Strays walk the street

The crime index in Malaysia has not risen at an alarming rate.

OSAC gave a rating of medium on the crime rate in Malaysia.

The recent outbreak of criminal activity, however involved day light shooting of several people including a prominent banker. It was an alarming development, and unfortunately it has occurred only after the repeal of two important preventing laws, ISA and OD.

Although there was no substantial evidence to show proof crimes had taken place after the acts were annulled, the PDRM had initially revealed that the federal agency had released more than 2,500 criminals from jails. The agency also had suggested 90% of the crimes registered over the year were involved the strays or the released criminals.

If this is accepted as a fact arising from proper investigations, the Police therefore may act against them in pronto in preventing the crimes, irrespective of whether the authority needs new preventive laws, as I am sure, we have enough laws to prevent crimes.

One crime which people are scared is being shot down in the public. I am not too sure, whether this is a heavy crime or a medium crime, but being dead on the streets without protection whatsoever is a scary experience and say gunning down is surely a heavy crime.

I am not too sure, why our government has repealed the two important laws recently. Is it because of the 1Malaysia a concept that denotes for equal fairness to all Malaysians? I am also not too sure, whether people who cannot live within the society due to their bad habits are treated fairly under 1Malaysia thus entitled to be freed and released to the streets.

Strays are dangerous, and due to a long confinement in various jails may go about the towns to get revenge. Giving pardons to criminals can pass only if they repent, and are not likely committing any serious crime against the people at large in the society, again and again.

If PDRM is of the opinion that the two laws need to be reintroduced so that the crime rate will decrease and assist the federal agency work, the government must take notice of the view and take appropriate action for the safety of the masses in this country.