Rubber Plantations Seized in Mon State – land taken without compensation?

Local army and navy units in Mon State have seized over the past two months more than 3,000 acres of rubber tree plantations from local farmers on Kywekonnyima Island near Ye Township, displacing more than 20 families without offering any compensation, according to local sources.

Nai Au Mon, the head of the Thailand-based Human Rights Foundation of Monland, told The Irrawaddy on Friday that Naval Infantry Battalion 43 had confiscated rubber tree plots in eastern Kywekonnyima, western Kywekonnyima and Minthar villages, resulting in a severe job scarcity in the areas. Consequently, he said, the more than 20 families directly affected have already moved to Thailand, he said.

He said 70 percent of the people in Mon State depend on rubber plantations for their livelihoods, but over time, the government, acting through the army and navy, has continuously seized their lands.

He added that most local people do not understand about labor laws and human rights, and that because of poor infrastructure and roads they have little access to other areas.

Local sources in Moulmein, the capital of Mon state, told The Irrawaddy that more than 10,000 acres of rubber tree plantations in Moulmein, Thanpyuzayat, Mudon, Kyaikmayaw and Ye townships were confiscated during 2010.

“Boards reading ‘Army Area, No Trespassing!’ have been placed inside our plantations,” said a plot owner in Mudon. “We are physically threatened any time we try to extract latex.”

He said friends and family members of army and navy personnel are been allocated the plots that were previously owned by local farmers, or are being offered jobs in the rubber plantations.

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Apa mamat Oiimate ni cakap?

Belum tengok Cowbow tangkap refugee dari Mexico ke bro? Habis jubor dipaku dulu, tahu tak. Mentanglah Bangla ni nampak cam omputih.

Apa simamat himate,hru (short form untuk hi mate, how are you) ni bercakap. Bila kerajaan mereka berkata ada kaedah yang boleh dipakai dari Malaysia untuk menyelesai masaalah pendatang haram, bob kecik ni kata mana ada chance Australia ikut cara Malaysia. Cara Malaysia cara kono, jahat dan tidak berperikemanusian. Ya lah tu.

The idea that there is a solution to Australia’s migration issues to be found in Malaysia is simply a lie.

As for the humanity of it all…… it’s inhumane and illegal. The fact that any human being has the right to seek asylum in any nation is a universal fact and a binding law on any nation that is a party to the UN refugee convention. Australia is, Malaysia is not. The convention also affords refugees the rights to proper housing, does the above picture look like a home you would accept for anyone you know?The reality is Australian shores see the arrival of very few refugees in the global context, many European nations such as Italy see the arrival of 10 times the number, yet manage to handle the issue (if not well) to a much higher standard than Australia.

We have allowed an issue of Human rights to become a political football. Such a vast, wealthy nation, should be able to handle the arrival of a few thousand people a year in a much more respectable, humane and orderly fashion. But for political point scoring only, we are treating our fellow human beings worse than animals. This is unacceptable!

The immigration Minister recently confirmed that unaccompanied minors would be sent to Malaysia under the planned deal. We know that young women are sold into sexual slavery in Malaysia, many of them refugees.

Is it ok for our government to send a young girl to Malaysia knowing this? Of course it isn’t.

Ya, ya, ya, we sell young girls as Cina Dolls, don’t worry they are safe. All patrons are millionaires who have a lot of money from the government’s “subsidized” projects.

Hey pi tanya imigresen kita apa kah benda ni. Hantar hantar budak pulak ni.

Yang aku dengar semalam pengarah JPJ tu sudah sibuk hendak joint blacklist kaum kerabat tak berduit. Mereka kena saman kerana tersalah letak kereta, di tempat letak kereta yang tiada didalam kawasan PBT.  Blacklist ler, tak per kan. Dah tak berduit kena lah cari tali yang kuat sikit bertujuan untuk gantung kereta pada pokok. Jangan saman pulak kalau nampak kereta myvi aku atas pokok, tahu ker bro?.

Habis lah kotor fikiran mat john separuh baik di Australia. Baca lagi disini.

100 years Viva forever – God must be on drugs!!

"You guys carry the deads, we the alive. That's the difference"

"Who says we're hardup, we're not?"

"We called it MLM or pyramid schemes"

"We sell all things dead or alive"

"Oh, Chua, there you are. We are looking for you. Your daughter is getting married, and don't bring that stupid llama with you, ok"

"Shit, ekpensif, Petaling Street's cheaper ma, they're all immitations"

"Hey, I still have that although 100 years old, all in Kuala Selangor. My grand ma brought it with her during the exodus. And the language, too. But why the natives called us "Sengkit"?. "

Oh shit, look around you everything is the same. We are still in China. Who says we are in Malaysia?

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