Causality of a war

Racial Penile Manicure
Image by Trevor Haldenby via Flickr

We are all suffering from a mind-boggling syndrome as a result in  never-ending wars from egoism, decipherment and anti establishment of the minority.

Portraits and pictures of hatred of one another, in a country they say their  own, are the signature of men destroyed through a raging war on terror. Terrorists are everywhere, even in the fight for the right to the usage of mother tongue’s language.

Not a long time ago, Chinese who love China prepared a first attack on the Malaysian education by cunningly disobeying national inspiration for a single school. Sixty private Chinese schools were given to this group to emulate their mother tongue education in this country since 1954 well before the independence. Their fight in my view was to segregate the country’s mass population mother tongue from their own. Succeeded they have but who are  casualties of this war, a war that twists the arms of the government‘s inspiration for a true unity among so many faces and races in this nation?. It’ has divided the community into;  yours or mine. That was the true ultimate goal of this war , yes.

Other wars or racist remarks start from here, yes right here. NEP, MEB, Fuck TNB, Negarakuku, Ketuanan China, Chinese road signs, Chinese Letter heads, Signboard, Surau invaders, Allah, darkened forehead PAS members, nincompoop politicians, chauvinist, bigot,  middle finger Malaysia, Nah Fuck racism.  Think what they have said all stemmed from this purposely made f**kinnnng ragging war. Self-centred-ness right to a Mandarin’s tongued individual surrounded by so many Malays. Feel proud of it? Proud you may have but why that kind of gangsters, Chinaman‘s  proud? Look around you all are modern, easy and simple. No single race is on the top of the other, we are born equal. No right to be racist among us.

Their bullets were the right to use mother tongue language, Mandarin, here in Malaya, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and then Malaysia. After heavy struggles with massive supports from local Chinese groups, Chinese trades and commences, and other Chinese NGOs, won  the battle fields to fang out the nationalists.

Name Wee is one of their products apparently is a classic example from this short minded and small-eyed society’s controversial approach in a country blessed with abundance of natural resources.  The outcome of last general election saw a number of other similar controversial products to imitate one kind of revolution, does your country loves you?. Who would love you, if you have a wall that divides us apart?. Please remember a country can’t give love, nah not at all, its population can, and who the hell is its population?

They are the offspring of anti establishment. Or aren’t they?. Are they using the right for mother tongue education to set up a line between or to conquer the business world for themselves. Are they faking a war to survive in the Malay Kingdom? You think about it, seriously. Think of NEP bastardized, think how the hell the Malay’s economy never had achieved the target 30%, and with 100% support, where it’d  gone wrong!!!!, Divided roles by language  through f**ccked your mother- tounged business?

Look and listen to this video that came out from the anti racist Name wee’s Nah Fuck the Racism rap; enjoy the war bro!. There will be more.

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