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PM is an acronym in great demand in Malaysia, that’s why KL was at standtill

That short alphabet, PM, an acronym for Perdana Menteri, or Prime Minister, or President of Malaysia, is in great demand. That alphabet alone has caused a standstill in KL city center yesterday, massive road jams, lost of a good night sleep, and a variety of unproductive economic activities.

Well, shops closed, food hardly available, a week-end extraordinary filled with computer hungry citizen, oh my, it was a kind of  the day filled with anxiety waiting for the death toll in Afghanistan war, you know, if you are the parent to war going armies, hey you there in America, understand what I mean?.

Because of  high demand for the acronym, I would suggest those who want it to think of the alternative, perhaps by using the new alternative demand will equate supply and normal life restores.

PM – Property Mongols

Few good properties  are available in the market, using this new PM he or she could invest in large properties under hammers in the UK.

When Updown Court in Windlesham, Surrey, was put on the market for £75 million six years ago, its owner, Leslie Allen-Vercoe, described it as the most expensive house in Britain.

However, with no buyer found for the mansion, Ireland’s National Asset Management Agency was preparing to reappoint receivers to take control of the estate.

And today the Irish government was preparing to seize ownership of the massive, 103-room mansion in southeastern England after the Allen-Vercoe, 67, defaulted on a £50 million mortgage. Read More here.

He or she could use the brain to mingle around with the investment, develop underprivileged Malays to become property investors, and with funds from CIA or Soros, would give benefit to the nation’s most sought after training programs instead.

Then KL is save from standstill the likes of Bershit 2.00.

PM – Pregnant Mothers savior

This acronym is very humble one, but it uses can save thousands instead of killing someone on the streets.

Well, make it big if you want a grandiose name after it. Not a problem for Malaysians. It helps innocent people who know nuts about sex!!.

I believe it’s a good alternative for the acronym.

Read more here.

PM  – Property Management

Well, if she or he likes high-rise apartment, or likes to visit some, he can use PM as a property manager, and go around the town looking after nice apartments. It’s an easy job, no strain after all you like high-rise apartments very much. More over some JMB knows nut about managing high-rise apartment, then you can help these people with their job.  A noble approach, I think.

PM – President of  the Moon

Last but not least,

Much I like to say, the moon still has no one, not a single man who can lead the community there. They need such a person and I believe they don’t care if you use the acronym PM  for the President of the Moon. They are delighted to have you.

Well, anyone, who can give us another short name for PM, which will reduce demand for it here, and make us safe, please drop us a note.

Caught in the act, some international news for bershit 2.00

Going through several online international newspapers I have gathered some news that brings up the image of bershit 2 as the organizers are hoping for, nevertheless it has nothing that extra ordinary because on the ground zero here the rally has failed to attract the proposed  300,000 human protestors. Captions of the news are posted here. You may read full reports from the link at respective newspapers.

Al Jazera.

The activists’ demands include an overhaul of voter registration lists, tougher measures to curb fraud and fairer opportunities for opposition politicians to campaign in government-linked media.

A general election is not due until 2013 but Najib Razak, the prime minister, has not ruled out early polls, after economic growth accelerated to a 10-year high in 2010.

Major street demonstrations are rare in this Southeast Asian country, but the rise of alternative media channels and a growing opposition voice are gradually creating a more vocal Malaysian public.

Herald Sun Australia

The demonstrators want reforms that will prevent some people being allowed to vote several times during elections.

The opposition made major gains in 2008 elections against the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition but said they could have won more if elections rules were fair.

Prime Minister Najib Razak has defended tough police action against the rally and denied Malaysia was moving away from democracy.

Australian Com Au

“Ambiga and myself have been arrested,” Maria Chin said as she was being transported in a police van to an unknown location.

Abdul Hadi Awang, president of the Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party (PAS), the country’s largest Islamic opposition grouping, was also arrested.

The protesters rallied in several areas of the city but later began to disperse, said Subramaniam Pillay, one of the organisers, who described the day as “a great success”.


Major roads into Malaysia’s capital city were sealed with road blocks and barbed wire, train stations closed and buses diverted, leaving some parts of Kuala Lumpur deserted. Even so, thousands of people marched in the rain toward Merdeka Stadium, according to Bloomberg reporters at the scene. Another group was seen headed towards a royal palace wanting to hand a petition to the king, while a third marched by the 88-floor Petronas Twin Towers.

The showdown comes amid rising pressure for political change in Southeast Asia and ahead of general elections due in Malaysia within the next two years. Thai voters this week elected to throw out a party that used soldiers to disperse opposition protests last year that led to more than 90 deaths, while Singapore’s ruling party suffered its narrowest election victory since independence in May.

Malaysia’s policies favoring the country’s ethnic-Malay majority have held the economy back by spurring a brain drain and limiting foreign spending, the World Bank said in a report on April 28.

Huffington Post

Supporters of the Bersih coalition were also planning solidarity marches over the weekend in foreign cities, including in Australia, Britain, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand and the United States.

In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the U.S. has been communicating to Malaysia the importance of respecting human rights, including freedom of expression and assembly.

“We consider it incumbent on all sides to refrain from violence,” she told a news conference Friday.

The Independent

Police fired tear gas and detained hundreds of activists as more than 20,000 demonstrators massed today across Malaysia’s main city demanding electoral reforms in the country’s biggest political rally in years.

The opposition-backed rally was the culmination of weeks of intense pressure on Prime Minister Najib Razak’s long-ruling coalition to make election laws fairer and more transparent ahead of national polls widely expected by mid-2012.

Demonstrators marched in defiance of Najib’s administration, which declared the rally illegal and warned people repeatedly to avoid it.

Sydney Morning Post

The National Front has been in power for more than 50 years, but opposition gains in recent elections have spurred calls for change.

The Bersih coalition of civic groups organising the rally has voiced hopes of attracting tens of thousands of people for what would be Malaysia’s biggest political rally in nearly four years.

Many of the typically bustling commercial districts in downtown Kuala Lumpur were eerily empty today as authorities took extraordinary security measures by blocking numerous roads, closing train stations and deploying trucks mounted with water cannons near the Independence Stadium.

Wall Street Journal

Thousands of protesters seeking reforms to Malaysia’s electoral system descended upon central Kuala Lumpur by mid-afternoon, despite stern warnings from the government, which sealed off roads and shut down train stations to try to keep people away. Federal police said they had detained 1,667 people, according to the Associated Press, including Ambiga Sreenevasan, one of the main organizers of the rally, as well as some pro-government demonstrators.

In conclusion independent opinion on the issue is summarized as it is a political rally, i.e, that the opposition parties are trying to create similar anti-government trend that is similar to earlier bersih 1 to gather lost momentum in support by the voters. It is a great political lie of the century.

Note: Some of the news above are ambiguous and misleading. Barbed wire (wow memang ada barbed wire!!! tak perasan, maaf ya ) and Malay supremacy?

partiPAS negara berkebajikan

















Doggie : “Which one do you want me to bite and pass over to you first, PETRONAS, TNB, INLAND REVENUE, CUSTOM, TNB, CIMB, SIME DARBY, FELDA, FELCRA, or which one?”.

Mat Sapu: “I don’t know which one, no blue print out yet, you wait huh!!, but the principle is to take the big money spinners first, the ones with fat money, awwright. But remember, I wanna fly to Amsterdam‘s red district, get me “that money” first, understand! “.

Liberalized ulamak fell prey in an authoritarian deal

There have been rumor abounds among us that PAS was now divided into two groups of leaders, .i.e., the group of professionals and that of “ulamak” (the religious pious) just after recent party election last week.

Good for the party, let us hope.

It is for a good reason as professionals are people with enormous expertise in their respective fields. Then, of course, they must do their job by serving the people professionally first to entitle to be called one.

Otherwise, PAS is unable make it a showcase for the progress in the country as a whole if the work of past religious pious in the lineup was the level of standard in our assessment.

I mean “ulamak” could have been a better leader but instead there isn’t much that transpired out from this lineup thus far accredited it to modernization of the society in  Malaysia  as a progressive state.

We are dealing with transformation of society that will vibrate living progress and the economy being the center focus. Who would be the best person in leaderships if it were not the ulamak? I mean from the religion viewpoint.

Looking at the state of affair of transformation of the society in various states PAS is a member of the ruling parties, ulamak haven’t made the kind of result that we need. Kelantan, where ulamak play a significant role as leaders too seems to be far below performances of other developed and progressive states in Malaysia.

Unlike in Kelantan, PAS in Penang or Perak, or in other states for that matter, plays a lesser role in the governing. It has been the backbenchers and seems without executive and adjudicative power. This places the party as a “yes man” role or just a budding partner limiting  “ulamak’s” ability to be the supreme leadership an Islamic society in transformation needs.

Who then we could hope for if they aren’t ulamak?

A “yes-man” party leadership to another superior party doesn’t go well with a society that faces gigantic global challenges. This is true when the party followers are people of the majority, but then the dominant party is the minority instead. How do you face huge challenges when minority decides your path and what do you do when the majority in your party doesn’t agree with your decision in the first place? Becoming dominant is the way it is in current global political challenges. Not the other way around.

PAS will therefore, and certainly true in the case of style of leadership of ulamak, become a partner to a lopsided democracy that will destroy a stable and just society that we have been focused for centuries.

Let us see how these so-called professionals do their duties this year around. Let us watch whether it is true, the winner was Karpal Singh who has a famous quote “langkah mayat saya dahulu” or  means literally walk over my dead body over PAS’s proposal for an Islamic State.

If there is any Islamic State in the agenda now for PAS’s worthy of your vote, dear friend? Find it out before agreeing  to a biased deal.

who rides who?

Cherio everyone, see you later.

Eekaa #eekaawordpresscom

Outer space project is shelved and terminated – PAS Endeavour

In line with PAS new image the newly elected deputy president of PAS the anwarited Mat Sabu has three crucial key promises :-

  1. counter UMNOBarisan Nasional’s (BN) propaganda on how Malay interests would be in jeopardy should Pakatan Rakyat assume federal power,
  2. push efforts for PAS to get more non-Malay support, and
  3. develop a more aggressive plan for PAS to replace UMNO.

Din Merican believed Mat Sabu can do it. And many DAP strongmen, the likes of Lim Guang Eng also hope for him to do it. Read more of this issue here.

Can he and Hadi Awang do the tasks DAP and PKR need to outsmart UMNO for Putra Jaya? Or, perhaps Cyber Jaya, if it’s not that Jaya?

By the look from the ballot papers in the last week’s muktamar PAS has now abandoned its Outer Space project, just like the ending of trips this month by the Endeavour of the space ship for the US Outer Space project.

Perhaps it may end the purified water assignment too. And that of one-drop eyelid tear. The are obsolete in newly globalized political version (updated version).

Neither Hadi Awang nor Nik Aziz have spoken of the outer space project or the “holy-nized’ water while in the muktamar. Perhaps the party members know that Rocket isn’t as smart as Endeavour.

Perhaps syurga is too far from the moon and surrounding areas where the space ship had traveled.

It needs adjustment. Can he realign and adjust to withstand the heat? He can do it on the 121 flight surely he can do anything here in PAS.

By the look of it this is Mat Sabu's plan to replace UMNO.

Yusof Qadriani #eekaawordpresscom.

UMNO jahat kut?

Hello kekawan. UMNO baik kah?

Lima puluh tahun aku tengok sekolah cina sekolah cina jugak? Kata hendak ubah?

Apa Cina hendak semua di bagi. Hendak kan FTZ di Pulau Indah di bagi. Hendak kan IPP di kasi. Hendak apa-apa saja di beri.

Kenapa dibagi kalau tahu mereka hendak tipu rakyat? Pemimpin tahi kucing in akal ada tetapi otak tak der ke?

Mungkin UMNO kaki tipu rakyat juga kut. Patut lah Nik Aziz yang sudah dijemput lima kali tidak mahu join UMNO. Betul lah jahat dan jahanam UMNO ini.

Bangsat lah orang orang UMNO zaman sekarang ini rupanya.

Tunjuk garang depan kita, Melayu, konon, tapi belakang lanyak juga kut. Nasib baik tak der keris, kalau ada tercabut hulu nak tunjuk garang. Tapi ngap juga dibelakang orang jenis macam ini! Kucing punya pemimpin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aku tidak tahu parti yang mana aku hendak undi dalam PRU 13 nanti.  Semua tidak boleh pakai . Tak kan hendak undi Obama atau Gaddafi kut!!.

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