Democratic action party – gangbang with dog?

It was so funny when people of the intelligence said “gangbanging” a dog is good for you. Oh, are they saying interracial?. All of you, the Chinese urban, sleazy nincompoop small-eyed yellow skinned people are worthy of a doggy MP. Some one said DAP would train a dog and enroll him to be your next MP.

I suppose it would be easier to expose or overexpose DAP’s trend of selecting leaders. They choose, select and gangbainging a dog for you. Perhaps, their elected leaders or MPs are already comprising a list of few selected doggies.

“Meih, Meih Meih, chot, chot.chot, come in, come in, and you sit on my lap, doggy, don’t bite my slippers, come to mommy”.

Ha ha ha ha.

FAPOLEON in Dominique Strauss-Kahns. They’re everywhere, globally.

This kind of people in this country however is known as PAPALEON. The word starts from the word PAPA, and then Leon. Certainly it isn’t Napoleon. It’s PAPALEON.

Sinbab #eekaawordpresscom