Discrimination leads to bribery, so who are at fault?

English: Flag of the Malaysian Chinese Association

English: Flag of the Malaysian Chinese Association (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ahmad and Rohana, Malay, must find jobs in GLC or in the government offices or banks, or in any private company owned by a Malay, to start a living in Malaysia. There, his or her future is bright, away from racial discrimination, which has roots in every aspect of our lives, far beyond any one belief in our society.

When jobs are scarce, the alternative employment for Ahmad and Rohana is in a Chinese company. In this company, they will learn humbleness, politeness, shyness, and, boredom. Racial discrimination starts on the day you join the company, receive a lower salary than your Chinese counterparts are receiving although at a similar rank, work primarily as the intermediary between the Malays in the government and the Chinese in the company.

That has been a norm for some time, exits since the BN ruling party formed a coalition with the Chinese from MCA and Gerakan parties.

Although the company attains many contracts via employing Ahmad and Rohana in the society, their ranking, or positions in the company remain at a lower executive level.

Those who received an executive position in the GLC or government agencies who have similar education at university with Ahmad and Rohana will be the lucky ones. Bribery is common as there is massive competition between companies for procurement for the government, that induces bribery.

Middle management level that holds the power to give contract in all sectors including oil and gas industry is susceptible to bribery ending up receiving multiplying incomes far above the imagination.

In the end, the society has to pay the price. Discrimination in the private sector and the bribery in the public sector, are the two main enemies existed in our society for a very long time.

This extraordinary and excessive social imbalance between groups in our society has underpinned a serious unity program for our nation building.

Don’t ask Ahmad or Rohana, they are only ordinary citizens who don’t make policies for the country.

Problems with young Chinese stem from MCA and Gerakan?.

Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern (Photo credit: Ulrich Thumult)

I really am, you know, having a sort of envy how the Chinese developers make tones of money at the expense of the majority of young urban Chinese who have been crushed like an orange for the juice.

Buying a house is a damned tough decision financially and looking for an alternative place to live in while working in the city is now becoming erratic. Many are happy to settle living in a rented room, sharing the whole house with friends, forgetting buying, or investing in a home in the city.

Many people said they were resilient. Now as it seems, their resilient too has a limit.

They become reckless, but as they are still young, living in a shared home is good enough. Those who were married however are on a different level. Sleeping in a room in a shared house for married couples is uninviting choice, by the local norm. They are urban married Chinese couples, and by their standard always a must have a house. It seems that this is no longer true.

Today’s top 50 rich and famous people in this country comprise mainly or majority Chinese, the same clans as the most urban Chinese. Moreover, many of them have a wide range of businesses from housing to telecommunication and all businesses.

A new place would cost something like RM700, 000, well above the affordable level of these Chinese blokes. In and around Damasara a similar house would cost something like RM1.4 million, double the amount of a house in a suburb, like Putra Jaya.

This hash housing market for some is a tiring business, they begin to alter fault in the government’s policy. However, the fact that, the developers who are mainly Chinese clans, with the help from their own representatives in the government have smart played the market for high earnings, thus many of whom are listed in the top 50 richest men in this country.

Why do I say smartly played the market?. By stressing in location, location, and location, and owning a large chunk of potential development land in the city, built houses on the land when demand is high, and always forgetting the low and middle-income group like the miserable young urban Chinese who were just starting work.

We don’t need to include other races in this equation due to the fact that they are a bit less superior than the Chinese, the one who normally live in high-rise flats and in the outskirt of the city.

The Malay and Indian have faced similar housing problem much earlier however developers in the last 10 years were requested to build low and medium cost housing in any development should they decided to launch, a policy that maintains to redress the housing shortage for the poor, like us. The current requirements are believed to scrap the need as most are constructed for the medium high-income group. Thus as a result pushes out the lower and middle-income group comprising the Chinese.

The frustration is high among this group who begins to reject the government policy involving housing for ordinary citizens, the voice sometimes looms in the social media, not only involving the outcry on the housing problem, high food price or cost of living but, on the religion issues too. Their switch of support from MCA to DAP represents their frustration over all these issues. MCA while in the government has enriched the top 50 richest men in this country, MCA loyalists, and supporters.

So, I believe MCA has done a lot of rubbish while it was in the government, but by switching support to DAP the young urban Chinese would be worse, unless the government role is in the hand of DAP, which is unlikely as at today’s politic.

It’s the time to throw them out from the government.

Hishammuddin's act of waving the keris (tradit...

Hishammuddin’s act of waving the keris (traditional Javanese dagger) at the UMNO Annual General Meeting in 2005 drew applause from the UMNO delegates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You should know what is right and what is wrong in any decision.

Or, don’t be afraid to decide an important decision if it is right, even when you don’t know what will be the outcome from the decision.

What is a right decision now?

Throw out all Chinese from the government or BN parties.

But then BN or UMNO is afraid of making that decision because all are softy decision makers or “poyo“.

We are afraid of the consequences? What are its consequences?

All Malays will be back to UMNO including from PAS members.

Is that good or bad decision?.

The existing coalition in the BN destroys the Malay‘s power, and turns them over to the Chinese becoming arrogant with policies that promote Chinese into being the victor in all towns.

We have to stop that and to stop this, we must not accept a single Chinese lawmaker in the government, or the government services.

Enough was enough.

Now is the time for us to act.

When you made decision to build low-cost houses for Malay in a town, the Chinese objected.

When you made a policy to allow 70% home ownership to Malays and 30% Chinese, the Chinese objected.

Whereas, this country comprises of nearly 70% Bumiputera and Malays.

So then, the Chinese are the bastard who opposed all policies BN is trying to get on. And the shit is they are in the government.

And when the people at large asked you, BN lawmakers, why was the racial composition in the town did not represent the demography of the country which was the majority Bumiputera and Malays?

You guys cannot answer that.

“We are doing everything that is possible to balance the social imbalance. We are in a poor country, wait until we become a rich nation.

Poor, rich, but you guys can buy submarines and jet fighters and the lots. Oh yes, for the country.

To make good this social imbalance in all towns and cities too is for the country. It makes no difference on what policy you have spend the money for. It is still for the good of the country.

And we had been for 50 odd years? With you.

We have 7 years, Only 7 odd years. Past fifty years, what have you guys done. I mean with regards to the above social imbalance.

Then you guys said, Melayu mudah lupa.

Kepala korak mu, Melayu mudah lupa.

Kamu orang lah yang mudah lupa, betul tak?

Cepat bertindak lah.

If all Chinese back DAP in the next general election, we  will still be the ruling party. That was proven. How much proof do you guys need? So what are you guys afraid of?.

Oh, come on lah bro. Don’t pakat pakat with the Chinese to destroy us lah.

The thousand’s concubine would have waited 2.7 years for quick sex.

vivian pesta seks makan babi

You get annoyed, upset, displeased, cheesed off, irritated and all of that bad feeling because of a photo of Vivian and Alvin wishing you breaking fast. (The above photo).

By the way, a photo cannot really hurt anyone. When a photo that shows Vivian and Alvin with a severed head beheaded by someone who is equally crazy as they are, then probably you would feel remorse, repentance, compunction, and all that sad feeling.

Because they are Chinese of the China origin and live here. They are, oh my, our close relation?.

Whose MPs feel very unenthusiastic to learn the Islamic Civilization, and whose society divulges in a finding that the word Malay doesn’t exist at all in this universe.

You must have sympathy for them, after all in the Chinese Civilization though sounds good, the Great Wall and all those things named great, the Civilization actually has no meaning, it has nothing of a great value to mankind. That is why we see Vivian and Alvin with a photo wishing us to break fast with a dish of Bak Ku Teh.

The Chinese Civilization gives you some idea how their Kings had lived their life during the day they reigned China luxuriously. I genuinely don’t like to smudge bad representations of the civilization, but then the history told us that most of their Kings enjoyed the company of so many women. That’s not that bad, because today’s men, akin to Alvin, like women too. In this civilization however their kings married 1,000 women.

If the concubine were Vivian, and had lived the time during the civilization and married to a King, she would have waited for Alvin, if Alvin is a king, to come in to fondle and molest her, just like in her sex video, for 2.7 years. That is if she were the thousand’s concubine. Even if she was the first, I would think she had to wait another 2.7 years to have sex. If I were Vivian, I won’t wait 2.7 years to have sex. I would want it now, wouldn’t you?.  That’s their civilization. The great civilization. So then, why are you so pissed off?.

Just ponder how would that be for a woman like Vivian. At least, we, Malay, should feel very sad for her, for her character, and for a civilization that makes her today.

Oh well, put out of your mind about these two uncivilized people who were the product of the past great Chinese Civilization. I suggest, they should consider learning the subject of the Islamic Civilization as a compulsory subject in IPTS.

Sedar kan Melayu. Keturunan Melayu akan kekal memerintah negara mereka. Walaupun di Siam.

Patani dan Selatan Thailand, termasuk Songkla, Narathiwat, dan lain kawasan di Selantan Thailand adalah sebuah negara kesultanan Melayu yang telah jatuh ketangan Siam selepas dikalahkan perang sekitar 1700 dahulu kala. Pada 1905 British menanda tangani perjanjian memberi kuasa kepada Siam kesemua tanah kesultanan Melayu yang amat terkenal di masa itu iaitu Wilayah Patani.

Apabila Siam mengambil alih, pemeritahan meletakan kuasa tentera mengawal selia pemerintahan di kawasan itu disamping melantik Sultan Melayu di semua wilayah.

Perubahan ketara apabila Siam mengarah bahasa Siam menjadi pengantar semua sekolah di kawasan tersebut, manakala bahasa Melayu di larang dari di gunakan. Perkara ini terbalik di Malaysia. Cina dan India boleh menuntut didalam bahasa mereka, tetapi bahasa kebangsaan harus di gunakan.

Terdapat beberapa kumpulan pemisah di Patani sekarang ini, termasuk PULO. Dan mereka mendapat khidmat dari Tun Dr Mahathir bagi meredakan serta mencari jalan damai antara kaum di Selatan Siam.

Walaupun proses damai masih di laku kan, pembunuhan masih berlaku.

Siapa bunuh siapa?.

Melayu bunuh Melayu yang berkerja sebagai tali barut Siam sebagai agen untuk mencari maklumat tentang puak pemisah. Gaji agen Melayu di bayar sebanyak RM1,000 sebulan. Mereka ini di tembak setiap hari di Patani, Songkla, Narathiwat. Jika mati di bunuh Siam membayar sagu hati sebanyak Bat500,000 atau RM50,000 kepada pewaris. Bila pewaris menerima, mereka juga akan di tembak oleh Melayu. Walaupun Melayu.

Jangan ambil jalan mudah akan perkara ini tidak akan berlaku di Malaysia!

Melayu bunuh Siam, beragama Buddha, yang berada didalam kampung kampung mereka kerana menjadi agen kerajaan Siam. Dan ramai sudah meninggalkan kampung ke utara dengan menjual harta pada harga murah.

Jangan ambil jalan mudah akan perkara ini tidak akan berlaku di Malaysia!

Melayu membunuh askar Siam, yang di tuduh memjalankan aktiviti mengoda anak anak kampung supaya berkhawin campur secara paksa, menjual ahli keluarga sebagai pelacur dan lain lain aktiviti bukan Islam.

Jangan ambil jalan mudah akan perkara ini tidak akan berlaku di Malaysia!

Askar Siam membunuh Melayu yang di syaki sebagai pemisah.

Jangan ambil jalan mudah akan perkara ini tidak akan berlaku di Malaysia!

Sekarang ini, kawasan Melayu adalah kawasan Melayu, kawasan Siam telah berpindah ke utara dan semakin mengecil di Selatan Thailand. Tiap hari ramai orang Siam serta askar mereka di bunuh oleh orang orang Melayu.

Jangan ambil jalan mudah akan perkara ini tidak akan berlaku di Malaysia!

Di Malaysia Cina besar kepala, suka mengecilkan agama Islam dan memperbodohkan orang orang Melayu dengan berbagai bagai tomahan karut marut serta berusaha memonopolikan ekonomi.

Jangan ambil jalan mudah akan perkara ini tidak akan berlaku di Malaysia!

Jadi, jangan ingat kita ini sudah moden dan dengan itu berhak menjatuhkan air muka Melayu dengan tuduhan jahat serta tidak berpaksi kepada kebenaran. Dan suka menjatuhkan maruah orang Islam dengan mempermainkan agama Islam seperti bergurau senda dengan membaca ayat suci tanpa mengerti apa kah dia tujuan.

Apa sebenarnya Cina mahu lagi?

Ini kah Cina mahu? Cuba cakap?

Jangan memperbodoh kan Melayu kerana Melayu tidak bodoh.

Saya hanya ingin memberitahu sahaja, supaya kita berfikir waras. Tetapi sebenarnya mereka pun telah lama berfikiran waras!!. Tetapi Melayu tetap bunuh Siam. Mengapa ya?

PS: Selatan Siam, Keluasan 1, 940.4 km2, penduduk 700,000 orang, 85% Islam.

A faker is a Chinese, everywhere. In Malaysia they need a Malay to be their fakering partner.

Adam Adli is a fake. Faking facts into frivolous masterpiece.

And so the fake Raja Petra.

But as “fakers”, both are well received by the fake themselves, the Chinese.

Why do Chinese need a fake?

Because they are coward. Everywhere on earth.

Need other to fence themselves.

Please, all people of Malaysia, those in the villages, in the hills or the forest, and on the plateau of Malaysia land, come over to their habitat and see for yourself how misleading were we being feed with fake news by these fakers over and over, nights and days. Come in thousands, or in millions, and have fun with the fakers. Watch them and see them in their habitats.

But the truth is, they live in luxury.

fake chinese2

Oh well, can’t say much.


A very Chinese, I presume, fakes to the bone.

Undeniably Chinese

No complain, surely a Chinese product.

chinese 2

And this, can’t say much either, but I like to add, Lo Lek. That is the advertisement in the Star today, page 2. Lo Lek. You can’t teach these people go straight, they have a tendency to fake away. Sorry the Star, you can’t ask these people pronouncing Rolex in its actual pronunciation, they will still pronounce the advert as Lo Lek.

Oh, well, some of them really need a cunt examination or lock up in the observation rooms. As the advert above suggests.


Many Chinese want cabinet to include all races to make it balanced and towards national reconciliation.

GRASS ROOT and the Voters who voted BN say NO TO CHINESE REPRESENTATIVES In the cabinet and all people can now refer to MALAY AND EAST MALAYSIAN reps for government services.

NO NO NO NO NO To the Chinese.

Listen, listen, listen, NO NO NO to the Chinese rep in the line up!!!.

WE are not friend anymore. No more bluff and bullshitting. Eat your mouth out. Did you know that I voted Chinese BN reps for my constituencies? What do I get out if it? You asked about my sincerity? A great question. I am a bloody Malay you guys wanted to overthrow out from the government!!.

Now we see more and more Chinese come in with recommendations to BN Najib for him to place and include Chinese in the line up as if forgetting the PRU 13 result which agreed that the line up must dump the Chinese out of the government.

That’s no reconciliation, that is to give face to the ugly Chinese who at the first place is to dump Malays and BN out of this country’s politics.

Reconciliation means to teach you guys as we teach Kelantanese Chinese how to respect the Malays. Be part of us or get out from our daily routine!!!. No big deal when there are no Chinese around.

Learn our lesson well, after all what is wrong Chinese come and meet up the Malay for government services? Aren’t they have brains and hearts to give you the support the support and wishes you have abandoned last five years?. Do you think only you have brain? If that is the case, now you get what you wanted in the first place, i.e out of the government when your brainy brain ask you to vote DAP last week!. So why do you ask for the Chinese representative in the government???. Walk your brain’s talk please.

Show proof that you can speak Malay well before claiming to represent us. This is the way Kelantanese teach Chinese in Kelantan. We don’t accept Chinese who don’t know our culture. Najib, please learn a thing or two from us, the Kelantanese. You want Kelantan, don’t you?, Learn how to love us first.!!!!!! We do a good thing to the Chinese in Kelantan. We make them respect us and talk like us. Be part of us. Not on the other way round.

On the Mahathir‘s opinion that Chinese needed in the Cabinet, oh well if that is so, the government can refresh a secondary line up which doesn’t have ministerial and legislative power to deal with minority group and all immigrants related issues. Why not, that’s a reconciliation too.

Listen, listen, listen, Dr Mahathir. You’ve done great jobs during the campaign, please get a good rest and forget lah about “Chinese needed in the Cabinet”. It doesn’t matter much to us anymore. We are the young Malays who have supported you guys during the last PRU 13!!!. So listen, get a good rest will you?. Campaigning is over. Thank you.

PS | Our Culture says, you busuk hati, you go away and eat your “punai out” and don’t come back, please!!!!,

Bersama kepimpinan foolamak.


“Melayu berpecah kedalam dua kumpulan”.

Sebenarnya tidak. Melayu tidak berpecah kedalam mana mana kumpulan pun. Melayu hanya satu. Yaitu yang mengamal cara kehidupan Melayu, bertutur bahasa Melayu, dan beragama Islam.

Yang berpecah bukan kumpulan Melayu. Mereka adalah kumpulan foolamak. Yaitu, manusia seolah-olah Melayu, tetapi tidak Melayu, mengamal kehidupan asing dari adat resam Melayu, seperti memakai jubah dan turban, dan memilih hidup seakan akan manusia tetapi bukan manusia, berbahasa asing dari Bahasa Melayu, dan mengaku mengamal hidup seperti orang bunian.

Sekiranya masyarakat mengkalsifikasikan kelompok manusia ini sebagai Melayu, maka itu menjadi satu kesilapan besar di dalam klasifikasi tersebut dan harus membetulkan klasifikasi itu sebaiknya selepas ini.

Kepimpinan foolamak adalah satu kepimpinan manusia jenis ini, dan organisasi itu tidak mengamal agama Islam. Mereka mengamal agama menyerupai agama Islam. Menyerupai dan agama Islam sebenar adalah dua perkara yang berbeza. Menyerupai adalah satu perbuatan ikutan, manakala agama Islam sebenar adalah sebuah ajaran sah mengikut al Quran dan Sunnah Nabi.

Foolamak tidak mengikut al Quran, tetapi hanya meniru dari ikutan al Quran.

Dalil pertama, al Quran menyatakan jangan menipu rakyat. Mereka menipu rakyat didalam semua segi, termasuk hal hal pembahagian tanah. Dalil kedua, Allah itu hanya satu, tetapi mereka berkata Allah itu adalah anak tuhan, bapa tuhan dan roh suci. Mereka boleh mencerai isteri tanpa peduli undang undang. Mereka zalim keatas kaum mereka sendiri dengan memberi air minuman dari neraka.

Saudara boleh mengkaji kepimpinan foolamak yang di uar uarkan oleh para foolamak mereka ini, dan sudah tentu masyarakat yang berbahasa asing dan berpakaian asing tersebut bukan golongan umat Melayu, kerana Melayu ialah satu bangsa yang mengamal kehidupan adat resam Melayu, serta beragama Islam. Para pengendali foolamak adalah umat dari kaum rakyat asing yang telah menyerap ke dalam wajah Melayu dan mereka bukan sahaja bercakap bahasa asing didalam sebutan harian tetapi mereka juga melakukan perbuatan yang pelik pelik seperti berpakaian jubah dan turban serta meletakan celak kening yang hitam legam dan menghantuk dahi ke simen supaya hitam legam.

Sah, mereka ini bukan Melayu. Mereka juga bukan orang Arab atau orang orang bangsa Negro. Bentuk badan serupa kaum Melayu, tetapi, mereka itu sebenarnya bukan Melayu. Mereka orang bunian kut!!.

Kesimpulan Melayu tidak berpecah sedikit pun. Kerana kumpulan yang disangka Melayu didalam barisan foolamak yang dikatakan berpecah belah itu sebenarnya bukan orang-orang Melayu.

Dan kini, kita orang orang Melayu tulin, akan mengambil balik negeri mereka dari mahluk asing di Kelantan, supaya kumpulan foolamak itu di tumpaskan dan diberi kaunselling supaya mereka menjadi manusia yang berguna kepada Malaysia dan dan lain-lain negara yang berdekatan.dan kembali kepada agama Islam tulin.


“Heh Dik, mu gi Doa BN KO gih. Biar mampus BN. He he he”. Jelmaan Islam dalam Kristianity atau Hinduism?

PS: Patulah, rupa nya mereka ini makhluk asing. Sembahyang pun di bawah pokok. Silap betul kita pilih foolamak.

Hudud goes modern, except public hanging, for criminals in Iran

tehran style

A modern machine instead of chopping hands using a sword.

tehran stlye

Public hanging is still preferred for cases involving adultery or other heavier sharia offences. Minor cases like hair cut, probably your nose will be hammered or sliced into half.

Probably, by any reason, what has MCA told us that by voting DAP would make an easy ploy by PAS to introduce similar machine in cutting hand, or nose, or whatever it wanted to cut off, in defense of Islamic rules, such as minor offences by non Malay‘s harry-cuts, is right after all. So you the Chinese, still want to pull big brothers DAP  along side walking the path to the highway of hell?.

Think twice. I am an intelligence person, like you. So, you better make a good choice. Don’t follow low-class politicians who have no standard.

PS: Some nuts in PAS say William death body was a carcass. Bloody shit low-class nincompoop politicians.  

People will always decide the Malay be PM of Malaysia, so what?


People of Malaysia will always decide the Malay is the PM of Malaysia

People will also decide the Malay be the King of Malaysia.

There won’t be a Chinese PM or a Chinese King in this country.

That is what people of this country have decided. It will stay on until the end of the world.

Malaysia stands as a country where its people speak the national language or bahasa kebangsaan, other languages are permitted but remain as a second language to the bahasa kebangsaan.

DAP silap, Melayu bukan bodoh. Melayu bina jalanraya terpanjang di Malaysia

Secara perseorangan, rata rata Melayu masih meraih tapak untuk hidup.

Sehingga ramai puak puak Cina chauvanist mengatakan sebab kepandaian mereka lah maka terbina bandar bandar cantik di Kuala Lumpur, bangunan bangunan yang tinggi tinggi dan sebagainya.

Ya. Mungkin itu menjadi keutamaan mereka. Untuk mendapat pulangan yang besar.

Tetapi dalam diam diam kaum Melayu lah sebenarnya pembina negara untuk kesejahteraan kesemua rakyat jelata, termasuk bangsa Cina, India, dan lain lain bangsa.

Lihat PLUS. Lihat lebuhraya Utara Selatan.

Orang Melayu dengan kepakaran mereka berada di dalam Lembaga Lebuharaya Malaysia menentukan kejayaan jalanraya yang terpanjang di Malaysia. Dan UEM dengan kepakaran yang ada pada para engineer dan lulusan professional Melayu telah memberi tenaga dan fikiran kepada terbentuknya jalanraya itu.

LUE, Lebuharaya Utara Selantan (NSE) adalah lebuhraya yang terpanjang sejauh 966 km (600 batu) bermula dari Bukit Kayu Hitam bersebelahan Thailand ke Johore Bharu. Lebuharaya ini menyambungkan kesemua bandar bandar utama di Pantai Barat Malaysia, menjadi tulang belakang keatas kejayaan ekonomi pembandaran serta kemasyarakatan rakyat Malaysia dikawasan tersebut.  Jalan raya ini dibina oleh Plus.

Siapa PLUS?. Siapa didalam Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia?

Jadi kenapa orang orang Cina Malaysia tidak berterima kasih kepada orang orang Melayu? Kenapa mereka masih meragui orang orang Melayu sehingga ingin mengambil peranan sebagai ketua di negara ini?.

Siapa bina  jalanraya terpanjang di Malaysia?


Dimana orang Melayu bina jalanraya terpanjang di Malaysia?.

Di tanah Melayu.

Dimana Cina duduk?

Di dalam bandar bandar disekeliling orang orang Melayu di tanah Melayu yang jalanraya nya di bina oleh orang Melayu.

Walaupun Great Wall of China terpanjang didunia, bukan Cina Malaysia yang buat. Itu kerja Cina Tartar, Cina zaman dahulu kala yang tidak lari ke Malaya. Yang ada disini adalah Cina Tongsan yang lari ke Malaya.

Kami tidak akan tunduk dengan dakyah DAP yang ingin menipu rakyat jelata dengan mengatakan Melayu tidak mempunyai kepandaian membina kebaikan didalam masyarakat berbilang kaum di Malaysia.

Ustaz Utraman dari Afrika

Ustaz Utraman, mana boleh pakai.

Layak masuk Maharaja Lawak 2012.



Bila berlawak dengan benda betul, benda betul pun jadi lawak dan tidak betul.

Benda lawak tidak boleh diterima pakai sebagai benda yang betul.

Lawak tetap lawak.

Betul tetap betul.

“Jadi Agama Islam adalah agama lawak – Ustaz Utraman dari Afrika.”

“All   aal  alll alll  Lah  lah lah lah –  macam nak tubik roh – Ustaz Utraman dari Afrika.

“Ustaz Islam tidak ada Code of Ethic. Ustaz agama lain tidak pernah buat lawak dengan agama mereka. Hanya Ustaz dari PAS yang suka berjenaka dengan agama dia. Agama Lawak.”

“Benda yang diajar diatas itu tidak masuk syllabus darjah dua Sekolah Agama pun, macam mana hendak ajar tentang syllabus agama yang lebih tinggi?. Awak ini PAS dari mana?. Balustan ?, Astogostan?, atau dari Kakibangkustan? “

Kochat Namewee,

I Want What I Want (film)

Image via Wikipedia

This guy likes the word “fxxk”.

When his Nasi Lemak film lantui becomes so sadistic and sadist, and no one wants to watch that stupid movie, he fcuked Utusan. And this is a 21 century. Imagine, some people who are left behind in the last centuries.

Who wants to watch a stupid movie ?.

When all Malays don’t go to his stupid movie, he fcuked the Utusan, Malay daily news which holds majority Malay readership.

He likes fcuking very much, and that is what he did again and again using free you tube downloads.

He also likes glamor and wishes to have an audience with the Prime Minister, who, may probably be fcuked again and again by him if his demands are not met.

Oh my, some kinds of behaviors, and this is the worst of their kinds.

For his brain, I wish him to translate the word “fcuked” so that he understands its true meaning. He is probably non-English educated person. Perhaps he does not understand it at all.

Fcuked mean Kochat.

Say it out loud.


And please say it out loud in any supermarket or in the wet market in Kota Bharu where fishmongers or passerby, when ladies and men are around, so that they would understand your twisted mind. Fcuked for these people means nothing, and you would certainly understand that the people on the street in that places will understand that word Kochat perfectly, when your face bleeds.

Go and do just that, Namewee.

William Cheng is a Chinaman

Malay Muslims in Songkhla

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WHEN he spoke about anything:” he speaks for the Chinaman”. How many Chinaman in this country? Oh they aren’t that many but all economic activities are in their hand. And why do we the majority Malays don’t take back what are rightly our?

This is because the main string or the keys to the industry are in their hand. When the government opened up IMalaysia Shops around the city, he said that it was unfair to other 30,000 odd small shop owners, who were all Chinese that actually owned and infested that shops and made their killing days afer days, years after years, for almost 100 years. Who are they made the killing for their life? the poor Indian and Malay. You and me, and all of us.

And when these shops benefit some poor guys who have been screwed for decades for the sake of a Chinese group, this group has the support from a person who was so beneficial by living with the poor Malays in Malacca those day when he was a poor man. Those Malay professionals and government officials might have helped him through to built his dreams in Cheng Malacca. But then who care when they get rich they screwed up every one of us the poor.

This is the personality that is so commonly found among Chinese Chinaman.

Already fed up with DAP, MCA and Gerakan. Go and fly kite all of you, we don’t depend on you for the last 15 years already. We have survived much better than most of you.

Please change your altitude.

Homecoming Malai

When China’s economy grows large and becomes among the top of the world economy, many Chinese in Malaysia feel great. We, the Malay, feel very proud of that too.

The reasons, well, Chinese community here follows exactly what their distant cousins do; speak Mandarin, go to Chinese school, speak similar dialects, eat similar food, cure diseases with similar drugs,  build homes similar to houses in China, even shit the same like distant cousins shit.

But when the economy is good in China they go there to do business, they are considered Malai. What they do here, in Malaysia such as listed above, isn’t worth it, except money that has some value.

TA Enterprise, SP Setia, Berjaya Land Bhd, Selangor Dredging, Ireka Corp Berhad, PJ Development Holding Bhd, LBS Bina, and other Malai contractors and developers, whose owners  speak similar language, shit similar way their distant cousins do, still have to wait until they prove themselves worthwhile a home-coming. It has been years since talks of property developments in China were initiated.  But nothing has ever been completed.

Nothing has been done  or completed there for these Malai to be proud of as Oversea Chinese. May be the reason is that they have lost their utmost sincerity to the people who have helped them when they were old and poor.Or, they aren’t sincere to their own motherland, Malaysia.

What went wrong with you transformer?

Malay women, Sumatra. The Malays, widely sprea...

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I never get involved in any of MeCD’s activities but heard of the kind of transformation they wish Malays one day will be in the globalized economy.

Today’s term of similar activities lies in the hand of Teraju, so I thought; I’d give my mind a chance to learn more how MeCD had lost its role to now Teraju. Or, is there something messy about the policy of the transformer, the one and only government’s tireless ministerial policy to disperse diversity of ideas in changing the mindset of the Malays; from nowhere to somewhere, be giants. That sounds like a hundred-year’s old advertisement.

Is it just a plain working paper rewritten with similar words in different sentences, or is it that general election is around the corner and therefore words need rearrangement?.

Someone has asked, why should we fail these areas when we have Malay leaders, Malay officials, and all of us are Malay? Something has gone awry somewhere, hasn’t it?.

Cina dan India tidak ada tempat didalam politik Melayu, gambaran dari bershit 2.00

Suka atau tidak, itu lah gambaran yang boleh dikiaskan didalam pergerakan cubaan merusuh di Kuala Lumpur semalam. Walaupun keseluruhan suara parti pembangkang berada didalam rusuhan itu bagi mengembelingkan kekuatan pengundi kearah Pakatan Rakyat, namun suara pemimpin dan orang-orang Melayu sahaja yang telah diberi mandat untuk memainkan peranan besar semasa rusuhan itu. Kekuatan suara dari para pemimpin kaum Cina dan India dari DAP dan PKR langsung tidak kedengaran, atau telah ditinggalkan dan di remeh-temehkan, sedangkan mereka merupakan para hulubalang yang terkedepan semasa pra-demostrasi.

Mengapa kah keadaan itu telah berlaku. Malaysia adalah sebuah negara Malayu. Kaum Cina dan India faham akan keadaan ini, sehinggakan mereka terpaksa bertutur bahasa Melayu walaupun pelat yang teramat sangat tetapi itu lah keadaan di negara ini yang telah sebati dengan semua rakyat diseluruh negara. Menjadi hulubalang didalam pertempuran dipersada Melayu memerlukan kehebatan dalam semua segi termasuk pengalaman berkomunikasi dengan semua pihak termasuk para perusuh yang mana kesemuanya terdiri dari kaum Melayu. Semua pemimpin DAP dan Bersih kecundang didalam aspek ini dan mereka telah berlindung dari kelemahan itu disebalik tokoh-tokoh pembangkang Melayu seperti Haji Hadi Awang, Annuar Ibrahim, Nik Aziz Nik Mat dan Mat Sabu.

Walaupun demikian, kebijaksanaan tokoh-tokoh pemimpin Melayu dari pihak pembangkang dipersada politik tanah air seperti nama-nama yang tersebut diatas semakin diragui oleh sebilangan besar orang Melayu di Malaysia dari semua peringkat kehidupan. Keberkesanan polisi yang diatur oleh para pemimpin ini di negeri-negeri yang di perintah mereka samaada didalam kerajaan atau pun didalam sesebuah organisasi yang memberi khidmat rakyat menjadi kayu ukur masyarakat Melayu keatas kewibawaan mereka sebagai pemimpin. Dengan adanya kepincangan didalam kebanyakan polisi teras membangunkan kehidupan rakyat jelata yang dilakukan oleh para pemimpin ini, intergriti mereka telah dicabar hebat.

Perkara ini lah membawa kepada penerimaan pemimpin Cina dan India dari DAP dan PKR yang telah digunakan sepenuhnya oleh para pemimpin Melayu didalam pakatan sebagai satu golongan dikelaskan sebagai kambing hidup untuk diperkudakan bagi menutup kelemahan yang ada pada mereka dengan meletakkan semua tanggung jawab kepincangan itu keatas pemimpin kaum Cina dari DAP dan PKR.

Kejatuhan kerajaan negeri Perak dari kelemahan pemimpin Melayu dinegeri itu telah diletakkan sepenuhnya keatas bahu pemimpin DAP. Walaupun masyarakat melihat kaum Melayu lah yang menjadi pemimpin. Dan harus di ngertikan disini, bahawa kelemahan pemimpin pembangkang Melayu di Perak semasa itu telah diletakkan keatas bahu pemimpin DAP, dimana kumpulan mereka telah pun kecundang dari menjadi pemimpin orang-orang Melayu didalam masyarakat di negeri itu.

Seperti didalam pemerintahan mana mana negeri pembangkang pemimpin Cina dan India terpaksa memilih pemimpin Melayu yang berketrampilan didalam semua aspek khasnya dalam aspek politik. Kebijaksanaan mereka tidak membawa apa apa faedah besar sekiranya para pemimpin Melayu gabungan mereka terdiri dari golongan yang kurang berupaya mengunakan minda ketahap maksimum, atau tidak berpengalaman, tidak berpendidikan tinggi dan sebagainya. Ini lah kesusahan yang sedang dihadapi oleh pemimpin Cina DAP dan PKR. Mereka tahu menilai.

Rata-rata para pemimpin Melayu didalam gabungan pakatan terdiri dari mereka yang lemah didalam semua aspek termasuk didalam memilih nilai , etikal, jatidiri, kesetiaan, asas keagamaan dan lain-lain ciri keberkesanan sebagai seorang pemimpin yang boleh diterima rakyat moden di Malaysia.

Ketidakan hadiran ketua-ketua mereka semasa rusuhan mencerminkan keadaan semasa politik tanah air yang telah menolak secara perlahan-lahan peranan yang boleh dimainkan oleh pemimpin Cina dan India di dalam pakatan rakyat. Kelemahan para pemimpin Melayu didalam Pakatan pembangkang akan menjatuhan pemimpin Cina dari DAP dan PKR. Dan, didalam PRU 13 nanti, insyaallah, mereka ini akan ditolak secara total di seluruh perusuk negara Malaysia. Lihat bagaimana yang telah terjadi di Serawak. You are next!!!!!.

Dimana Ambiga semasa rusuhan. Dibelakang Anuuar. Eikk, katakan beliau pengerusi, mana dia boleh jadi pengikut ketua pembangkang. India tiada tempat sebagai pemimpin di dalam pakatan. Boleh jadi pengikut sahaja. Politik sekarang ini adalah politik Melayu lah, Ambiga. You have no place in Pakatan. Sorry, we close the door to you too. Nah not you. Tak sangka, semasa pra-rusuhan suara dia yang paling nyaring dalam nada dering!!, semasa rusuhan refomasi dia yang paling belakang. Ha ha ha ha, funny.



Why do Japanese hate Chinese, and Chinese hate Malay?

A common signboard in Malaysia.

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This is a very tricky question.

The question is “Why do Japanese hate Chinese. And here, the Chinese hate Malay. But then, Japanese never hate Malay. Is that mean Japanese and Malay hate Chinese?, or, do Chinese hate both Malay and Japanese?”. This a history lesson, a compulsory subject to pass SPM.

I’ll continue this post when I am free, ok. You think about this question and ponder around it intelligently.

Becoming the minority

We Can Do It poster for Westinghouse, closely ...

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Sometimes its great to know that as a group you’re among the masses, and that your group has an equal number of strength to the other group. In time of war, you’d feel safe.

But when you’re in a country you wish to call your home grouping isn’t a way forward, it’s dwindling down true strength of whole nation.

Observations in the recent political mode in this country shown that the Chinese were drawn away from the masses and the reality. Chinese are truly being caught up with down syndrome  a disease that doesn’t have any medicine to alter its physical deformity.

It’s frightening to become a minority in time when economy is in their hand. The Indians the like of Ambiga have come to rest on the idea but still play important role in our society. The Chinese however, through DAP and other NGOs, are still resisting that one day they too become the minority here in a true sense. Some researchers predicted that by 2050 Chinese would be only 18.7 percent of the total population of Malaysia.

By that time the consumers will be the masses, i.e, the majority. My opinion is that Chinese will be out from the government if they still resisting to be the minority and fight the way they do now that is by joining the oppositions parties, i.e, DAP and PKR or PAS.

Also, I think the Chinese will be surprised that one day they too  will be beheaded  like those in the Saudi Arabia if such a law is implemented under PAS’s rule. Or, slightly better, facing a firing squad, following the Indonesian penal code. Choose the right path, i.e, be with us for togetherness. Right?

Susah untuk dapatkan DNA bangsa Malaysia untuk Hannah Teoh

Menjadi suami isteri dari kaum yang berlainan bangsa, selalu nya keturunan dari mereka ini akan diperturunkan dengan bangsa keturunan bapa. Kerana DNA bapa lebih hebat, atau orang lebih menamakan bapa yang berkerja kuat. Sebagai contoh, Kupusamy a/l Samy, atau Aadita a/p Samy, dan tidak pernah ada nama itu disebut Samy a/l Aadita. Kecuali satu dalam sejarah peradapan manusia, iaitu Isa bin Marriam.

Tetapi jikalau inginkan nama bangsa Malaysia perkara ini adalah terlalu rumit. Kerana isteri itu memerlukan DNA dari semua bapa-bapa dari yang di senaraikan dibawah ini:-


    • Suku Melayu Johor
      • Orang Siam Asli
      • Orang Laut – Orang Biduanda Kallang dan Orang Sabimba
    • Suku Melayu Kedah
      • Orang Gergasi
      • Orang Sakai Laut
    • Suku Melayu Kelantan
    • Suku Melayu Melaka
      • Suku Melayu Palembang
      • Orang Laut – Orang Selat
    • Suku Melayu Pahang
    • Suku Melayu Patani
    • Suku Melayu Perak
    • Suku Melayu Terengganu




Kaum Bumiputra di Sabah



Kaum Bumiputra di Sarawak

Kaum Bukan Bumiputra

Macam mana tak kan “hubby’ bagi chance untuk merayau kesemua tempat. Baguslah tu sudah putuskan bangsa anak nya sebagai anak Cina. (Kesian orang yang berkerja kuat). Tetapi jikalau teringinkan sangat, boleh, kena lah pecahkan ruyung dulu, berkecai-kecai kerana ramai, barulah dapat sagunya. Mak oii, berkecai-kecai lagi. Kalau kena orang gergasi kategori Melayu tu, aku tidak tahu lah apa akan jadi, tak keluar keluar sagunya kut, kena pecahkan ruyung dia berkali kali baru ok kut. Belum sebut baba nyonya dan Punjabi. Baik lupakan hendak kan sagu tu, pergi jer ke Giant beli sekampit, habis cerita.