Everything in life involves choice, so choose one.

Ferrari F430 Spider - 03
Image by Crouchy69 via Flickr

Oh well, to choose driving a machine to your secluded places that are far from your own normal neighborhood, isn’t a much problem. If you have a Ferrari F430 spider, surely you would drive it to your Genting home and it will take you there in some 30 minutes from here in the south of NKVE.  But more than that, it gives you the pleasure of a great driving machine, fast and furious, and with its E-diff; anyone can adjust driving style to his favorite sport, race, or normal speed on the knob at the steering wheel. Forget about driving it to Kuantan or Cameron Highland because of the distance and the road, you feel as if you’re in a frying pan, bumping up and down, and destroying the pleasure of this great machine.

For a dynamic driving and a long distance I would prefer to drive CLS 63 AMG, a superb AMG sport suspension, high performance braking system and its plus 7Gtronic make your driving an enjoyable family drive. But please look at your speedometer it is in MPH and not in KPH, so, it looks as if you are on a 120 kph, but then it is a whopping 220 kilometer per hour.

Choice of driving a machine to your favorite places sometimes depends on the necessity for you to arrive at the place. If you like the pleasure of great driving machine, then you have no choice but to opt for the above cars. They are safe, pleasurable and comfortable.  Otherwise, I would say, a five series BMW would give just as much pleasure for a long and winding road ahead of you.

Give it a try.

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