Who cares, it’s my house, I can do whatever I want.

New housing estate at Elrick. New housing esta...

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If you go around the middle and the lower groups’ housing estates, you definitely will find extensive renovations that mess up the whole schemes.

Extending own house using materials and colors that do not fit well into serenity of the whole scheme may become a major cause for the property to keep up with a supposedly uprising market value of today. Owner-occupiers who are sharing the area are not only facing disturbance but also facing similar downgrading of their key investments.

Therefore, it becomes a necessity for owners to plan a proper extension over their houses as not to affect others who share a similar environment. It is the time for an environmental friendly neighborhood, which sustains green environment and generates a healthy living standard among people of this great nation. It is also the time local councils keep up to the promises made in the by-law, those who offend are punishable, and unqualified extensions be removed.