Bai Bai Gaddafi, semoga jumpa lagi ya,

“Aku akan berikan topi mu Gaddafi kepada bapak aku” kata seorang pemberontak di Tripoli.

Akan ku bakar kan semua yang baik dan yang buruk dari mu Gaddafi, selamat tinggal Libya.

Dan aku bersama Amerika membenci Saddam didalam diri mu Gaddafi, selamat tinggal Libya.

Lihat gambar gambar menarik dari Tripoli di sini.

American dreams

Current number of unemployed people in America is 14.1 million, displaced out of their jobs after economic slowdown. This is representing a rate of 9.2% of total population an increased by more than half million people over the month.

More and more jobless citizens are forced to live in tents, and in New Jersey some displaced workers choose to occupy a new American dream in tents or make shift temporary sheds to cover their heads at night and day.

The congress today compromised with the debt issue between rivals in the government. Republicans and Democrats agreed to raise debt ceiling to $17trillion and the agreement will reduce the debts at$2.5trillion pa over ten years. Both rivals agreed to reduce spending and cuts but this will need endorsement by the congress as soon as possible.

As a comparison, the unemployed American represents at least 1/2 of Malaysian‘s population of 28 million. Some of them are under government subsidy and benefits.

A great nation that has gone astray from the time Mr Bush had decided to spend money to destroy weapons of mass destruction belonging to Mr Saddam the great, which, by the way weren’t found in Iraq. Mr Saddam’s death doesn’t stop his missing weapons of mass destruction to ‘mass-destruct’ the American people after all. It will take a longer time to completely destroy the whole American dreams, as it seems from the dangling debt issues which fret the whole world’s economy too. And countries in Europe too, which spent money to aid the American finding the missing weapons and became partners in killing Saddam are messy with huge debts. Mr Saddam surely has arisen from his grave to “9/1” the American and his enemies once more, but this time is much harder.

Using a Merc, but live in a makeup tent is a dream come true after failing the one and only American dream.

Good luck to all of you Americans. We have seen the worst. This isn’t that bad. At least you guys have a chair and a lounge in the tent, and proper non leakingĀ  roofs. Some other people in the countries you guys have “destroyed” or wage a war can see the star at night and the sun at daytime while living in their tents.

Libya terkini: Amerika dalang utama disebalik pemberontakan

Barrack Abema


Penjanjian sulit dengan pemberontak Libya melalui gerak kerja CIA dengan arahan dari presiden Barrack Obama.

Obama mementerai perjanjian sulit itu dua atau tiga minggu lepas mengikut pendapat mereka yang rapat dengan kerajaan di Amerika.

Walau bagaimanapun CIA dan pegawai kerajaan Amerika tidak mahu mengesahkan lapuran tersebut.

Baca seterusnya disini : Obama menanda tangani “pakatan sulit” menjatuhkan Col Gaddafi dan disini.

Berita selanjutnya mengenai pengunduran para pemberontak dari bandar yang ditawan mereka dua hari lepas disini.

Pergerakan "saham" Amerika di Libya hari ini, "saham" mereka di Drega jatuh balik ke tangan pro Gaddafi. Gambarajah dari BBC.

Lain lain berita sama disini.

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