We’re not that far away, the Muslim and the Christian

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We aren’t that far away from the phenomenon in the Rakhine state and the Sinai. We have been spooked. We have been eating the same food of a religious chauvinism as much as they do, the Rohingya and the Buddhists, the Coptic and the Islamic fundamentalists in the Al-Ikwan Muslimin of Muslim Brotherhood, the DAP evangelists and Perkasa fundamentalists, and the PAS extremists. Soon, most of you will have amputated legs as the result of it, a similar cure for diabetes or, perhaps, worst, death.

Josep Marino, the Archbishop from Vatican, is as good as Father Matthew Awad, a Coptic Orthodox Christian who mourned the death of hundred of his followers in Alexandria. But Mr Josep is different from that of Matthew, he brings a germ that will cause a new disease, religion chauvinism, into this country.

Father Matthew was accused of converting Muslims to Christianity, and when the revolution occurred in 2011, he was a famous man, among the Coptic, as almost all Islamist fundamentalists in Alexandria were looking for him.

He was lucky, but not Maldy Laway Habib, a 59-year-old elderly of a church, found in a grave a week after being shot down.

In his own words, Father Matthew said that Muslim fundamentalists were killing their parents, the elderly, kidnapped their women, and burned their churches. Does it sound similar happening in the Rakhine province?. He said, since the revolution, Coptic like he had to live in fear of their lives. He had been forced to live apart from his family because of his faith. Today he lives in Brighton, UK.

Others in El Arishi, in the Sinai province, are not so lucky like Father Matthew. They were accused of siding the Egyptian army in the recent 3 July coup. They were hunted and killed every day since then.

The growing anti Muslim Brotherhood in Eygpt as it were is the result of a change in the mindset of people around the world. The people of UAE, and the masses of Middle East. They thought of making the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group.

Back in our own nation, the religion chauvinism disease has been diagnosed. Persons the like of Vivian, Alvin, Hannah Yeoh, Ibrahim Ali, Namwewe, Nga Ko Ming, on one side, and Dr Hassan Ali, Nassarudin, and many more on the other side, we are all being spooked. Time will tell you, then who among us will have  our legs amputated to cure this disease. We must not wait until some of us were wiped out as the Rohingya in the Rakhine province. This is a dangerous disease, worse than HIV.

Mat Ell, the burger seller man.  (Author)