Youth in Kelantan is high on drugs

The Clocktower in Kota Bharu

The Clocktower in Kota Bharu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the evening while in Kota Bharu, you would probably see elders in hundreds walking the streets to a mosque. One the many mosques in Kota Bharu is Masjid Mushamadi Kota Bharu, the state Mosque, where all old and young residents of Kota Bharu would prefer to go for a daily prayer.

While in Ridel Hotel I was fascinated with the number of people who walked the streets in the vicinity to the mosque. It showed how obedience the Kota Bharu’s residents in observing the prayer in the mosque, thus I think this society is blessed with numerous “rahmat“.

Unfortunately however, it is not so blessed as many of the youth are involved in drug abuse. I talked to one resident who said his son was napped by the police yesterday afternoon on suspicion of a drug abuse. With the police were several pills of synthetic drug known as Pile Kuda. He said he was unaware of his son’s activity and involved in a drug abuse, but only knew when the police napped him.

So it seems, the youth in Kelantan is being dropped from the society’s normal lifestyle, i.e. Prayer time, mosque, Islam, and the lots. The state has neither a program to formulate youth with a useful activity, or providing a recreational area where youth can find a suitable activity to fill their useful time.

The state should offer a place for youth to promote social activities such as cycling, book reading, or any other sport activity to escape boredom in a town where the emphasis is always on Islam.

Please UMNO, you can help youth in Kelantan. Do something please.

PS | Remember, how British drugged Chinese in Shanghai?. Oh well, now who drugged Kelantanese youth?.

Ingat Kawin, ingat penjaga gol Thai dan kawin Siam. 0-0 dalam separuh masa pertama


Kawin tak tahan bola terus masuk dalam gol yang dijaring olih Nur Sharul. M 1, Thai 0. (minute 21.08 dalam masa kedua).

Aduh, Patpong Pat Mustapha sumbat gol pulak. Aduh, sudah satu sama.

The meaning of Valentine

That’s it.

So go on. Happy Valentine.

Happy fuckin.

Itu kah sebab nya DAP hendak sangat hari Valentine, huh!!!

Malaysia Vs Garuda

Indonesia – 1
Malaysia –   1
Indonesia –  0 (hit the post)
Malaysia –   1   ( Malaysia leads 2-1)
Indonesia – 1
Malaysia  – 0  (saved by keeper – draw 2-2)
Indonesia – 1
Malaysia – 1  (draw 3-3)
Indonesia – 0  (saved by keeper)
Malaysia – 1

MALAYSIA 4  Indonesia 3
Malaysia won the GOLD medal !!!!

Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta.

Previous results:

  • SEA Games 1991: Indonesia 2-0 Malaysia
  • SEA Games 1995: Indonesia 3-0 Malaysia
  • SEA Games 1997: Indonesia 4-0 Malaysia
  • SEA Games 1999: Malaysia 0-6 Indonesia
  • SEA Games 2001: Malaysia 2-1 Indonesia
  • SEA Games 2005: Indonesia 0-1 Malaysia
  • SEA Games 2011: Indonesia 3-4 Malaysia

Paraguay beat Venezuela in penalties to reach final

Paraguay behan Venezula ngan penalti 5-3 bang, pastu nasib baik lah bole gi masuk final Copa Amerika, mampus Venezuela, bakpa puak-puak mu tak main molek gat. Jenis cas keting jugak ko, basa ikang kering puak puak mu ni. Ha ha ha.

Paraguay rode their luck to hold Venezuela to a goalless draw before prevailing 5-3 in a penalty shoot-out to reach the final of the Copa América for the first time since 1979.

Paraguay montó su suerte para mantener a Venezuela a un empate sin goles ante prevalece 5-3 en la tanda de penaltis para llegar a la final de la Copa Am? Rica por primera vez desde 1979.

Paraguay ritt ihr Glück zu Venezuela zu einem torlosen Remis zu halten, bevor vorherrschenden eine Strafe 5-3 Shoot-Out um das Finale der Copa Am? Rica zum ersten Mal seit 1979 zu erreichen.

las ihr bro

Jepun menang 3-1 selepas seri 2-2, tie lawan Amerika pasukan bola wanita, awwww

Pasukan bola wanita Jepun menang dalam perlawanan akhir bola wanita diantara mereka dengan Amerika setelah seri 2-2 dan tendangan penalti 3-1.

Chile “La Roja” kena tendang keluar oleh Argentina “La Vino tinto” 2-1, first-first joint Copa América semi final

La Roja was eliminated by Venezuela 2-1, giving “La Vino tinto” their first Copa América semifinals appearance in team history. Baca macamana La Roja kena tendang out di Santiago Times.

Paraguayan strips naked when Paraguay won over Brazil and went to win the Copa America

SPORTS fans worldwide will be rejoicing after Paraguay beat Brazil last night – because this girl has promised to strip in triumph.

Paraguayan Larissa Riquelme had pledged to get her kit off if her football team got through the quarter final – Paraguay won on penalties – and then went on to win the Copa America. Sexy Larissa is the South American nation’s chief cheerleader and made the same vow at last year’s World Cup after she was spotted celebrating in the crowd.

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