Example of a written resume for students of higher learning

Railroad signals of North America Resume Speed...

Railroad signals of North America Resume Speed after temporary restricted speed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a first lesson for students of higher learning.  Especially for those students in the Kementerian Pelajaran, please note that our first lesson in how to write a proper resume is by using other people’s resume as an example. To make this a worthwhile lesson, we use an example in the resume from P. Kamalanathan, the so famous politician cum public relation officer in the government.

A first test on a crisis management for P. Kamalanathan‘s so well acclaimed experience in the public relation is the toilet cum the bathing room cum the canteen.

P Kamalanathan in his public resume wrote,

“I have the ability to assess the situation from inside and outside the organization as all stakeholders might perceive it and at the same time would be able to identify the techniques needed to solve or prevent a crisis before it blows out of context.

Probably all persons would have written the above sentence and perhaps it is a normal resume when you want to elaborate your experience in the public relation issue that is involving a crisis management.

Oh well, I would probably write the same thing if I were to get a job for any public relation work in any company, but when I get into problems which are fully described as in my resume, I would make certain my written statement as in the resume fits that of my experience. As a teacher, however, I won’t recommend you to do that. I certainly like to say, I will do what ever a man can do, just like a professional would normally do.

Otherwise, you know, one who is without the necessary experience would jump into making a biased conclusion before asessing of the situation from inside and outside by saying ” Menjadikan bilek persalinan sebagai tempat makan sementara untuk para pelajar bukan beragama Islam pada bulan Ramadan adalah tidak sesuai sama sekali. Perkara ini tidak harus berlaku. Saya kecewa. Kementerian memandang serius perkara ini dan meminta BPSH untuk membuat siasatan serta merta dan katakan kepada kita mengapa tindakan tidak boleh di ambil terhadap pegawai yang membuat keputusan itu.”

All stakeholders might perceive it. Forget about the protocol here, whether you need to ask your boss before voicing out the word of frustration as the whole issue involve Indian’s stakeholders or not. Whose stakeholder is this resume resumed to?. When he did a cursory inspection later the next day, we heard the tone of the voice was a bit mild. In that he had identified the techniques needed to solve or prevent a crisis before it blew out of context. Oh well, it had blown out of context after all.

In our example, the writer of the resume, as informed via the media,  solved the whole problems affecting toilet cum canteen by issuing a cheque for RM10, 000. Probably in Malaysia, that is the best solution for all critical issues. Give money.

For students, writing a resume is a very important exercise. Please make sure what you have written was the whole truth of your capability. If you’re not capable at certain level, please say so. Make sure the written statements don’t lie. At any time, your real work during a crisis would prove whether what written are the whole truth or the whole lie.

Students; as a test for today’s lesson, please write your resume containing the whole truth about yourself, and hand it over to my pigeon box by 10 am tomorrow morning. Anybody who submits it late, a penalty of  RM10,000 will be imposed and added to to your tuition fee. Okay. Bye, Good day, and see ya all tomorrow.