Syria belum tamat, Kuwait pulak kena godam!!

“Belum lagi tamat godam Syria, Kuwait pula kena pukul bila beratus ratus orang rempuh parlimen minta PM dia berhenti kerja.”

“Tak habis habis Arab. ”

“Bila Arab Arab jelup di Malaysia, terutama yang ngaku Arab di Kelantan itu hendak kena plengkung macam mereka ini huh?.”

“Tak tahan lagi.”

Gaddafi failed in “Spy-logy” that ruined his 40 years rule.

Muammar al-Gaddafi's signature.

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Many issues brought up to light about Libya and why an Islamic state founded by Gaddafi, the most hated head of the government in this century, after Saddam Hussien, and all issues were about how Gaddafi had run the country by hardship and dictatorship.

If these are true, or, if these aren’t true, time will tell us what have actually happened to Gaddafi’s success or failure.

By going through details from documents that  made available via internet, or email, we think that Gaddafi has failed his “spy-logy” subject from the onset of the Arab Spring.

His security and spy network infiltrated by foreign intervention, mainly from the west. His own men at the state security department due to lack of intelligence had raped and imprisoned an Arab woman on false spying activity. All intelligence work against the rebels made on false assumptions thus creating serious misjudgment in making right decisions. Almost all intelligence work were not in tandem with equipment of modern technology, and that calls made by rebels were all the time not intercepted correctly or decoded according to the state security.

Either these are as the result of a long planning by the rebels, or they are caused by Gaddafi own failure to watch the most important department in the government, no one is really sure at the moment.

However, Libya’s huge assets in the foreign hands, especially of the west, surprisingly has shown  that Gaddafi is highly confidence of his government, his state security and his team of ministers. The fact that all these assets were frozen by the west was not a good idea. This fact alone in fact has end the usual trust Gaddafi and his teams has rest to the west, brings chaos and confidence to his spying and security circle.

Form that onwards, clashes between allies and mistrust among government’s ministers brewing that have brought down a government.

Lesson learned from this episode. Do the right thing to the national security, train a good spy who says thing rightly, not “who says thing that you want to hear”. Because, you will hear one thing in your own good normal way, despite of hearing bad thing that you may not want to know.

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Arab World and Europe, what’s next?

Charles Robert Darwin. A copy made by John Col...

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Europe and the Arab World in the 21st Century

It’s interesting to read the thought from other writer on the fate of Arab world and Europe.Here is a part of JP Lehman’s opinion on both of the continents and what will happen next.

Charles Darwin wrote, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

I have to admit that the first time I read this was not in On the Origin of Species, but on a wall in the foyer of the main building of Koç University in the outskirts of Istanbul. Turkey seems to be heeding this aphorism, as it currently ranks among the more dynamic countries of the “rising global South.”

There can be no dissent from the view that the world is undergoing the greatest transformation it has seen for centuries, perhaps ever. Rising global powers, mind-boggling new technologies, rapidly shifting demographics and the impact of climate change are among the major transforming forces.

Two regions that have had great difficulty adhering to “Darwin’s law” are Europe and the Arab world. Europe is old, inward-looking and basks in the illusion of past power. It is more accustomed to teach than to learn, to impose than to adapt.

As for the Arabs, having been the movers and shakers of globalization for centuries, it has proven difficult to adapt to more modern times. Failing to embrace globalization in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, as the Chinese, Indonesians, Malaysians and others did, Arabs have been described as “the orphans of globalization.”

Rather than focusing on the future, there is far too much energy invested in fighting yesterday’s battles. There is resentment against “the West” that, while in some respects justified, ultimately does not push the agenda forward.

As described in Albert Hourani’s great opus, Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age: 1789-1939, there was arguably more constructive discourse among intellectuals on Arabs’ place in the world a century ago than there is now.However, recent developments in North Africa — with the unrest in Tunisia spreading to other countries, most notably Egypt — may be indicators that at last the Arab world is waking up from its torpor. This is a revolution driven by youth, enabled in turn by the digital revolution, and by aspirations for ending the stifling oppression from which most Arab countries have suffered for over 30 years.By no means, however, is it clear in which direction these social forces will go. The complexities are huge — and the challenges even more so.

Please read full version of his writing here.

News summaries

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Arab World: The Arab awakening Revolution spinning in the wind : “You have to understand that this is not a bunch of different revolutions,” explains a sunken-eyed Syrian student, taking a breather in Lebanon from weeks of protest-organising in Damascus. “This is one big revolution for all the Arabs. It will not stop until it reaches everywhere.” Read more here:

America: Who was Barack Obama’s Father? :  African student airlift, he made his own way to America. In Hawaii, and later at Harvard, where he studied for a Ph.D. in economics, he was determined to amass the kind of mathematical expertise that would earn him a place in Kenya’s new ruling class—the young, largely foreign-educated elite destined to shape the country’s postcolonial future. Read more here.

Opinion : Why my father hated India by Aatish Taseer: My father was the governor of Punjab, Pakistan’s largest province, and his tweet, with its taunt at India’s misfortune, would have delighted his many thousands of followers. It fed straight into Pakistan’s unhealthy obsession with India, the country from which it was carved in 1947. Read more here.

The U.K: Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson : resignation statement : “I have this afternoon informed the palace, the home secretary and the mayor of my intention to resign as commissioner of the Metropolitan police service.  “I have taken this decision as a consequence of the ongoing speculation and accusations relating to the Met’s links with News International at a senior level and in particular in relation to Mr Neil Wallis who as you know was arrested in connection with Operation Weeting last week.  Read more here.

Kenya: Dadaab: the largest refugee camp in the world – audio show by Andy Hall and Kristin Davis– Read more here.

Afghanistan : Nato hands over first province to Afghan trops: Bamiyan province, in the country’s isolated, mountainous centre, was the first of seven areas to begin handover to Kabul’s responsibility. The largely peaceful province, which contains Afghanistan’s only national park, will be followed later this week by Lashkar Gah, capital of British-garrisoned Helmand province. Read more here. 

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Today top news in Utusan : Hadi cuba ‘tegak benang basah’ : Presiden Pas, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang cuba ‘menegakkan benang basah’ apabila menafikan parti itu sekali lagi terpaksa tunduk kepada DAP, berhubung isu larangan operasi terhadap 13 jenis pusat hiburan sepanjang Ramadan nanti. Read more here.

Huffington Post : Rebekah Brooks arrested in Connection with phone hacking scandal : Rebekah Brooks has been arrested, the Metropolitan Police confirmed on Sunday. The former News International chief executive went to a London police station by appointment and was arrested on suspicion of corruption and phone hacking. Read more here. 


Islam agama teroris – Yair Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

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Anak sulung Benjamin Netanyahu, PM Israel, telah menyatakan dalam facebook beliau bahawa “teroris memiliki agama bernama Islam” dan berpendapat bahawa Palestine tidak harus ada sebuah negara bertunjangkan teroris.

Saya mungkin percaya dengan kata-kata beliau sekiranya partipas memulakan gerakan teroris melawan undang-undang negara, berdemostrasi bersama bersih dua sedikit masa lagi.

Sememangnya partipas, partidap dan partipkr itu seakan akan parti teroris kerana dengan usaha beliau dan juga Ambigat Netanpuyu ingin mengacaubilaukan negara dengan demostrasi jalanan seperti apa yang berlaku dengan bencana pergerakan dari Arab Spring.

Kecewa dengan keadaan disini dari grombolon Ambigat Netanpuyu, dan anak beranak ikan tongsan serta grombolan malaikat jelup didalam partipkr dan partipas.

The Middle East’s oldest dictatorship – by Al Jazeera (English)

As the conventional wisdom goes – especially in the West – Israel is the “only democracy” in the Middle East. And that is so, particularly for its Jewish citizens. However Israel has been anything but democratic for the indigenous people of the land, the Palestinian Arabs.

By nature and precedence, foreign military occupation is temporary. Colonialism on the other hand, and more precisely civilian colonisation, is a socio-political system of ruling over another people.

Since its inception at the end of the 19th century, Zionism preached self-determination for the Jewish people in “their” homeland. In reality, Israel has directly or indirectly driven Palestinians out of their homeland, confiscated their properties, rejected their right to return to their homeland despite UN resolutions, and occupied and colonised the rest of their homeland for the last four decades.

Throughout, Israeli military and security services ruled over another people against their will. They oppressed, tortured, exploited and robbed the Palestinians of their land, water and most importantly, their freedom. There has been more political prisoners in Israeli jails than any of its neighbours.

In denial over their predicament, Israeli leaders have taken shelter in the illusion of surplus morality.

This was best expressed by late Israeli prime minister Golda Meir, who warned the Arabs: “We can forgive you for killing our sons. But we will never forgive you for making us kill yours.”

A wild illustration of Israeli chutzpah.

Occupation as colonial dictatorship

Unlike other colonial powers and dictatorships in recent memory, Israel took all, but gave nothing in return. The settlements, the bypass roads and the industrial zones it built, are exclusively for Jews.

Israel and its various Zionist organisations have built over 600 towns, villages and other form of settlements for the Jews, but none for the Palestinians – not even those it considers part of its own citizens, who make up almost one-fifth of its population.

And much like other dictatorships, it’s in denial over the damage it has caused to the people under its rule, and delusional over occupation it deems necessary, benevolent, or even divinely promised.

No other dictatorship in the region has been as indifferent and destructive for so long over those it ruled, as the Zionist regime has been in Palestine.

It didn’t hesitate to use lethal, excessive force time and again against those under its occupation. The most recent war crimes have been documented and detailed in various UN reports, including that of Judge Goldstone regarding the 2008/9 war on Gaza, which added or changed little in regards to the reality on the ground.

Like other dictatorships it boasts of sacrificing for peace,  demonises its detractors and oppositions, and justifies any wrong-doing on the basis of national security, order and stability.

Although it preached democracy, Israeli leaders long preferred to deal with autocrats, not only in the Arab world but also in the greater Middle East, as well as in Asia and Africa.

Israeli leadership has lobbied for the Mubarak regime in its last days and reportedly its leaders voiced support for assisting Gaddafi.

The illusion of separation

In spite of the six-decade record of Israel’s joint history with the Palestinians, its leadership and supporters still maintain that Israel is nothing like its neighbours; that it’s a democratic oasis in a sea of totalitarianism; that when it fought its neighbours and ruled over them, it did so against its will.

But regardless of the motivation and justification for the post-1948 or post-1967 wars, the resulting reality can’t be ignored. Indeed, it is politically and academically dishonest and counterproductive to speak of Palestinians and Israelis as two separate social and political landscapes.

Any attempt to understand the nature and the political, economic and social – even religious – evolution of the Israeli state in separation from its colonial dictatorship over another people would be futile at best. In reality, misleading and destructive.

The same goes for the Palestinians. Their national and political evolution over the last century, and to a greater extent of the last six decades, is intertwined with that of Zionism and Israeli dictatorship.

Today, the maximum distance between any Israeli and Palestinian is less than nine miles.

Where is the Palestinian revolution?

It was no coincidence then, that the “Palestinian revolution” emerged following Israel’s 1967 war and occupation, when it defeated its neighbours’ post colonial leaders and their national projects, be it pan-Arab nationalism, Baathism, etc.

As Israel allied itself with the colonial and imperial powers of the time – France, Britain and the United States – the Palestinian revolution – as the Palestinian liberation movement was depicted at the time – was inspired by similar anti-colonial struggles, such as the Algerian FLN against the French colonial dictatorship of their country.

But Cold War polarisation, Arab divisions and its own mistakes and blunders led to the disintegration of the ‘Palestinian revolution’. With the advent of the post-Cold War Peace Process in 1991, the Palestinian liberation movement was finally reduced to spearheading accommodation with Israel’s colonialism.

The domestication of the Palestinian liberation movement by the Peace Process soon led to national divisions leading to armed conflict between the Islamist and secular currents under Hamas and Fatah.

Separated by hundreds of checkpoints, ‘security’ walls and fences, and policed by British/American trained Palestinian forces under the supervision of Israel military and security services, Palestinians today live under multiple levels of military dictatorship and police state.

Alas, the Hamas-controlled, Israeli-choked mini entity in the Gaza Strip doesn’t look much different in reality.

Instead of pursuing their struggle for liberation from dictatorship, ‘Palestine Liberation movement’ and PLO leadership in the West Bank are suppressing Palestinian eagerness to join the Arab revolution‘s struggle to bring down the – in this case, colonial – regime.

For two decades, the PLO leadership has looked for salvation in Washington, and when that has proved a pipe-dream, it has decided to go to the UN for a recognition of a Palestinian state.

Come September, the PLO leadership will realise that the end result will, at best, be a state on paper, and its true realisation requiring more of the same diplomacy with Israel. All that assuming Washington wouldn’t veto such a draft resolution.

But regardless of the diplomatic acrobatics, at the end of the day, peace is possible between Palestinians and Israelis on the basis of one state, or two independent states divided by the 1967 borders.

It’s however not tenable nor moral, let alone revolutionary, for the Palestinians to be forced into accommodation or peace with Israel’s occupation or its colonial dictatorship.

Source:  Al Jazeera English
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Libya terkini :”Amerika dan Britain membuli Islam?” – Amr Moussa

"Gua pulak jadi tali barut Amerika, mahu beli minyak, beli dengan gua pulak ok?," kata Mahboob al-Syaitani

Jet pengebom Amerika setelah mengebom Tripoli

Majlis Keselamatan PBB akan mengadakan mesyuarat tertutp hari ini memandangkan kecaman antarabangasa diatas tindkan Amerika dan sekutu mereka mengebom Col Gaddafi di Libya.

Majlis tersebut telah meluluskan satu resoluisi pada Khamis minggu lepas untuk mengunakan “kesemua tindakan berpatutan” bagi melindungi penduduk awam dan mengadakan “kawasan larangan terbang”, (nfz), setelah Gaddafi hampir berjaya menghapuskan pemberontak di Benghazi.

Mesyuarat ini diadakan atas permintaan kerajaan Libya menemui Majlis tersebut bagi membantah campur tangan pihak tentera.

Tindakan menyerang kawasan awam di Tripoli dengan menguna peluru berpandu tidak menepati janji resolusi mengikut Generar Amr Moussa walaupun mendapat kelulusan 22 ahli Lega Arab.

“Apa yang berlaku di Libya berbeza dengan cadangan mengadakan “nfz” dan apa yang kita mahu adalah kita memberi perlindungan keatas orang awam, bukan memgebom keatas orang awam yang lain,” Moussa berkata.

Dari awal lagi kita meminta “nfz” untuk digunakan sebagai perlindungan orang awam Libya, bukan perkara sebegini,” beliau memberi pandangan semasa di tanya oleh wartawan asing.

Moussa berkata komen-komen beliau di salah anggap, tetapi German, dan empat ahli Majlis lain telah membantah dan tidak menyokong cadangan campur tangan. Presiden Russia berkata resolusi ini merupakan satu alat memanggil “perang salib” dan menunjukan sikap Amerika yang sememangnya mempunyai niat untuk membelasah Dunia Ketiga yang daif.

Ramai pemerhati politik dunia yang mencurigai niat sebenar Amerika dan sekutu bertindak keatas Libya yang sedang menghadapi pencerobohan negara mereka oleh pemberontak, sedangkan sikap yang berlainan terhadap kerajaan di Saudi Arabia dan Bahrain apabila tindakan tentera bertindak ganas keatas penduduk Shiah.

Russia, Cina, German, Brazil dan India menolak usul resolusi campur tangan mengunakan tentera.

Berita terkini selanjutnya disini:

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source of news: Al Arabia Net

Demostrasi kecil di Qatif, Saudi

Kingdom Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Taken by...

Kingdom Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Image via Wikipedia)

Memohon kerajaan Arab Saudi membebaskan tahanan Shiah di Qatif, Saudi Arabia. (Gambar - IranNews)


Penganut amalan “Shiah” di Saudi Arabia yang mengamal Islam mengikut fahaman “Shiah” dan berlawanan dengan amalan Wahhabis telah mengadakan demostrasi pada hari Khamis lepas di Qatif dikawasan timur berdekatan dengan Bahrain, selepas kerajaan Bahrain membebaskan tahanan politik di Bahrain.

Mereka meminta kerajaan Arab Saudi juga membebaskan semua tahanan Shiah di Saudi Arabia, sambil membawa gambar-gambar tahanan kaum mereka yang telah ditahan begitu lama tanpa pembicaraan di jalan-jalan utama di Qatif.

Ramai penganalis politik menyatakan kebimbangan mereka jikalau perkembangan itu merebak keseluruh kawasan minoriti penduduk Shiah di kawasan timur bersebelahan kawasan minyak Saudi Arabia.

Pihak berkuasa di Saudi Arabia mengamal fahaman Wahhabi dan telah mengunakan cara mereka menekan kehidupan beragama kumpulan “Shiah” dimana amalan-amalan mereka disekat dan ditentang dari dilakukan dimasjid-masjid di Saudi Arabia, juga segala adat-adat kumpulan itu akan diambil tindakan ketat dan mereka akan ditangkap untuk satu jangka yang panjang.

Pada tahun 2009, demostrasi telah diadakan di Awwamiya setelah pihak kerajaan Saudi mengempur tindakan amalan penganut “Shiah” diketuai oleh Aimr al-Nimr.

Tidak ada banyak berita ini dikeluarkan oleh barat. Mereka difahamkan tidak mahu melihat Saudi Arabia dikuasai oleh kumpulan revolusi dan para ulama atau pengaruh Iran.

Usaha Raja Saudi memberi insentif kepada rakyat msikin dan berpendapatan rendah semalam tidak menambat hati kumpulan minoriti Shiah yang telah hidup tertekan kerana amalan budaya dan adat resam mereka  disekat. Mereka adalah kaum minoriti di Saudi.

Berita dari Iran-News.

Iran: Penunjuk Perasaan dari kerajaan Iran

President of Iran @ Columbia University.

President of Iran (Image via Wikipedia)

Kerajaan Iran mengadakan demostrasi

Kerajaan Iran mengadakan rali hari Jumaat 18 Februari untuk menyatakan kebencian terhadap tindakan penunjuk perasaan dari parti pembangkang.

Demostrasi dari pihak kerajaan ini tercetus setelah beribu penunjuk perasaan yang telah di lakukan oleh 2 kumpulan pembangkang di Iran sebelum ini, dimana protes itu bagi menyokong tindakan penunjuk perasaan dinegara Negara Arab lain, bertukar menjadi protes anti-kerajaan yang telah mencederakan ramai orang dan dua terbunuh.

Iran memgamal sistem pemerintahan yang komplek dan luar biasa gabungan Islam (theocracy) moden dengan demokrasi.

Kumpulan yang tidak dipilih rakyat, puak consarvetif Ketua Sharia yang amat berkuasa dikelilingi oleh seorang Presiden dan ahli parlimen yang di pilih rakyat.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, dipilih pada 2005, berhujah tidak akan membiarkan protes anti kerajaan. Dia telah menyalahkan pedemostrasi sebagai memburukan “keindahan kerajaan Iran.”

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Saudi Arabia selepas Bahrain, pastu Veranda Mecca, arrr?

Towers of the Bahrain Financial Harbour in Man...

Financial Centre Manama Bahrain (Image via Wikipedia)

Manama, Bahrain 15 Feb 2011

Protes di Bahrain mendapat perhatian dunia. Semenjak berlaku protes rakyat di Bahrain, dimana terletaknya ketumbukan Kelima Tentera AS, kerajaan Saudi Arabia dan Amerika sedang memerhatikan perkembangan terbaru protes rakyat di negara tersebut.

Tok Arab Menjerit - Tukar Kerajaan

Negara penduduk majoriti Shia ini di perintah oleh kerabat Diraja Sunni, Al–Khalifas. (Lihat disini atau disini)

Dengan kejayaan protes jalanan di Mesir, kumpulan hak asasi manusia di Bahrain telah berkumpul pada 14 hb Februari, 2011, di Manama sebagai hari hak rakyat Bahrain. Protes ini dihari sama di Iran.

Aksi protes pada hari Isnin itu merebak kesemua kawasan penduduk Shia di seluruh pulau dan di buat meniru cara demostrasi rakyat di “Tahrir Square” di tengah Bandar Manama, ibu kota Bahrain. Gambar gambar dari para demostrasi yang di muat turun di laman web menunjukkan polis anti rusuhan mengempur para demostrasi aman dengan gas pemidih mata dan peluru getah.

Berita terkini menyatakan kerajaan masih bertindak ganas keatas penunjuk perasaan. Tiga atau empat puluh penunjuk perasaan telah tercedera akibat keganasan pihak berkuasa dengan dua kematian.

Pemuda 21 tahun mati terkena peluru getah. Keesukan hari semasa kebumian beliau seorang lagi mati terkena tembakan letupan senapang patah.

Walaupun kejadian tembakan peluru getah dan gas pemidih mata  selalu di lalui oleh penduduk Bahrain, kejadian yang meragut nyawa seperti ini adalah pertama kali dalam tempuh beberapa tahun lalu, dan ini boleh menyebabkan merebaknya kemarahan orang ramai terhadap pihak berkuasa.

Kuasa Wanita Berpurdah

Sambil memegang bendera Bahrain para pedemostrasi meminta pertukaran pelembagaan negara itu, serta pembebasan semua tahanan Shia yang telah di tangkap semenjak August 2010 dan dihentikan penindasan ketara keatas rakyat Bahrain.

“Sudah terlambat” kata Nabeel Rajab dari Pusat Hak Asasi Bahrain.

“Semalam rakyat minta perubahan. Hari ini mereka meminta “pertukaran regim.”

Ramai penganalisis politik dari Barat menyatakan cara pertukaran regim di Mesir tidak mungkin berlaku di Bahrain.

Gala Riani, seoarng pakar penganalisis Timur Tengah berkata di Jane’s Defence Weekly “Bahrain sudah biasa dengan kejadian rusuhan seperti ini.”

“Pihak kerajaan boleh menteteramkan keadaan rusuhan seperti biasa berlaku sebelum ini, jikalau ianya berlaku secara rambang dan tidak menyeluruh.”

Itu pun sekiranya rusuhan tidak berlaku menyeluruh disemua tempat atau bandar di Bahrain.

Menurut wartawan wanita Reem Khalifa, penyunting kanan dari Bahrain Al Wasat, rusuhan kali ini berbeza dari rusuhan rusuhan dahulu.

“Kaum muda Sunni dan Shia berganding bahu semasa berdemostrasi dan melaungkan ‘bukan Sunni atau Shia, kita semua adalah Bahrainis, rakyat Bahrain.’ Kita belum pernah melihat gandingan Shia dan Sunni seperti ini dahulu” beliau sebagai berkata.

Beliau juga berkata kaum wanita juga telah bersama sama berhimpun didalam protes tersebut. Ini kerena mereka mungkin tidak akan dikasari oleh pihak polis.

Walaupun demikian, ada juga kaum wanita bersama bendera telah di kasari oleh pihak keselamatan.

Polis anti rusuhan kebanyakan nya terdiri dari kaum Sunni dari Pakistan, Yemen, Syria dan Jordan.

Ibukota Manama, Bahrain

Mereka semua senang diterima sebagai warganegara dan di beri satu keistimewaan, mereka kurang diminati oleh semua para pedemostrasi.

Seorang pedemostrasi memberi tahu saya: “Kebanyakan polis anti rusuhan tidak boleh bercakap Arab. Tidak ada rasa hormat rakyat langsung.”

“Mereka tidak ada rasa hormat kepada Negara dan bendera kita. Mereka hanya menghormati pembayar gaji mereka, kerajaan Bahrain.”

Sementara itu Presiden Amerika, Barrak Obama di lihat akan mengalami satu lagi cabaran di Timur Tengah. Ketumbukan Kelima tentera Amerika Syarikat di Bahrain amat diperlukan apalagi keadaan kesetabilan yang meruncing di Iran semasa ini.

Seperti di Mesir, Amerika dilihat mengambil jalan tengah dengan tidak mencampuri hal hal dalaman negara terbabit.

Sekiranya protes bertambah besar dan parah, dan kerajaan Bahrain mengenakan tindakan ganas, Washington akan berada didalam keadaan serba salah, sekiranya mereka mengambil peranan bersama kerajaan Bahrain sekarang, dengan menidak sebuah kerajaan demokrasi di benua Arab.

Kita melihat Saudi Arabia lebih tertekan dengan rusuhan yang berlaku di Bahrain, yang terletak di sebelah selat dengan Bahrain.

Pakar politik yang rapat dengan kerajaan Saudi Prince Nayef memberi tahu bahawa kerajaan Saudi akan memainkan peranan menstabilkan keadaan sekiranya rusuhan itu menjadi rumit. Disini dimaksudkan ialah kerajaan Arab Saudi akan campur tangan sekiranya keadaan tidak stabil. Mereka mungkin mengunakan kepakaran tentera mereka ke Bahrain.

Lihat peta Bahrain dan Bandar Manama yang lebih besar di sini

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Para Pemerintah Syurga

School American sorority hazing - naked paddli...

Image via Wikipedia

(Nota: Untuk pembaca berumur lebih 18 tahun sahaja)

Sekarang kita harus mengerti bahawa ideology yang di bawa oleh kerajaan PAS di Kelantan adalah satu kebenaran sementara dari umat atau orang orang Kelantan kepada orang orang Melayu PAS Kelantan, dimana selama ini mereka terpesong dengan tipu daya dari budaya lama iaitu percaya kepada air tawar, percaya kepada magic air tawar, percaya kepada pembuat air tawar, percaya kepada guru Quran, percaya kepada Tok guru pondok, percaya kepada ustaz, dan percaya kepada kebodohan yang ada pada para penipu agama.

Kepakaran dalam bahasa Arab memberi gambaran bahawa orang yang fasih bahasa Arab adalah Islam sejati. Kita tahu kepakaran bukan dari satu punca, dan punca Ilmu bukan dari AlAzhar sahaja, dan ilmu boleh dipelajari dari mana mana punca, termasuk dari Cina, Rome, England, Iraq, Latin Amerika, dan lain lain tempat lagi. Difahamkan dari pengalaman saya berurusan dengan mereka dari Pas kebanykan mereka tidak mahu mengakui Ilmu selain dari Mesir dan mengistiharkan mereka yang lulus daripada institusi lain itu adalah pelajar ilmu yang tidak Islam.

Dalam hal hal begini, cuba lihat bagaimana PAS boleh diterima oleh kaum Cina DAP?.  Dan mengapa mereka boleh menerima PAS?. Sedangkan PAS sememangnya dengan diam diam akan menubuhkan suatu sistem pemerintahan Islam yang teramat ” religous” seperti yang berlaku di Kelantan selama ini.

Cuba cuba kita fikirkan mengapa kaum Cina DAP boleh hidup bersama dan memuja PAS.  Fikir fikir lah wahai Rakyat Kelantan. Lihat Kickdefella post terbaru disini.

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PAS gertak Mubarak ambil MC – Ha ha ha, kah kah kah.

Hosni Mubarak 2003

NGO pro PR & PAS minta Mubarak MC, la biar betul, ini kerja sewel, tengok muka dia ni Hosni Mubarak tentu dia takut kat hangpa ya! Ha ha ha, Kah kah kah: (Image via Wikipedia)

Aku tak faham PAS dan NGO pro PR yang mengadakan protes di pejabat Embassy Mesir di Kuala Lumpur semalam. Tengok disini.

Sepatut protes itu di buat di depan ofis TG Nik Aziz, di Kota Bahru, kerana beliau sudah lama memerintah tetapi tidak buat apa apa selain bagi “fatwas”. Aku bubuh “s” sebab plural, terlampau banyak.

Engkau orang gila insing ke, dia orang Arab, dia orang tahu lah macam mana hendak dibuat, hang masuk campur tu tujuan apa?

Hendak kata engkau itu Islam ke?. Ala, kalau doa macam engkau orang buat di Tenang tu, bikin malu Islam kamu sahaja. Islam apa benda tu. Dia orang orang Arab tidak pakai jubah pun, engkau orang ingat berjubah disini orang Arab ikut kata engkau orang kah?

Jikalau dah Islam korup, macam engkau orang juga, lambat laung di perlingkupkan oleh orang ramai. Perbetul kan lah Islam kamu tu, berkawan lah dengan DAP ajar dia orang basuh berak macam mana. Jangan ajar jelit jelit sahaja, ok.

Baru lah betul, engkau orang semua ini macam ketam lah, nak ajar orang awak sendiri jalan senget.

Malu malu, geng PAS jenis tidur atas jalan raya, mak oii, sudah silap parti lah komer semua, baik buat parti pinggan mangkuk, jual ubat penggeras – ada juga  hasil nya.

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