It’s the time to throw them out from the government.

Hishammuddin's act of waving the keris (tradit...

Hishammuddin’s act of waving the keris (traditional Javanese dagger) at the UMNO Annual General Meeting in 2005 drew applause from the UMNO delegates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You should know what is right and what is wrong in any decision.

Or, don’t be afraid to decide an important decision if it is right, even when you don’t know what will be the outcome from the decision.

What is a right decision now?

Throw out all Chinese from the government or BN parties.

But then BN or UMNO is afraid of making that decision because all are softy decision makers or “poyo“.

We are afraid of the consequences? What are its consequences?

All Malays will be back to UMNO including from PAS members.

Is that good or bad decision?.

The existing coalition in the BN destroys the Malay‘s power, and turns them over to the Chinese becoming arrogant with policies that promote Chinese into being the victor in all towns.

We have to stop that and to stop this, we must not accept a single Chinese lawmaker in the government, or the government services.

Enough was enough.

Now is the time for us to act.

When you made decision to build low-cost houses for Malay in a town, the Chinese objected.

When you made a policy to allow 70% home ownership to Malays and 30% Chinese, the Chinese objected.

Whereas, this country comprises of nearly 70% Bumiputera and Malays.

So then, the Chinese are the bastard who opposed all policies BN is trying to get on. And the shit is they are in the government.

And when the people at large asked you, BN lawmakers, why was the racial composition in the town did not represent the demography of the country which was the majority Bumiputera and Malays?

You guys cannot answer that.

“We are doing everything that is possible to balance the social imbalance. We are in a poor country, wait until we become a rich nation.

Poor, rich, but you guys can buy submarines and jet fighters and the lots. Oh yes, for the country.

To make good this social imbalance in all towns and cities too is for the country. It makes no difference on what policy you have spend the money for. It is still for the good of the country.

And we had been for 50 odd years? With you.

We have 7 years, Only 7 odd years. Past fifty years, what have you guys done. I mean with regards to the above social imbalance.

Then you guys said, Melayu mudah lupa.

Kepala korak mu, Melayu mudah lupa.

Kamu orang lah yang mudah lupa, betul tak?

Cepat bertindak lah.

If all Chinese back DAP in the next general election, we  will still be the ruling party. That was proven. How much proof do you guys need? So what are you guys afraid of?.

Oh, come on lah bro. Don’t pakat pakat with the Chinese to destroy us lah.


Many Chinese want cabinet to include all races to make it balanced and towards national reconciliation.

GRASS ROOT and the Voters who voted BN say NO TO CHINESE REPRESENTATIVES In the cabinet and all people can now refer to MALAY AND EAST MALAYSIAN reps for government services.

NO NO NO NO NO To the Chinese.

Listen, listen, listen, NO NO NO to the Chinese rep in the line up!!!.

WE are not friend anymore. No more bluff and bullshitting. Eat your mouth out. Did you know that I voted Chinese BN reps for my constituencies? What do I get out if it? You asked about my sincerity? A great question. I am a bloody Malay you guys wanted to overthrow out from the government!!.

Now we see more and more Chinese come in with recommendations to BN Najib for him to place and include Chinese in the line up as if forgetting the PRU 13 result which agreed that the line up must dump the Chinese out of the government.

That’s no reconciliation, that is to give face to the ugly Chinese who at the first place is to dump Malays and BN out of this country’s politics.

Reconciliation means to teach you guys as we teach Kelantanese Chinese how to respect the Malays. Be part of us or get out from our daily routine!!!. No big deal when there are no Chinese around.

Learn our lesson well, after all what is wrong Chinese come and meet up the Malay for government services? Aren’t they have brains and hearts to give you the support the support and wishes you have abandoned last five years?. Do you think only you have brain? If that is the case, now you get what you wanted in the first place, i.e out of the government when your brainy brain ask you to vote DAP last week!. So why do you ask for the Chinese representative in the government???. Walk your brain’s talk please.

Show proof that you can speak Malay well before claiming to represent us. This is the way Kelantanese teach Chinese in Kelantan. We don’t accept Chinese who don’t know our culture. Najib, please learn a thing or two from us, the Kelantanese. You want Kelantan, don’t you?, Learn how to love us first.!!!!!! We do a good thing to the Chinese in Kelantan. We make them respect us and talk like us. Be part of us. Not on the other way round.

On the Mahathir‘s opinion that Chinese needed in the Cabinet, oh well if that is so, the government can refresh a secondary line up which doesn’t have ministerial and legislative power to deal with minority group and all immigrants related issues. Why not, that’s a reconciliation too.

Listen, listen, listen, Dr Mahathir. You’ve done great jobs during the campaign, please get a good rest and forget lah about “Chinese needed in the Cabinet”. It doesn’t matter much to us anymore. We are the young Malays who have supported you guys during the last PRU 13!!!. So listen, get a good rest will you?. Campaigning is over. Thank you.

PS | Our Culture says, you busuk hati, you go away and eat your “punai out” and don’t come back, please!!!!,

BN & UMNO Candidates tommorow!!

Okay, tomorrow we will know who shall be our new reps.

Today it is very quiet, no one talks about the names in the list. And of course we have a list of about 30 odd numbers of MCA’s selected candidates of which the list excludes giants such Ong Kee Teat. Well, don’t really care about who are in the list for MCA. I don’t know anyone in the list, but you know, as an urban dweller I would have to settle with anyone who BN has selected. No big deal.

Of course none is the list has been identified with psychical leg injury or joints, or something like that.


Well, tomorrow will come and we settle the thing tomorrow.

Scarify for the country – building road, mending plantation and railway. Oh yes?

English: Siti Nurhaliza performing at the Kual...

English: Siti Nurhaliza performing at the Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival 2008. Bahasa Melayu: Siti Nurhaliza sedang membuat persembahan di Festival Filem Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You like this country because it is an easy-going. Food and everything is abundance. Nation building? Nahhh, WTF.

Oh well, people are smart. They speak good things about themselves and bring about stories which sometimes, downgrading other while doing it.

When Tun Mahathir chided non-Malays for being lucky when they were rolled in as Malaysian citizen during Tunku‘s time, they started to fight back lambasting all for reasons non other than they were nation builder.

In my lifetime, I remember how hard it was when job was not found, so I traveled north to Kuala Lumpur and live there ever since. For sake of living and my well-being. That is okay, migration is in one country, my country. I toiled all things around me to have decent living.  People who came to Malaya then could always claim they were nation builder but the truth was that they came for food and the same as me travelling around the globe to have decent living. They claimed they were nation builder. But that they were migrants who had cross border into another nation claiming the state they lived in as theirs.

Why the same story involving people from India in Mynamar does not go well with the local Rankine as well as those in similar state in this country?.  Are they not nation builder?. They are fishermen and surely they bring food to the people of Myanmar and a nation builder in that sense. But then they don’t have similar treatment as those who claimed a nation builder in this country.

What Tun Mahathir has said should be remembered well, we should always know our own  root and be thank-full that Malays are very friendly thus do not take things for granted.

Life has meaning. No one brought you here but yourself for the better of your life. And of course you must work for it.

Gerakan terkejut cadangan RCI sebelum merdeka. Melayu sudah lama terkejut bila Cina melampau batas tidak bersyukur.

Bila Cina DAP, dahulu nya di jadikan rakyat Malaysia tanpa syarat, memohon RCI keatas penduduk Islam di Sabah yang telah di beri kerakyatan, Dr Mahathir telah bersuara meminta supaya perkara yang sama, yaitu diadakan RCI keatas sejuta rakyat tanpa izin Cina sebelum merdeka yang telah diterima tanpa syarat sebagai warga negara.

Aku rasa permintaan Mahathir itu fair, kerana memberi kerakyatan kepada makluk asing harus di siasat dan disemak. Mentalahan pula apabila penerimaan kaum ini sebagai rakyat Malaysia tanpa syarat membawa padah kepada umat Melayu pada masa ini maka seharusnya perkara ini disiasat dan diambil tindakan memperbaiki sistem pengambilan rakyat asing itu seperti meletakan beberapa syarat penting agar kerhamonian dan kedamaian diantara penduduk tempatan dengan mereka yang diberi kerakyatan, seperti mana yang di lakukan di Sabah dapat di pertahankan..

Kita mengesorkan supaya tindakan segera diambil untuk menubuhkan suruhan jaya diraja mengkaji dan menyiasat kesilapan lampau dalam isu mengambil lebih sejuta kaum Cina sebagai warga negara tanpa syarat dan segera mencari jalan menyelesaikan kemelut warga negara yang tidak bersyukur dimasa masa akan datang. Dengan tindakan itu diharap generasi akan datang tidak akan lagi menghadapi sitiuasi serupa dimana kesalahan sikap sebagai warga negara yang tidak berterima kasih kepada penduduk tempatan tidak lagi timbul yang boleh membawa kepada perbalahan kaum yang kronik.

English: Signature of Mahathir Mohamad. Españo...

English: Signature of Mahathir Mohamad. Español: Firma de Mahathir Mohamad. Bahasa Melayu: Tandatangan Mahathir Mohamad. Русский: Подписани Махатхир Мохамад. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People will always decide the Malay be PM of Malaysia, so what?


People of Malaysia will always decide the Malay is the PM of Malaysia

People will also decide the Malay be the King of Malaysia.

There won’t be a Chinese PM or a Chinese King in this country.

That is what people of this country have decided. It will stay on until the end of the world.

Malaysia stands as a country where its people speak the national language or bahasa kebangsaan, other languages are permitted but remain as a second language to the bahasa kebangsaan.

Who asked you to step down?

Mahathir bin Mohamad - World Economic Forum An...

Mahathir bin Mohamad - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2003 (Photo credit: World Economic Forum)

When quizzed over Mahathir’s remarks about stepping down to give way to young people to take over the helm of the party, Datuk Seri Nik Aziz was adamant about it and that he would still contest next PRU 13 as a candidate even after his overdue age of 81 years.

“Who asked you to step down?” he asked Mahathir.

Oh Lord, when Mahathir was the premier, all quarters within his party had made noises over Mahathir’s long services in the politics and that they grumbled over Mahathir’s three terms premiership. They had labeled him as MahaFirauan because of it.

Most observers believe the time when Nik Aziz steps down as PAS spiritual leader, PAS will lose Kelantan to any other party. No one can take over his place now as his name is synonym with Kelantan PAS’s state. Kelantan is safe when Nik Aziz is in control of the party, not otherwise.

Or perhaps, you know, he probably returns after death and will still contest for the seat as a people representative of the Vampires or Dracula for the other side of the world.  That is really a spirituality leadership.

Like it or not, DAP can never pick a representative in the state, unless, yes, unless he is a Muslim Chinese, and also is accepted by the Malays from onset. The list of State Adun does not state any name other than those related to Muslim names.

PKR is luckier than DAP but then the party too can not select a person with name as Xavier or Cock or what ever non-Muslim name as a candidate.

To say that Kelantanese are racist in that respect of making choice, yes, but then it is all about leaders “must be Muslim who can lead Muslim” which has been there for century.

BN must follow the same myth  to win the heart and mind of the people of that State. Selected leaders too expected to serve until death.

Or must return as a Vampire’s representative after death. There are plenty Vampires in “the Moon” now, says Dr Hassan.

That is the way it goes.

Susah untuk dapatkan DNA bangsa Malaysia untuk Hannah Teoh

Menjadi suami isteri dari kaum yang berlainan bangsa, selalu nya keturunan dari mereka ini akan diperturunkan dengan bangsa keturunan bapa. Kerana DNA bapa lebih hebat, atau orang lebih menamakan bapa yang berkerja kuat. Sebagai contoh, Kupusamy a/l Samy, atau Aadita a/p Samy, dan tidak pernah ada nama itu disebut Samy a/l Aadita. Kecuali satu dalam sejarah peradapan manusia, iaitu Isa bin Marriam.

Tetapi jikalau inginkan nama bangsa Malaysia perkara ini adalah terlalu rumit. Kerana isteri itu memerlukan DNA dari semua bapa-bapa dari yang di senaraikan dibawah ini:-


    • Suku Melayu Johor
      • Orang Siam Asli
      • Orang Laut – Orang Biduanda Kallang dan Orang Sabimba
    • Suku Melayu Kedah
      • Orang Gergasi
      • Orang Sakai Laut
    • Suku Melayu Kelantan
    • Suku Melayu Melaka
      • Suku Melayu Palembang
      • Orang Laut – Orang Selat
    • Suku Melayu Pahang
    • Suku Melayu Patani
    • Suku Melayu Perak
    • Suku Melayu Terengganu




Kaum Bumiputra di Sabah



Kaum Bumiputra di Sarawak

Kaum Bukan Bumiputra

Macam mana tak kan “hubby’ bagi chance untuk merayau kesemua tempat. Baguslah tu sudah putuskan bangsa anak nya sebagai anak Cina. (Kesian orang yang berkerja kuat). Tetapi jikalau teringinkan sangat, boleh, kena lah pecahkan ruyung dulu, berkecai-kecai kerana ramai, barulah dapat sagunya. Mak oii, berkecai-kecai lagi. Kalau kena orang gergasi kategori Melayu tu, aku tidak tahu lah apa akan jadi, tak keluar keluar sagunya kut, kena pecahkan ruyung dia berkali kali baru ok kut. Belum sebut baba nyonya dan Punjabi. Baik lupakan hendak kan sagu tu, pergi jer ke Giant beli sekampit, habis cerita.

UMNO jahat kut?

Hello kekawan. UMNO baik kah?

Lima puluh tahun aku tengok sekolah cina sekolah cina jugak? Kata hendak ubah?

Apa Cina hendak semua di bagi. Hendak kan FTZ di Pulau Indah di bagi. Hendak kan IPP di kasi. Hendak apa-apa saja di beri.

Kenapa dibagi kalau tahu mereka hendak tipu rakyat? Pemimpin tahi kucing in akal ada tetapi otak tak der ke?

Mungkin UMNO kaki tipu rakyat juga kut. Patut lah Nik Aziz yang sudah dijemput lima kali tidak mahu join UMNO. Betul lah jahat dan jahanam UMNO ini.

Bangsat lah orang orang UMNO zaman sekarang ini rupanya.

Tunjuk garang depan kita, Melayu, konon, tapi belakang lanyak juga kut. Nasib baik tak der keris, kalau ada tercabut hulu nak tunjuk garang. Tapi ngap juga dibelakang orang jenis macam ini! Kucing punya pemimpin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aku tidak tahu parti yang mana aku hendak undi dalam PRU 13 nanti.  Semua tidak boleh pakai . Tak kan hendak undi Obama atau Gaddafi kut!!.

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100 years Viva forever – God must be on drugs!!

"You guys carry the deads, we the alive. That's the difference"

"Who says we're hardup, we're not?"

"We called it MLM or pyramid schemes"

"We sell all things dead or alive"

"Oh, Chua, there you are. We are looking for you. Your daughter is getting married, and don't bring that stupid llama with you, ok"

"Shit, ekpensif, Petaling Street's cheaper ma, they're all immitations"

"Hey, I still have that although 100 years old, all in Kuala Selangor. My grand ma brought it with her during the exodus. And the language, too. But why the natives called us "Sengkit"?. "

Oh shit, look around you everything is the same. We are still in China. Who says we are in Malaysia?

Photos: Flickr Photos.

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