I don’t want my name be used as a road name, Jalan Tok Guru is already enough. It’s my name too, aww, aww, muah

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Do you believe a politician refusing to name a road by his name?. I don’t, not even in a single second of my thought, do you?

“Ohhh, if I want to name a road using my name, Jalan Nik Aziz, I could easily ask the authority to have it place along the road in front of my house, but then, I didn’t. If they, the authorities think that Jalan Pengkalan Cepa is suitable to be replaced with Jalan Tok Guru instead, it’s well and good, and do it, after all it can be representing anyone with that name, and certain it’s not me, my name I mean.”

Ah, no lah man, do you believe him in that sarcastic proposition ah? not in a minute. Kelantan politicians are well-known for deceiving people from day one, who are they in Kelantan don’t know the word “Tok Guru”, all do and everyone knows it means Nik Aziz. So what the hell you’re bluffing, cheating the intelligence people like me?  Ha ha ha, there you are, you probably won’t agree. The message Nik Aziz wants the public in other states believe is “I don’t need a name to be remembered, but then if by any chance naming a synonym name for a road in Kelantan that makes it a strong marketing reputation for this coming generation election as well as after I leave this world, so much the better, then it is a good venture but then none of you should know of my real intention”.

Now do you believe me huh?. At least, it gives some doubts, further more you must remember Tok Guru is  the political trade name that is place on the mineral water, gifts, and similar materials for PAS‘s political campaign all this while and it represents the one and the only Tok Guru. Then who else if it wasn’t him the crying old man with a drop of tears at the eyes’ lid.

Go ahead naming the road as you like, but then at least have courage be more professional telling the truth to people who you want them to remember you for the all efforts, or likely of no effort, that you have done in 21 years leading the state to wherever it is now.

Jalan Pengkalan Cepa to Jalan Tok Guru (Nik Aziz), and don’t cut that name in the bracket, if you do, it will show us you are Hippocrates. We are all intelligence people and can  read the heart and mind of the Kelantanese politicians easily. Especially, in that of Tok Guru.

Don’t be afraid of the competition Tok Guru because if you are doing better than Datuk Mustapha in the last five years you shall win again. Are you?

“Silap langkah ler, PKR kalah teruk, habis geng kita!!!,” DAP

Mana menteri kita heh? tipu punya PKR, sekor pun tak der ni, mampus…. tak der chance dapat kaut 30% dari kontrak alibaba kerajaan negeri DAP Serawak. Lo, tak per, tak per, try sekali lagi, mana tau kut-kut Cina Serawak masih bodoh dan bengong dek jampi perkauman aku. Hey, gigit jari lah aku buat masa ini. Tak per, tak per, esok mereka masih bodoh jugak.

Mat Ell #eekaawordpresscom