Bila Umno berkongsi kuasa dengan pendatang asing, bini pun nanti kena rogol.

Bercelaru. Jadi bodoh. Serupa share your pleasure hole dengan PATI. Huh, kan begitu?.

Apa yang terbangun dan terjadi di sekeliling anda?

Mega projek itu dan mega projek ini, sekarang, Johor akan menerima bandar baru yang akan di kuasai oleh mereka bermata sepet dan dodek tak di sugi di Iskandar, jadi bila masa kata mereka bersama membangun dengan Melayu?.

Jikalau Melayu tak aktif dengan perjanaan ekonomi jadi mengapa sibuk nak teruskan juga. Demi kemajuan?. Kemajuan apa jikalau penduduk setempat tidak maju.

Kita membina sesuatu yang belum sampai masa untuk Melayu, jadi jikalau bina juga, BN tidak memikirkan nasib Melayu, malahan ingin melenyapkan Melayu seperti yang berlaku keatas kampung kampung Melayu di Puchong, Kajang, Gombak, Kelang, Ampang, Sekinchan, dan lain lain lagi.

Sekarang semua mereka yang berada di dalam kawasan yang BN bangunkan itu ejek ejek kaum Melayu seperti seekor anjing lapar kek Hari Raya.

Apa yang kamu gelak UMNO, jubor kamu kena korek sekarang, dan 30 tahun lagi, kamu akan letakan kami sebagai mangsa pancung kaum kaum yang kamu duduk beri kongsi kuasa.

Memang bodoh, kurang akal jikalau dengan berkongsi kuasa kaum yang kamu bela itu jadi semacam anak anjing kelaparan dan perlu tuan dia bermata sepek beri kek hari raya.

Ya tak?

Ya tak apa?

Ya tak kamu semua jenis manusia kurang akal kerana hendak lihat negeri ini semacam New York dalam tempuh masa kamu hidup.

Polisi Tunku terbukti tidak berguna kepada semua Melayu di Malaysia sekarang ini, yaitu sebuah polisi main poker dan lumba kuda halal.


Hang semua tidak ada perjuangan untuk majukan kita. Hang semua berharap kami semua jadi bangkai hidup!.


Are we on the right track?

Be a sport. Answer me frankly. Are you happy with your life living in this country?.

My honest answer is this: NO.

Why am I having such an ungrateful answer?. Well, it depends on what I want, you know.

Perhaps you guys want to live in a place where there isn’t anyone else except you and your big noses and dark brown-skinned fellows who many of them are watchdogs. Or in a place full of color where none is bothering you.

Or you can call the town in your area is your own. A kind of ashamed showing a photograph to your former classmates when a Kuala Lumpur’s photo resembles that of China Town in the West End. And proudly say that I am from this country Malaysia, oh well, when your face doesn’t have similarity with the people who walked the streets in the background. I would have to show my photographs taken over the hills but then they are different as if I were a Taleban in a thick forest.

Ok, where do I make my stand which I can use to say I am from Malaysia, when photographs of towns and cities of this country show a different picture. They were all Chinese. It isn’t just for people like me to face this stupid policy that makes Chinese the king in towns and cities.

So I say, better say at the first meeting with friends in my old college that I am from Kelantan. They will definitely remember how Kota Bharu looks like during their visits, and I perfectly blend with the people in all photographs.

Hey, I think many of you now realize that too. And would be ashamed how this trend is taking place in this country. It is a kind of dangerous to sustain that kind of situation. I believe the government of the day is either careless or being dragged by a heinous partner.

I think it was an expensive lesson and we must remind new lawmakers to never do that again. And start redoing the whole thing so that people like me, those guys who have granted full trust to elected assemblymen, be a bit happier.

Sekarang orang Melayu telah belajar tiada kemulian di negeri dan dari orang orang China

Sunset of the Forbidden City, Beijing (northwe...

Sunset of the Forbidden City, Beijing (northwest cornor of the Forbidden City) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apa yang anda belajar dari Forbiden City? Gundek beribu orang dan zina, tipu muslihat dan lain lain. Tinggi kah nilai ilmu itu? 

Hadis “belajar lah sampai ke negeri China“. Ini sebuah hadis daif dan hadis yang membawa maksud berlajar lah kamu walaupun negeri itu jauh. Bukan kerana China atau orang orang Cina mempunyai budaya dan perangai yang harus di contohi untuk di pelajari dan mendapat keredaan Allah.

Sekarang pun orang Melayu telah tahu budaya kaum Cina berasal dari budaya rendah akhlak, rendah budi pekerti, rendah nilai dan rendah ketermadunan.

China tidak ada mempunyai budaya yang harus di pelajari dan di contohi.

Malahan budaya dan perangai orang orang China adalah berasal dari budaya yang buruk buruk, serta budaya rendah akhlak, budaya penyembah berhala, budaya tipuan kedunian, seperti terbukti dengan amalan budaya dan perangai yang di amalkan oleh orang orang Cina di Malaysia sekarang ini.

Sekiranya pembuat hadis itu ada di Malaysia sekarang ini, beliau mungkin akan mengubah perkataan negeri China ke negeri lain, bagi kita semua mempelajari budaya serta perangai yang boleh di terima sebagai satu ilmu yang berfaedah dan mulia untuk di pelajari.

Tidak ada apa apa faedah belajar dari kaum Cina seperti kaum itu di Malaysia.

Kaum yang mempunyai sikap tamak, sikap keras hati, sikap suka menipu diri sendiri, bersikap rasis, membenci kaum lain, bersikap suka memonopoli aktiviti ekonomi atau ilmu yang di beri Allah, pemboros, penzina, pejudi, penipu cukai kerajaan, penipu kerajaan dengan menjual harta haram, sorok duit dan wang haram, pengedar wang haram, pembunuh, perogol ahli keluarga, perogol anak sendiri, kedekut dengan harta serta ilmu, hati tidak iklas, berhati busuk, menyangka yang bukan bukan atau buruk sangka kepada ilmu Allah dan banyak lagi perangai buruk buruk yang di laknati oleh Allah yang ada di dalam jiwa lebih 90% kaum Cina immigran di Malaysia.

Kaum ini di laknati Allah setiap masa seperti kaum Kristian baru.

Maka usul supaya kita belajar ke negeri China dari hadis tersebut pincang dan dengan jelas satu anjuran dari hadis palsu atau daif dan dengan itu, orang orang Melayu di larang dari belajar budaya amalan China seperti mereka yang berada di Malaysia.

Jelas sekarang, dari PRU 13, 90% kaum China adalah kaum rendah akhlak, rendah budi pekerti yang mana kita orang orang Melayu harus tolak jenis budaya rendah akhlak ini, dan sudah tentu PM Najib harus menjauhi kaum rendah akhlak dari kumpulan kaum Cina immigran yang mengamal budaya tidak mulia dan rendah aklak seperti sebilangan besar kaum ini di Malaysia.

Dengan ini diharap kita di muliakan oleh Allah.

Orang China harus belajar dari kaum Melayu yang mempunyai nilai baik yang universal.

Gesaan saya, tinggal kan kaum China ini didalam keburukan budaya mereka supaya kita tidak di laknati Allah. Kaum ini kaum jahat yang tidak ada nilai mulia dan murni untuk contohi oleh semua bangsa di dunia, di timur dan di barat.

If they’re arrogant, we don’t eliminate them. We place them for a slow death.

None of you like to even talk about this. What more write about something which may give some idea how Malay reacts to arrogant.

PAS may not like if I say this too, but that is the way they do it.

Place little emphasis on redevelopment, little budget for road improvement, little help in providing amenities and town facilities; all these unplanned town improvements will make sure a slow death to the Chinese community who is arrogant.


Have a shop logo in Chinese in a town where Malays are the master. Arrogant. A shop that sells outdated products for 20 years.

A Chinese shop in the centre of Kota Bharu, is going through a slow death. And the owners too, are awaiting to die from their power in controlling the commercial area in a town in the hand of Malay’s Pas.

BN is afraid of killing enemies this way, and UMNO, because MCA is in BN, too is afraid of disposing its opponents inside out this way. But now, it’s a little too late when almost all new developments in new towns and cities are in the hand of the Chinese, and conducting businesses which were supposed to be conducted by the local Malays.

UMNO failed to understand what PAS has understood in regards to arrogantness. UMNO also has failed to understand the whole issue of a nation building which should in a multiracial society be shared equally, in fairness and in number.

Now Kota Bharu though a sluggish townscape represents a Malay town with its commercial space is proudly shared by all races. But seriously, it is a Malay town in its entity,

PAS has played a smart game if you want to know. Its 20 year rule of the state has brought down Chinese’s arrogantness, if there is such a word, to its knee.

But then they say they like DAP. In fact, in my mind, PAS and DAP are both deceivers. If Kelantan were to be ruled by BN like they used to, the first among others, you may see the spring of Chinese commercial spots everywhere like in Trengganu, denying locals to grow a steady growth, a normal growth like you are seeing in Kota Bharu now.

It has nothing to do with religion of Islam if you want to know. Nothing. It is about living a life, for its people’s welfare. It is about a nation building and about giving the Malays what they want. It isn’t about giving a bit too much to the Chinese, the minority immigrants.

Chinese are not clever in politics, but they are clever in cheating a partner.

Now everybody knows Chinese are up for no good. During the last 30 years they were spotted as a good fellow, a good partner in the government.

Now we know they want to be a partner for a reason.

Each person of a Chinese decent while in the government as elected representatives carried out mission to aid in building up an empire for the Chinese entirely on their own in this country whilst at the same time destroying the very own partner they have in BN, UMNO.

MCA and Gerakan, both have used UMNO’s power brokers and those in power to close eyes on several issues, including security and other matters of the laws and order.

UMNO in BN is powerless handling on several issues such as the allocations for the Chinese Schools. By right, the allocations are not provided for under our constitution. Why the Malays in the government were so friendly and forgetful of the constitution?

The leniency found among several government policies which in favor of the Chinese in total, and it was in total disrespect to the majority Malays. Policy that gives the right to the Chinese to sell homes to oversea buyers, is such a bad policy for the majority urban Malays who have suffered severely due to triple fold home price increases over the period in which the policy is implemented.

Illegal businesses are protected in many places where Chinese are trading, whereas stern actions by authorities of the government are taken on other non-Chinese traders. This confusing line of actions by the government clearly show that by becoming a partner in the government, Chinese have a great role promoting own races as well as protecting them even in the illegal businesses at the cost of other races in this country.

The government seems very blatant and careless in promoting professional among the races too. The so-called freedom in the running of the professional bodies in this country breeds one-sided body consisting of professional who promotes only Chinese supremacy and disregards other professionals from other races. See Majlis Peguam,

This is a careless education policy by the government that does not prolong the life of newly graduates in all fields. They stop dead when they get qualified, hammered by a racial split that is ONLY promoting Chinese supremacy.

There is something wrong with the partnership in the government, so much so that each time during the election we heard that area is reserved for so and so, and so on.

If the above partnership is not clearly defined, then I would agree with Nik Aziz in that UMNO is a lousy partner, who succumbs to helping other races a lot more than helping own Malays, and may be for the money which Chinese are providing at the cost of a nation building.


PS: Prophet Muhammad did not build a nation on wealth but by Roh of Islam, which was simply by a fair distribution of the wealth by itself. Not the other way round.

MCA dan Gerakan bergabung


Ah Jib Gor, We Love You. You are our inspiration. We Vote DAP, heh heh heh. Some more, some more, food and fund for our schools lah!!!


Bergabung. Bergabunglah. Jangantipusudahlah. Okay?.

Bergabung dan mengambil ahli dari kalangan orang orang Melayu.

Setelah tidak berkerja selama 5 tahun dan tidak berdaya mengumpul pengundi baru Cina, mereka hendak bergabung.

Bergabung, bergabung lah. Tidakpedulilah. Niat itu kena baik. Tapi, kebanyakan niat baik itu lah ada niat jahat. Itu Melayu kena periksa. Apatah lagi impian pergabungan itu ingin mengambil bangsa Melayu sebagai ahli.

Wah banyak cantik. Sudah lah awak tipu PM pi makan besaq serata tempat di Malaysia, ahli awak sendiri pun tak undi BN!. Ini tipu daya jenis klasik Cina nih. Makin rapat semakin hendak tipu orang.

MCA dan Gerakan kena buang ahli yang tipu mereka dulu, tak payah hendak mencari ahli Melayu. Jangan dok ikut perangai dan cara DAP, kalau tidak orang kata awak tu sama dengan DAP.

Bersihkan ahli awak dari agen DAP. Potong kepala mereka tu sampai mampus. Dan ajar orang orang Cina supaya lebih berintergriti terutama di dalam isu suka merasuah dan bikin rasuah.

Ada faham MCA, dan Gerakan.

Kita tidak perlu Cina untuk memerintah Malaysia dengan baik dan makmur. Bersama Cina pemerintahan menjadi hancur lebur dek kerenah busuk hati parah kaum Cina tongsan. Kumpulan orang orang awak ni hati terlalu busuk dan jahat, jadi lah orang orang baik dulu.

Awak bersih kan hati busuk awak dulu. Okay.

PS: Jangan suka suka nak buat petition dan bayar rasuah kepada UMNO supaya ikut cakap awak. MCA kena lupa kerja rasuah dulu. Mentang mentang banyak duit, suka sangat kerja rasuah. Terpalit ke atas hidung Melayu tak pasal pasal dari kerja busuk hati awak. Najib kena tahu lah hal kenapa Pandan jatuh ketangan orang salah Bafia!.

Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang heats up over vernacular schools “not the problem”

Tan Keng Liang said the vernacular schools “not the problem” that caused the Chinese to vote en bloc against BN by voting DAP.

He said Dr Abdul Rahman’s opinion to abolish vernacular school was his personal opinion and had nothing to do with Barisan Nasional government.

“Not the problem” was also Mr Tan’s personal opinion as he is no longer serving the government in a ministerial capacity.

The problem arising from the school is that the school produced unpatriotic students and disloyal to the country.

For unity of rakyat, the school should be closed and the rakyat should go for one school system for all. Now.

MCA and GERAKAN are lousy Chinese parties, it is good for the country if they lost all seats.

Both parties are Chinese parties. So far what have they, the parties, contributed to the Malays?

Nothing. Only film or sex video. That was all given to the Malays.

They, the parties, have taken away all things that are supposed to be with the Malays.

Now they the parties members don’t work for BN. They work in tandem and support DAP. They want DAP to win.

So it is okay. We don’t need them in the government. We can start afresh all over again to build a new world order.

No more Chinese minister so it is much easier to promote Malay kingdom.

If a Chinese candidate is placed in my area during this general election, I will vote a Malay, if both are Chinese I don’t vote all all. I will rest and be going fishing. That will be a nice thing to do.

William Cheng is a Chinaman

Malay Muslims in Songkhla

Image via Wikipedia

WHEN he spoke about anything:” he speaks for the Chinaman”. How many Chinaman in this country? Oh they aren’t that many but all economic activities are in their hand. And why do we the majority Malays don’t take back what are rightly our?

This is because the main string or the keys to the industry are in their hand. When the government opened up IMalaysia Shops around the city, he said that it was unfair to other 30,000 odd small shop owners, who were all Chinese that actually owned and infested that shops and made their killing days afer days, years after years, for almost 100 years. Who are they made the killing for their life? the poor Indian and Malay. You and me, and all of us.

And when these shops benefit some poor guys who have been screwed for decades for the sake of a Chinese group, this group has the support from a person who was so beneficial by living with the poor Malays in Malacca those day when he was a poor man. Those Malay professionals and government officials might have helped him through to built his dreams in Cheng Malacca. But then who care when they get rich they screwed up every one of us the poor.

This is the personality that is so commonly found among Chinese Chinaman.

Already fed up with DAP, MCA and Gerakan. Go and fly kite all of you, we don’t depend on you for the last 15 years already. We have survived much better than most of you.

Please change your altitude.