One time immigration and controlled immigration. UK’s experience

Oh well, UK or British society has now feel the same thing that we have felt and experienced over the past hundred years.

Malay proverb says, what you do to other may one day befalls on you.

British had left nearly 1 million Chinese and over hundred thousands Indian laborers in Malaya when they packed and went home in 1957. Now Britain’s towns and cities were flooded with as much the number they left us, and cried foul of the situation that gives toll on UK life. half of Briton suffer under strain placed on schools, police, NHS (National Health Service) and housing.

  • Half of population lives in town /city with high immigration in past decade, whilst we have lived a life time where all towns and cities are full of the British’s leftover laborers.
  • Ministers say “uncontrolled” flow has caused problems for wider society. We said your “controlled migration” of the leftover laborers caused greater problems to our life and happiness.
  • Squeeze on school places and disproportionate levels of certain crimes. We say we are living with different school as the leftover laborers want their own schools and expenses.
  • Has also resulted in inflated rent and immigrants living in “beds in shed”. We say we are forced to live in shed some without bed as your leftover laborers fight for space in cities and towns.

So next time you think that you like doing the world community a service by invading a country, don’t leave your laborers in that country later when you decided to leave. They are potential source of all kinds of problem like you are having to face them now.

Expect the same problems will invade you centuries later, please. Don’t you mourn all these problems like a small child. Be like us. Have to live with the problems because of you.


Read more problems in the migrants’ flooding UK’s towns and cities that are affecting Briton here.

PS: Serve you right bro. What you did to other, is coming back to you now in full swing.

Human rights victory for rapists and paedophiles

Thousands of sex offenders, including rapists and paedophiles, will be able to apply to be removed from the sex crimes register under human rights laws, the Government has announced.

A Supreme Court ruling has forced the Government reluctantly to draw up new rules allowing serious sex offenders put on the register for life to have their place on the list reconsidered.

The Home Office plans were opposed by child protection campaigners and Conservative MPs, who said some offenders could never be considered completely “safe”. The new rules were drawn up because the Supreme Court ruled that automatic lifetime inclusion on the register breached the Human Rights Act.

David Cameron said the ruling was “offensive,” but ministers say they have no choice but to comply by changing the rules on the register.

The case is the latest involving the Act to set judges against political opinion. It has increased calls for reform of the Act, which is being reviewed by a Coalition committee.

Under current rules, anyone sentenced to more than 30 months in jail for a sexual offence is put on the register for life on release. Those on the register are monitored by police and visited regularly by officers. The Home Office estimates that there are about 44,000 people on the register, about 25,000 of them for life.

Read more : The Telegraph. Or here at The Sun.

Mak Nyah Malaysia (si bapuk) lari dari suami setelah mendapat visa Britain, kesian Young.

Penjaga  sekolah kehilangan kerja dan menjadi papa setelah menyediakan pound sterling 12,000 untuk visa isteri dari Malaysia yang telah meninggalkan beliau setelah mendapat visa tersebut.

Saorang  “bapuk” yang telah menukar jantina kepada seorang perempuan  telah meninggalkan suami beliau yang telah berusaha mendapatkan visa untuk beliau menetap di Britain dua minggu selepas mendapat visa menetap dinegara itu.

Ian Young telah menghabiskan pound sterling 12,000 untuk memohon visa isteri beliau rakyat Malaysia Fatine – dilahirkan Mohammed Fazdil Bin Bahari –  yang mengatakan beliau akan di penjara jikalau beliau kembali ke Malaysia kerana pertukaran jantina adalah salah mengikut undang-undang di Malaysia.

Beliau berkata, beliau mencintai Fatine walaupun telah dibuang kerja di semua sekolah yang beliau berkerja.

Tetapi, dua minggu setelah mendapat visa, Fatine meninggalkan beliau.

Encik Young berkata beliau satu ketika ingin membunuh diri kerana kehilangan kerja, tetapi berubah fikiran dan akan mencuba memulakan hidup baru.

Mat Ell #eekaawordpresscom