Hey, there will be a pot of gold at our rainbow’s ETP program, so Malays support us please!

Old folk stories are mimicking with a story that you will end up with a pot of gold if you chase a rainbow.

When you were small kids you’d believe it, and always with the hope to find one and struck rich.

That is basically ETP. You know, the economic transformation programme.

When you’re talking about transforming the economy, you couldn’t transform a vacuum space known as the economy. You need to transform the doer in the space of the world economy, you then realise that ETP is a machine to transform Chinese the main doers of the verb in economy.

That was why the Chinese had rejected BN in total, they knew without BN or with BN, for the country to achieve a developed state as in the master plan, the main BN election propaganda, would work either way, without or with BN. Without BN and with DAP ETP would transform Chinese to be the controlling group on the economy. In other words, the Malay government needs the Chinese for the country to become a rich and developed state.

The work of BN’s lawmakers in creating a static policy achieving a high income society by 7 years time was hijacked by DAP through lies and deception, as if MCA as a secret agent in the government laying down an infrastructure for the Chinese to take over the running of the country through DAP, after successfully planted the most successful plan to convert rich Chinese to a super rich group.

That was why Najib was so persistent in grabbing the shoulders of the Chinese during the last election, for without them Najib won’t be remembered as a leader of change. Whereas without Najib or with Najib ETP is seems as a normal transformation of change needed for a country to achieve a developed status, i.e. transform the doer of the economy, and who would you think would be the doer?.

Now if you say what would happen to another group of people namely the people who voted BN last election, Malays. I would say they were promised a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow line, i.e. you know a great of hope for them becoming rich when the country is wholly developed.

By that time they would say “oh my country is now a developed state, oh my, great, where is my pot of gold, Najib?. Is that all the promised gold you had given us in BR1M Sir?. What about our land you had taken Sir. Where would my grandchildren live next, Sir?.”

Cina undi DAP kerana orang Melayu kulit hitam dan hidung besar


Sungguh malang orang orang Melayu di Malaysia, orang Cina mengundi DAP kerana warna kulit dan paras rupa orang Melayu yang hitam dan buruk, yang membawa erti kepada satu gambaran kumpulan perasuah, nepostism, tidak adil dan tidak amanah. Dan bodoh.

Sedangkan, sebenarnya paras rupa dan warna kulit bukan satu ukuran tepat kepada gambaran tersebut. Perlakuan rasuah tidak mengenal warna kulit.

Perbuatan melihat warna kulit dan paras rupa satu perbuatan rasis yang paling keji di dunia.

Mereka memandang rendah sistem kesultanan Melayu kerana warna kulit dan paras rupa.

Mereka memandang rendah polis dan tentera Malaysia kerana Melayu berwarna hitam dan berwajah hudoh.

Mereka manusia paling rasis dalam dunia Melayu.

Mereka, kaum Cina dengan warna kulit putih, menyediakan sekolah untuk mereka sahaja. Sikap rasis yang paling ketara mengasingkan warna kulit penduduk tempatan.

Mereka mengasingkan para pekerja dari kaum kaum lain di syarikat syarikat mereka.

Mereka mengasingkan kaum mereka dengan bahasa mereka tanpa menperdulikan orang ramai kerana warna kulit dan paras rupa umat Melayu yang huduh.

Mereka merujuk kita bagaikan berwajah seperti Urko, dari the Planet of Apes. Dan sangat bodoh, serta suka kepada minta maaf.

Dan yang paling keji adalah apabila mereka mengajar Melayu seperti CEO Air Asia X supaya membenci umat Melayu kerana warna kulit dan bermuka huduh.

Sedangkan beliau sendiri adalah seorang Melayu yang berwajah huduh yang amat ketara seperti semua Melayu dan Orang Asli yang lain lain.

Kaum ini kah yang anda pilih sebagai ketua anda?.

Sedarlah kamu semua.

Kecewa dengan mainan mereka membalas budi baik kaum bermuka huduh ini kepada mereka selama berdekad.


PS: Kaum Cina sedang runsing kerana terpaksa menjadi Flintstone sekiranya mengangkat sumpah menjadi Adun di Selangor dengan memegang tombak. Begitulah apa yang di desus desuskan. Kaum Cina Malaysia sungguh rasis.

Melayu harus di kembalikan keris nya

Sifat kepahlawanan Melayu kendur. Cuma berkat dari nama negara berpaksikan kepada perkataan Rahman, maka Melayu masih berkuasa di Malaysia. Lain nya tiada.

Maka kelayuan ini harus disemai dengan memberi balik keris Melayu kepada semua Melayu.

Aku syorkan kepada Najib fikir lah. Dan beri lah. Kehilangan keris Melayu keatas semua Melayu melawan keganasan dari puak sendiri dan puak Cina merata merata dari utara ke selatan.

Engkau buka kan semua peluang kerja kepada anak bangsa tanpa perlu mengikut peraturan jahat bangsa Cina. Engkau beri peluang kepada professional Melayu menjalan tugas tanpa perlu mengunakan panel sistem di seluruh negara. Lantikan terus mengikut kebolehan dan dari keiktirafan badan badan peofessional dari seluruh negara dan dunia. Engkau pecahkan semangat jahat sistem panel di bank bank, syarikat syarikat syarikat swasta, syarikat syarikat GLC dan lain lain organisasi.

Jikalau Cina boleh memberi muka kepada bangsa Cina yang tidak mempunyai kelayakan professional dari dalam dan luar negara menjadi professional tempang negara tanpa prngiktirafan mana badan profesdional, mengapa harus di sekat kaum Melayu yang telah di iktiraf oleh semus badan professionsl dunia menjadi professional di mana mana tanpa perlu memohon menjadi panel kepada syarikat mereka. Melayu professional di sekat menjadi maju kerana sistem yang di bina oleh kaum Cina. Buka pintu ini dan mereka boleh menjadi kuasa besar di masa masa mendatang.

Beri peluang kepada Melayu menjadi Pahlawan di negara mereka sendiri.

DAP and PAS, best of friend in Selangor for MB Post – Calsberg the cool damn


Oh my, you come in between of us. Not by the legs but by the mouth.

nobeer no good for health

PS: WE will close down Carlsberg factory if we win SELANGOR >>>> DAPAS.

BN & UMNO Candidates tommorow!!

Okay, tomorrow we will know who shall be our new reps.

Today it is very quiet, no one talks about the names in the list. And of course we have a list of about 30 odd numbers of MCA’s selected candidates of which the list excludes giants such Ong Kee Teat. Well, don’t really care about who are in the list for MCA. I don’t know anyone in the list, but you know, as an urban dweller I would have to settle with anyone who BN has selected. No big deal.

Of course none is the list has been identified with psychical leg injury or joints, or something like that.


Well, tomorrow will come and we settle the thing tomorrow.

Knowing me knowing you, ah haa, the loudest noice is in Malaysia ONLY


Anuuar Ibrahim, Sam and the gang, including Ambiga are truly lonely people today.  What they are hoping for emerging in the international news of today’s rally, as at now, are “chi-puts”,  nothing great, sort of what are they?, ah, aye, ayeee, oh, oh ya kah, that soft of things. My, you don’t get it, do you?. Nah, forget about that of Maloot’s.

Knowing me knowing you, ah ha, well, the loudest voice is coming from Raja Petra, the person who no one knows where he is, twitting around the globe with words such as “semakin ditahan, ia akan terus melanda” or more to come when one is arrested. He has been online twitting in hundreds, or perhaps thousands. Shamsul Iskandar’s , AMK, or better known as Sam Ketot, last twitting was “enjit enjit semut siapa polis naik atas, enjit-enjit semut siapa bersih kena cantas”, the kind of song “enjit enjit semut” which is famous in Singapore for the anti-Malay propaganda. Thousands other twitter messages are from locals, and news about Annuar and the gang isn’t that prominence to the eyes of the interenational news as they hope for.

Al Jazera:

Police set up roadblocks on Saturday in the city centre and lorries mounted with water cannons were deployed to prevent the demonstration, which was planned by the opposition and an electoral reform group seeking greater transparency.

“No matter how badly we are repressed or prosecuted, the peaceful voice of the rakyat (people) will be heard in Kuala Lumpur come the 9th of July,” protest organisers said in a statement.

“The government of the day is not perfect,” the pro-government New Straits Times newspaper said in an editorial.

Razak’s approval ratings have risen from 45 per cent to 69 per cent in February, according to Merdeka centre, an independent polling group. But analysts said recent ethnic and religious differences have undermined his popularity.

The Daily Mirror

A MAN with a machete holding 30 nursery kids hostage is in hospital after he was shot in the head by police in Johor, Malaysia.

Huffingston Post

Malaysian police say they have detained at least 236 people trying to assemble at a stadium for a banned rally seeking electoral reforms.

The Independent

The escalating political tension marks a major challenge for Prime Minister Najib Razak‘s long-ruling coalition ahead of general elections widely expected next year.

Activists insisted they would gather in a stadium downtown Saturday and urged Najib to call off the clampdown that “fits the style of dictators.”

The economist

MALAYSIA AIRLINES, which previously banned infants from first-class cabins on its 747-400s, will do the same on its newer Airbus A380s, its chief exeutive, Tengku Azmil Aziz told Australian Business Traveller on Sunday via Twitter. Every business traveller knows that a crying infant can ruin what otherwise might be a fairly restful night in first or business class. But sometimes new parents need to fly, too. Should they and their offspring really be relegated to the back of the plane for the greater good?

Knowing me knowing you ah ha; what they are hoping for is a total chaos, and all papers print front page with the news like “2,000 people were killed, 20 socialists chopped off their heads by Islamist militants, 300 Chinese women raped in the opposition street demonstration, 50,000 strong army bombarded 300,000 strong street protesters, Shukoi jets set ground attacks on Annuar’s group at KLCC LRT‘, and those kinds of news. Knowing me knowing you, ah ha, they don’t get it.

Funny thing about twitter is that Nik Aziz who knows nut about IT is also seems to be online with notes “bershit is in Australia, man”. When did he go to Australia, I thought he was in Mecca to do umrah. Or, perhaps, he was among the group in purdah. Knowing me knowing you, ah ha, Nik Aziz is twitting?. Oh my, he is one of those people looking for seats in Putra Jaya, the “backside” way.

Well, folks, see you again. Later.