Rebecca Black’s new song – My Moment

My Moment menceritakan keunikan beliau menaiki carta musik mendapat sambutan 167 juta peminat dan paradi di twitter dan lain-lain socia media.

Salah satu lagu parodi mendapat sambutan sehingga 11 juta peminat dalam seminit ialah Rebecca Black Friday official parody di YouTube.

Satu lagi lagu parodi Rebecca Black dibawah ini.

Awww, Rebecca!!! penyanyi baru..


Awesome in aqua: Kelly Brook titillates in turquoise as she shows off her beach body in a sea green bikini

Hey, guys I just follow Murdoch‘s style lah, put no lie at all, some sex story but not that a lot too, and some grubby stories, in my blog. Huh, I wanna be funny with a bit fun here and there. At least see-see people lah, living style of so called high society lah.

But then, don’t scold me, Kelly is fun-tastic.

Read more of the story here:

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