Selling bread in politics – Sakmangkok Hayun’s way

Making bread is very easy, in that, the baker normally uses several ingredients and virtually infinite combinations of different flours, and differing proportions of ingredients, has resulted in a wide variety of types, shapes, sizes, and textures available around the world.

A wide variety of additives may be used, from fruit and nuts to various fats, to chemical additives designed to improve flavour, texture, colour and all other.

Massimo and Gardenia, both produce bread for the Malaysian population. And the nice thing is that, Malaysian are at own liberty to choose which bread they want to purchase and consume.

As the majority is Muslim, the choice in buying a loaf of bread, is of course depend on the halal status. What makes a bread halal or haram is its ingredients. Nothing is political about making this choice. It is all about Muslim’s faith in Islam.

Now, if the manufacturer of a bread, unless you bake yourself, is a non-Muslim, the like of Robert Kuok, or someone like him, nothing personal or politic about naming a non-Muslim producer, if by any chance uses an ingredient or a variety of additives containing various fats which aren’t permitted by Syariah but are commercially viable to produce a bread using the ingredients as found in other Western countries, it is therefore haram or prohibited to consume that type of bread.

You as businessmen can sell but we the consumers can select. It is not a politic in selling and buying food.

To ease in selecting a producer or a manufacturer which is in a Syariah compliance, it is always better for any Malaysian Muslim to buy bread from a Muslim manufacturer.

A very simple explanation, so then, why must it be discussed in a political arena as in this case. So please MP RAUB, don’t politicize the Muslim buying’s choice or preference.