We’re not that far away, the Muslim and the Christian

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We aren’t that far away from the phenomenon in the Rakhine state and the Sinai. We have been spooked. We have been eating the same food of a religious chauvinism as much as they do, the Rohingya and the Buddhists, the Coptic and the Islamic fundamentalists in the Al-Ikwan Muslimin of Muslim Brotherhood, the DAP evangelists and Perkasa fundamentalists, and the PAS extremists. Soon, most of you will have amputated legs as the result of it, a similar cure for diabetes or, perhaps, worst, death.

Josep Marino, the Archbishop from Vatican, is as good as Father Matthew Awad, a Coptic Orthodox Christian who mourned the death of hundred of his followers in Alexandria. But Mr Josep is different from that of Matthew, he brings a germ that will cause a new disease, religion chauvinism, into this country.

Father Matthew was accused of converting Muslims to Christianity, and when the revolution occurred in 2011, he was a famous man, among the Coptic, as almost all Islamist fundamentalists in Alexandria were looking for him.

He was lucky, but not Maldy Laway Habib, a 59-year-old elderly of a church, found in a grave a week after being shot down.

In his own words, Father Matthew said that Muslim fundamentalists were killing their parents, the elderly, kidnapped their women, and burned their churches. Does it sound similar happening in the Rakhine province?. He said, since the revolution, Coptic like he had to live in fear of their lives. He had been forced to live apart from his family because of his faith. Today he lives in Brighton, UK.

Others in El Arishi, in the Sinai province, are not so lucky like Father Matthew. They were accused of siding the Egyptian army in the recent 3 July coup. They were hunted and killed every day since then.

The growing anti Muslim Brotherhood in Eygpt as it were is the result of a change in the mindset of people around the world. The people of UAE, and the masses of Middle East. They thought of making the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group.

Back in our own nation, the religion chauvinism disease has been diagnosed. Persons the like of Vivian, Alvin, Hannah Yeoh, Ibrahim Ali, Namwewe, Nga Ko Ming, on one side, and Dr Hassan Ali, Nassarudin, and many more on the other side, we are all being spooked. Time will tell you, then who among us will have  our legs amputated to cure this disease. We must not wait until some of us were wiped out as the Rohingya in the Rakhine province. This is a dangerous disease, worse than HIV.

Mat Ell, the burger seller man.  (Author)

Who we?. Of crime and roberies

Sickening. Living in towns and cities which are represented by DAP party. Even their writer condemns crime, and joyfully said they cannot even eat in peace. But who are they to say just that when they contribute to the success of a party which doesn’t care about crime in real-time, in fact we may have a second thought of the party, for the reason that the crime ALWAYS is highlighted happening in the areas they were the winners in the last general election.

No usual reported crime in rural areas. No such thing as robberies in kampung. These criminal activities are rampant in towns and cities where Chinese were around.

So, when someone writes “We Malaysian sick of crime” the true statement should be “WE Chinese sick of crime”, that’s more like it. Don’t involve Malaysian with the crime you invented.

Serve you right, its time for the Chinese to do community job to teach Chinese how to eat peacefully and go to toilet in joy when the mother nature calls.

You the Chinese eat in expensive restaurants, when some of us cannot even afford proper housing. You the Chinese flash the expensive cars, stash bundle of cash in arrogant, and speak Chinese language as if you were rich foreigners, and intimidating the poor in our society to commit crime.

Serve you right, its time though that your representatives such as Lim Kit Siang and Hannah Yeo do the work as MP or Adun as crime buster. The police in this country has lot more work to do. Black 505 and street demonstrations and all the rubbish you guys created too are crime prone activities.

Don’t finger-pointing at the society at large for the crime that happens from your own selfishness and arrogant.


Shops are for the Chinese, so you expect us to give to you richness by buying good and services from you ONLY?.

Subang Jaya and the Chinese named Hannah Yeoh.

English: Summit USJ shopping mall in Feb 2011.

English: Summit USJ shopping mall in Feb 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have lived in this area since USJ 2 has just been completed. By then, it was a large oil palm plantation land better known as United Seafield Jaya. We bought a house in then United Seafield Jaya now known as USJ 2. She, Hannah, is not known to me or my community members then, perhaps she was still attending a primary school.

We have a mixture of MalaysChinese and Indian, a combination of which represents the community living as in many other suburban areas of Kuala Lumpur. Our kids grew together in Seafield School nearby. As the result we know each other well, and become close friends. There is no racial issue in this community even since.

Our friendship has gone a long way until we heard that one Chinese Lawyer Hannah Yeoh who came in 2008 as our Adun. According to her, as a Christian, she was told by her God to serve us to fight corruption, racial politics and fair election. She wasn’t interested in politics at first, but had begun her career in politics after serving Tony Pua‘s political meetings serving food and making coffee. And that she did for the past five years.

We have not seen any racial issue in our community but then it was the subject she would bring about her politics. There weren’t big corruption cases in the constituency too, thus the two main jobs she said she wanted to fight for us were in fact none existence then, that left her with another job, fighting for a fair election. But since we have already had fair elections over the past 50 years or so leaving her with no more job to do.

So, she raised a family and now she is a plump woman with a fat chin and is expecting another baby soon. Because she has no job for us, she started to serve the church and bragging with her sermons every day, and I think it is fair for her to do so because that was what her God asked her to do so when she lost a job in Australia and had to return home to work.

At the beginning of her career as a politician she brought up a few young Chinese musicians who would do music and dance troupes, all in Chinese language, the music was very loud and no one would understand a word hearing the noise. Every week we would have to listen to the noise from the music that came from a Chinese concert or something and no one but the Chinese would go and watch. Even some of my Chinese friends didn’t even bother to attend the functions. Out of the sudden there were no more musical concerts and we heard nothing not a word except when there was a picture of Mother Mary on the wall of SJMC, when she said that her prayers have been answered. Well, I don’t know that, but what was known later, the picture was brought to a church in Klang for a close examination. It was a heavy rain that afternoon and some blue paint was blown by the wind that formed the figure on the glass wall. So I was told. I don’t know whether God has answered her prayer, but then which prayers?.

Looking at her photo, one of my Chinese friends said, compared with the one as when she was in early in her career of Adun, then she looked slim and beautiful. The picture today shows her as a plump and a happy housewife. Perhaps her salary is very good, compared to mine as an insurance agent, which is very little to make me grow like her, said my good Chinese friend who has always wanted to teach me to predict 4 D numbers.

We play football, and golf sometimes, and our friendship, within our community is not perturbed, even before she planned to do away with racial issue. But then her work was truly a racial base community meeting because most often than not the participants were all Chinese. I don’t know what made she said that we have faced serious racial issues before she came in to Subang Jaya as an Adun.

So, if you decided to vote for DAP, please consider that we also have Malay and Indian living in this area too. But all meetings are meant for the Chinese!!. By voting the party which Hannah Yeoh is representing, you would throw away other people in the community into a rubbish bin. Their prayers would never be answered. So it is better for you to think twice about the issues this party says it would fight for. They don’t exist in our community, and in the end you would be paying an Adun extravaganza for whoever he or she isn’t doing but only growing into a big size over five years by not doing anything. So forget it, don’t waste rakyat’s money. Better spend the money to build our football field or a small golf club.

Agama Kristian > doktrin yang akan kecewakan Melayu

Don’t be made a slave as the African Blacks were made slaves by the so called Christians.

Saya ingin cadangkan kepada ustaz-ustaz evangelist supaya mendalami agama mereka itu sedalam dalam nya, sebelum ingin membawa umat Melayu ke agama mereka.

Cuba kenal siapakah Saul of Tarsus. Kemudian cuba fahami Nabi Isa.

Kita umat Melayu kenal siapa kah Nabi Isa. Dia nabi kepada kaum Bani Israel. Di angkat Allah untuk memberitahu kaum Bani Israel mengenai kedatangan Nabi Muhamad, nabi terakhir untuk seluruh umat dunia. 

Bila Adam dan Hawa melanggar perintah Allah dengan memakan buah larangan di syurga, kita semua umat Adam dan Hawa tidak harus turut bersalah sehingga kita dikatakan terpaksa menanggung dosa warisan dari kelakuan mereka. Dalam dunia moden mereka yang melakukan kesalahan sahaja harus menanggung dosa. Dan Adam dan Hawa telah pun di kenakan tindakan oleh Allah dengan di hantar ke dunia. So it is a democracy, those who commit sin shall be punished. Apa kena mengena dengan orang lain walaupun kita dari kaum kerabat Adam dan Hawa? . Tidak demokrasi langsung, ya tak? 

Jadi, dimanakah dosa warisan? No way, tidak masuk akal menanggung dosa orang lain.

Cuba fikirkan, adakah logik Tuhan menghantar anak untuk menyelamatkan umat Adam dan Hawa. Jikalau Tuhan ada anak, siapa kah isteri nya, dan siapa tukang nikah nya, dan bila pula famili ini melahirkan seorang anak bernama Nabi Isa?. Jikalau ada famili-famili dari keturunan tuhan, siapa pula bapa saudara beliau, emak saudara dan lain-lain anggota keluarga. Adakah anak saudara mereka ini membawa kereta laju dan kena saman AES? Ada kah mereka ini mengadakan majlis perkhawinan dengan lain-lain anggota keluarga. Dan apabila ada apa akan jadi dengan dunia?. Adakah Sandy melanggar New York, bila bapa saudara tuhan terkentut?.  Jikalau bapa saudara tuhan sakit perut sembelit dan terkentut-kentut setiap masa, maka seluruh dunia akan dilanda dengan Sandy setiap kali dia terkentut. Sandy di Kuala Lumpur, Sandy di Beijing, Sandy di London setiap kali beliau terkentut. Dan juga bila begitu, adakah famili tuhan itu serupa dengan famili Marcos? dimana isteri beliau ada mempunyai berpuluh ribu pasang kasut? Isteri tuhan ada berapa seluar dalam, bro? 

Jadi doktrin mengatakan Nabi Isa anak tuhan itu adalah sebuah doktrin sampah. Tidak mungkin tuhan menyamai sebuah keluarga  manusia.

Setelah Nabi Isa dikatakan anak tuhan, mereka pula mengatakan sebagai anak tuhan beliau juga Tuhan!!!.  Anak tuhan mesti lah Tuhan. Anak puaka mesti lah datang dari bapak puaka. Jadi mereka menyembah Nabi Isa. Jadi Holy Trinity inilah yang dihebahkan sebagai kuasa spritual agama ini. 

Roh bapa puaka, roh anak puaka, dan roh bini (roh al kudus) seperti bini Marcos, semuanya mempunyai kuasa sama rata, sama bebas, jikalau anak hendak kasut 200 pasang, bapa akan kata, ok you can have them. Emak akan kata tambah 300 pasang. Bapa akan kata “what to do, get them, man”. Begitulah secara ringkas nya tentang doktrin ketuhanan mereka.

Adakah macam itu benda ketuhanan mereka ini?. La, sebuah keluarga menjaga kita semua. Tak masuk akal. Apa jadi bila roh bini, mampus? Hendak khawin lain kah tuhan mereka ini? Atau jikalau roh tuhan itu hendak khawin satu lagi, dimana hendak minta approval khawin dua? Kena pergi ke Betong atau ke Golok di sempadan Siam kah dia tu untuk lari dari isteri pertamaTidak masuk akal. Manusia Melayu Malaysia sahaja buat kerja semacam itu. 

Dan Nabi Isa disalib oleh penguasa Roman, kata mereka, sedangkan Nabi isa dinaikkan kelanggit.  Pendua Nabi Isa, Yudas atau Judas Iscariot, (Yesus Kristus pembelot) yang disalib mereka itu dikatakan untuk menebus dosa Adam dan Hawa. Apa dosa dia bro, hang tangkap orang serupa Nabi Isa, hang salib dia, dan paku dia, sebenar umat hang yang berdosa. Dan hang percaya itu juga membawa erti hang berdosa besar.

Jadi, apa hebatnya agama Kristian DAP ini?, sehingga, DAP bersungguh sungguh membawa agama itu ke Subang Jaya?. Hebatnya ialah kerana mereka anak beranak boleh mencari duit dengan punggutan derma, dan pastor mereka akan mendapat kereta besar, rumah besar dan segala segala nya besar dengan derma itu. Agama mencari makan seperti agama palsu yang lain-lain. BTW, Subang Jaya lubok orang-orang berduit, jadi memang tepat ianya sebuah tempat untuk kebas duit orang!!.

Untuk mendapat ahli mereka mengerjakan aktiviti yang disukai oleh remaja, seperti menari, berjoget, menyanyi, berpeluk-peluk, tetapi roh sebenarnya kepada gerak kerja atau aktiviti tersebut adalah dari roh syaitan, roh yang membawa anda kesatu tempat yang kosong lagi mengalpakan.

Bila kita kata bebas beragama, bermakna anda bebas beragama Kristian dan diharap didalam kebebasan itu anda akan mengenal agama Islam dan terus menukar agama Yesus the Iscariot  itu kepada agama Adin atau agama betul, tidak tipu atau “iscariot”,  dan terus menganutinya. Kerana ianya agama yang tulin lagi tidak terpesong. 

Untuk pemuda dan pemudi Melayu, bila di beri wang, ambil, di beri pertolongan,  terima, bila di tanya tentang Roh, jawab lah Roh Islam itu membawa kami kepada kebahagian murni yang amat agung. Kerana sesungguhnya tuhan kami hanya lah satu, dan Dia tidak merupakan sebuah famili seperti famili Marcos.


PS: Aku bukan hendak mempersendakan agama Kristian DAP, aku hanya ingin memperbetulkan akidah DAP yang tersangat ingin kepada Melayu untuk dimurtadkan. Lagi banyak mereka menjalankan aktiviti itu semakin banyak aku keluarkan fakta kejahilan agama Yesus the Iscariot.  Faham?.

Terlalu banyak urut dah!!

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Tak habis habis urut. Category Sex lah tu.

Selangor negeri urut kaki.

Koner kereta – urut kaki.

Koner lagi -urut kaki.

Koner lagi – urut badan.

Koner lagi – urut badan dan kaki.

Koner lagi – urut kepala.

Koner lagi- urut kepala dan punggung.

La… urut urut semua nya.

Sikit lagi semua orang Selangor jalan macam robot. Semua kaki mereka dah kena rata dengan “uruttohlogy”.

Tak der saorang pun sakit sakit kaki lagi.

Boleh buat kerja kuat kuat atau boleh terus jadi tukang urut kaki dan kepala.

Hendak kenal siapa yang sudah servis kaki?.

Mereka berjalan hayun kaki lurus tanpa gerak di lutut. “Straight”. Dari peha ke paras tumit kaki. Dua dua kaki. Makna nya berjalan semacam pinacho. Itu dia orang dah kena urut kaki. Sihat.

Aduh. Banyak nya.

Naik sahaja shopping komplek yang sedang menurun jualan, ada kedai reflexology – Makna dalam bahasa Melayu nya kedai urut kaki. Atau kedai reflex reflex ler, kedai lembut lembut kan otot otot, semua otot otot untuk menjaga kesihatan.

Masuk ke Summit hendak beli baju budak sekolah, dah ada perempuan lambai tangan suruh datang kepada dia. Bila nampak budak sekolah belakang kita, terus lambai dengan telefon konon sedang bercakap dengan kawan kawan.

Lain kali pergi saorang saorang. Jangan bawa budak. Lepas itu baru boleh jalan macam robot. Huh…

Eh, bikin malu jer lah bawa kanak kanak masuk shopping komplek ni.

Apa Hannah Yeoh buat ya?. Urut kaki ker atau urut kepala? Ker urut apa?