A new kind of broadcasting – a killing machine

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Die it is, the hard-guarded ethical journalism once ruled the front-page of any hard copy newspapers that sells, slowly but it’s surely. It happens everywhere in the world not because of the well-informed internet’ users but it is in the man’s obsessiveness of it, the Internet. We’d gone back to hawker centers, coffee shops’ news, that was full of uncertainty that abounds with lie or truth, or certainly with a lesser than truth’s story.

Instantaneous action or reaction from reality shows on TV scales the consequences of how human being of this century communicates. That’s all and good, on the other hand, when nastiness, meanness, brutality, malice and callousness is the order of the day that swarms newscasters or journalists to his job we’d be a Osamanised society in a matter of days.

Play on your photos to Photoshop with blood that did not bleed, arouses skeptical gruesome menace in a journalist or a supposedly educated informer of the new society. Portraying untruth as truth in a story is very common today as if it was then in centuries ago, when birds used to fly the news within enemy’s territories.

These things, tampered news broadcasting, only have their ulterior partisan motives, or whatever that persuades man to believe the untruth as a true story . That’s to kill or being killed. We have gone back to our early lawlessness states where everything told as any man wanted it to be told or happened.

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Another compelling story : Rebel-ism is a new form of America’s democracies

What’s happening with the American dream that Americans believe in, just now it has become a shattered dream with all soft of pompous slogan of the American democracy, at least when another region is on the scale.

To recognize rebels as a country’s legitimate government for whatever reasons they are for is true disheartening motion to true believers of an elected government by democracy.  Either democracy has a new meaning in this century of open society, or a democracy that has been formally f##k#d at its’ backside in its formation. And by the Americans, the true believer of a democracy!!.

Tell the world that you want to support people who fight for freedom in a country, whatever regime they may have, with financial aid that flow inwards to your own country for weapons of mass destruction it doesn’t sound very own democracy at all America wants the world to make it happens.

It’s a backside f##k#d-the-hardest democracy, really.

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