Is it learning Chinese civilization is better than learning Islamic Civilization?

English: Painting of King Mongkut in the unifo...

English: Painting of King Mongkut in the uniform of a Chinese Mandarin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Early Chinese civilization in the history described how the civilization has created a Chinese society today.

Kampar’s MP Ko Chung Sen has questioned the Ministry of Education the need for the Islamic Civilization as a compulsory subject in IPTA and IPTS before completing the courses.

I don’t know whether the subject is a compulsory subject, but as a layman in the education thing, learning a subject that arose an intellectual discussion thus giving a greater understanding of a known culture is good for the students. And Islamic Civilization is a subject so common with the society in this country, therefore any citizen who wish to live in this country should understand the history in this great civilization.

In the history of Islamic Civilization one could not find a king with 1,000 concubines. Or perhaps, a story of a man was selected among a hundred other men, to taste King’s food as a food tester. The story of a King who forced the Rakyat to build sculptures of warriors fully dressed and were ready for a war. A story how pageants or farmers forced to work for free in farms owned by elite leaders. A story of how thousands and thousands Chinese families with bonded feet moms forced to run away from the farms in “tongkang” to various parts of many countries, including countries whose population is Muslim.

When I was working in a bank, some of my superiors asked me to make credit work, of which I had rejected that idea because I felt I should do the thing I knew best. That reason was nothing spectacular, but, I think it arose because of my arrogance. I think, in the case of Kampar’s MP, the reason to object Islamic Civilization as a compulsory subject is also because of his arrogance in learning something which is a worthwhile after all most students, local students, have to live in a country where Islam is the official religion.