Kalimah Allah hanya untuk Islam. Full Stop.

Kalimah Allah ada lah untuk umat Islam sahaja.

Tiada yang lain.

Full stop.

Mahkamah, jangan buat onar. Fikir jauh sikit.


Itu pendapat aku.


Nazri Aziz and Adolf Hitler, are in a wax museum?.

nazri 3

The only Malay minister that goes hand in hand in promoting a rival city to Shah Alam, I-City, is Nazri Aziz.

nazri 1

Unknowingly though, he was pinned with a five star logo on the front of his shirt, which may be the sign of a communist at work in the area, where Malays are the predominant populace.

He likes a wax model, and he played kung fu with Bruce Lee wax model and has little respect for the people living in the area who are not interested in those lousy wax models.

nazri 2

One thing good about the Chinese is in their doing of any imitation good or product all over the world, and in this state they are imitating other people’s products such those works by Madame Tassuad in the famous wax museum and planetarium in London, and in all its branches over the world.

I don’t know who are the famous and rich people of this country that I-City has created in the form of wax models. I hope, none is made of a Nazri Aziz.

Marie Tussaud, or Anna Maria Grashotz, was a true France rebellion, and had created wax models of people who have been killed and called during the revolution as a memory of the history. She learnt wax modelling from a doctor in 1761, and made a famous model of Voltaire in 1777. During the war, she went to the United Kingdom and married to Mr Tussaud and retained her name as Madame Tussaud. She opened up the first wax museum in Baker Street, London and used all her famous creations of model that include Haration Nelsen, Sir Walter Scott, and many more from the famous figures including Adolf Hitler.

She went to establish her work patiently and now has branches all over the world.

You see this I-City guys imitate her work hoping that Malay like me 30 years ago will be going there to see the work. But whose works are these wax models made?. And I don’t really know which models that stand in this imitation museum?

Is there Chin Peng wax model in the museum. Or, are these people would cook up a model of Nazri?. Well, I tell you, the max model of Adolf Hitler was decapitated by a German visitor, and I hope that won’t happen to Nazri Aziz’s wax model should it be placed in this imitation museum.

The truth about imitating a wax museum is that I City thinks by doing so it will create demand for the space and its land development in Shah Alam, a direct competitor to other commercial areas of the Shah Alam town centre.

By doing so, the remaining 50 acres of land they own will be high in value thus kill for super profit. They desire to redesign Shah Alam into the hand of the Chinese. But, imitating another person works won’t make this venture as a true winner. They are only good in imitation products the same as their brothers in the main China.

So what is so great about Malaysian Chinese?. None, except in the eyes of people likes Nazri Aziz who like imitation works. In fact they are uncivilized people of this country. 

PS: This guy must be derailed out of the line in the next party election. I tell you, he is not that clever a person as he thinks he is.

1Malaysia food festival reveals a 40-year Chinese land grabbing schemes in Malay areas – Morib oh Morib

Please drive through the coastal road from Banting to Bagan Lalang. Along the route you will see the outstanding work of Chinese turning the Malay predominant area into what is today’s Chinese land and property grabbing schemes.

The main purpose of these Chinese is to sell properties that they built, shadowing behind the most important thing in their obsession which is bringing in Chinese into Malay predominant living areas.

What do these people give in return?

A kuih Raya to old folks. And a small amount of land premium, taxes to Kuala Langat Municipality. All businesses and business conducted in the developments mean for the Chinese. The Malays are given jobs in the maintenance team such as cleaners of doors and glass windows, driving trolleys and cars of the Chinese masters. All the time when you entered the premises you would see Malay Selangor Jawa as guards.

That was all that the Malays get from the displacement of their native land to the Chinese’s hand along the coastal line. Kuih raya during hari raya. The Chinese get to drink beers, Calsberg and Heinekein at any time, day and night, swimming in pools built for themselves, snap photographs of young Chinese ladies clad in nearly half naked bikinis, built homes that were designed from the ruin of the Chinese Great Wall, urut konek when they like it, and; all the Malays get is a basket of kuih Raya, every year. Malay Jawa, you are a very cheap person, aren’t you?

40 Years in the making to turn the once Malay hinterland into Chinese areas. 40 years UMNO has been ripped off by the Chinese as it arose from the gathering in 1Malaysia last election. Eating foods in a great 1Malaysia festival, but slandering the Malays for the past 40 years. The same way they did in Morib and the region surrounding it.

Where do you want to hide, oii the Malay leaders. You are truly a stupid cow.

You had given these Chinese Tanjung Sepat New Village, now they take all Malay villages near them. Malay Jawa, you have been cheated by your own common enemy.

Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Tamarod and those who like to lie

Lying is a fact of life when you are in a war, or beginning to make the preparation for it.

That occurs on both sides, the appointed government in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters.

In the first place, Morsi shouldn’t be appointed as the President of Egypt, replacing the so much talked about Mubarak. The Eygpt’s population should know what democracy is all about,and then place the importance of ruling through votes from the public.

When you have an army who controls 60% of the country wealth, and every other person is a member of the military through someone in the military, who receives government benefits through the military, who owns the banks, houses, properties, and all other money making machineries in the country, who do you think that will never support the military?. Muslim Brotherhood.

So when Morsi was ousted MB and their supporters want the power back, but, you know, out of 84 years in existence MB was almost outlawed all the time. It was known to be active of late, and what do you suppose to say about this group when many observers say that it represents all Muslims, but most of the time the story that came out from the movement tells it represents some hardcore fascism.

Recent sit-in protests by MB and its supporters including Al-Qaeda and Tamarod give us a different picture altogether.

According to MB, some 2,000 of its men and women killed. According to other reliable sources only 270 were injured or killed. Nothing is said about the lost on the government side, which according to a record 43 policemen were killed and 140 wounded. Four churches were burned, 13 were attacked and and right now 3 are burning. Policemen who were on duty to disperse the sit-in were brutally skined alive and killed. 21 police station were attacked in the conflict areas, and that shows MB too is using weapons to destroy not only the military personnel but also the Christians, who it has some form of mutual hatred from a very long time.

It is therefore a conflict that arises out of the religion hatred and a conflict for the control of wealth of the nation. Those who died from the sit-ins are those innocent blokes who have nothing to do or to think wisely.

So next time when you see anything that says an Islamic movement, you would better make a quick check on its main purpose before giving your support.

Praying to something else is the main reason why I am diferent from them

Surau and the story that came out of it recently, tells us one thing that most of you want an answer.

The diference between the Sami and his followers in the surau when perfoming a prayer to God and me doing the same pray is that I don’t use a third party or something else to pray to God. I do it straight to Him.

No picture of God, or whatever to remind me of how God will look like.

This is because I am a straight guy, whereas others aren’t. I mean they need something to look and pray and then imagine how God will response through looking and smiling at the photo of God in front of them.

It is a kind of using an agent to convey a message to God. It doesn’t sound and look right to me, and when people do that kind of thing in a Surau where I don’t need another medium to do the same, I felt they were wrong and I supposed everyone like me felt very outregous.

If the Sami did the same thing like I do in the surau, perhaps there would not be much objection from people like me.

So because of that the Surau would be demolished. It has nothing to do with how dirty they are, or whether Sami is dirtier than a dog, but the way they performed a prayer using a third party medium or artifact instead of directly to God was the most dirtiest act againt my believe that God does not need a third party or agent for prople to offer a prayer to Him.

That is why that Surau should be demolished. It has been used against my fundamental believe. The one and most important aspect of my God.

So please do understand me. Please don’t ask Nazri Aziz or similar person like him, especially Raja Petra, they don’t really understand the fundamentals.

Diantara tok kong, patung dan maksiat, tarikan ke I City Shah Alam, bandaraya Melayu pertama di bawah Tun Abdul Razak


Semua orang tahu bahawa bangsa Cina palat sua ini menduduki hampir kesemua kawasan bandar bandar penting di Malaysia.

Dengan tertubuhnya PKNS semasa pimpinan allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak, usaha orang orang Melayu membina bandar mereka di merata tempat terutama di Selangor, sebuah negeri yang terkaya kerana penghijrahan kaum Melayu berotak tinggi dan terror merror dari seluruh negara ke negeri itu, bergiat maju.

Dan antara bandar utama yang di bina untuk orang Melayu oleh Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak ialah Shah Alam. Dan bandaraya ini di naik taraf kepada bandaraya atau ibu negeri Selangor, telah berkembang maju sebagai tapak permulaan orang orang Melayu menimpa sejarah menjadi tuan sebuah bandaraya yang hampir 90% penduduk nya kaum Melayu.

Syabas. Untuk semasa itu. Sekarang lain pula cerita nya.

Itu permulaan dengki kesumat bangsa Cina palat sua ini, dari tahun 1963 dimana sauadara V Antolic, seorang pakar perancang bandar terkemuka zaman itu membina bandaraya Shah Alam bermula dengan tertubuh nya pusat pengajian tinggi kaum Melayu di UiTM, telah menukar rubah Sungai Renggam, kawasan paya dan kebun kelapa sawit, kepada sebuah bandaraya Melayu dan apa yang ada pada hari ini.

Bandaraya seluas 112.1 batu persegi (290.3 km2) mempunyai segala perasarana termasuk kilang kilang untuk industri yang diceburi oleh semua kaum, terutama kaum Melayu menjadi kemegahan penduduk setempat.

Disini, kita lihat pengkongsian perniagaan yang nyata dan telus, di bandingkan dengan perkongsian berat sebelah hampir di semua bandar bandar lain yang di penuhi oleh bangsa Cina laknatullah.

Keadaan pasaran hartanah di kawasan ini sudah tentu amat stabil tanpa ada perubahan drastik keatas harga pasaran kerana tidak ada penipuan didalam urusan jual beli hartanah di kawasan itu semenjak Desimber 1978 apabila Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam di tubuhkan dan di kuasai sepenuhnya oleh orang orang Melayu.

Malang nya semenjak 2011, bandaraya ini di ubah kepada sebuah bandaraya yang akan mempamirkan kerusakan ahlak kaum Cina palat sua keatas orang orang Melayu.

Hanya dengan keluasan 72 ekar, Sumurwang telah menterbalikan keunikan kaum Melayu dengan membina pusat pusat komersial menyaingi kawasan luas komersial Shah Alam.

Dan dengan hanya 20% kawasan ini yang telah dibina, telah membawa Shah Alam kepada bandar maksiat, dengan memperagakan patung patung lilin sebagai tempat tarikan melawat,kunjungan anak anak dara Melayu untuk berasmara di bawah lampu lampu neon, bermain didalam kawasan sejuk bersalji, dan memperkayakan budaya joget joget disco, dan ini semua bukan budaya Melayu tetapi adalah budaya syaitan dan iblis bertonggakkan patung dan tok kong yang hanya bermotifkan kepada menaikan nilai pasaran hartanah di kawasan 72 ekar I City yang di punyai oleh semua pemikir Cinabeng untuk memastikan keuntungan dari sebuah bandaraya Melayu jatuh kembali kepada kaum Cinabeng laknatullah.

Mereka gunakan kelemahan kaum Melayu untuk menaikkan harga hartanah mereka. Dan ini di persetujui olek kerajaan, majlis bandaraya dan lain lain mereka yang berkuasa yang mempunyai hati yang kecil.Semua Melayu setuju untuk menjatuhkan maruah penubuhan bandar raya Shah Alam yang telah di usahakan oleh Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak untuk kaum Melayu yang dia sayangi.

Maka terserlah lah dalam bandar ini kawasan kawasan pendudukan baru yang dipenuhi oleh Cina palat sua di kawasan dulu nya orang orang Melayu seperti di Setia Alam dan sebagai nya.

Begitu mudah Melayu di loloskan dari dasar membangunkan bandar untuk Melayu oleh kaum bangsa Cina palat sua ini, semenjak sekarang.

Dan disini lah kita harus sedarkan Melayu kenapa lah mereka mudah lupa?.

Dan kaum Melayu akan pergi menyembah patung patung lilin dengan gembira, tanpa sedar bahawa kesukaan itu menjadi satu amalan jahat syaitan, dan menaikan harga pasaran hartanah kerana demand semakin naik kerana kesukaan mereka. Dan mereka sekali lagi akan tersisih di dalam bandar yang di bina oleh orang orang Melayu untuk mereka kerana kenaikan harga pasaran semasa yang mendadak kerana tipu muslihat Cina palat sua keatas mereka tanpa sedar.


Jikalau bandar kecil Tanjung Tualang Melayu tidak mampu ambil alih, bagaimana Cina boleh berjaya menipu Melayu mengambil alih bandaraya besar seperti Shah Alam?.

Itu sebabnya, Sultan Brunai tidak berkenan memberi kerakyatan kepada bangsa Cina di Brunai.

Dan sejahat jahat manusia ialah apabila berkelakuan baik hanya di depan tetapi jahat sejahat jahatnya di belakang manusia lain.

Dan ubahlah lah selagi ada nyawa.

PS: Star pro DAP asyik mempromotekan I City, kerana mereka nak tunjuk Cina boleh merogol bandaraya Melayu sesuka hati.

When gangsters or triads are qualified as a property manager, what do you expect?

Today’s Star gives a handout about bad guys corner condo job, and what do you expect from the industry when our previous housing minister approved non-qualified Chinese property caretakers to name themselves a property manager.

Well there are some prople who can carry out work but without proper professional qualifications they can do anything without any jurisdiction over their scope of work. In fact most of them are also involved in petty crimes such as harrasing owners for the job of property management, and appointing own gangsters to do the management of the condo projects.

I said serve them right with thier choice recently of appointing non approved qualified personnel among themselves and that they now know how bad guys normally operate. Either they, the owners will incur more money, or lose their life or property.

The work of gangsterism is normall with non qualified, non capable Chinese, Indian and Malay building caretakers who talk only rubbish and want more money because of triad connection.

Serve you right building owners, JMBs and MCs. You eat your own choice of selecting gangsters. And that goes to our previous housing minister too. Padan muka. Pilih kumpulan China tetapi satu pun tak undi hang. He heh, mana taruk muka wei?.

PS: Star yang pro DAP setiap hari dok ptomote I City, sebenarnya hendak beritahu Melayu, Melayu semua bodoh bodoh kerana bandaraya mereka pun Cina boleh ceruboh macam buka kain anak gadis Melayu dalam semak.

When gangsters or triads are qualified as a property manager, what do you expect?

Today’s Star gives a handout about bad guys corner condo job, and what do you expect from the industry when our previous housing minister approved non-qualified Chinese property caretakers to name themselves a property manager.

Well there are some prople who can carry out work but without proper professional qualifications they can do anything without any jurisdiction over their scope of work. In fact most of them are also involved in petty crimes such as harrasing owners for the job of property managemnt, and appointing own gangsters to do the management if the condo projects.

I said serve them right with thier choice recently of appointing non approved qualified personel among themselves and that they now know how bad guys normally operate. Either they, tge owners will incur more money, or lose their life or property.

The wirk of gangsterism is normall with non qualified, non capable Chinese and Indian building caretakers who talk only rubbish and want more money because of triad connection.

Serve you right building owners, JMB and MC. You eat your own choice of selecting gangsters. And that goes to our previous housing minister too. Padan muka. Pilih kumpulan China tetapi satu pun tak undi hang. He heh, mana taruk muka wei?.

Tanjung Tualang a Chinese dominance small town BN’s example of coalition with MCA

Tanjung Tualang a small town which is full of Chinese and surrounded by Malay kampungs is an example how BN with MCA gives the power to the Chinese to hold the economy of the Malays.

Retails and consumer goods are in the hand of the few Chinese, and and the hard earned money of the peasants goes into the hands of the Chinese, every second, minute, hour, day, weeks, month and years.

The town is established in 1900, and it is almost 113 years, and UMNO has never done anything to reverse the town back to the hand of the Malays as they are the majority of population of whole area.

If we use this example of making a township for the population, for the Malay majority, and to assist and bring in the Malays into the commerce and trading activity, as louded by BN or UMNO, then it is an example of a total failure, or an example of the greatest lie of them all the political propaganda.

Any town that is dependent on mining will be a dead town when the mining industry is halted. But it did not happened to Tanjung Tualang. This is because MCA has saved the few Chinese who live in the town flourishing by collobrating with UMNO in BN coalition by letting them remain as business men and middle men.

Tanjung Tualang must be a dead town long time ago, if it was not because of a short vision as the result of the stupidity among the UMNO leaders.

Malay folks in Tanjung Tualang must take a 30 minute drive to Kampung Gajah, to do shopping in Malay stalls. That is 20 kilometers away, or drive to Ipoh for other consumer goods, but the town is also a town infested with the Chinese. That involves a distance of about 70 kilometers away.

I feel sadden when seeing Malay folks in Perak mutter the very words that the state of Perak is their. Whilst all towns are infested by immigrant Chinese who were at one time tin miners. After 50 years of independence, UMNO has done nothing to change the political landscape.

How on the earth do we want to transform the livelihood of the majority Malays when nothing has been done by the supreme political power of this country to reverse the situation?.

If you ask me about PAS 22 years rule of Kelantan and what was the party doing in the regards to the Malay ownership of a town, vis a vis into holding commercial space and doing commercial activity, I would answer by saying that 22 years rule is a much better than UMNO 55 years rule which the party was not doing anything for the Malays in regards of achieving the reverse take over of a town scape.

So then, can we say UMNO is helping the Malays, as the party has always say that its priority is into helping us the Malays?


It will be another 100 years, and Tanjung Tualang will remain as it is today, infested by the Chinese immigrants who are holding the power to earn money from the poor Malay peasants surrounding it.

Selamat Hari Raya for Tanjung Tualang’s Malays. You need to change the people who are representing you as your leaders if you need your own a Malay town.

Betul kah Melayu tidak pandai berniaga? Akhbar Cina cakap. Bullshit lu

Pergi kemanamana di dunia ni, semua bangsa pandai berniaga.

Pergi India, kaum India berniaga, pergi Mesir, orang Mesir berniaga. Malahan pergi ke Zimbabwe, orang orang Zimbabwe berniaga.

Apabila pergi ke Malaysia, China palat sua ini yang berniaga dan cakap puji dia pandai berniaga. Bull lah you punya shit.

Kenapa? . Mereka bolot semua dari bawah kaki, pelir, perut, mulut hingga ke rambut.

70 tahun mereka dirikan gangster berniaga dalam persatuan. Sesiapa dari bangsa lain masuk berniaga di sabotaj dengan beberapa jenis sabotaj yang zalim.

Kerajaan perlu hentikan pembukaan bandar bandar baru kepada kaum Cina. Semua perniagaan di bandar baru harus di kendalikan oleh orang Melayu. Dan di haramkan Cina dari memasuki pasaran bandar bandar baru seperti mereka lakukan keatas kaum Melayu semenjak 70 tahun dahulu dengan sabotaj kita semua.

Tanpa China kita pun boleh berjaya.Seperti di Melaka sebelum Cina sengket datang merempat ke kawasan kita.

ps: Sekarang in Cina pulak minta rasuah. Lu tahu tak? Lu Cina minta rasuah sama peniaga Melayu. Lu ingat Melayu bodoh ke ?. Sekarang ini kompani korporate Cina terbesar di Malaysia tidak boleh bayar hutang berbelas million kepada syarikat Melayu konon nak bangkrap kan kompani Melayu. Selepas berjanji hampir 3 tahun kena saman boleh bayar pulak. Tak bangrap pun kedai orang Melayu, dan kompani dia masih kena order barang barang dgn orang Melayu. Harga sudah naik 100% kerana perangai Cina buruk.

Dahulu semasa aku bertugas di sebuah bank, aku di arah oleh boss aku untuk memulihkan berbelas belas koporasi Cina yang di usahan oleh Cina MCA.

Alang terkejut aku lihat perangai orang Cina berniaga terdiri ahli koperasi mereka ini. Selepas dapat wang enjoy lebih, rasuah lebih. Dalam seribu ahli, 900 kaki enjoy. Kalah orang Melayu. Dalam seribu Melayu 100 kaki enjoy.

Tidak suka jelas hutang, lari bila orang minta, last last aku lelong semua asset mereka dan kembalikan wang modal kepada koperasi itu supaya bergerak dengan ahli baru. Siapa kata aku tak tolong MCA. Tetapi Cina sememangnya kaum yang tak sedarkan diri.

Lee Kuan Yew – “kerajaan benggong” jikalau melabur di Malaysia.

Lee Kuan Yew berpendapat para pemimpin Singapura harus meneliti pelaburan yang hendak di lakukan di Malaysia, terutama di Iskandar Johor, kerana ianya berisiko tinggi, dan kekayaan yang di bina beliau di Singapura akan lenyap dalam tempuh 100 tahun dengan pelaburan yang tidak memberi menafaat kepada Singapura.

“Dengan melabur di bumi Malaysia, segalanya akan hilang dengan satu tanda tangan sahaja”.

Saya berpendapat, Lee Kuan Yew 90 tahun bulan depan, yang masih hidup tetapi sudah lemah, merasa kecewa apabila Lm Kit Siang tidak terpilih sebagai DPM selepas PRU 13. Sebelum ini, anak beliau PM Lee Hsieng Loong, bersama PM Najib telah bersama menarik pelabur Singapura ke Iskandar.

Perubahan mentaliti Lee Kuan Yew, mungkn juga para pemimpin Singapura, berkait rapat dengan kegagalan politik DAP dan keruncingan mendalam antara kaum Cina dan Melayu yang sedang melanda rakyat Malaysia.

Lim Kuan Yew tidak lagi rasional didalam mengolah kepentingan kawasan pembangunan berdekatan dengan negara mereka, apablla kawasan tersebut berada didalam sebuah negara asing, berbeza dengan kawasan pembangunan wilayah Shenzen di Hong Kong, yang telah memberi kesan ekonomi yang besar kepada Hong Kong. Ini kerana kedua dua kawasan di duduki oleh orang China.

Impak dari kesan pembangunan di Iskandar ke atas Singapura adalah terlalu besar bagi mereka melupakan pelaburan mereka di kawasan ini hanya dengan kerana pertimbangan kaum atau rasial.

Tanpa pelaburan dari Singapura, peluang yang lebih besar akan tertumpu kepada lain lain sovereign funds yang lain di dunia, asanya perlaburan yang memberi kompetatif keatas ekonomi Singapura yang bergantung tinggi keatas pakar dari luar yang tinggi kos pengurusan membolehkan Iskandar menandingi Singapura di rantau global.

Iskandar harus berganding bahu dengan Indonesia dan Selatan Thailand bagi mempebaharui kegiatan asas eknonomi yang lebih baik dari Singapura tertutama didalam ekonomi add value untuk pasaran global yang semakin membangun.

Tanpa Singapura, Malaysia akan lebih maju kerana masaalah perkauman tidak akan timbul lagi.

Beranikah kerajaan Melayu Malaysia menandingi Singapura ?. Tanpa MCA dan Gerakan di dalam kerajaan saya berpendapat kerajaan Melayu Malaysia akan mebuat perancangan demikian.

Stairway to heaven – Camille and Kennerly for UMNO’s post election

Camille and Kennerly



The original

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri – 1 Syawal 1434 Hijrah

eekaa Semoga berhati-hati di jalan raya, dan ketemu kembali di hari hari muka. Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Bathin, terkasar bahasa harap di maaf kan jua. Demi perpaduan Melayu seagama, serumpun, dan sebangsa.

Dari kami semua:-

Eekaa, Mat Ell, Mat Yousoff, Stoopa, Shaydflin.

The communist story – my view.


They are fighting the Japanese because they were at war with Japan. Not for Malaya.

Why the British said to the communists’ guerrilla army MPAJA or known to the British as MRLA (Malayan Race Liberation Army – Only the Chinese race) “thanks you very much for helping us and gives up the weapons to us now” in 1945.


This is the enemy of the state, and not the hero of the country.

The British even gave Chin Peng an OBE, which later was cancelled, and invited MRLA to join a parade in London, after WW11 was over, and Malaya was placed under MBA (British Military Administration).

I would say that MPAJA as a guerrilla army, which was MCP’s arm, therefore it was an ideological or a Marxist group having a working plan for the SEA countries, i.e. to gain control of this country for Russia or China. After winning the war and the restoration of the British Army in the Malaya, the government was aware of the need of de-colonialization.

MRLA after knowing Japan had lost the war came out of the jungle and started to persecute civilian Malays and Chinese for being accused as the Japan secret military police in the kangaroo court style. Some historians believed the army had also entered the Royal Place to hunt for those who were loyal to the Japanese Army. There were about 800 believed dead or missing in action.

That was the early history of the Chinese in this country in order to gain control of power of the country, and they, the Chinese still think that they have the right to control the country through vote which was accorded to them later part in the history.

When we achieved independence in 1957, the need to fight the British was over. MPAJA under Chin Peng was still at the confrontation with the Alliance Party and the Emergency Rule was extended until 1960, and further extended to 1989 (Post War Emergency).

In 1955, the Tunku had given amnesty to the MPAJA or MRLA to lay down the weapon and surrender. One of the terms of the amnesty was to allow the communist army a safe return to China.

In all 6, 710 Chinese terrorist armies were killed, 1, 287 were captured and 2,707 surrendered, excluding about 500 more later. On the British side, 1,345 Malay Regiment armies were killed, 519 Commonwealth killed, and 2, 478 civilian were dead.


They killed anyone who supported the Japanese, including Malay force in the British Army.

At first, MPAJA was on the British side, and it was trained and was given military supplies. When they failed to gain control of the country, which I think as the result of illegitimate or false claim of the ownership of the country as a ruler of the state, they confronted the British from 1948 to 1957. When the communist party was outlawed, they became the enemy of the state and confronted the Tunku administration under the Alliance party.

Because of the Sino Japan War (1937), the Chinese in Malaya were subject to Japanese’s rule does not mean they have the right to rule this country in that common sense when the Japanese lost the war.

Today’s Chinese in this country have a similar trend in fighting for a right that is not theirs as shown from 1948. They manipulate the same techniques in which the Communist has used against the British and later against the Malaysian government. Are they a new reformist from the same group of people who idealized the communist ideology?. They still wish to have a control of this country by hook or crook!.

The history paints some gruesome behaviors of the Chinese which have been in their soul until now. That is why I said, they are a laughing stock in the eyes of the West because of this elusive attitude.

Can anyone give a reason why they behave that way?. Is it because they have many Chinese graves on the slope of the hills in all towns?. If that is so, then the government must remove them to another suitable place. A sickening view really and to downgrade their misbehavior.

The Chinese are a serious problem in this country from day one they arrived from China. Period.

Surat kepada Nawewee

Aku baca surat seorang kepada Nawewee, tetapi mungkin terlalu sadist.

Ini surat aku kepada dia setelah aku mendengar lolongan dia dalan vedio yang di tuju kepada aku sebagai kaum Melayu.

Aku ada hak menjawab kerana apa dia cakap dalam vedio itu telah menyinggong perasaan aku sebagai seorang Melayu.

Dia open vedio dia kepada public dan public itu aku, dan sebagai Melayu yang dia tibai, aku ada hak tibai dia balik. Tidak salah dalam segi undang undang. Seperti pencuri masuk rumah engkau, engkau ada hak tembak pencuri yang masuk rumah itu sampai keot.


Hey babi Nawewee. Anak haram.

Engkau ingat ini kepala datuk nenek engkau punya negeri. Babi, lancau, puki mak engkau. Beri monyet lah jubor engkau, bagi dia syok kan kamu. Bodoh, banggang. Lantui.

Engkau ingat saudara mara engkau yang jadi kominis tu warga negara ini kah. Bacul. Tak ingat sedar dek untung, tak reti ingat datang merempat ke sini, kena rogol oleh Jepun, kena basuh perut oleh askar Jepun, nak jadi hero lawan Jepun. Jepun kalah perang bukan sebab engkau dan kominis bahaloi. Jepun kalah kena bom atom lah, bukan sebab engkau kominis.

Kepala hotak engkau bangsa engkau yang jadi kominis lawan Jepun sehingga kalah dan kominis China jadi hero di Malaysia. Cheh bedebah engkau fikir kominis yang berjasa pada negara ini. Bila masa kominis rakyat negara ini?. Buat filem cinta konon. Kepala botoh engkau cinta. Pergi cinta dengan gajah lah engkau, kalau ingat pelir engkau besar, babi. Tokok. Talk cock tak reti eja. Sialan lah kamu berada dalam negeri ini.

Engkau mempunyai perangai lebih buruk dari beruk, melolong sana melolong sini, cakau sana cakau sini, beruk tak ada otak, kamu pun sama dengan otak beruk ke?. Babi, suil sampai mampus lah engkau.

Lancau punya orang. Bagero engkau, pergi leceh pelir engkau lah kepada orang orang seperti kamu. Leceh pelir engkau kepada emak babak kamu lah, apa macam. Itu lah jenis kamu.


Apamacam, kalau dia boleh kata kepada Melayu, kita boleh kata buruk buruk kepada dia, itu baru lah fair and square kan?. Butuh lah lu Namwewee. Tokok pun silap eja. Talk cock lah lantui. Talk cock. Cakap lah pelir engkau yang busuk banggau macam longkang.

Babi. Sialan. Tokok, kepala butoh engkau.

PS: Nazri, gua caya sama lu. Sekali kena sudah tahu. Ini kali gua tarak kasi lu undi. Ada faham?. Sekali kena sudah cukup bro.

Strays walk the street

The crime index in Malaysia has not risen at an alarming rate.

OSAC gave a rating of medium on the crime rate in Malaysia.

The recent outbreak of criminal activity, however involved day light shooting of several people including a prominent banker. It was an alarming development, and unfortunately it has occurred only after the repeal of two important preventing laws, ISA and OD.

Although there was no substantial evidence to show proof crimes had taken place after the acts were annulled, the PDRM had initially revealed that the federal agency had released more than 2,500 criminals from jails. The agency also had suggested 90% of the crimes registered over the year were involved the strays or the released criminals.

If this is accepted as a fact arising from proper investigations, the Police therefore may act against them in pronto in preventing the crimes, irrespective of whether the authority needs new preventive laws, as I am sure, we have enough laws to prevent crimes.

One crime which people are scared is being shot down in the public. I am not too sure, whether this is a heavy crime or a medium crime, but being dead on the streets without protection whatsoever is a scary experience and say gunning down is surely a heavy crime.

I am not too sure, why our government has repealed the two important laws recently. Is it because of the 1Malaysia a concept that denotes for equal fairness to all Malaysians? I am also not too sure, whether people who cannot live within the society due to their bad habits are treated fairly under 1Malaysia thus entitled to be freed and released to the streets.

Strays are dangerous, and due to a long confinement in various jails may go about the towns to get revenge. Giving pardons to criminals can pass only if they repent, and are not likely committing any serious crime against the people at large in the society, again and again.

If PDRM is of the opinion that the two laws need to be reintroduced so that the crime rate will decrease and assist the federal agency work, the government must take notice of the view and take appropriate action for the safety of the masses in this country.

Just a laughing stock

Namwewee, or whatever name he is, talked rubbish in his latest video. Talkkok, a name synonym to “talk cock”.

His Chinese clan, Chua So Lek, accused Noh Omar mad over the later to explore the use of Akta Hasutan on the canteen toilet issue.

Wee Ka Siong, former Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran has accused the department over hackneyed meritocracy for the Chinese students who he claimed had been refused entrance into public higher learning institutions.

Dong Zong later in the week rejected government’s initiative to improve schooling system.

On the opposition side, Lim Guan Eng refused to comply with a ROS order for a re-election of CEC members.

The list above does not end there. There are plenty other objections around the web over several issues which were voiced by majority Chinese youngsters.

The objections however are mostly baseless and have no truth.

We too heard objections over similar issues by the young Malays, but of course, the objections are more on the housing need and the high cost of living.

I am not very certain how and why these Chinese youngsters, the like of Namwewee, have changed in their attitude over a short period. If you have the time to watch Namwewee video, you probably had noticed that he was not fluent in the common language of this country.

Whilst the older group, like Chua So Lek and We Ka Siong, understands and speaks the language fluently, the younger group of Chinese, by their own leader’s oversight, has a common problem in the language deficiency.

One of the reasons for the deficiency is that the Chinese had refused to learn Bahasa Malaysia as a common language.

Because of direct confrontation from the Chinese groups, we see that Malays have also rejected claims from the Chinese in this country. On top of that, we see a lot of us are talking rubbish about the Chinese like in the West.

In the West, the Chinese are a laughingstock. They are just the same obsession as in the Namwewee video. We can applaud a loud laugh.

Chinese dilemma – by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed

KONGSI’ CONCEPT: Each side has to sacrifice something so that the other can gain something

IN response to the emergence of a Malay political party,  Umno and its success in rejecting the British inspired Malayan Union, the Chinese community of the 1940s saw the need for a political party of their own to present their views to the British government.

Thus was the MCA conceived and born, led by Malacca’s Sir Cheng-Lock Tan. Although it was intended to counter the influence of Umno and protect the interests of the Chinese community, events changed the strategy and role of the MCA.

In 1952 the Kuala Lumpur Umno leaders and the Kuala Lumpur MCA branch leaders decided that in the Kuala Lumpur municipal elections, they should not contest against each other, but instead should support each other’s candidates in their respective constituencies.

The results startled them as they defeated almost all the non-racial parties. Realising the political advantage of cooperating with each other the Tunku (Abdul Rahman) and Sir Cheng-Lock Tan, and senior leaders of the MCA and Umno decided to formalise their cooperation by setting up the Alliance, a coalition of MCA and Umno.

The basis of this coalition was the idea of supporting each other and sharing the power gained. Buoyed by the success of the Alliance party in the 1955 elections, in which the MIC had joined, the Tunku looked more kindly at the proposal of Sir Cheng-Lock that citizenship should be based on jus soli (citizenship by being born in the country) and not jus saguinis (citizenship based on the Malaysian citizenship of the father or mother, i.e. citizenship based on blood relation).

The Tunku did not quite agree but he nevertheless decided to give one million citizenships to unqualified Chinese and Indians.

With that the confrontation between the Chinese and the Malays changed into positive cooperation.

It was a classic kongsi that was set up. The essence is an undertaking to share. Sharing involves a give and take arrangement, in which each side has to sacrifice something so that the other can gain something.

As the Malays made up the majority of the citizens they naturally led the Alliance. But the Chinese and Indians were not without adequate power. In any case Malay political power would be mitigated by Chinese and Indians’ voting and economic power.

The Tunku saw immediate benefit from the “kongsi” as he believed Malays only wanted to be government employees and the Chinese wanted to be in business. There would be no conflict or tussle between them.

The Indians would fill up the professional posts. He did not foresee the days when government could not create enough jobs for the greatly increased number of Malays.

The kongsi Alliance worked well. But in 1963 Singapore joined Malaysia.

 Immediately the PAP tried to gain Chinese support by condemning the Alliance kongsi for being disadvantageous to the Chinese.  Malaysians, said the PAP, were not equal.  There should be a Malaysian Malaysia where all the benefits should be based on merit alone, with the best taking everything, irrespective of race.

Without saying so in so many words the PAP was inferring that the Malays did not deserve their positions. The best people should rule the country. In the eyes of the PAP, Singapore was ruled by the best qualified people. That they happen to be almost all Chinese is incidental.

In the 1964 elections the MCA and Malaysian Chinese generally valued their cooperation with the Malays. They rejected the PAP and its chauvinistic appeal, giving it only one seat.

The Tunku realised what the PAP was up to and decided that Singapore should not be a part of Malaysia. But the PAP was not done. The remnant of the party in Malaysia set up the DAP to carry on the Malaysian Malaysia meritocratic formula for undermining Chinese support for the MCA.

Harping continuously on the so-called Malay privileges and the unfairness to the Chinese, the DAP slowly eroded the idea of kongsi in the multi-racial coalition of the Barisan Nasional.

Despite the fact that the Barisan Nasional supported Chinese education and the use of the Chinese language, the DAP convinced many Chinese that the Chinese, their culture and language are not given proper treatment by the Barisan Nasional coalition.

The MCA was attacked for not doing enough for the Chinese.

Making a short trailer is dangerous

When you make a short trailer or video for some reason, you probably need to define the purpose, the need for the video, or by some story telling technique tells what messages you want to tell the people who view your video.

If by using a story telling technique but when it doesn’t give a proper message and gives a misleading message instead the video maker is responsible for his or her work in the video.

It’s nothing wrong with dogs, perhaps Islam has very interesting views on dogs. But, the short video uploaded by Maznah is too short and doesn’t determine what she was actually doing.

By watching the video, people draw a wrong conclusion about her attention, as it seems.

She, by uploading the video, is acting to deceive people with a message to imitate Islam’s followers prayed using dogs.

Further, it gives viewers wrong impression as if she proposed that those who perform prayers are similar to a dog.

This is a dangerous act by a person with no experience in making a video. She should consult some expert to do this kind of video.

And in my view, ignorance of law shall not make an excuse to liability under due care for wrongly creating uproar in this multiracial and multireligion state.

She must state the purpose of her video at the beginning of the trailer so as not to confuse people with her overall video message.


Sejati. Ada lagu yang menghiburkan.

Dan sekarang dunia politik Malaysia di hiburkan dengan lagu lagu hiburan dan jenaka dari perkataan sejati.

Bila hati anda bukan sejati, separuh sayang Cina, separuh sayang India, suku sayang Melayu, maka bila yang separuh paruh tu minta, awak pun beri. Undang undang penting negara seperti ISA dan EO di mansuhkan.

Bila ramai kena tembak mati, diri ingin menjadi sejati. Mula fikir hendak buat undang undang baru. Itu dia bila kita tidak sejati, ambil yang baik, dari Cina, dari Melayu dan dari India. Campur jadi rojak mamak. Rojak mamak, mana sama rojak Johor. Rojak Perak. Tidak sama.

Bila Azlina hendak lawan Sharizat, isteri kepada Mat Kelantan NFC, sibuk dengan perkataan sejati. Perempuan sejati lawan perempuan tak sejati. Apa yang sejati ialah berkerja dengan hati penuh iklas dan perihatin masa depan kaum yang di pimpin. Ada kah begitu?.

Bila Maznah Omar, dog whisperer dari Bruntung Hill buat filem anjing berhari raya, mulanya kita ingat dia ini manusia sejati. Tetapi bila di siasat rupa nya bukan sejati.

Datuk Arif Sabri adalah sejati Melayu, tetapi tindak tanduk dia merupakan Melayu separuh sejati kerana tidak mungkin China DAP akan menolong Melayu walaupun dia masuk DAP.

Ini lah dia. Kita kena sejati. Tanpa sejati kita menjadi karut marut. Tidak keruan. tidak tahu yang mana satu yang baik dari China, India dan Melayu. Bila di campur semuanya dari bahan tidak sejati maka akan terjadi pontianak Gua Musang.

Jangan buat experimen mengenai perkataan sejati dengan benda bukan real. Sejati ada dalam diri kita semua.