DAP uhhh, what a shitting lying baby doll same as the blackened forehead Muslims.

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A new evolution of Islam that has been introduced in this country is now mushrooming very fast since 2008.

The followers are normally those with white robe and beard, with some black spots on the forehead indicating others are lamed and not worthy of God calling as these spots on their foreheads were a kind of show proof of their high obedience standard or KPI resulted from a lot of “sujud” during midnight prayers.

For some of you “sujud” means putting your forehead nicely on the prayer mats in a place to give respect to your God during the prayer, whilst for these people, probably it was an exercise to hit one forehead with a big stone placed under the prayer mats.

From these hard exercises that would blacken the forehead a bit in temptations to show others that they have performed a better prayer to the God and therefore they should be respected highly among the group members.

And respect they get. In time when people of different races and of different religions come to the surau to assist or for whatever motifs that will be these are the people who will allow whatever unprecedented Islamic manners uncommon to this country to be a new rule, albeit a new Islam.

This new revolution of Islam confuses a lot of people, and in a plain word that includes everybody, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

The worst affected non-Muslim are those in DAP; first thing most of them are blind of local custom although they have been with the Muslim over 100 years in generation. Some of them don’t even speak Malay correctly to understand some simple words blackened foreheads said; even I don’t, and  then how on the earth the “China School- China School all the time ” baby doll would ever understand. Their ignorance of the local custom reflects unworthiness of citizenship given by the government, but when questioned about this inability refuted with racist statements.

Knowing a little Bahasa doesn’t stop them from being an MP, that is how wonderful this country is for some, but it’s a pain in the ass for many Malays. Anyone for that matter can be an MP; even an Australian aborigine can be elected to be an MP of any constituency if the government decides to grant a citizenship. Both of these groups are of equal standing ; understanding local custom wise, or perhaps the ones from down under could be a much better citizen, in learning.

There are too many countries in this One Malaysia, and that is why people with open mind are going crazy with the sloppiness of some of the given citizens who know nut but only know to build little red boxes in front of their home indicating of their hunting ground. They are the same with blackened forehead Muslims. Damn stupid ignorance chauvinist bigots.

Let trade them with Dirham shall we, and bring the most heinous thugs of the society to Kelantan the trouble-shooter state which wants these folks. There are sleeping Ulamaks there to step on.

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