What are the benefits in 1Malaysia?

Let us go through the list of benefits you get under our government‘s offer in the famous 1Malaysia.

The benefits under 1Malaysia initiative are as follows: –

Link First Malaysia Initiative.

In the UK, the benefits for the British citizen  are as as follow:-

Link UK Citizen Benefits

The differences in benefits between the two countries, in my view are:-

  1. Britain is giving the benefit before spending, that means, you get the benefits if you are eligible before you are spending it,
  2. Malaysia, you get the benefit when you are spending your own money.

When I was working in the UK, I had a national insurance, where a small sum of money was deducted from my salary every week. I was entitled to a Child Benefit when I had a child through HMS, which was at a reasonable sum of money to buy milk and other foods at current price. I had money paid to me every week at the post office, that means, I could spend the money buying food and milk for my child, and not buying with my money and get a discount as a benefit as in 1Malaysian initiative.

Who gets the government benefits as a discount, and why doesn’t the government give us a choice to select the vendors who were given a discount under the 1Malaysia initiative?. For example if we don’t like 1Malaysia Shop, can we get the benefit and buy goods or services at a Malay store instead?.

So, which one is better, you have your benefits as entitled and spend the money under the scheme, or you must spend your own money first before and only you will get the benefits, as in 1Malaysia opportunity?.

What happen when you don’t have money to spend, and what happen to the benefits?. Can you make a claim for the benefit you are entitled under the initiative?.

House price is very expensive and home is beyond my mean by buying one. Can I have the home allowance to cover the rent which is beyond my means?. After all it is the government duty to make sure home price stays at a low-cost price.

Is there any difference between ordinary citizens and the citizens who are working with government. What we have ascertained that all government workers are provided with all sorts of benefits. Are government officers above us the ordinary citizen?. And if they are, why?

So, what is the good thing about 1Malaysia opportunity that it has been aired over and over around the country.

Is it a cash rebate of RM500 under BR1M, which is performed once a year?. This is the only benefit that we can use to buy extra needed goods or services, such as paying rent.

So what is 1Malaysia anyway?. To which group of citizen that it really provides the benefits? Why doesn’t the government give the money as the benefits first and we spend when we want the good and services under the initiatives? Why 1Malaysia initiative is so funny in that you need to spend and get a discount. I could get a discount card anywhere in the UK.

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