Malays become Batman and Spiderman, because of too many insulting remarks on Islam

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Anima...

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Animated Series (1992–1995) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sadly, there are many alarming stories involving non-Muslims, especially the Chinese youngsters, who were making fun out of the Islamic faith in the social media; Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

The authority seems very slow in making arrests or taking appropriate actions to stop the sad behaviour of the youngsters and in many cases slapped only with a warning notice.

The first case involving a Chinese from Taiwan who made fun with Negara Ku and Islam was only served with a reminder and warning notice.

In Pakistan, a person who insulted Muslim and made fun out of Islam which is a similar offence as in our above cases was imprisoned for life.

In Mexico, when Police and the authority is unable to defend their neighbourhood for whatever reason, the locals become a vigilante and control the area themselves.

As the result of slow action by the authority, local people are taking the law under their own hand. Malays frustrated with the above delay had taken the law into their own hands and became Batman for the very first time. They have kidnapped an offender, accused of being the person who wrote nasty things about Islam, physically abused him, and left him naked by the roadside.

The kidnappers however was immediately napped by the police later.

The thing is this, if the Malays want to be a Batman, then be a real Batman, by doing so, please reduce the numbers of bad youngsters among us from offending Muslim and make fun out of Islam religion. In being a Batman, and as a Batman, he has never been arrested by the police.

Our Batman, however, was arrested by the police.

There are many others who never been caught by the police. The snipers in Kota Bharu, and around in the country. These people however are Badman.

If you want to be a Batman, please joint force with the police. Batman can reduce crime among us. A dangerous offender is of course a person with the ability to make fun about other people’s religion. That is an offense for a life imprisonment in Pakistan or perhaps, by beheading in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, hope our authority can act as fast as it can and arrest the offender before our vigilante or Batman and Spiderman take to the street.

A severe penalty is expected on these offenders.

Murdoch nyaris kena plentong dengan kek, nasib baik ada bini muda Wendi Deng!!


Murdoch nyaris kena plentong dengan “kek pie foam putih” kemuka beliau hari ini semasa menghadiri penyiasatan didepan ahli jawantankuasa parlimen British berkenaan mencuri maklumat telefon melalui “hacking”.

Jonnie Marbles orang yang bertanggung jawab melontar kek pie itu nyaris di tampar oleh Wenni Deng, isteri Murdoch yang cuba menyelamat suami beliau dari kena taburan kek itu.

Dalam twitter Jonnie Marbles berkata: It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat”

Sumber berita: Huffington Post.

You think it’s an easy job arrr, looking for his DNA, it could have been anywhere!

Now look for it in all big holes too and of course that was after we had failed finding it in smaller holes.

Muah, muah, muah!.

A though job really.

Don’t you agree?  Yes I do.

kah kah kah.

Rebecca Black’s new song – My Moment

My Moment menceritakan keunikan beliau menaiki carta musik mendapat sambutan 167 juta peminat dan paradi di twitter dan lain-lain socia media.

Salah satu lagu parodi mendapat sambutan sehingga 11 juta peminat dalam seminit ialah Rebecca Black Friday official parody di YouTube.

Satu lagi lagu parodi Rebecca Black dibawah ini.

Awww, Rebecca!!! penyanyi baru..


Knowing me knowing you, ah haa, the loudest noice is in Malaysia ONLY


Anuuar Ibrahim, Sam and the gang, including Ambiga are truly lonely people today.  What they are hoping for emerging in the international news of today’s rally, as at now, are “chi-puts”,  nothing great, sort of what are they?, ah, aye, ayeee, oh, oh ya kah, that soft of things. My, you don’t get it, do you?. Nah, forget about that of Maloot’s.

Knowing me knowing you, ah ha, well, the loudest voice is coming from Raja Petra, the person who no one knows where he is, twitting around the globe with words such as “semakin ditahan, ia akan terus melanda” or more to come when one is arrested. He has been online twitting in hundreds, or perhaps thousands. Shamsul Iskandar’s , AMK, or better known as Sam Ketot, last twitting was “enjit enjit semut siapa polis naik atas, enjit-enjit semut siapa bersih kena cantas”, the kind of song “enjit enjit semut” which is famous in Singapore for the anti-Malay propaganda. Thousands other twitter messages are from locals, and news about Annuar and the gang isn’t that prominence to the eyes of the interenational news as they hope for.

Al Jazera:

Police set up roadblocks on Saturday in the city centre and lorries mounted with water cannons were deployed to prevent the demonstration, which was planned by the opposition and an electoral reform group seeking greater transparency.

“No matter how badly we are repressed or prosecuted, the peaceful voice of the rakyat (people) will be heard in Kuala Lumpur come the 9th of July,” protest organisers said in a statement.

“The government of the day is not perfect,” the pro-government New Straits Times newspaper said in an editorial.

Razak’s approval ratings have risen from 45 per cent to 69 per cent in February, according to Merdeka centre, an independent polling group. But analysts said recent ethnic and religious differences have undermined his popularity.

The Daily Mirror

A MAN with a machete holding 30 nursery kids hostage is in hospital after he was shot in the head by police in Johor, Malaysia.

Huffingston Post

Malaysian police say they have detained at least 236 people trying to assemble at a stadium for a banned rally seeking electoral reforms.

The Independent

The escalating political tension marks a major challenge for Prime Minister Najib Razak‘s long-ruling coalition ahead of general elections widely expected next year.

Activists insisted they would gather in a stadium downtown Saturday and urged Najib to call off the clampdown that “fits the style of dictators.”

The economist

MALAYSIA AIRLINES, which previously banned infants from first-class cabins on its 747-400s, will do the same on its newer Airbus A380s, its chief exeutive, Tengku Azmil Aziz told Australian Business Traveller on Sunday via Twitter. Every business traveller knows that a crying infant can ruin what otherwise might be a fairly restful night in first or business class. But sometimes new parents need to fly, too. Should they and their offspring really be relegated to the back of the plane for the greater good?

Knowing me knowing you ah ha; what they are hoping for is a total chaos, and all papers print front page with the news like “2,000 people were killed, 20 socialists chopped off their heads by Islamist militants, 300 Chinese women raped in the opposition street demonstration, 50,000 strong army bombarded 300,000 strong street protesters, Shukoi jets set ground attacks on Annuar’s group at KLCC LRT‘, and those kinds of news. Knowing me knowing you, ah ha, they don’t get it.

Funny thing about twitter is that Nik Aziz who knows nut about IT is also seems to be online with notes “bershit is in Australia, man”. When did he go to Australia, I thought he was in Mecca to do umrah. Or, perhaps, he was among the group in purdah. Knowing me knowing you, ah ha, Nik Aziz is twitting?. Oh my, he is one of those people looking for seats in Putra Jaya, the “backside” way.

Well, folks, see you again. Later.

FAPOLEON in Dominique Strauss-Kahns. They’re everywhere, globally.

This kind of people in this country however is known as PAPALEON. The word starts from the word PAPA, and then Leon. Certainly it isn’t Napoleon. It’s PAPALEON.

Sinbab #eekaawordpresscom

Little knowledge is dangerous

Little knowledge is dangerous. Too much knowledge is treacherous. This is what the simple description of the people who assert wrong ideas on the commoners.

So sorry bro, my master send me in, please carry out your duty bro!!!

Adun Sri Muda Tuan Shuhaimi Shafie, PKR, likes the new media and he likes blogging as I do, but then, he trusted his heart more often than his ability to think wisely. Anyway, if he has to answer to his blogging ability in his latest post, he can say that he didn’t write it the way he wanted it to be. It was the entire mistake of his computer’s brain. The authority should blame the computer, not him.

The computer’s head should be chopped off instead and not his. Could be a better excuse this time than the last one.

Sinbab @eekaawordpresscom