Hey, there will be a pot of gold at our rainbow’s ETP program, so Malays support us please!

Old folk stories are mimicking with a story that you will end up with a pot of gold if you chase a rainbow.

When you were small kids you’d believe it, and always with the hope to find one and struck rich.

That is basically ETP. You know, the economic transformation programme.

When you’re talking about transforming the economy, you couldn’t transform a vacuum space known as the economy. You need to transform the doer in the space of the world economy, you then realise that ETP is a machine to transform Chinese the main doers of the verb in economy.

That was why the Chinese had rejected BN in total, they knew without BN or with BN, for the country to achieve a developed state as in the master plan, the main BN election propaganda, would work either way, without or with BN. Without BN and with DAP ETP would transform Chinese to be the controlling group on the economy. In other words, the Malay government needs the Chinese for the country to become a rich and developed state.

The work of BN’s lawmakers in creating a static policy achieving a high income society by 7 years time was hijacked by DAP through lies and deception, as if MCA as a secret agent in the government laying down an infrastructure for the Chinese to take over the running of the country through DAP, after successfully planted the most successful plan to convert rich Chinese to a super rich group.

That was why Najib was so persistent in grabbing the shoulders of the Chinese during the last election, for without them Najib won’t be remembered as a leader of change. Whereas without Najib or with Najib ETP is seems as a normal transformation of change needed for a country to achieve a developed status, i.e. transform the doer of the economy, and who would you think would be the doer?.

Now if you say what would happen to another group of people namely the people who voted BN last election, Malays. I would say they were promised a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow line, i.e. you know a great of hope for them becoming rich when the country is wholly developed.

By that time they would say “oh my country is now a developed state, oh my, great, where is my pot of gold, Najib?. Is that all the promised gold you had given us in BR1M Sir?. What about our land you had taken Sir. Where would my grandchildren live next, Sir?.”

La, macam mana ni, menurun, Yala kena beli Viagra tambahan RM10 billion.

ETP = Entrepreneurs (entepunya) Terlepas Pandang, dan yang sinonim baru ialah GPMMP= Gua Punya Mesti Masuk Perut.

A government agency kata, tahun 2009 GDP adalah 7.2%, tu dah makan vigra. Lepas tu, dah tak beli vigra, jatuh sikit kepada estimate 4.5 to 6% menurun kebawah dari 7.2%. Ini kerana makan ubat toni fernado, ubat kuat yang boleh buat barang terbang. Yang selalu ada banyak advertisements dalam Haramkahduli.

Tetapi dari lakaran diatas, GDP Malaysia akan menurun kepada -2.00 atau -3%. Tentu ubat fernado itu tak sekuat Viagra bro, dah lembik ni.

Apa macam?, Viagra tak der ker? tolong beli bagi kepada Yala supaya tegak balik, ok. Another RM10 billion atau RM100 billion pun tak per. Bukan duit dia, duit kita. Kita kan TERAMATLAH terkaya!!. Pendek kata kalah lah raja raja Arab Saudi. Wak peduli aper meh!!.

If we go to 6% pa growth rate.

Malaysia‘s current economic growth is below 4%, and ETP or Economic Transformation Programme moderators with help from some 500 so-called elite economists and highly minded players have agreed that if, I say if, ETP can stretch the economic growth of the country to 6% per annum in next  10 years, you and me, and all of you, should get an average Gross national income of about RM48,000. Now, at below 4% growth rate we get a GNI of RM23,000 per annum. Wow, in ten years, it’s doubled! If we can do, and surely Malaysia Boleh lah bro.

The programs (ETP– Economic transformation Programme) has identified 12 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) as its main key growth engines. These NKEAs will be the priority for combustion of the economic  growth  and will receive prioritized public investment and policy support, with private sectors are being major industry players on nearly 92% funding of their own.  ETP will be led by private sector whilst the government role in ETP is as facilitator.

For those who wrote here before on various  unfamiliar names or acronyms I suggest please get a copy of the executive summary on ETP to get an insight of them and understand the foundation of the programme better.

Almost all us will be directly affected in one way or another looking at various proposed key areas that should be implemented. These include the following key areas:-

  1. Oil, Gas and energy
  2. Palm oil
  3. Financial services
  4. Wholesale & Retail
  5. Tourism
  6. Business services
  7. Electronic and Electrical
  8. Communication Content and infrastructure
  9. Education
  10. Agriculture
  11. Healthcare
  12. Greater Kuala Lumpur / Klang Valley

All of us, even a beef-bugger seller, roti canai seller, and fisherman will be affected by the programme in one way or another. This is a very simplified version of the ETP, to get a better understanding of the programme please visit Pemandu Webiste.