So you talk about giving home ownership to all

Bullshit, thats what I thought of home ownership to all.

Whats in place was giving whatever policy and solving whatever problems to Chinese developers in the city so that they seem to building home and make huge profit. This is so called non intervention in the market forces by the government. Free market but of course with greater help from MCA in the government to ensure Chinese in the industry come out clean with huge profit.

Disheartening you know, when walking the streets of towns in the west coast of Malaysia

Good afternoon mate, oh well, it is very disheartening indeed. Walking the streets of towns, even the smallest one, and suddenly you realize it’s very hard to boycott Chinese shops.


You know mate, all shops Chinese. When you enter any one shop, to buy a matchbox, its Chinese. Despite the name of this country that stems from Malay, the bloody MCA for the past 60 years managed to turn towns Chinese. Bloody hell Chinese!.

Amazing you know that this MCA has some kind of participative government technique turning towns into Chinese. This isn’t good for me and my people. It should stop and stop immediately.

And when you asked to boycott the shops in these towns, it means literally walking the streets without stopping at any shops. Frightening. Scary. UMNO has been doing nothing as it seems stopping this bloody trend. Oh well, no wonder Chinese here become so arrogant and stingy.

Batu Gajah is all Chinese, its better change the name to Batu China (

But mate, you know if you walk in new towns such as Cyber Jaya, in Selangor things are a bit better. The streets full of Malays and Arabians shops, and a small number of stores operated by the small eyes Chinese.

It seems as though the Malays couldn’t mix with Chinese but okay or mixing well with foreigners. Why it is happening?.

This is because MCA for a very long time has cheated Malay politicians in the government for a policy which has separated Malay and Chinese from the beginning of time. Stingy with its Chinese schools and lopsided or unreal partnership with all business joint ventures.

So if you like to walk the streets in towns of West Coast Malaysia, and at the same time boycotting Chinese shops, you could have a very good walk in Cyber Jaya and leave old towns like Batu Gajah.

In these towns, it is hopeless to see non Chinese shops, and the Chinese are DAP in disguise of MCA. Don’t be cheated next time you want to have a nice evening walk. Okay mate, see ya next time.


These people’s hard earned money has churned up the arrogant Chinese who MCA turned DAP trained over decades of deceit while in government.


Do you know how bad it is? The Malays who use Chinese services and goods because of monopolized policy designed through their reps in the government, DAP in disguise of MCA.

Ashamed of you Chinese.


Malays only have proud and showing off in towns full of Chinese, the two ingredients which don’t have economic benefit. Show power huh?, well PAS, ALQAM, Syiah, UMNOs, Ayah Pin, Ustaz Irdrus McD, Kiir Toyol, oh very many many man.

One building against hundred other Chinese buildings churning money into the hand of bloody Chinese. So proud ah, Malays?.

Hello, Hi there PM Ajib Gor, are you proud of this achivement ah?

Who teach who UMNO vs MCA

Look around you brother. Whats on the ground is a reflection of the policy which the government made.

MCA in the government, for years becomes partner to transform what is today’s affluence affecting you and me.

MCA Chinese hold up the economy and vehicular schools spreading it’s wing of power within cities and towns, new or old. UMNO provides job to jobless Malays in the Chinese expanded economy. MCA provides houses, shops and shopping complexes, and but little on knowledge transfer to anyone else. MCA provides Chinese with high income job, and UMNO provides Malays with lower income job.

All towns and cities belong to MCA and the rural areas belong to UMNO.

But when Chinese want more, such as a drifted coconut fruit grown on the beach that wants more land for its siblings to grow, the cities and the towns collapse into the hands of the communist.

Now tell me who teach who? MCA teaches UMNO or UMNO teaches MCA?

UMNO gets rural whilst MCA gets urban. That was all along MCA ever wanted. All capital expenditures in cities, the money you and me contribute, the old man having surrendered his rural land to the government, and all sweats and tears of the old generation, given to the Chinese. It was MCA who did just that, so that the Chinese could drive from towns to holiday resorts in your area. And many more, and we lost our soul serving the Chinese on the land once belonged to our ancestors.

MCA is a liar to your nose. Billboards at school are still written Chinese, they speak fluent Chinese better than those Chinese of the Communist China. MCA said they only want to learn their mother tongued language, but the real thing is that MCA wants urban and gives rural to you.

MCA is a damn lousy party that you can’t trust. It eats meat and gives you bones all the time. And UMNO must learn to appreciate the kind of MCA all around it, before starting to booster kongsi kuasa. MCA is DAP in a wolf skin.

Tee Yong shut your mouth up

Chinese education isn’t provided for in the constitution.

So, you better shut your mouth up.

We want all Chinese Schools to close and make way for One School for the nation.

The Malays have given everything to your race. We are not racist in asking you to shut down these schools as they are not provided for under the constitution.

So Tee Yong, better think the way we think. Or, you better resign as an MP.

Car price drop is similar to some majority wins by MCA, MIC and UMNO

Car Price drop is equivalent to the majority win by Tiong Lai in Bentong.

In fact some models the price drop is similar to MIC win in Cameron Highland. It like BN wants to let us know that it wants some price drop but the drop in price couldn’t be more than the number of majority wins in the last general election.

It all about following the people who are at the helm of the industry. Price drop means lesser income both for the government and the industry players. We know who are at the helm of the industry and it pointless to tell us that the government is now in “a caring” machinery for the people at large and the government is seen only pumping a small jab on the nose of the Chinese. Its just a show fight.

The government is still the blue eyes of the Chinese, and the price drop is just a chicken feed as compared to the amount the government is making from taxation.

The government is also keen protecting the second hand car dealers and commercial banks who over the last century eaten your heart out profiting from the half sided over priced cars in this country.

If the government is expecting a bigger majority win to drop a larger amount on car price, sorry to say that it’ll never happened.

The government is still protecting the Chinese, the only race which has rejected it overwhelmingly.

Its a fucked up price drop really.

Chinese are not clever in politics, but they are clever in cheating a partner.

Now everybody knows Chinese are up for no good. During the last 30 years they were spotted as a good fellow, a good partner in the government.

Now we know they want to be a partner for a reason.

Each person of a Chinese decent while in the government as elected representatives carried out mission to aid in building up an empire for the Chinese entirely on their own in this country whilst at the same time destroying the very own partner they have in BN, UMNO.

MCA and Gerakan, both have used UMNO’s power brokers and those in power to close eyes on several issues, including security and other matters of the laws and order.

UMNO in BN is powerless handling on several issues such as the allocations for the Chinese Schools. By right, the allocations are not provided for under our constitution. Why the Malays in the government were so friendly and forgetful of the constitution?

The leniency found among several government policies which in favor of the Chinese in total, and it was in total disrespect to the majority Malays. Policy that gives the right to the Chinese to sell homes to oversea buyers, is such a bad policy for the majority urban Malays who have suffered severely due to triple fold home price increases over the period in which the policy is implemented.

Illegal businesses are protected in many places where Chinese are trading, whereas stern actions by authorities of the government are taken on other non-Chinese traders. This confusing line of actions by the government clearly show that by becoming a partner in the government, Chinese have a great role promoting own races as well as protecting them even in the illegal businesses at the cost of other races in this country.

The government seems very blatant and careless in promoting professional among the races too. The so-called freedom in the running of the professional bodies in this country breeds one-sided body consisting of professional who promotes only Chinese supremacy and disregards other professionals from other races. See Majlis Peguam,

This is a careless education policy by the government that does not prolong the life of newly graduates in all fields. They stop dead when they get qualified, hammered by a racial split that is ONLY promoting Chinese supremacy.

There is something wrong with the partnership in the government, so much so that each time during the election we heard that area is reserved for so and so, and so on.

If the above partnership is not clearly defined, then I would agree with Nik Aziz in that UMNO is a lousy partner, who succumbs to helping other races a lot more than helping own Malays, and may be for the money which Chinese are providing at the cost of a nation building.


PS: Prophet Muhammad did not build a nation on wealth but by Roh of Islam, which was simply by a fair distribution of the wealth by itself. Not the other way round.

MCA dan Gerakan bergabung


Ah Jib Gor, We Love You. You are our inspiration. We Vote DAP, heh heh heh. Some more, some more, food and fund for our schools lah!!!


Bergabung. Bergabunglah. Jangantipusudahlah. Okay?.

Bergabung dan mengambil ahli dari kalangan orang orang Melayu.

Setelah tidak berkerja selama 5 tahun dan tidak berdaya mengumpul pengundi baru Cina, mereka hendak bergabung.

Bergabung, bergabung lah. Tidakpedulilah. Niat itu kena baik. Tapi, kebanyakan niat baik itu lah ada niat jahat. Itu Melayu kena periksa. Apatah lagi impian pergabungan itu ingin mengambil bangsa Melayu sebagai ahli.

Wah banyak cantik. Sudah lah awak tipu PM pi makan besaq serata tempat di Malaysia, ahli awak sendiri pun tak undi BN!. Ini tipu daya jenis klasik Cina nih. Makin rapat semakin hendak tipu orang.

MCA dan Gerakan kena buang ahli yang tipu mereka dulu, tak payah hendak mencari ahli Melayu. Jangan dok ikut perangai dan cara DAP, kalau tidak orang kata awak tu sama dengan DAP.

Bersihkan ahli awak dari agen DAP. Potong kepala mereka tu sampai mampus. Dan ajar orang orang Cina supaya lebih berintergriti terutama di dalam isu suka merasuah dan bikin rasuah.

Ada faham MCA, dan Gerakan.

Kita tidak perlu Cina untuk memerintah Malaysia dengan baik dan makmur. Bersama Cina pemerintahan menjadi hancur lebur dek kerenah busuk hati parah kaum Cina tongsan. Kumpulan orang orang awak ni hati terlalu busuk dan jahat, jadi lah orang orang baik dulu.

Awak bersih kan hati busuk awak dulu. Okay.

PS: Jangan suka suka nak buat petition dan bayar rasuah kepada UMNO supaya ikut cakap awak. MCA kena lupa kerja rasuah dulu. Mentang mentang banyak duit, suka sangat kerja rasuah. Terpalit ke atas hidung Melayu tak pasal pasal dari kerja busuk hati awak. Najib kena tahu lah hal kenapa Pandan jatuh ketangan orang salah Bafia!.

Tan Sri Anak Maidin kata DAP masuk BN lah, maka DAP tak rasist, ha ha ha,

Kekadang orang tua tua nih bukan pandai sangat otak mereka. Cakap pandai tetapi akal kureng. Baik budak tadika beri idea. Straight to point. “Emak nak ais cream”. Dah tu beli lah ais cream.

Sekarang ni Cina kata “Emak nak DAP, tak nak BN”. Engkau jawab, bukan emak dia yang jawab tau, “Nah ambil BN”. Engkau ni betul lah Zam, lain minta lain hang nak beri. Baso. Karang aku mencarutkan karang engkau kata aku bukan bukan pulak!.

Macam mana boleh beri idea sengget sebelah macam itek buta mata berjalan nih?.

Ada kah betul otak dia ni bila pelawa DAP masuk BN. Dan bila masuk BN, DAP terus jadi tidak rasist. Jubor mu lah wei.

Idea cicak mengkarung tu weh.

Kita kena ubah. Dia suruh ubah. Pertama tukar semua sekolah Cina jadi sekolah Kebangsaan. Semua kena cakap Melayu setiap masa, tidak reti cakap Melayu buang dari list apa apa jenis ketua pun. Tak tahu berbahasa Melayu, jangan Melayu duduk dekat dengan mereka. Bina flat untuk mereka sahaja jauh jauh nun di Hutan Melintang.

Kita semai kasih dari mula bertemu mata di sekolah. Bukan bercinta bila badan suka pada Cina dan Melayu suka pada Melayu. Kalau Cina suka Melayu masa kecil kecill lagi mereka akan sayang orang Melayu. Bila Cina sayang Melayu Melayu pun jatuh sayang pada Cina dan hurmat menghumati dari kecil lagi.

Bukan bila sudah besar baru berasa hendak bercinta dengan Cina atau Melayu. Dan semasa itu dah kena book Cina Doll nak kenal hati bodi. Apa ada? Air jer ler.

Idea hang karut lah Zam. Hang pi tidur lah buat dan karang cerita cinta bila bangkit tidur nanti, okay?.

MCA dan Gerakan kena merge buat satu komponi dah. Kita Melayu kena tolong MCA dan Gerakan. Tolong mereka sungguh sungguh. Beri mereka kebaikan Melayu  dan cuba beri pertolongan supaya mereka bersatu?. Semua benda di dunia dah di liberalised dah, bila lagi MCA dan Gerakan nak capai cita cita liberalism?

Zam hang pi hisap rokok dan taip, jangan silap taip, “idea aku idea bodoh”. Tak yah banyak banyak helai, dua tiga helai kertas dah lah. Ada faham bro?.

Jangan cakap silap taip pula ya.


The Star makes money for MCA taking advantage of the trend, but in the end people believe DAP couldn’t deliver.

We have been informed how the media owned by MCA could have been used by certain blokes to promote DAP political agendas.

Well and good. But In today’s low readership of the traditional media such as newspaper, the Star is in fact riding popularity by writing more on DAP’s line of fire on the government.

Popularity means more distributions to readers and thus more money.

In the end, what has been written about DAP may not sound good for the party, and the “likes” as you may say about the popularity drop as the result of poor performance by the DAP leadership.

Problems within DAP circle despite good reporting are damaging to DAP image in turn leaving with lesser readership and a lesser support from urban Chinese towards DAP political struggles.

It seems DAP gets hammered every where, even in it own self proclaimed DAP fixed deposit of Penang.

In fact Penang supporters too are beginning to fiddle away in the mist of the Star good reporting of the party.

So, I don’t think MCA isn’t smart enough in controlling a media that is supposed to earn money to the company and its shareholders, MCA.

Perang Gelang Patah: Mengenal hati budi rakyat Malaysia

Pertandingan antara Ghani dan Lim Kit Siang akan memberi gambaran jelas keatas kesan politik kemurahan hati Raja Raja Melayu dengan penerimaan lebih 2 juta kaum Cina tidak bernegara semasa merdeka dan kejayaan kerajaan menjalin perpaduan didalam pengkongsian kuasa pemerintahan dari berbagai kaum.

Kita lihat keputusan itu dan dari apa apa keputusan sekali pun, ia nya akan mencerminkan sama ada kita telah berjaya atau tidak berjaya didalam memupuk perpaduan antara kaum Cina, yang telah di beri kerakyatan tanpa prejudis dan kaum Melayu, pemberi kerakyatan tanpa soalan.

Dari sini, satu pelan transformasi besar besaran harus di laksanakan tanpa peduli kecaman dari mana mana pihak.


MCA Wangsa Maju sudah jadi Parti Mari Cari Amoi.

I’ve spent RM2.5 million on the welfare of Wangsa Maju residents, but no one seems to recognise the hard work.

The amount is equivalent to a price of a small bungalow in that constituency. Yew Teong Look said though he had been working hard for the welfare of the people MCA’s top brass didn’t recognized him and now he could not careless if BN would lose the general election.

The seat is given back to UMNO. Based on the majority of the area which is Malay, it is timely that MCA shows some kind of solidarity by supporting the selected candidate as many MCA candidates are also contesting in Malay majority areas.

By stating he had spent RM2.5 million, which is small amount in today’s value, only equivalents to the value of a small bungalow of 3 bedrooms, this statement should mean nothing to the Chinese and other voters as to switch camp in supporting DAP.

By instigating voters to boycott BN, Yew is seems so desperate to get back his investment value on people which is equivalent to a small bungalow in Wangsa Maju. People of Wangsa Maju are worth more than the cost of a small three-bedroom bungalow. Sometimes, kindness and friendliness worths millions more.

If that is his reason to boycott BN in this coming election, I am sure MCA big bosses should consider him as a bebas candidate or a candidate not from MCA but from MARI CARI AMOI party.

PS: Now tell me, if MCA has this kind of people around the party, how sure I am that Loh Seng Kok and Gan Meng Foo are worth my vote for my constituencies? Tell me bro.

BN & UMNO Candidates tommorow!!

Okay, tomorrow we will know who shall be our new reps.

Today it is very quiet, no one talks about the names in the list. And of course we have a list of about 30 odd numbers of MCA’s selected candidates of which the list excludes giants such Ong Kee Teat. Well, don’t really care about who are in the list for MCA. I don’t know anyone in the list, but you know, as an urban dweller I would have to settle with anyone who BN has selected. No big deal.

Of course none is the list has been identified with psychical leg injury or joints, or something like that.


Well, tomorrow will come and we settle the thing tomorrow.

MCA and GERAKAN are lousy Chinese parties, it is good for the country if they lost all seats.

Both parties are Chinese parties. So far what have they, the parties, contributed to the Malays?

Nothing. Only film or sex video. That was all given to the Malays.

They, the parties, have taken away all things that are supposed to be with the Malays.

Now they the parties members don’t work for BN. They work in tandem and support DAP. They want DAP to win.

So it is okay. We don’t need them in the government. We can start afresh all over again to build a new world order.

No more Chinese minister so it is much easier to promote Malay kingdom.

If a Chinese candidate is placed in my area during this general election, I will vote a Malay, if both are Chinese I don’t vote all all. I will rest and be going fishing. That will be a nice thing to do.

I am sure our laws also support logic

There are “ho-ha” acts everywhere, both from the government ruling side and the opposition ruling house. Simply because they like to make news sustaining the political moves they made to garner grass root support.

In Penang, DAP’s state government sold a 0.45 hectare state land to KLIDC (Kuala Lumpur International Dental College)  at something like RM11.5 million last year. Later in the year, it sold it again to another, but this time to BN Youth, the ruling party’s representative, at something like double the price of the previous sale, to RM22 million.

DAP’s made a huge profit from the sale of the land at (RM454.20 minus RM237.40 p.s.f) RM216.80 p.s.f or RM10,501,358.40.

I am sure, DAP’s supporters will likely refer BN Youth as a stupid investor (“bodoh”). Do we allow a government to do such a thing?  Of course we have laws that protect innocent investors such as BN Youth who, by buying the land, will have an area to develop affordable homes for the needy. The government should not cheat such a noble investor.

In this instance, nobody in the right mind would buy a piece of land, which has been sold to someone else, or under normal circumstances the new owner would definitely object to the sale if the due process of the sale has been completed.

Unless, the new owner is informed of the new deal and is made a party to the DAP’s new proposed sale sharing in the potential profit, the sale would seems as a logical process. Let assume, new owner now gets 70% of the new proposed sales profit which could amount to RM7, 350, 950.80. Now, everybody in the right mind having such a big amount from the proceeds of the sale will ever object to the proposed sale?

Bu then the logic is, you cannot sell the land that you have sold. For whatever reasons they may be, later may decide to sell again. You can sell if the new owner agrees, and who won’t agree in this instance if the sale was purporting making a huge profit?.

The logic is the government can’t do that. The government must support the system used by ordinary people. This blatant ignorance of the rule cannot be made legal in this country, otherwise, there will be lot more so called “cheating” involving investors so our country’s transparency index  downgraded again.

I am sure there is a law that protects investors such as BN Youth. There is also a law that will support BN Youth to obtain the land at RM11.5 million, the original price, instead of having to pay RM22 million for no apparent reason. The logic says so. And to make sure that is happening, the  people of Malaysia will have to prove it by employing professionals to make a proper property valuation on a piece of 48, 438 sq ft land which been earmarked for a low-cost housing development.

Another “ho ha act” is on AES. This is an interesting subject. MOT, as a big brother, has forgotten that when they lay cameras in the concessionary roads’ land boundaries has no power to do so, or has it?. As a government, they already receive payments from the concessionaires of the roads and highways. On the other hand, it is the duty of the concessionary to give good amenities for the road users within the boundaries where the roads or highways are built.

This is our area, and we have paid you to use that area in terms of concessionary fees. Now you want to engage another concessionary to get money out of the system, how much do you pay us so that the new concessionary can use our space which we have paid you by the concessionary fees?.

That they did, and now the government is forcing the concessionaires to accept another “liability” to users by installing cameras in their areas where the roads and highways are built. Do they agree to such installation and how much money or fees the road concessionaires will receive from MOT if that installation is allowed in their boundaries? And that we road users too can object to the concessionaires if the agreed to the installation by asking reductions in toll fees, because we now are made subject to another liability, and not an amenity, when using these paid road systems. The logic will explain next.


MCA sahaja suka AES, Gerakan pun reject, itu lah UMNO, apa cerita MCA ni?

Susah hendak bercakap tentang partner UMNO nih.

Cakap kan orang marah. Tidak cakap terbuku dihati.

Semenjak MCA kalah teruk pada 2008, bererti Melayu sudah tidak berapa suka dengan Cina MCA.

Apa yang terbuku dihati dari apa yang diceritakan ialah MCA mengoda UMNO didalam semua hal, dari isu persekolahan kepada corak perniagaan diantara Melayu dan Cina, mengikut selera dasar persyarikatan Malaysia. Ramai Melayu yang dipilih adalah mereka yang friendly dengan UMNO atau MCA.

Bagus lah tu jikalau perkara itu berlaku, tetapi yang mendapat keuntungan besar adalah Cina MCA.

Melayu UMNO selalu kena tipu, termasuk lah apa yang berlaku di Free Trade Zone di Pulau Indah. Ramai orang reti membaca perkara ini dan sudah tentu lah kita UMNO tidak mahu bercerita banyak.

Ini cerita AES nih, MCA sahaja beria ia untuk menjalankan business kutip wang rakyat, bertabirkan dari kebaikan sistem AES, kata mereka. Jikalau baik kenapa negeri negeri pakatan tidak terima?. Tidak ada siapa pun hendak bantah jikalau baik. Tak usah cakap tentang politik lah.

Pengarah JPJ dua saat pun sudah duduk diam sekarang ini, dan timbalan pengarah mengambil alih mempromosikan kebaikan AES bagi pihak MCA!!!.

Dah, aku rasa kurang senang dengan MCA.

Jikalau PAS ditipu Cina DAP, tidak kah anda terfikir yang UMNO diperdayakan oleh MCA?

Hendak tanya sahaja. Anda jawab lah sendiri.

Mat Ell.

PS: MCA asyik rebut kuasa sahaja dari dulu, tak kan dia orang tak rebut kuasa dalam BN? Bila masa MCA tolong Melayu? Duduk pengaruh Melayu memberi title Datuk dari Sultan Melayu kepada mereka adalah. Sedar lah sikit. Ini apa pula helah MCA dalam kes AES nih? Kita tunggu dan lihat.

Menjak dua tiga hari ni, aku sukar tidur, fikirkan siapa yang culas bantai Melayu, MCA ke DAP, atau kedua dua nya?

Kekadang, kawan rapat pun bantai hang. Depan cakap baik, belakang cucuk lubang.

Masuk ke kawasan Cina dimana mana di Selangor ni, semua sudah eksi semacam Jackie Chan.

Aku tengok UMNO sudah berkawan dengan Cina menjak dulu dan banyak benda yang menyusahkan sekarang ini datang dari feail  buruk Cina. Sikap tamak dalam semua benda, dalam usaha meniaga sehingga lah soal perlajaran.

Bila kau baca blog Helen Ang, MCA duduk diam diri bila Star duduk support DAP.

Entah entah MCA ini sebenarnya DAP kut.

Apa cerita jikalau kawan sebenarnya yang buat onar.

Bermacam macam benda yang dipohon MCA, kerajaan berikan.

Maknanya tak payah DAP minta, suruh saja Soi Lek minta. Sekarang MOT yang dikuasai oleh MCA, bukan main lagi buat hal buat orang ramai naik angin sedangkan mereka tahu hal ini sebelum mereka buat kerja dengan JPJ, apa cerita hendak lingkupkan BN ker? JPJ tukang angkat tangan menunjukkan “dua minit hang kena saman” tu Melayu yang kena nasi kangkang MCA ke?

Sekarang mana pergi tok bomoh UMNO?

Kalau macam tu, apa cerita.

Boleh tidur kah kita ni?

Mala petaka sudah ada diatas kepala anda.

AES, a broom gift again by BN, please don’t give a broom. Its suwel.

It’s interesting to know both views on installation of AES.

Some say it is a noble exercise to educate public about speeding and red light crossing which among the reasons for road accidents that cost government RM9 billion a year.

Well, some say it is a way MOT or the government is helping cronies to ripe super profits in time when the country’s economy is down-sliding domestically and internationally.

See who own what here.

Those who cross the red line and speeding were already dead. Government should not get worried about those dead bodies anymore, should they? What the government should worry is the living.

Those who do not die on the roads are those who live because they don’t drive recklessly or speeding over the red line. That is why they are still driving until today. It isn’t fair for the government to punish the careful drivers who aren’t dead yet.

The government should punish the dead or please look into the transaction involving AES.

They were the ones who caused accidents. The amount the government spent on the dead of RM9 billion should be rightly used to speed up providing a good public transport system within the town and intercity.

Why it takes so long for MOT to finish off construction of double tracking and what has happened to proposed new bus services, and LRT and other means of public transport. What are you all doing in MOT?  Lunch with monkeys?

MOT has challenged the public to accept AES’s system by obeying the system thus bankrupting the companies who had installed the system.  What a shit suggestion!!!. Stupid. It isn’t the time to challenge people at large when you, the MCA,  are weak.

Wish to tell MOT that they will accept the challenge by throwing MCA into a dustbin in next PRU 13. MOT does not have to worry about it at all, they said.

The time for the public to really know the caring of the government by either to listen to naive voters or to greedy profiteers.

People’s perception is that AES  enriches a third-party, or friends, or cronies by millions, even though at zero cost for the government. “What is zero cost and yet we are paying”, they said.

“Please fix the cameras in graves as dead crazy drivers are waiting for you”, they said.

William Cheng is a Chinaman

Malay Muslims in Songkhla

Image via Wikipedia

WHEN he spoke about anything:” he speaks for the Chinaman”. How many Chinaman in this country? Oh they aren’t that many but all economic activities are in their hand. And why do we the majority Malays don’t take back what are rightly our?

This is because the main string or the keys to the industry are in their hand. When the government opened up IMalaysia Shops around the city, he said that it was unfair to other 30,000 odd small shop owners, who were all Chinese that actually owned and infested that shops and made their killing days afer days, years after years, for almost 100 years. Who are they made the killing for their life? the poor Indian and Malay. You and me, and all of us.

And when these shops benefit some poor guys who have been screwed for decades for the sake of a Chinese group, this group has the support from a person who was so beneficial by living with the poor Malays in Malacca those day when he was a poor man. Those Malay professionals and government officials might have helped him through to built his dreams in Cheng Malacca. But then who care when they get rich they screwed up every one of us the poor.

This is the personality that is so commonly found among Chinese Chinaman.

Already fed up with DAP, MCA and Gerakan. Go and fly kite all of you, we don’t depend on you for the last 15 years already. We have survived much better than most of you.

Please change your altitude.