Leprosy virus begins to eat the Kelantanse’s skinhead meat.

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Only those who know the reason for GOD destroying meat of human beings, those apostrophe, those who condemn other Muslim as sinister, those fellow Muslim as kafir,  as now God begins to show human being in Machang, Kuala Krai, Kota Bahru, Pasir Mas, how leprosy virus will take back their meats, flatted from their own mouth full of sin.

Malaysia has been declared as a free leprosy country, but yet, God is great, it comes back to haunt the Kelantanese, no matter how great is Malaysia  in achieving the freedom out of leprosy.

Beware, only GALAS is free of leprosy. Come ye the old men, give ye heart to your ONLY God, who never cheat and lie, live among us the good people of Kelantan.

My only doa, is that, people of Kelantan will learn the lesson from their own God, and that, leprosy will enter Pulau Pinang too, to eat the meat of people who recite Quran for a cheap sale. And my last prayer is that God gives this leprosy virus to Kalipahlimpegangcepat Omar, Phd (degree paling hasad dengki dari universiti Nanyang) , the cheap imitator of the great Islamic leader of this century, during this outbreak, quickly. Ameen, Ya Rabill Alamin.

Note: Sent a SMS to sister in Mecca now, to recite the same against the above cruel leaders who lead these people to leprosy by acting against the God, recite Quran and enter the mosque for cheap sale in politics. But yet, nonbelievers themselves. Ameen.

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