DAP is pursuing PAP’s inspiration to be on top!

Like it or not, that was what I thought about Lynas and Green demonstrations in Gebeng, Pahang and in Pengerang, Johore this year, which were, by the number of the Chinese participants, seems orchestrated by DAP.

Now if that is so, we Malaysian, can’t afford to give support to such an idea which may destroy our own destiny in the new global economic world market.

Singapore’s free market as an open economy is no stranger to Malaysians. Likewise we too can be as good as in its open economy. Corruption free status as given to Singapore soon will be with us also as we have seen many and serious efforts by our government to stem such negative perceptions, both in the government and in the private sector.

If everything is in place, Iskandar Johore will be the window of Malaysia for “work, live and play”, and it rivals to Singapore’s own “work, live and play”, the common global arithmetic and marketing verbs in attracting high wealth nationals or countries to invest. Iskandar will create greater competition if Selat Tebrau  were to be opened with a new bridge connecting to Singapore.

Why Iskandar is a window to Malaysia’s next economic growth regional area?. Iskandar is planned on 2, 217 km2, three times the size of Singapore. It will have a density of 631 persons per hectare, as compared to highly dense Singapore of 6, 003 persons per hectare, falls short of Hong Kong’s 6,301 person per hectare.

It will be the place to manufacture raw materials for export, from Electrical, Electronics, Petro and Oleo Chemical, Food and Agricultural processing, Logistic services, Tourism and healthcare services, Educational services, Financial Services, and creative products. Special economic corridor from Tg Pelepas to Pasir Gudang alone will rival that of Singapore’s own similar services. What more if Iskandar is running at full strength.

Singapore is relying on import of raw materials for add-value export, such as water fabrication and oil refinery. The chunk of its economy however comes from port services, the financial sector, and the bio technology. As India opened up its own oil refinery, Singapore’s oil refinery sector is shrinking, moreover with plans by Petronas to create a deep sea Port near Pengerang, Singapore reliance on oil refinery will be diminishing. Already some  owners of oil refinery in Singapore are looking at the possibility of divesting their investments in that Island State to another area.

Iskandar will be developed within JB City Centre, Nusanjaya, Western Gate, Eastern gate, and Senoi Skudai area. If these areas are fully developed with the intention to maximize “work, live and play” marketing strategy based on the planned economic activities, Singapore will have to admit that they will have to further enhance its capabilities from a stiff competition in all its economic activities from neighboring countries, not only from Malaysia, but also from Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam.

So DAP, are you helping us as Malaysian, or Singaporean?. I know all of you are Chinese.

Affordable housing DAP’s style

MYPENANG Reunion Chap Goh Meh Celebration 27 &...

Image by gointernationalgroup.com photo gallery via Flickr

Mr Wong Hon Wai chairman of TCP, Housing and Art committee of DAP‘s Penang State government is clueless how PAP would actually carry out a policy providing affordable housing in Singapore. He has followed the Singapore style perhaps by selecting voters from Penang and that the selected persons must be members of DAP. This probably was the reason for the spat between him and Jeff Oii, the chief of Penang’s special envoy over the issue on affordable housing in the state.

The authority in power to deliver housing in Penang was Penang Development Corporation set up by the previous government. Local councils too played the role to give to all Penang people with the same affordable housing unit costing less than RM50,000 each.

Now the policy has changed and it affects all strata of people in Penang, and those who aren’t registered as voters in Penang due to their places of work are somewhere else are not eligible. See the report below.

Only Penang voters will be allowed to buy units at a huge low- and medium-cost and affordable housing project to be built by the Penang Development Corporation (PDC). The corporation has allocated a 60.7ha site in Batu Kawan on the mainland for the project, which will comprise high-rise units. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the state government was imposing this requirement to make sure that only Penangites benefited from the project. “The units will be priced at between RM72,500 and RM220,000. “There will be a variety of units with different built-up areas,” said Lim, who is also PDC chairman.

Gerakan while governing Penang had no such a policy but followed a more unbiased policy providing housing units to all less fortunate people with a roof on their heads. In this case when they find out that you do not vote DAP, and vote BN instead, you could be harassed or asked to leave the housing scheme.

The price too is too steep for low-income group. It is announced that the units will cost a range from RM72,000 onward. This is unfair to low-income group and to Penang people at large when they aren’t the registered voters in the state.

This isn’t Singapore brother, this is a big country and anyone can go to any state to live in and find jobs. The same with CM who is from Malacca but now temporarily working in Penang!.

Best Asian Economy

South Korea

Image by tiseb via Flickr

If you are asked which Asian country’s economy has improved the most since 1960? And measured by income per person. Is it Japan, Singapore or South Korea or the blue eye China?

Most of you would bet on China. Let us see, China made USD100 in 1965. Back in 2008 they made USD3,000 a year, that was a 2, 800 percent increase.

Japan made USD890 per year way back in 1965, and it has achieved USD38,000 now. That’s 4, 200 per cent, and better than China.

Singapore, well, we don’t have any figure. But perhaps they are doing at a peanut rate.

South Korea made about USD 130 in 1965 and now is making a modest USD22,000 a year. That is a 16, 500 per cent increase. Top among the four.

Singed off. Bye. Selamat berpuasa, makan & minum hanya dimalam hari. Siang hari – puasa.

Harimau patah gigi

Better luck next time.

Not fair for Harimau’s players, the game was slowed down by prank tactics. Injuries which were not true injuries. They were false injuries and had manipulated the game to Singapore‘s advantage by delaying the game. Well, the coach is a white Serbian. Surely knows the strategy which would deploy manipulative tactics.

By the way, it was a good game. It was over with 1/1 and but Harimau lost by total aggregate.

Bloomberg’s views on bershit 2.00

‘Everything to Lose’

“Judging from Saturday’s events, he’s losing support,” Ooi Kee Beng, a senior fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies said in a telephone interview from Singapore. “I don’t think he will call a snap election now as he has everything to lose.”

Equity investors showed little concern at the planned protests in the run-up to the event, with the FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index closing at a record on July 8. The gauge fell 0.5 percent at 12:15 p.m. local time today, compared with a 1 percent decline in the MSCI Asia Ex-Japan Index.

The July 9 rally attracted less than 10,000 people, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein told reporters in Kuala Lumpur today. Bersih, as the coalition is known, put the figure at 50,000, the Malaysian Insider reported. All those held, including 170 women and children, were later released, a police spokesman said.

Read more here.

Chinese educated Singaporeans need pyschoterapists

Psychotherapists believe Singapore Chinese educated elderly are going crazy by days. They are biased against color, such as Bangla or Indian, or other migrant workers from SEA countries. They think they are smart people in this tiny island state.

Some of the mums and dads who had the kind of working pressure in this little island state behave irrationally since few years ago when aplenty of foreigners of different color enter Singapore’s job market. Either they are born racist in their own blood or think that they are the force in the whole region that earns respect.

Note: This lady in the film above converses irrationally and giving racial slurs against Bangla, the colored immigrants. Word such as “lancau ah, pregnant sits here, lancau ah,” are words from the mouth of less affluent and hardened chauvinist Chinese educated Singaporeans. Singlish at its best. They have lost their bid to stay afloat among the professionals from various countries that Lee Kuan You had allowed in the Singapore job market. They also are being ushered into the big city gambling den in Sentosa Island. She might have lost thousands in the gambling den. Their distant cousins here too have a similar trait in the blood when harassment of foreign maids or colored  is concerned.

They think they are the Jew of the South East Asia countries.  And, let us see how these Jews performed in the next two decades.

Plenty of youtube films that give evidence of anti social behavior  among the less affluent Chinese educated citizen of Singapore. The citizens with English education background have little of this nonsense on  racial slurs in the public area, such as in trains and the underground LRTs.

Don’t send these people into this place, here. No one wants anyone who is racist and prejudice against colored people. They are worst than “gagak” in the London metropolitan underground.

Singapore is beginning to be a bad place to live in from now on. It isn’t safe and don’t feel safe sort of place.

Yusof Qadrani #eekaaworpresscom

What a Chinese want – never say never Justin Bieber

Some interesting points brought up by a Chinese columnist Joceline Tan – the Star,

Since March 2008, MCA’s situation has been akin to standing on a burning platform. It is really up to the Chinese to go along with MCA or to reject it. The Chinese have always been very tactical about the vote. They understand the power of the vote and have used it to punish or to reward the parties in question.

Well, no loyalty here, like to punish-punish and reward-reward that was applied during the periods of so many Chinese Dynasties, decades ago, and what about on job:-

There are more posts down the line that are at stake – state exco members, municipal and district councilors, village chiefs and village committee members. They add up to more than 5,000 posts for party politicians. As such, Dr Chua’s message to his party is that MCA members have to work hard to ensure that people will support the party and, equally important, they themselves have to vote for the party.

They want jobs, but also want everything under the sky in Malaysia, money comes, big money comes, money, money, MONEY:-

The Chinese want the best of both worlds. They want a good check-and-balance in the government and they like “fighting cocks” who dare to question ministers and policies.  At the same time, they want a say in the government and to have people up there whom they can turn to for help in business, educational issues and other matters.

Well, they think the Malay don’t want the best of both worlds. These issues, those that are important to them, too are unwanted issues by the Malay. Those are the most important thing in life for a Chinese in Malaysia, 1 business, 2 educational and 3 other matters (perhaps urut-urut, or jat-ji-bo, past tense of “geli-geli type of entertainment”) and on the Chinese vote swing :-

The results of the Sarawak election has given DAP a big boost of confidence in time for the 13th General Election. With DAP snatching away Chinese votes, Lim Kit Siang’s party has become a big threat to BN. The only way for MCA and Gerakan to recapture the hearts and minds of the Chinese voters is to rol up their sleeves and start working hard for their party, the people and their own sake by delivering their promises. Like Justin Bieber’s famous song, they must “Never Say Never…”

Ah, go on, read what this guy has to say, Maximillion, quote:-

The strategy of their forebears has borne fruit. The Chinese have attained what they wanted. They now live in the lap of luxury in this land of opportunity called Malaysia . In fact, it is not only in Malaysia that they have attained what they wanted. They have even gained full control of Singapore . Singapore is not their original country. The Singapore Chinese and the Malaysian Chinese were originally boat people. The difference is that those who landed in Singapore managed to gain full control of Singapore , but those who landed in Malaysia did not manage to control Malaysia .

Read his blog here:  Maximillion.

What about loyalty to the King, and that sort of thing to this country, Malaysia? Who do you think will run away like their forebears if Malaysia is invaded by an alien country?

Perhaps this picture will sum up their opinions in general. A new song by Justin Bieber – Negara Ku No More.

"What? A country?, Nah, this is my country, who gives a shit. I have my own schools, my own business associations and my own media. And what do you ingenious people have? Shit? "

Sinbab  #eekaawordpresscom

Hitler knew Aljunied GRC’s was lost.

Mat Ell #eekaawordpresscom

Interesting development in Singapore, reject DAP, opps sorry, PAP. Mubbarak in the making in “SEA”!!!!

Slave transport in Africa, depicted in a 19th-...

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Singaporeans please overthrow the PAP regime

The PAP Regime led by evil strongman Lee Kuan Yew has lorded over Singaporeans for 51 – 52 years. This is far too long. For what they did to Singaporeans especially over the last 20 years after LKY removed his old guards colleagues and replaced them with yes-man technocrates, the PAP do not deserve to be in power.
  1. They treat ordinary Singaporeans like dirt. LKY stick spurs into the hides of ordinary Singaporeans to drive them to work harder as slaves, by importing huge numbers of foreigners. Lim Swee Say who is supposed to represent the interests of Singapore Workers told the already overworked and underpaid Singaporeans that they have to be faster, better and cheaper. He wants to drive his slave to death. Singaporeans genuine complains were brush aside as irrelevant KPKB. Lim Swee Say again adds salt into the wounds of Singaporeans by saying in parliament that the PAP regime is deafth to complains and criticisms.
  2. They are greedy. While the bottom 20% have to live on less than $1,000 per family, they paid themselves over $3 million each plus lifetime pension, and 7 – 30 months bonuses. In 2010 when the median wages of Singaporeans increased by 0.3% they increased their own already humongous pay by 30%. Singapore has the highest income inequalityin the world.Lim Swee Say publicly flaunt his wealth to rub salt into the wounds of struggling Singaporeans.
  3. They cheated Singaporeans in various ways. First they cheated their ways to stay in power by continuously altering the electorial boundaries to dilute those who voted against them and throw all sorts of obstacles into the path of the oppositions like jailing and bankrupting them.Second they forcefully acquired private land at give away prices like 17 cents for a sq ft of long in Punggoland then turn around to sell them to Singaporeans at a few hundred $ per sq ft. Pigeon holes which cost less than $100,000 to build are sold at over $300,000 to Singaporeans. The reserves piled up till they are now excessive – over $trillion – while Singaporeans are saddled with huge loan burden they have to service for life – 30 years.Third, they paid about 1 – 2% on Singaporean’s cpf deposits while using the same funds to earn more than 6%. Fourth, they forced Singaporeans to pay monopolistic market prices for almost everything including essential government services. Health care which was once almost free is now very expensive. So expensive that there is a saying that it is better to die than to fall ill.
  4. They are bankrupt of ideas as to how to move Singapore forward. So they resorted to build casinos and tolerating the sleezy type of businesses like prostitution. They also resorted to grow the economy by adding huge number of foreigners. Their pay and bonuses are pegged to the GDP number. So they push for growth irregardless of its’ benefit to ordinary Singaporeans.

Clearly, the PAP Leegime is running Singapore like they own it – Lee Empire. They are promoting themselves to be masters and pressing Singaporeans down to be slaves. How to continue to support them ? The choice is clear. Take back your power. Take back your ownership of your homeland. Show to the PAP regime who is the master and who the slave. Vote for Change.

Vote the PAP OUT. Vote Oppositions

from : Singapore Election Watch.

Sinbab @eekaawordpresscom

Nik Aziz’s Friends say don’t be a strict Muslim

Minister Mentor: Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew : Flickr.com

When I was a student in the UK, no one had urged me to be less strict on Islamic observations. That was some 30 years ago. However, time has now changed in that the rulers of the predominantly Chinese City State‘s Singapore have stressed the Muslim to be less strict on Islamic observations for sake of racial unity. Read Star page w31 or here.

I had a good time while in the UK’s less politicking society, and in fact my Islamic believe becomes much stronger. During the fasting month when time normally exceeds 12 hours, Muslim observed the strict rule of the fasting month without a fuss.

The only one observation that segregate Muslim from non-Muslim is their food. This is the first step to acknowledge the strict Islamic observation among Muslim all over the world, and that disunity of the races in Singapore too starts from Muslim’s strict compliance on consuming only the “halal” food.

Apart from that, the Singapore’s rulers aren’t aware of is Islam prohibits suppression and dissent. In a modern society where religion is open to personal observations, the suppression and dissent are not  the rules in the society. My college friends who were mainly British accepted my social and religious obligations while I was at the university. These things as a strict Islamic obligation had nothing to do with our friendship. I had enjoyed the company of my friends in the many college’s outings that we had. Islam didn’t separate us apart.

Singapore shouldn’t put together their population into a believe that their neighbors are the enemy of the state solely because they are the Islamic States.

Star: World Page W31.


eekaa #eekaawordpresscom


Ghosts walk after midnight for Hindus in Singapore

Thaipusam – DSCF2949(lr)

The right to religion in Malaysia is extra ordinary, no comparison, ONLY HIndraf has no imigination!!!. Image by williamcho via Flickr

Our Indian friends are celebrating Thaipusam from yesterday, even our PM also has visited Batu Caves giving the due respect to Hindu’s devotees.

PAP, the brother of a similar father DAP, has denied the Indian Hindu devotees to do religious celebration in yesterday’s Thaipusam during daytime and only allowed the celebration for the prayer to holy ghosts after midnight and no loud music.

Soon the Indian Hindus in Penang will have the same fate with their fellow compatriots in Singapore if the Indian Hindus befriend DAP, the Singapore’s younger brother here in Penang. The evidences of hatred to the Indian Hindus and fellow patriots are already surfacing secretly in Kampung Buah Pala and in the latest incidence in the DAP’s Tong Gas Tonto hauler incidence.

I will have to tell you all Hindus and Indian in Tenang, our government has never been a treat to the religions of other races even though Islam is the official religion of the country.

Those people in Singapore could have been mistaken that Ghost or Spirits whom you have been praying to are only available after mid night, the time for the queens, and kings are sleeping, so they thought Hindus should celebrate Thaipusam only after midnight when the spirits walk the street of course remember the queen and kings are sleeping, so no loud music please.

You vote PAS and DAP will emerge a winner, who then will fix a midnight Thaipusam celebration in Malaysia for all of you, Hindus. So I wish you Good Luck with your choice.

“Wail Wail” pun kena politik kat Singapork, Brother.

Mat Emp @eekaawordpresscom



Hendak perang Raja dan Sultan? Wow..

Khalid Ibrahim announcing his candidacy for th...

Ini dia orang yang menjadi ketua kepada penentang raja, Shuhaimi ADUN PKR Sri Muda, Shah Alam.

Ini kah cara nak tukar kerajaan kepada kerajaan republik?

Bersungguh betul puak maharaja DAP ini hendak menjadikan Malaysia sebuah republik.

Lawan pendapat orang ramai dengan kelakuan MP dia bersenamrobik. Mengunakan Shuhaimi Shafie untuk melawan Sultan Selangor. Gunakan Nicky Aziz jadi tempat rujuk.

PAS bercelaru. PKR haru biru. DAP masuk masjid.

“Dalam sejarah telah terbukti, apabila rakyat bangkit menentang Raja, biarpun beribu tahun kebangkitan itu berlansung akhirnya kebenaran akan menghenyak ketidakadilan. Rakyat akan menang dalam peperangan menentang ketidakadilan! Didoakan agar ia tidak berlaku di Selangor.

Shuhaimi Bin Haji Shafiei

ADUN Sri Muda

30hb Disember 2010

Wow, hendak bawa rakyat berperang dengan Raja. Berani nya DAP.

Apa kena nak kan republik? Best ke republic, Shuhaimi? Republik Islam macam Iran ke? Atau apa benda? Atau republik Taliban? Macamana? Tak kan kut macam Republik Singapura. Dia orang tidak ada perkauman. Dia orang Cina.



(Note: To refresh your memory of happenings in 2008 – see how the Communist Party of Nepal dethroned the King Gyanendra of Nepal, and replaced him with it’s another “His ExcellencyDr Ram Baran Yadav in May 2008 after the first democratic election as  the President that year which saw the party won 220 seats beating Nepali Congress 110, Marxist Party 103, and others. Ini kah ala tuju yang di perkatakan oleh Tuan Shuhaimi Hj. Shafie ADUN PKR Sri Muda, kepada Sultan Selangor sepertimana tulisan beliau didalam blog beliau itu? Dan siapa kah Tuan baru yang diperinginkan beliau? Kita mesti menanya beliau perkara ini kerana ianya mengenai kesetabilan dan kesejahteraan rakyat berbilang kaum di Selangor dan negara Malaysia.).


Why many people fall in the land scams?

E. Telefónica desde el sur
Image by Florentino Sánchez via Flickr

Land scams aren’t a big problem in this country but they pose a huge loss to affected landowners and the interested parties.

Potential land scams may happen in many cases in the following instances:-

  1. When a land owner is not in the country and no one appointed to administer his land holding,
  2. When a registered owner is a deceased, and administration of the estate has not taken place yet,
  3. When the land located in a blight area as the reason from zoning such as grave yard, or other similar development but located within a good site,
  4. No knowledge on different land titles such as First Grade Land in Malacca, Penang and Singapore, Customary Land Title, Native Land Title as in Sabah and Sarawak.
  5. No property development knowledge.

We know there are people who conned in buying a piece of land belonging someone alive living in Australia from someone here with a fake identity card.

How do you protect yourself from these scams?

  1. Get reliable professional advice from land professionals,
  2. Get the second opinion from reputable lawyers on the contracts and the agreements,
  3. Get logic into your brain!

Malaysia land laws base on a mirror principle, what it means is that all dealings on any landed property reflects  in the titles kept in the land registry office. In other words all titles are simply the duplicates of the originals in the land registry office. You can make your own search to find out what developments on the land titles i.e. zoning, proposed developments, land area, and other pertinent details of the land, and the most important who is the land owner.

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Independence Day resolutions, only today for you.

Malay Muslims in Songkhla
Image via Wikipedia

Now MP Serdang knows a bit about our local custom by learning through the hard way. How bad that was for her to learn that way I mean not only her alone and those similar bigots in DAP. She has been with her father for almost 100 years combined and learned it yesterday?

Learning local custom means leaning how the Malay lives thus knowing the Malay customary behavior which in the end the Islamic manners in which the Malay believes. How beautiful it is because in the end you know Islam. Knowing Malay in fact is to know Islam.

Today you are in another surau, so who cares. There is no problem with you or everyone else. There is no shouting now you are beginning to know the Malay’s custom which has been here for century. Only the frustration was that you just had learned it yesterday. You should be taught about it when you were in school or through your parent guidance some 20 or 30 years ago. I am sure your parent too couldn’t be bothered to learn about it then.

Learning the local wisdom using a foreign language like Mandarin doesn’t make sense, something like you are looking at a photo of a durian and then imagining how the taste is. You have to mingle around and speak the local language anywhere and everywhere you are. So learning in a Chinese school does not help you a lot yes?, it didn’t help you yesterday and it will never help you or others too forever. It will stop you from learning a bit more for national unity, because you cannot really taste the durian only by just looking at it. I am happy to see young Chinese boys in our National Schools they speak better Malay than many of you on the street. I love them as my own children and feel they too belong me, my family or  my community. If I can say it on my community’s  behalf.

You are lucky, today is an independence day, and because of this I like to let you know all my feelings about you and your people.

I never have problems with any Chinese, those who are not so arrogant because we are born here and would have beautiful graves somewhere in this nation if we die. We have observed a unity among people here for the past 30 years. If it is not because of the wisdom of Malay leaders of  this country over and above the other leaders that you may know, this country would have been with thousands of PKFZ cases, robbing and killing of innocent brothers and sisters, rapes and robberies,  cheating and  all other heinous acts that can be found in other countries. Instead as you see, we have the peace and tranquility a country or nation could give in comparison with other countries everywhere else in the world. Wouldn’t you agree?

Then you may ask, how that is possible because of those policies such as NEP or whatever your group of Chinese are championing against them are still around and but we maintained the peace and stability in our society? Do you believe Mandarin is the language for unity? or to segregate business world from the Malay who use only Bahasa and you chibai all government services because they are championing of Bahasa Kebangsaan? Don’t trade that  for power of self esteem, ego for your community lah friend, we must work together. But then how to work together when you speak Chinese dialects and we Bahasa? No make sense lah brother. You chibai chibai us also we don’t know, like namewee?.

This is because Islam is always the guidance of the right path of the Malays leaders in the government, no matter how hate you are at the policies, or any of the leaders. If you go to Singapore you will never have to see a Chinese School, you see you have that in this country after 60 years!!!.  Who do you think do that for your group or community,the desire and the need of different kind of schools that is observed and protected.  Even this is prolong at the cost of breaking up unity among other races of  this country. Without soul of Islam in the Malay leadership  in this country the will never be peace.

I believe, you are now beginning to like Islam after all the troubles you went through, and beginning to like our Malay community.

You probably do not know that we can stay poor, however we always protect Islam in all our daily chores in our life. Because Islam is Malay and Malay is Islam. It doesn’t matter that we are poor, or rather unintelligent or of a low standard compare to you group of people who are highly intelligence and rich, so they say, but then we don’t rob things you have. In fact we are the giver, to you, your family or your group of people from the beginning.

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