An egg for breakfast!!! After all these politictiking brou·ha·ha


Hey, I can give you that too. Its plenty in my kampung. Come and get it!!

Telur. Ah ah ah ah ah. Ah Ah Ah Ah. Telur. Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah. TELUR.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


LKSHa ha ha ha ha. Ah Ah ah ah ah.

I am a dead meat.

lot 10




Iklan pasaraya PRU 13 – jualan murah, beli satu dapat semua percuma

Tertekan dengan permintaan menurun, pasaraya PAS telah menawar jualan murah tahunan, yaitu 5 tahun sekali, beli satu dapat percuma semua benda dalam pasaraya.


Aduhai, wifi pun free bro. Habis kedai mamak, memang percuma dah bertahun. Lawan mamak nampak!!, sure mamak marah ni. Ke tipu jer?.

Kalah pasaraya di Chow Kit Road. Pasar Malam dan Pasar lambak kalah cam ni. Aduh susah cari makan nampaknya.

Democratic action party – gangbang with dog?

It was so funny when people of the intelligence said “gangbanging” a dog is good for you. Oh, are they saying interracial?. All of you, the Chinese urban, sleazy nincompoop small-eyed yellow skinned people are worthy of a doggy MP. Some one said DAP would train a dog and enroll him to be your next MP.

I suppose it would be easier to expose or overexpose DAP’s trend of selecting leaders. They choose, select and gangbainging a dog for you. Perhaps, their elected leaders or MPs are already comprising a list of few selected doggies.

“Meih, Meih Meih, chot, chot.chot, come in, come in, and you sit on my lap, doggy, don’t bite my slippers, come to mommy”.

Ha ha ha ha.

DAP’s confidence level intensifies excessively, even a dog wins if nominated – Freedy Kruegger’s fan

Two of the most common home animals (pets).

Image via Wikipedia

Freddy Krueger‘s fans here are numerous, plenty of them roaming the cyberspace saying things only ghosts would understand.

Imagine, do you vote a dog if it’s nominated for your constituency? Well, such a fancy idea is somewhat weird if it isn’t insinuation. Perhaps if that is meant for the people in a country where dog are on the top list as being lovable pets. Although they are loveable too here, in some homes in a Muslim populated country, majority of people sees dog as something else, disgusting animals perhaps. Or don’t they, spending time cleansing the messes from the dog-shits, spending extra money buying licenses, foods and the stuffs.

There you go, someone the kind of chippy-choppy- the -half -brain individual who has the gut to downgrade your soul by saying that you should have a “doggy MP” by the next PRU 13. True, someone from so-called democratic action party or its synonym DAP said that, and that he believes if DAP, the democratic action gang-bang party, by any chance nominates his “dog named boo” for his constituency this little guy could win the election without fuss.

Without fuss may be but certainly his little brain in branding dog as some animals we people of Malaysia should be led by is one provocative “democratic action gang bang party that sings all night long is a stupid thing to do. I don’t think that will attract Chinese voters that much he hoped for, as I know, Chinese are “fun-tastic” dog lovers as pets in this country at par with those in the European countries and in the west. Not a son-of-the doggy-style- elected MP from the democratic gang-bang action party, nah, not me.

Rebecca Black’s new song – My Moment

My Moment menceritakan keunikan beliau menaiki carta musik mendapat sambutan 167 juta peminat dan paradi di twitter dan lain-lain socia media.

Salah satu lagu parodi mendapat sambutan sehingga 11 juta peminat dalam seminit ialah Rebecca Black Friday official parody di YouTube.

Satu lagi lagu parodi Rebecca Black dibawah ini.

Awww, Rebecca!!! penyanyi baru..


Buy a car that flys & beats traffic jams.

The £150,000 price of the wacky Terrafugia Transition is £85,000 less than a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Carl Dietrich, founder of the firm behind it, hailed his brainchild as the “first practical flying car“.

Sekarang banyak roadblock, dan apabila nampak dari jauh lu orang terbang naik atas lari dari jam roadblock. Ada bagus lah kereta ini.

Read more here :

Awesome in aqua: Kelly Brook titillates in turquoise as she shows off her beach body in a sea green bikini

Hey, guys I just follow Murdoch‘s style lah, put no lie at all, some sex story but not that a lot too, and some grubby stories, in my blog. Huh, I wanna be funny with a bit fun here and there. At least see-see people lah, living style of so called high society lah.

But then, don’t scold me, Kelly is fun-tastic.

Read more of the story here:

What news in the Economist

  1. Charlemagne: The view from the Vistula
  2. Democracy v China: What China challenges
  3. Contagion in the euro zone: Selecting default
  4. Italy and the euro: On the edge
  5. Lexington: Dicing with debt and the future
  6. America’s debt: Shame on them
  7. The death penalty: Worse than Texas
  8. The debt-ceiling debate: McConnell’s retreat
  9. Economist debate: Opening
  10. Italy’s finances: Pub skittles, the Italian version


Aset pencetus revolusi dan demostrasi boleh beku

Mengikut Malaysian Insider, Datuk Dr Awang Adek berkata Bank Negara Malaysia boleh membekukan aset semua mereka yang terlibat dalam upacara bershit 2.00 yang dikatakan haram, dan didakwa menerima bantuan kewangan dari luar negara bagi mencetus revolusi dan huru hara di negara ini. Baca seterusnya disini jikalau anda ingin membaca Malaysian Insider, portal berita pembangkang.

Amat patutlah dibekukan sekarang ini. Kerana seluruh dunia telah heboh, dan itu lah perancangan mereka bagi menjatuhkan air muka kerajaan Malaysia.

Ini tentang pencegahan awal oleh kerajaan, harap kerajaan bertindak cepat. Jangan cakap tetapi tidak buat. Cakap-cakap sahaja, no value lah. Nanti yang beku jadi cair kerana panas, sama dengan ais yang keras terkena cahaya matahari, cair melilih.



Mat Ell

Ambo pun boleh tolong bekukan. Itu pun aset ditubuh badan dia saja, yang lain tak reti.

Bershit reformasi – ha ha ha ha, kena tangkap

Annuar demam kena “tombak“, Ambiga kena tangkap, Haji Hadi kena tangkap, he he he, Ngeh Koo Ham kena tangkap, Sivara Rasiah pun kena rasa tangkap, Dzulkeefly pun kena tangkap, semua geng reformasi kena tangkap.

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Kawan Nik Aziz kena tangkap, Koya Latheefa Koya koyak, pun kena tangkap,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Tian Chua kena tangkap

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Kena tangkap polis gigit polis,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

KJ kena tangkap

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Gelak sakan, bunyi besar sampai 300 ribu,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Kena tangkap polis

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ibrahim Ali tidak kena tangkap

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ibrahim Ali cekap.

Sam Ketot mana?

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Ha ha ha ha,

Dia montot, susah cari.

Kah kah kah

Kah kah kah

Kah kah kah

Sam Ketot.

Ausie pun perasuah brother, sapa kata tak!!

Australia‘s first foreign bribery prosecution will accuse two Reserve Bank currency firms and six of their former senior managers of funnelling multimillion-dollar bribes to government officials in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam to win banknote deals. from the Age Com, Australia.

Baca berita penuh selanjutnya di The Age Com, Australia  atau disini.

partiPAS negara berkebajikan

















Doggie : “Which one do you want me to bite and pass over to you first, PETRONAS, TNB, INLAND REVENUE, CUSTOM, TNB, CIMB, SIME DARBY, FELDA, FELCRA, or which one?”.

Mat Sapu: “I don’t know which one, no blue print out yet, you wait huh!!, but the principle is to take the big money spinners first, the ones with fat money, awwright. But remember, I wanna fly to Amsterdam‘s red district, get me “that money” first, understand! “.

100 years Viva forever – God must be on drugs!!

"You guys carry the deads, we the alive. That's the difference"

"Who says we're hardup, we're not?"

"We called it MLM or pyramid schemes"

"We sell all things dead or alive"

"Oh, Chua, there you are. We are looking for you. Your daughter is getting married, and don't bring that stupid llama with you, ok"

"Shit, ekpensif, Petaling Street's cheaper ma, they're all immitations"

"Hey, I still have that although 100 years old, all in Kuala Selangor. My grand ma brought it with her during the exodus. And the language, too. But why the natives called us "Sengkit"?. "

Oh shit, look around you everything is the same. We are still in China. Who says we are in Malaysia?

Photos: Flickr Photos.

Sinbab #eekaawordpresscom.

Saya suka PAS, kerana PAS mabuk.

Saya suka PAS, kerana PAS mabuk. Take Beer.

Mat Ell #eekaawordpresscom

Mak Nyah Malaysia (si bapuk) lari dari suami setelah mendapat visa Britain, kesian Young.

Penjaga  sekolah kehilangan kerja dan menjadi papa setelah menyediakan pound sterling 12,000 untuk visa isteri dari Malaysia yang telah meninggalkan beliau setelah mendapat visa tersebut.

Saorang  “bapuk” yang telah menukar jantina kepada seorang perempuan  telah meninggalkan suami beliau yang telah berusaha mendapatkan visa untuk beliau menetap di Britain dua minggu selepas mendapat visa menetap dinegara itu.

Ian Young telah menghabiskan pound sterling 12,000 untuk memohon visa isteri beliau rakyat Malaysia Fatine – dilahirkan Mohammed Fazdil Bin Bahari –  yang mengatakan beliau akan di penjara jikalau beliau kembali ke Malaysia kerana pertukaran jantina adalah salah mengikut undang-undang di Malaysia.

Beliau berkata, beliau mencintai Fatine walaupun telah dibuang kerja di semua sekolah yang beliau berkerja.

Tetapi, dua minggu setelah mendapat visa, Fatine meninggalkan beliau.

Encik Young berkata beliau satu ketika ingin membunuh diri kerana kehilangan kerja, tetapi berubah fikiran dan akan mencuba memulakan hidup baru.

Mat Ell #eekaawordpresscom

Rakyat Pulau Pinang are Monkeys, DAP said.

You chose them as your leaders, now they said you are monkeys.


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Take Beer

Take Beer – takebeer!
take beer_000

Take Beer

take beer

Don’t worry, takebeer.

take beer4

And for those who like

take beer3

Takbeer. No lashing for you there but counting for Kartika Sri Dewi.

Photos are from Oktoberfest 2009.

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