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TopCon Sdn Bhd, a professional Islamic healing firm officially opened beginning on the first day of December 2010. Our office is located at No. 9, Jalan Pulau Melaka, Kelantan. It has been gracefully opened by the MB (Man in Black) of Pulau Melaka, Aisyalam. Further details of the office is to be downloaded from

Our Professional Services include;

  1. Inter Galaxy Meeting – to meet God (the God in Islam, yeah)
  2. Inter State or Globe tracking – to burst stomach of the enemy (only on serious offense)
  3. Inter Galaxy Sale and Purchase – to buy properties in heaven, or a similar state such as hell,
  4. Magical whistle blowers’ disappearance – with a new identity or face, even a new body or soul,
  5. Inter Galaxy – To adjust for pardon on all sins from God – All types of sins, including rapes, adultery, gays matters, bribery, sitting on Al Quran, forgotten that there is a God, sleeping without proper attire and exposing secret parts, entering mosque on the full moon, inter religious confusions, secret marital problems, expert on polygamous terrestrial problems, a sex exchange to be a mule, to be a vampire,  etc,
  6. Inter Galaxy – to meet all past leaders of the world, even their wives, having a good evening coffee and return,
  7. Inter State – To remain at your elected position of any constituency even when your body is unwilling to carry out the job due to major sickness, the sickness is useless and no deterrent with our pure soul kind of medicine,
  8. Inter Soul exchange – willing to experiment astral journey to heaven and back with a new life form,

Fee: Our fees are based on the scale of fee as allowed by the Council of the Inter Galaxies. We accept all types of logging produces, or major credit cards, or anonymous contribution to our account with at least 30% deposit first of the value of the work and the least that we accept is a vote of confidence during  an election. All fees must be written in a letter of acceptance under the category of “Sedekah”.


  1. Saddam Hussien – I have engaged this firm to do away with Bush who had bombarded my city of Baghdad. After two days of proper meditation, Bush’s stomach busted. That was why Obama is now the president of USA. Later on, I was fed up with my life, and asked this firm to recommend me a nice bungalow in heaven. I am now living happily here. My address is No 1 For Heaven Sake Heights, Precinct 10, Heaven. You are welcome to visit me for further recommendations on other heaven things that you need. (Note: In Heaven, there is no road [(read jalan) , ONLY on Earth there is ada Jalan, that’s why I don’t write the road name)].
  2. South Korea – We are in the process of appointing this firm to bust the stomach of North Korea‘s president. We should know the outcomes soon. Our President had visited this firm recently while visiting PM Najib to discuss the appointment.
  3. Sighlee – I have asked this firm to go, greet, and meet God for pardon on my sin. The firm has done a good job and the God has already pardoned me of  my many sins. I enjoy the freedom here without my sins.
  4. Lee – My wife always talk to me every now and then since we have appointed this firm to become the intermediary, not before. I am recommending all to use this firm’s expertise.
  5. Ariel Shah Ron – I used this firm’s expertise to pay a visit to God in 2006, since then until now back with a new life form, comatose. Fully recommend this firm for such a visit.

Discounts are available to all members if they agree to give one vote in the next general election.

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