The Fasting month, it’s a Malaysian Tsunami.

That’s a Malaysian tsunami. When each day everyone is working on a full day without lunch. Except Chinese, Indian and Non Muslim. They go for lunch and back after that at 2 pm.

I heard someone from a member of a DAP party that he too will skip lunch and stay in the office until 4.30 pm, and go home to buy foods at Ramadan stores before opening fast he would perform it during the whole month. I pity him, for the hunger he would have felt during his working’s time, and in return he would never get the reward in doing so. I can say with a 100% certainty, as he is a DAP man, definitely he is a non-Muslim‘s guy. So then, what the heck is he trying to proof?.

Is he trying to proof a Malaysian Tsunami instead of a Chinese Tsunami?.

There are also blokes who are trying a spin on the Tsunami thing. Now they have come out with several reports saying it was a Malaysian tsunami instead of the famous Chinese tsunami. With so many strings and links to various websites in the hope that the Chinese tsunami thing vaporizes from the whole country’s record of events.

What the spin can do then?. Does it erase the memory that thousands Chinese in the black shirts brouhaha in the streets in Kelana Jaya?. Or does it erase the memory that gangsters were around polling stations questioning Indian voters whether they were truly Malaysian voters?.

It will never do such a thing. Those innocent Indian voters too felt it was a Chinese tsunami instead. And those Chinese in black shirt banging the flag poles on the streets in Kelana Jaya, had caused traffic jams and a proof beyond doubt it was a Chinese tsunami.

Now he is trying to cover up the Chinese tsunami thing with something more special, by fasting during the fasting month.

The fasting month is the Malaysian tsunami. Not the Chinese tsunami. He hopes by doing that he would be rewarded as a hero in the Chinese tsunami turned the Malaysian tsunami episode. You’re not so clever, bro. I can always read your mind.

Who we?. Of crime and roberies

Sickening. Living in towns and cities which are represented by DAP party. Even their writer condemns crime, and joyfully said they cannot even eat in peace. But who are they to say just that when they contribute to the success of a party which doesn’t care about crime in real-time, in fact we may have a second thought of the party, for the reason that the crime ALWAYS is highlighted happening in the areas they were the winners in the last general election.

No usual reported crime in rural areas. No such thing as robberies in kampung. These criminal activities are rampant in towns and cities where Chinese were around.

So, when someone writes “We Malaysian sick of crime” the true statement should be “WE Chinese sick of crime”, that’s more like it. Don’t involve Malaysian with the crime you invented.

Serve you right, its time for the Chinese to do community job to teach Chinese how to eat peacefully and go to toilet in joy when the mother nature calls.

You the Chinese eat in expensive restaurants, when some of us cannot even afford proper housing. You the Chinese flash the expensive cars, stash bundle of cash in arrogant, and speak Chinese language as if you were rich foreigners, and intimidating the poor in our society to commit crime.

Serve you right, its time though that your representatives such as Lim Kit Siang and Hannah Yeo do the work as MP or Adun as crime buster. The police in this country has lot more work to do. Black 505 and street demonstrations and all the rubbish you guys created too are crime prone activities.

Don’t finger-pointing at the society at large for the crime that happens from your own selfishness and arrogant.


Shops are for the Chinese, so you expect us to give to you richness by buying good and services from you ONLY?.

Aspan Alias hidu bau kentut Lim Kit Siang dan geng!!, sekarang bau busuk!

Aku memang tau Aspan nih.

Dia ni nak cuba nasib untuk menjadi MB, Seremban. Bukan MB Negeri Sembilan, MB untuk Seremban sahaja.

Semasa teringin menjadi calun DAP beliau naik kereta Lim Kit Siang dan the Geng. Lim Kit Siang and the geng kentut setiap masa. Aspan berkata, tidak apa, itu kentut bau busuk pun ada bau wangi.

Sikalang, sudah tidak ada jadi calun, Aspan merenggek, Lim Kit Siang and the geng kentut busuk. Sampai mau muntah. Terlalu busuk. Dia kata, DAP bukan parti multiracial, dulu bukan main bantai BN bermacam macam fitnah busuk. Tidak adil lah, rasuah lah, sikalang, sudah tidak tau mana mau cakap.

Aspan, hang dengar, aku tau DAP itu bukan multiracial sudah bertahun tahun. Engkau baru tau kah. Sikalang, apa engkau hendak buat. Hentam sama DAP semacam Tengku Aziz. Antoni Loke kata, hang tu ahli biasa, tak ada bisa, dan tidak mustahak. Memang pun, hang tidak mustahak. Failed.

Jadi sikalang hang sudah kena cucuk jubor sama DAP. Baru mau sedarkah. Kalau sedar pun, olang tak mau tolong sama lu, sebab lu olang biasa, dan ahli biasa, wang pun tarak, jadi mau beli gigi palsu pun tak mampu. Hang masuk Pekasa, atau join Khairy jadi GRO dia. Itu pun kalau Khairy teringin, macam Lim Kit Siang ingin kan engkau dulu. Boleh jugak beli gigi palsu Pan.

PS| Sikalang mau naik kereta Tengku Razailegh ke?. Kalau dia kentut, lu jangan cakap tarak busuk. Semua kentut busuk. Aspan.


Many Chinese want cabinet to include all races to make it balanced and towards national reconciliation.

GRASS ROOT and the Voters who voted BN say NO TO CHINESE REPRESENTATIVES In the cabinet and all people can now refer to MALAY AND EAST MALAYSIAN reps for government services.

NO NO NO NO NO To the Chinese.

Listen, listen, listen, NO NO NO to the Chinese rep in the line up!!!.

WE are not friend anymore. No more bluff and bullshitting. Eat your mouth out. Did you know that I voted Chinese BN reps for my constituencies? What do I get out if it? You asked about my sincerity? A great question. I am a bloody Malay you guys wanted to overthrow out from the government!!.

Now we see more and more Chinese come in with recommendations to BN Najib for him to place and include Chinese in the line up as if forgetting the PRU 13 result which agreed that the line up must dump the Chinese out of the government.

That’s no reconciliation, that is to give face to the ugly Chinese who at the first place is to dump Malays and BN out of this country’s politics.

Reconciliation means to teach you guys as we teach Kelantanese Chinese how to respect the Malays. Be part of us or get out from our daily routine!!!. No big deal when there are no Chinese around.

Learn our lesson well, after all what is wrong Chinese come and meet up the Malay for government services? Aren’t they have brains and hearts to give you the support the support and wishes you have abandoned last five years?. Do you think only you have brain? If that is the case, now you get what you wanted in the first place, i.e out of the government when your brainy brain ask you to vote DAP last week!. So why do you ask for the Chinese representative in the government???. Walk your brain’s talk please.

Show proof that you can speak Malay well before claiming to represent us. This is the way Kelantanese teach Chinese in Kelantan. We don’t accept Chinese who don’t know our culture. Najib, please learn a thing or two from us, the Kelantanese. You want Kelantan, don’t you?, Learn how to love us first.!!!!!! We do a good thing to the Chinese in Kelantan. We make them respect us and talk like us. Be part of us. Not on the other way round.

On the Mahathir‘s opinion that Chinese needed in the Cabinet, oh well if that is so, the government can refresh a secondary line up which doesn’t have ministerial and legislative power to deal with minority group and all immigrants related issues. Why not, that’s a reconciliation too.

Listen, listen, listen, Dr Mahathir. You’ve done great jobs during the campaign, please get a good rest and forget lah about “Chinese needed in the Cabinet”. It doesn’t matter much to us anymore. We are the young Malays who have supported you guys during the last PRU 13!!!. So listen, get a good rest will you?. Campaigning is over. Thank you.

PS | Our Culture says, you busuk hati, you go away and eat your “punai out” and don’t come back, please!!!!,

DAP and PAS, best of friend in Selangor for MB Post – Calsberg the cool damn


Oh my, you come in between of us. Not by the legs but by the mouth.

nobeer no good for health

PS: WE will close down Carlsberg factory if we win SELANGOR >>>> DAPAS.

Aiyaa, Lim Kit Siang’s Dog Food CEC member. Samun Rakyat kah?. Cilaka, manyak cilaka. Ada olang ini macam kah dalam itu Lee Aa Pee??

Teresa Kok.

Le Aa Pee harbors liar all the time kah? Aiya. Mampus latyat Malaysia lo. Ini macam huh, Cina lagi mampus, kena lompak hali hali mau mikin niaga pasar malam. Lu Cina olang susah, lagi itu Lee Aa Pee huh, kasi taruk lu punya muka bikin lagi manyak susah. Aiya. Tarak guna Le Aa Pee lo. Lu tarak caya gua lu tengok itu velio sendiri lo. Tarak guna punya Lee AA Pee, manyak cee bai punya.

Darah Pol Pot mengalir dalam darah Lim Kit Siang dan Lim Guang Eng? Ya kah?


Saloth Sar, rupanya, bukan manusia yang mempunyai otak cerdik. Saloth Sar atau lebih di kenali sebagai Pol Pot, mengajar pengikut beliau menghalau rakyat Kombaja ke kawasan kampung, dan membunuh para cendikiawan tempatan supaya semua rakyat Kemboja menjadi bodoh dan mengikut perintah kumpulan mereka.

Cara intimidasi Pol Pot keatas rakyat biasa di Kombaja sama dengan cara intimidasi Lim Guan Eng, dan kedua dua mereka ini memegang jawatan Secretary General.

Corak pemerintahan mereka berdua adalah sama. Pertama kedua dua mereka membuat negara atau negeri yang diperintah sebagai sebuah negeri atau kawasan untuk ahli kumpulan mereka atau di Penang, untuk orang-orang Cina sahaja.

Sehinggakan ianya menjadi parah apabila seorang pemuda Cina di tangkap mempersendakan DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agong semasa lawatan ke Pulau Pinang hari ini.


Keinginan Lim Guan Eng sebagai Cina memerintah Melayu akan membawa padah kepada perpaduan kaum di negara ini dan akan menjadi barah merebak ke seluruh negara.

Dengan merapuhkan perpaduan, jalan terakhir Lim Guan Eng untuk menjadi kan Cina pemerintah Malaysia ialah dengan menghapuskan perpaduan kaum, dan menonjolkan kekuatan bangsa Cina. Dan ini berkemungkinan membawa kepada pergaduhan kaum dan jalan terbaik ialah menghapuskan kaum yang tidak bersama mereka seperti yang di lakukan oleh Pol Pot.

Dari apa yang kita lihat perbuatan beliau sekarang ini seperti mempersendakan kalimah Allah, menghalau kaum India dari kampung asli mereka, menghalau orang miskin dari Pulau Pinang dengan membangunkan rumah tidak mampu milik, dan mempersendakan lawatan PM dengan mengarah orang ramai memakai baju bersimbol kan NGO NGO parti DAP, perbuatan perbuatan ini sememangnya mempunyai talian darah dengan darah dan roh Pol Pot.

Oleh kerana jalan cerita corak pemerintahan mereka itu sama, adakah keluarga Lim Kit Siang dan anak beliau Lim Guan Eng itu mempunyai pertalian darah dengan Saloth Sar atau Pol Pot?. Sama sama kita fikirkan. Mungkin ada mungkin tidak ada. Tiada siapa tahu.



DAP anggap Melayu dan semua kaum ada lah robot Actroid

Actroid-DER, developed by KOKORO Inc for custo...

Image via Wikipedia

Sempit fikiran DAP.

Beranggapan dia pandai mengurus. Sebenar nya terlalu sempit bermasyarakat.


DAP ada Godfather, God Mother dan Mother Fucker.


Zahrir itu DAP. Dia anak Cina DAP. Dia Actroid DAP.


Lim Guan Eng adalah DAP.

PAS adalah Actroid DAP.

PKR adalah Actroid DAP.

Karpal Singh adalah DAP.

Dan semua Melayu benci DAP.


Semua India benci DAP.

Semua Siam benci DAP.

Semua orang benci DAP.


Sebab mereka bukan Actroid. Mereka adalah manusia jenis Melayu, dari kaum Cina, kaum India dan kaum Siam. Bukan Actroid DAP.

Go to hell lah DAP.

DAP’s new flag and anything else new, but brains are still old cows.

Flag of Malaysia - Jalur Gemilang (Stripes of ...

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WHEN NTC of Libya uses an old flag against all green flag of Qaddafi‘s favorite flag, in that instance it gives Manoharam a political idea , or who is he, Mainharam, the bloke who believes that American will be happy not to share its flags, at least to its design and colors, and has the gut to suggest for a change to a new Malaysia flag. No more Jalur Gemilang, because for DAP Jalur Gemilang is something sinister, a bad taste, or whatever, but to win lost votes.

This bloke thinks Malaysia is his own playing field, and anything he thinks everyone else must then follow. What about the UMNO members, 7 million of them, Perkasa, and other NGOs, so many people, does he think that these groups of people will definitely agree to his cow head’s brainy idea?

What about the Sultans, and the top government servants, does he think they will agree?.

Or does Mainharam think DAp will win the federal government and that they winner will do anything else, come what may?

If that is the reasoning behind this stupid idea, then surely we know by now that DAp is a party that employs dictatorship style of leadership, which most of the time thus far, denies of any involvement in following such a philosophy.

Come on Mainharam, go and fly kite in Kota Bharu, perhaps you will see better color in a flag instead of liking only a black color.

Read more here.

Affordable housing DAP’s style

MYPENANG Reunion Chap Goh Meh Celebration 27 &...

Image by photo gallery via Flickr

Mr Wong Hon Wai chairman of TCP, Housing and Art committee of DAP‘s Penang State government is clueless how PAP would actually carry out a policy providing affordable housing in Singapore. He has followed the Singapore style perhaps by selecting voters from Penang and that the selected persons must be members of DAP. This probably was the reason for the spat between him and Jeff Oii, the chief of Penang’s special envoy over the issue on affordable housing in the state.

The authority in power to deliver housing in Penang was Penang Development Corporation set up by the previous government. Local councils too played the role to give to all Penang people with the same affordable housing unit costing less than RM50,000 each.

Now the policy has changed and it affects all strata of people in Penang, and those who aren’t registered as voters in Penang due to their places of work are somewhere else are not eligible. See the report below.

Only Penang voters will be allowed to buy units at a huge low- and medium-cost and affordable housing project to be built by the Penang Development Corporation (PDC). The corporation has allocated a 60.7ha site in Batu Kawan on the mainland for the project, which will comprise high-rise units. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the state government was imposing this requirement to make sure that only Penangites benefited from the project. “The units will be priced at between RM72,500 and RM220,000. “There will be a variety of units with different built-up areas,” said Lim, who is also PDC chairman.

Gerakan while governing Penang had no such a policy but followed a more unbiased policy providing housing units to all less fortunate people with a roof on their heads. In this case when they find out that you do not vote DAP, and vote BN instead, you could be harassed or asked to leave the housing scheme.

The price too is too steep for low-income group. It is announced that the units will cost a range from RM72,000 onward. This is unfair to low-income group and to Penang people at large when they aren’t the registered voters in the state.

This isn’t Singapore brother, this is a big country and anyone can go to any state to live in and find jobs. The same with CM who is from Malacca but now temporarily working in Penang!.

Kemana hala tuju politik kebangsaan Malaysia

Ramai diantara kita telah terlingkup dengan politik di Malaysia, malahan ramai yang telah menjadikan politik sebagai barang mainan yang tidak ada mempunyai apa-apa faedah besar didalam kehidupan.

Diantara mereka itu termasuk kaum remaja yang telah lama menjauhi bidang politik.

Bersandarkan kelemahan yang ditunjuk oleh politikus PAS dimasakini, mempamirkan keresahan kaum muda tentang mujarap nya sebuah parti yang akan memimpin mereka semasa kemelut ekonomi yang akan menimpa kita dimasa depan. Begitu juga dengan kepincangan didalam parti pemerintah yang setiap hari menunjukkan kelemahan dengan memuja kaum kerabat mereka didalam BN, terkini, MIC telah mendapat satu lagi jawatan menteri sedangkan kaum itu ditolak sepenuhnya oleh rakyat termasuk kaum muda di Malaysia.

Banyak perkara yang berlaku didalam pemerintahan BN sekarang ini tidak mengambil kira kehendak hati naluri kaum muda yang telah bertungkus lumus membangunkan negara secara lebih berperanan. Pula kedengaran bagaimana DAP dan PKR cuba mencuri Tengku Razaleigh dari UMNO. Dan seterusnya bagaimana ketidakpasan hati kaum muda tentang keuntungan yang boleh diambil kira dari peranan yang dimain kan oleh ETP atau NKREA. Itu semua adalah mainan yang tidak mendatangkan apa-apa faedah.

Kepada mereka ini, peranan yang diambil oleh kerajaan tidak memberi apa apa faedah besar kepada mereka, malahan menjadi satu tanda tanya, kemana kah arahnya corak pemerintahan baru dimasa-masa akan datang dengan adanya perbezaan pendapat dari parti parti seperti DAP, PKR dan PAS yang telah sedaya upaya cuba mengambil alih peranan kerajaan.

Dengan wujudnya kebencian yang amat terhingga keatas agama Islam, dimana kah masa depan rakyat Malaysia dimasa hadapan sekiranya mereka masih dipaksaganti dengan agama yang dibenci dunia itu? Dan bagaimana sebuah kerajaan seperti di Malaysia dapat menolong mereka mengharungi dunia global sekiranya mereka itu masih menganut agama itu.

Bagaimanakah parti PAS harus diterima pakai oleh sebahagian umat setelah mereka sendiri membenci agama Islam dan bersama-sama bersimpati dengan agama lain serta memainkan peranan sebagai sebuah parti anti-Islam bersama parti PKR dan DAP seperti yang ditunjukan mereka selama ini?

Penjelasan tentang perkara asas ini harus di mulakan dari sekarang sekiranya kerajaan ingin memanggil semua kaum muda tampil bersama mereka meneraju kerajaan. Atau, lupakan lah parti parti politik yang tidak ada mempunyai apa apa semangat menolong manusia. Cari lah wang anda dari politik dan perkayalah kaum kerabat anda sebelum kebangkitan kami yang akan menjatuhkan kezaliman.






DAP’s confidence level intensifies excessively, even a dog wins if nominated – Freedy Kruegger’s fan

Two of the most common home animals (pets).

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Freddy Krueger‘s fans here are numerous, plenty of them roaming the cyberspace saying things only ghosts would understand.

Imagine, do you vote a dog if it’s nominated for your constituency? Well, such a fancy idea is somewhat weird if it isn’t insinuation. Perhaps if that is meant for the people in a country where dog are on the top list as being lovable pets. Although they are loveable too here, in some homes in a Muslim populated country, majority of people sees dog as something else, disgusting animals perhaps. Or don’t they, spending time cleansing the messes from the dog-shits, spending extra money buying licenses, foods and the stuffs.

There you go, someone the kind of chippy-choppy- the -half -brain individual who has the gut to downgrade your soul by saying that you should have a “doggy MP” by the next PRU 13. True, someone from so-called democratic action party or its synonym DAP said that, and that he believes if DAP, the democratic action gang-bang party, by any chance nominates his “dog named boo” for his constituency this little guy could win the election without fuss.

Without fuss may be but certainly his little brain in branding dog as some animals we people of Malaysia should be led by is one provocative “democratic action gang bang party that sings all night long is a stupid thing to do. I don’t think that will attract Chinese voters that much he hoped for, as I know, Chinese are “fun-tastic” dog lovers as pets in this country at par with those in the European countries and in the west. Not a son-of-the doggy-style- elected MP from the democratic gang-bang action party, nah, not me.

Lim Kit Siang threatens Najib, like Libya’s rebels do to Gadaafi

It’s not too late, Kit Siang tells Najib, by Clara Chooi 

KUALA LUMPUR, July 8 — DAP’s Lim Kit Siang launched his final plea this evening to Datuk SeriNajib Razak to allow Bersih 2.0’s rally tomorrow, warning the prime minister that any clampdown would forever haunt his administration.

The Ipoh Timor MP also urged the police to “search their souls”, reminding them that their duty is to protect human rights and not to “suppress them.”

“Wherever he may be, there is no way the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak can disclaim responsibility for any crackdown on human rights and civil liberties of Malaysians tomorrow.

Libyan's rebels threaten a black African

“It is not too late for sanity and good sense to prevail and for the prime minister to ensure that tomorrow, July 9, will not enter the annals of Malaysia as a black day for democracy and human rights in Malaysia — a day darker than the Operation Lalang of 1987,” he wrote in a statement today.

Never in our political history that we know of where leaders of any opposition party had made a serious threatening to the leaders in the government, except today where we saw Lim Kit Siang did so because of his obsession to a fair election rally which  in fact was a political rally to gain lost popularity from voters in the city centre.

We feel, the opposition parties are rallying to the tune of the Arab Street, and we, all responsible Malaysian have the  right to object to such calling by undemocratic means in the power struggle for the government. We demand all these politicians to stop this nuisance behavior at once.

DAP listen, no voters in religion, there are ONLY believers

DAP is surely a party with members who don’t have religion. Or perhaps, it is when its government in Penang obeys some quarters to rule a voting system in selecting leaders for the mosques in the state.

Serve them the atheists right, when Agong doesn’t seems  to agree with it.

There are no voters in religion, there are ONLY believers!!!!

When a person has nothing much to do but always think he is a God, he will fuck everything up. Hey mike, read that book, you will be awwwright.

What a Chinese want – never say never Justin Bieber

Some interesting points brought up by a Chinese columnist Joceline Tan – the Star,

Since March 2008, MCA’s situation has been akin to standing on a burning platform. It is really up to the Chinese to go along with MCA or to reject it. The Chinese have always been very tactical about the vote. They understand the power of the vote and have used it to punish or to reward the parties in question.

Well, no loyalty here, like to punish-punish and reward-reward that was applied during the periods of so many Chinese Dynasties, decades ago, and what about on job:-

There are more posts down the line that are at stake – state exco members, municipal and district councilors, village chiefs and village committee members. They add up to more than 5,000 posts for party politicians. As such, Dr Chua’s message to his party is that MCA members have to work hard to ensure that people will support the party and, equally important, they themselves have to vote for the party.

They want jobs, but also want everything under the sky in Malaysia, money comes, big money comes, money, money, MONEY:-

The Chinese want the best of both worlds. They want a good check-and-balance in the government and they like “fighting cocks” who dare to question ministers and policies.  At the same time, they want a say in the government and to have people up there whom they can turn to for help in business, educational issues and other matters.

Well, they think the Malay don’t want the best of both worlds. These issues, those that are important to them, too are unwanted issues by the Malay. Those are the most important thing in life for a Chinese in Malaysia, 1 business, 2 educational and 3 other matters (perhaps urut-urut, or jat-ji-bo, past tense of “geli-geli type of entertainment”) and on the Chinese vote swing :-

The results of the Sarawak election has given DAP a big boost of confidence in time for the 13th General Election. With DAP snatching away Chinese votes, Lim Kit Siang’s party has become a big threat to BN. The only way for MCA and Gerakan to recapture the hearts and minds of the Chinese voters is to rol up their sleeves and start working hard for their party, the people and their own sake by delivering their promises. Like Justin Bieber’s famous song, they must “Never Say Never…”

Ah, go on, read what this guy has to say, Maximillion, quote:-

The strategy of their forebears has borne fruit. The Chinese have attained what they wanted. They now live in the lap of luxury in this land of opportunity called Malaysia . In fact, it is not only in Malaysia that they have attained what they wanted. They have even gained full control of Singapore . Singapore is not their original country. The Singapore Chinese and the Malaysian Chinese were originally boat people. The difference is that those who landed in Singapore managed to gain full control of Singapore , but those who landed in Malaysia did not manage to control Malaysia .

Read his blog here:  Maximillion.

What about loyalty to the King, and that sort of thing to this country, Malaysia? Who do you think will run away like their forebears if Malaysia is invaded by an alien country?

Perhaps this picture will sum up their opinions in general. A new song by Justin Bieber – Negara Ku No More.

"What? A country?, Nah, this is my country, who gives a shit. I have my own schools, my own business associations and my own media. And what do you ingenious people have? Shit? "

Sinbab  #eekaawordpresscom

DAP is a PAS and PKR’s friendly friend not the queen-control partner, darm it.

Who says DAP controls all other parties members, those in PAS or PKR,  I am leading and not in any way controlling them. Now you see, SNAP is under my belly already, be open-minded lah gang,” says MakDog.

Behind the scene: “MakDog, siapa Tuan kamu disini? Berharapkan ehsan Tuan kamu untuk hidup disini banyak cakap lak engkau ni”.

Mat Ell #eekaawordpresscom

DAP, like father like son

the DAP leadership.

Bapak: “Melayu pun tidak sokong kerajaaan”.

Anak : “Melayu pun tidak sokong kerajaan”.

Bapak: “Tidak sangka-sangka ya Cina Serawak ngok,  ikut kita”

Anak: “Tidak sangka-sangka ya Cina Serawak ngok, ikut kita,  oppps, Pa, are we not Cina men?

Orang ramai: “Hotak engkau!! main silap mata dengan penyokong PAS. Suka betul main kangkolikong”.

Mat Ell #eekaawordpresscom

Undi Barisan Nasional, wahai kaum ku

Selamat Mengundi Serawak.


terkini : BN Menang 2/3 kerusi.

BN 56   55,  DAP 11 12,  PKR 3, BEBAS 1,
pas mendapat telor, jiro, dan di-outside-kan di Serawak, (mimpi nak ganti UMNO baik ganti parti cinta malaysia, lah ok)

Mat Ell  #eekaawordpresscom

There isn’t any star PAS brought us home although staying up in the Heaven.

located at Gua Musang,Kelantan.

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It’s the daylight bribery if they aren’t politic, that is what I thought of the reasons given by PAS leaderships on its losses of votes in the two by-elections in two separate constituencies within two states, Malacca and Pahang last weekend.

Polygamy at its best, PAS surely has learned the lessons from it when putting up the reasons to please people as if they are the “wives”.

Pleasant feeling or not, DAP must gulp that politic of once a prominent Islamic party to now a shattered party between the airports of the Heaven and on the earth.

“The government used all the machinery against us; TV, media, ngo’s, and all that. We are fighting UMNO, not the government, “Menteri Besar Kelantan said the reasons for PAS lost badly the BN’s strongholds fights, citing an unfair “democracy’.

In Galas, PAS too used all the machinery a state government has against BN. Galas is in Kelantan, the state that controlled by the Menteri Besar, the PAS’s strong spokesperson.

The thing that PAS doesn’t really have the time to ponder around is its ability to sense the truth for the partnership in Pakatan Rakyat. Common logo of the party representing Pakatan Rakyat is nowhere to be seen.

DAP is a Chinese party in all its heart and mind. Although the most successful businessperson are of that race in this country, ruling a big nation alien to its cultures doesn’t tally well with the success stories in the business. This isn’t a kind of running a business; it is a kind of ruling the heart and mind of the majority which (60%) are the Malays.

PAS has lost its ground support from Malays Muslim who quietly informed of the truth behind the opposition pact, however secretive it may be. They look at Penang, Perak and Selangor. In the States, the evidences abound.

I think PAS has to mend its broken heart, and to heal it fast.  Get out of DAP’s arm and romance. People are hating you from the onset. There are plenty of things to be done in the space between the earth and the heaven. Thus far, there isn’t any star PAS has brought us home though leaving up in the heaven to lighten up our darkness nights.

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Between the sky – earth or heaven

Big Three Of Pakatan Rakyat

3 leaders of the PR - PKR, DAP and PAS (Image via Wikipedia)

PAS has been reduced to a secular party when it goes along with the formation of Pakatan Rakyat, an alternative party to the party that forms the current government, Barisan Nasional.

There isn’t any choice for PAS, a Malay-based party, to expand its wing into the Malaysian politics, and in a country, that has complex varieties of ethnic or tribal society, if you like.

In one hand the leaders are preaching to uphold God‘s messages, and in the other, calling for the supports from the earthlings that roam the country yard. PAS generates interest among so many poor and the less advantaged persons who are more susceptible to the economic changes.

For years, PAS has garnered supports from the poor, less educated and hardliners from among the Malays. Now it is the time to expand and to garner support from other races. Going between the sky for the heaven and the earth for doing the earthlings are doing, is tiring for most people whose ideas about God are totally in different perspectives.

However, for now, PAS managed to perform the duty as a party that vibrates its soul among non-Muslims. The future however remains a mystery. DAP, its partner in the Pakatan Rakyat, is very popular among the urban poor, so both parties have a common playing ground, but fight a different war. Its partner a war in splitting votes between the urban Chinese and in itself the Malay poor from the hand of the current 52-year strong Barisan Nasional.

It is all about the numbers, and the numbers have nothing to do with God or the heaven. Most of all, it is about power, the power to rule Malaysia.

It’s a time of recklessness. Among its members, PAS is known as a strong supporter of Islam. Its leaders overwhelmingly profess that PAS leadership is one of its kind in this country, that “behave and eat” none other than Islamic values. It has some similarities to those values in the Arab Saudis’ and the Middle Eastern worlds.

In fact, its leaders speak and talk in common Arabic in their meeting that is so diverse from the local tradition, but well receive among members. For them, Arabic means Islam and Islam means happiness and a first class living. Never mind about houses, roads, schools, or other amenities. These are worldly.

It is easy to manage support from “Talebanese” poor. Nevertheless, as Malaysia grows into modernization more, more people are progressing well, and the disparity between the poor and rich is getting smaller, so does PAS’s support, that is lesser from now the affluent who were migrating from the previous level in the society. The young are growing in numbers, who aren’t only becoming more earthling in behaviors but also more focus about going up to the sky to the heaven or staying still on the earth.

PAS has lost ground. It depends a lot, on whether PAS can be an alternative party for the Malays or a dumpsite. The world is watching.

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