yesterday’s battles. There is resentment against “the West” that, while in some respects justified, ultimately does not push the agenda forward.

As described in Albert Hourani’s great opus, Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age: 1789-1939, there was arguably more constructive discourse among intellectuals on Arabs’ place in the world a century ago than there is now.However, recent developments in North Africa — with the unrest in Tunisia spreading to other countries, most notably Egypt — may be indicators that at last the Arab world is waking up from its torpor. This is a revolution driven by youth, enabled in turn by the digital revolution, and by aspirations for ending the stifling oppression from which most Arab countries have suffered for over 30 years.By no means, however, is it clear in which direction these social forces will go. The complexities are huge — and the challenges even more so.

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Best Asian Economy

South Korea

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If you are asked which Asian country’s economy has improved the most since 1960? And measured by income per person. Is it Japan, Singapore or South Korea or the blue eye China?

Most of you would bet on China. Let us see, China made USD100 in 1965. Back in 2008 they made USD3,000 a year, that was a 2, 800 percent increase.

Japan made USD890 per year way back in 1965, and it has achieved USD38,000 now. That’s 4, 200 per cent, and better than China.

Singapore, well, we don’t have any figure. But perhaps they are doing at a peanut rate.

South Korea made about USD 130 in 1965 and now is making a modest USD22,000 a year. That is a 16, 500 per cent increase. Top among the four.

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Nafissatou Diallo, pengemas bilik diblowjobkan.

IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn (...

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Kerja pengemas bilik di paksa kerja blowjob oleh Khann.

Aku ke Bronx, New York, supaya aku dapat mengecapi kehidupan bahagia. Di Guinea, semasa rusuhan, aku dirogol, diperkosa, dan dihambar diesok harinya, setelah mereka puas dengan segala kepanasan tubuh aku, serta kebasahan faraj aku.

Aku tidak mengerti kehidupan dunia ini, sedangkan orang yang kaya-kaya itu berlumba dengan Ferrari merah, dari perkarangan rumah rumah kaum elite, sedangkan aku berlumba-lumba mencari sesuap makanan, sekeping kertas wang untuk digunakan bagi menjernihkan fikiran dan keluhuran hati aku.

Aku tidak tahu membaca atau menulis, dan apakah itu mustahak untuk aku? Aku diberi kerja di Sofitel Hotel dengan gaji 25 USD sejam, dan bersyukur kerana usaha aku dapat menanggung sedikit kehidupan aku. Aku baru berusia 32 tahun, dan setelah bercerai dengan suami aku di Guinea, aku melarikan diri dari seksaan hidup.

Aku tidak menyangka, nama aku akan menjadi sebutan semua orang di dunia ini, terutama di German. Pada hari itu aku di arah untuk menyiapkan bilik 2806, sebuah bilik mewah berprestij. Aku mengetuk bilik itu, dan menyapa dengan berkata “Hello? Housekeeping”. Aku telah diberitahu bahawa bilik itu sudah dikosongkan.

Aku masuk ruang utama, dan didapati tiada apa apa barang atau luggage, dan tentunya penghuni telah keluar. Aku memasuki ruang tidur untuk dikemaskan.

Aku terkejut besar bila saorang tua berambut putih bangkit kearah aku tanpa pakaian dan menutup pintu tersebut. Aku menjerit dan memberitahu bahawa aku saorang pekerja hotel itu dan diarah untuk mengemas bilik dan memberitahu dia bahawa aku takut dibuang kerja. Dia berkata perkara itu tidak akan berlaku. Malahan dia terus menarik aku ke katil dan menghala kan batang pelir nya kedalam mulut aku. Aku menutup mulut sekuat-kuat nya. Dia masih memegang kepala aku dan menyelakkan  mulut aku serta menusuk batang pelirnya kedalam mulut aku.

Aku terjerit-jerit lemas. Dan beliau didalam kesedapan setelah aku ternyata kandas dalam kelemasan untuk benafas. Dan cecair dari batang pelirnya keluar kedalam mulut aku.

Aku lari keluar setelah beliau bangkit ke jamban.

Itu lah cerita aku kepada polis setelah aku ditanya oleh mereka di New York tentang keganasan Dominique Strauss- Khann, ketua IMF dan bakal presiden German terhadap aku. Alang kah baik nya jikalau aku gigit dengan kuat dan memutuskan batang nya itu?. Tentu berbaloi!

Anda boleh membaca cerita Diallo di Crime Exclusive Newsweek disini;:

Why I Don’t Vote- it makes sense

Second round of the French presidential electi...

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My reason is largely a utilitarian one: because a candidate will always emerge victorious in an election, an individual’s vote only has consequence if it serves as the tie-breaker. In the absence of a tie, this single vote has no influence on the matter; the same candidate will win the election even without that particular vote. Therefore, if one considers that the value of his vote – merely one in several thousand or million – stems simply from its efficacy towards changing government policy, voting is a waste of time.

Of course, this rationale assumes that the only real value inherent to voting is an instrumental one: voting ceases to serve any real purpose if it fails to affect one’s favored government policy. But surely there exist other reasons for voting. Someone undeterred by all this utilitarian talk can argue that free citizens have some sort of an obligation, a civic duty: a responsibility to remain involved in public life.

But to some extent this argument depends upon whether one believes that the state serves any real purpose beyond a merely instrumental one. A short but accurate explanation of this perspective appears in the introduction of Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom:

The free man will ask neither what his country can do for him nor what he can do for his country. He will ask rather “What can I and my compatriots do through government” to help us discharge our individual responsibilities, to achieve our several goals and purposes, and above all, to protect our

A person who holds this sort of view does not find a compelling sense of civic duty to vote. For him, only the technical and utilitarian question holds relevance: Will my vote actually make a difference? In nearly all contemporary elections, the large number of other voters eliminates the significance of any one vote.

Or even if one does accept that there exists a duty on the part of every citizen to participate in politics, it is far from clear that voting remains the only form of political involvement. Many citizens participate in the life of the republic through alternative means: working as civil servants, running for political office, or attempting to sway, inform, and shape public opinion.

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