Just a laughing stock

Namwewee, or whatever name he is, talked rubbish in his latest video. Talkkok, a name synonym to “talk cock”.

His Chinese clan, Chua So Lek, accused Noh Omar mad over the later to explore the use of Akta Hasutan on the canteen toilet issue.

Wee Ka Siong, former Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran has accused the department over hackneyed meritocracy for the Chinese students who he claimed had been refused entrance into public higher learning institutions.

Dong Zong later in the week rejected government’s initiative to improve schooling system.

On the opposition side, Lim Guan Eng refused to comply with a ROS order for a re-election of CEC members.

The list above does not end there. There are plenty other objections around the web over several issues which were voiced by majority Chinese youngsters.

The objections however are mostly baseless and have no truth.

We too heard objections over similar issues by the young Malays, but of course, the objections are more on the housing need and the high cost of living.

I am not very certain how and why these Chinese youngsters, the like of Namwewee, have changed in their attitude over a short period. If you have the time to watch Namwewee video, you probably had noticed that he was not fluent in the common language of this country.

Whilst the older group, like Chua So Lek and We Ka Siong, understands and speaks the language fluently, the younger group of Chinese, by their own leader’s oversight, has a common problem in the language deficiency.

One of the reasons for the deficiency is that the Chinese had refused to learn Bahasa Malaysia as a common language.

Because of direct confrontation from the Chinese groups, we see that Malays have also rejected claims from the Chinese in this country. On top of that, we see a lot of us are talking rubbish about the Chinese like in the West.

In the West, the Chinese are a laughingstock. They are just the same obsession as in the Namwewee video. We can applaud a loud laugh.

The Chinese want to revisit the communist insurgency history at their home

It was not that very long ago, in 1950, Sir Harold Briggs made a brilliant plan to disintegrate hard core communists from their fathers, mothers and relatives, or the symphatisers by introducing new settlements within the Malay community area, which a code named New Village or in Bahasa Melayu, Kampung Baru Cina.

These 450 new villages are a fenced and guarded community in the country, with the police protection, and the settlements were the first guarded home scheme you found in this country, as we have seen many of our towns nowadays.

Briggs Plan was to stop food and medical supplies reaching the hard core communists, some of whom were the relatives of the Chinese peasants who were resettled in the new settlement areas.

After resettling the whole 450,000 Chinese into these new villages, as they were known, Briggs Plan introduced food rationing in all the new villages as to curb fellow relatives from supplying food and medical supplies to their comrades in the forest.

If the plan was not introduced at all, I believe 450,000 immigrants comprising almost 85% Chinese at that time who were known as communist loyalists would have been forced out by the military operation, as the outcome of the communists themselves.

The settlements however created a new era involving racial and political problem in this country as of today. As all lands were withdrawn from the area commonly used by the Malay, and the colonies were formed as a special place with better facilities than what were available in the Malay villages during that time, this whole episode somehow or rather started had perpetuated hatred to the British rule among local Malays who later formed various parties to seek independence.

MCA was the one who leaned their hands in protecting these whole villages with the assistance of the British.

This program was the first of land squandering among Chinese in Malay area within the Malay States. And by joining forces with UMNO, MCA is still the same promoter in squandering Malay land in the whole Peninsular of Malaysia.

If at that particular time, some of the leaders don’t agree to resettlement plan, we would never see an experience racial problem as bad as today.

Now if you asked me, where the hell you want to place these people of 450,000 or more in order to win the fight against the communists. I conceive to be reasonable for my people, I would say to the British at that time that it was their duty to institute a few ships and ship them back to China. It is quite reasonable to say that kind answer because as you know out this brilliant plan, as they said it was, those who made up the decision that time didn’t even think of us who are now faced with a bloody racial problem days and nights.

When we talk about Chinese New Village we talk about our hardship first, and of course it is very logical to think along that line. The most horrible thing I heard about the whole New Village thing was the gruesome of the communists who by the look of their faces resembles those who had been resettled. So then, what was the fuss about screening a film which would angry those who had to feel the terrible things communists had done?. Almost everybody can learn history, but then by presenting the work of Chinese as the skipper of the communists is a form of henious hypocrisies.

Haunting burial practice, could be a useful tip for the practice here too. Is it?. Naw. There’s no bird flying. Only ghosts.


Cemetery (Photo credit: highstrungloner)

Sometimes people living in the hills are not using a hill as a burial ground. They do a more rational burial practice than using the land on the slope of a hill, just to protect other animals from being eaten by the vultures.

Oh well, why do we always have to see the burial ground occupying a large expensive hilly land in towns?. Sickening, of a haunting ghost.


Problems with young Chinese stem from MCA and Gerakan?.

Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern (Photo credit: Ulrich Thumult)

I really am, you know, having a sort of envy how the Chinese developers make tones of money at the expense of the majority of young urban Chinese who have been crushed like an orange for the juice.

Buying a house is a damned tough decision financially and looking for an alternative place to live in while working in the city is now becoming erratic. Many are happy to settle living in a rented room, sharing the whole house with friends, forgetting buying, or investing in a home in the city.

Many people said they were resilient. Now as it seems, their resilient too has a limit.

They become reckless, but as they are still young, living in a shared home is good enough. Those who were married however are on a different level. Sleeping in a room in a shared house for married couples is uninviting choice, by the local norm. They are urban married Chinese couples, and by their standard always a must have a house. It seems that this is no longer true.

Today’s top 50 rich and famous people in this country comprise mainly or majority Chinese, the same clans as the most urban Chinese. Moreover, many of them have a wide range of businesses from housing to telecommunication and all businesses.

A new place would cost something like RM700, 000, well above the affordable level of these Chinese blokes. In and around Damasara a similar house would cost something like RM1.4 million, double the amount of a house in a suburb, like Putra Jaya.

This hash housing market for some is a tiring business, they begin to alter fault in the government’s policy. However, the fact that, the developers who are mainly Chinese clans, with the help from their own representatives in the government have smart played the market for high earnings, thus many of whom are listed in the top 50 richest men in this country.

Why do I say smartly played the market?. By stressing in location, location, and location, and owning a large chunk of potential development land in the city, built houses on the land when demand is high, and always forgetting the low and middle-income group like the miserable young urban Chinese who were just starting work.

We don’t need to include other races in this equation due to the fact that they are a bit less superior than the Chinese, the one who normally live in high-rise flats and in the outskirt of the city.

The Malay and Indian have faced similar housing problem much earlier however developers in the last 10 years were requested to build low and medium cost housing in any development should they decided to launch, a policy that maintains to redress the housing shortage for the poor, like us. The current requirements are believed to scrap the need as most are constructed for the medium high-income group. Thus as a result pushes out the lower and middle-income group comprising the Chinese.

The frustration is high among this group who begins to reject the government policy involving housing for ordinary citizens, the voice sometimes looms in the social media, not only involving the outcry on the housing problem, high food price or cost of living but, on the religion issues too. Their switch of support from MCA to DAP represents their frustration over all these issues. MCA while in the government has enriched the top 50 richest men in this country, MCA loyalists, and supporters.

So, I believe MCA has done a lot of rubbish while it was in the government, but by switching support to DAP the young urban Chinese would be worse, unless the government role is in the hand of DAP, which is unlikely as at today’s politic.

It’s the time to throw them out from the government.

Hishammuddin's act of waving the keris (tradit...

Hishammuddin’s act of waving the keris (traditional Javanese dagger) at the UMNO Annual General Meeting in 2005 drew applause from the UMNO delegates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You should know what is right and what is wrong in any decision.

Or, don’t be afraid to decide an important decision if it is right, even when you don’t know what will be the outcome from the decision.

What is a right decision now?

Throw out all Chinese from the government or BN parties.

But then BN or UMNO is afraid of making that decision because all are softy decision makers or “poyo“.

We are afraid of the consequences? What are its consequences?

All Malays will be back to UMNO including from PAS members.

Is that good or bad decision?.

The existing coalition in the BN destroys the Malay‘s power, and turns them over to the Chinese becoming arrogant with policies that promote Chinese into being the victor in all towns.

We have to stop that and to stop this, we must not accept a single Chinese lawmaker in the government, or the government services.

Enough was enough.

Now is the time for us to act.

When you made decision to build low-cost houses for Malay in a town, the Chinese objected.

When you made a policy to allow 70% home ownership to Malays and 30% Chinese, the Chinese objected.

Whereas, this country comprises of nearly 70% Bumiputera and Malays.

So then, the Chinese are the bastard who opposed all policies BN is trying to get on. And the shit is they are in the government.

And when the people at large asked you, BN lawmakers, why was the racial composition in the town did not represent the demography of the country which was the majority Bumiputera and Malays?

You guys cannot answer that.

“We are doing everything that is possible to balance the social imbalance. We are in a poor country, wait until we become a rich nation.

Poor, rich, but you guys can buy submarines and jet fighters and the lots. Oh yes, for the country.

To make good this social imbalance in all towns and cities too is for the country. It makes no difference on what policy you have spend the money for. It is still for the good of the country.

And we had been for 50 odd years? With you.

We have 7 years, Only 7 odd years. Past fifty years, what have you guys done. I mean with regards to the above social imbalance.

Then you guys said, Melayu mudah lupa.

Kepala korak mu, Melayu mudah lupa.

Kamu orang lah yang mudah lupa, betul tak?

Cepat bertindak lah.

If all Chinese back DAP in the next general election, we  will still be the ruling party. That was proven. How much proof do you guys need? So what are you guys afraid of?.

Oh, come on lah bro. Don’t pakat pakat with the Chinese to destroy us lah.

Are we on the right track?

Be a sport. Answer me frankly. Are you happy with your life living in this country?.

My honest answer is this: NO.

Why am I having such an ungrateful answer?. Well, it depends on what I want, you know.

Perhaps you guys want to live in a place where there isn’t anyone else except you and your big noses and dark brown-skinned fellows who many of them are watchdogs. Or in a place full of color where none is bothering you.

Or you can call the town in your area is your own. A kind of ashamed showing a photograph to your former classmates when a Kuala Lumpur’s photo resembles that of China Town in the West End. And proudly say that I am from this country Malaysia, oh well, when your face doesn’t have similarity with the people who walked the streets in the background. I would have to show my photographs taken over the hills but then they are different as if I were a Taleban in a thick forest.

Ok, where do I make my stand which I can use to say I am from Malaysia, when photographs of towns and cities of this country show a different picture. They were all Chinese. It isn’t just for people like me to face this stupid policy that makes Chinese the king in towns and cities.

So I say, better say at the first meeting with friends in my old college that I am from Kelantan. They will definitely remember how Kota Bharu looks like during their visits, and I perfectly blend with the people in all photographs.

Hey, I think many of you now realize that too. And would be ashamed how this trend is taking place in this country. It is a kind of dangerous to sustain that kind of situation. I believe the government of the day is either careless or being dragged by a heinous partner.

I think it was an expensive lesson and we must remind new lawmakers to never do that again. And start redoing the whole thing so that people like me, those guys who have granted full trust to elected assemblymen, be a bit happier.

UMNO boosting its protecting the Malay







Pasir Puteh.

This township is situated within the province of Kelantan, a Pas’s territory.

Almost 90% shops are occupied by Malay‘s consumer good distributors. It is almost the reverse in the west coast towns where Chinese are monopolizing the ownership of commercial domains.

We know UMNO always say it helps Malay!. BUT in the west coast towns, UMNO is seen helping the Chinese by monopolizing the commercial areas moment the towns or town extensions are built, which is then means it is more in helping the Chinese than helping the Malays.

The thing is that UMNO is condemned by the Chinese, that it is a racist party. What form of racism then when it helps develop the Chinese be  the master in consumer good distribution more than the same thing towards the Malays?.

Distribution is a lousy job because you only have to distribute people’s products to your community. That’s how it is. You don’t need to be a nuclear scientist to become a distributor of consumer good but that is it, the Chinese make it so difficult for Malays to set up it around our area. Definitely the Chinese have manipulated the market for their interest in monopolizing the commercial areas in the new towns.

PAS has done a better job in this aspect of politicking, despite what’s UMNO has said about this party. It has acquired the skills required in Malay to become distributors in their hometown and rejecting Chinese chauvinists out.

UMNO, you need to learn more from PAS. Don’t underestimate this party.

PS| A shop owned by a Malay in Pasir Puteh known as Asal Bukan China Dap : ABCD. The Malays in Kelantan know better than other Malays in UMNO.

One time immigration and controlled immigration. UK’s experience

Oh well, UK or British society has now feel the same thing that we have felt and experienced over the past hundred years.

Malay proverb says, what you do to other may one day befalls on you.

British had left nearly 1 million Chinese and over hundred thousands Indian laborers in Malaya when they packed and went home in 1957. Now Britain’s towns and cities were flooded with as much the number they left us, and cried foul of the situation that gives toll on UK life. half of Briton suffer under strain placed on schools, police, NHS (National Health Service) and housing.

  • Half of population lives in town /city with high immigration in past decade, whilst we have lived a life time where all towns and cities are full of the British’s leftover laborers.
  • Ministers say “uncontrolled” flow has caused problems for wider society. We said your “controlled migration” of the leftover laborers caused greater problems to our life and happiness.
  • Squeeze on school places and disproportionate levels of certain crimes. We say we are living with different school as the leftover laborers want their own schools and expenses.
  • Has also resulted in inflated rent and immigrants living in “beds in shed”. We say we are forced to live in shed some without bed as your leftover laborers fight for space in cities and towns.

So next time you think that you like doing the world community a service by invading a country, don’t leave your laborers in that country later when you decided to leave. They are potential source of all kinds of problem like you are having to face them now.

Expect the same problems will invade you centuries later, please. Don’t you mourn all these problems like a small child. Be like us. Have to live with the problems because of you.


Read more problems in the migrants’ flooding UK’s towns and cities that are affecting Briton here.

PS: Serve you right bro. What you did to other, is coming back to you now in full swing.

Pangkor- Beli makanan laut keluaran Melayu Bumiputera

Boikot Barang Cina sampai Cina DAP bangkrap dan mampus.

Pangkor – barang makanan laut banyak di keluarkan oleh Chinasian DAP.

Boikot semua barangan mereka. Pertama, bahan yang digunakan oleh mereka ada mempunyai bahan yang tidak halal.

Semasa lawatan anjing ada berjalan diatas ikan dan bahan makanan laut yang sedang di keringkan. Anjing kadang kala berak dan kencing di kawasan keringan.

Cina yang bekerja semuanya tidak mandi wajib selepas berjunub, tangan yang kotor selepas makan babi, serta bekas bekas najis setelah menyapu tahi dengan tisu selepas berhadas besar.

Pekerja mereka tidak pernah basuh kencing.

Pekerja Cina suka menipu timbangan. Jikalau 60 gm sebenar nya hanya 40 gram.

Beli hasil dari orang Melayu seperti perusahaan Jamilah dan lain lain lagi.

Jangan beli barangan Cina walau pun satu sen. Jangan beli air mineral di kedai Cina. Penjual pun tak basuh berak.

Percaya lah, boikot sampai mampus.

PS| Kadang kadang sate ikan kering buatan Cinasian DAP masin sikit, ini kerana ada tahi anjing masin. U kena percaya saya, saya Islam.





Ini masa nya. Bangun dan hidup lagi.

maoBila masa rebah?. Bila rebah, bangun dan mula lah hidup baru.

Kesemua kaum Cina menghabiskan masa dan wang sehingga ada diantara CEO syarikat Cina sanggup berluang masa menghentam Melayu dan Cina di dalam kerajaan untuk mengubah kuasa dari tangan mereka.

Mengapa sampai jadi begitu?.

Adakah Melayu tersilap pilih pemimpin Cina dari MCA dan Gerakan, iaitu para pemimpin yang di benci oleh rakyat Cina?. Jikalau ya, siapa kah mereka dan mengapa kah sebuah kerajaan yang berkuasa pada masa itu tidak dapat menilai denyut nadi rakyat Cina dan terus membuang mereka dari kerajaan yang di benci rakyat dari awal lagi?.

Dengan adanya mereka ini di dalam kerajaan, maka pegawai kerajaan berbangsa Cina juga turut membenci mereka dan terus terang menyokong para pemimpin Cina di luar kerajaan.

Sikap berbelah bagi para pekerja kerajaan berbangsa Cina telah merusakan struktur pemerintahan kerajaan dan tidak pelik untuk melicinkan perjalanan sebuah kerajaan tanpa memilih bulu, kerajan harus bertindak membuang para pekerja yang terdiri dari bangsa Cina dari segala peringkat jawatan di kesemua kementerian kerajaan.

Ini penting agar segala polisi yang akan di ambil boleh dilaksanakan tanpa memilih bulu. Kita memerlukan kekuatan ahli parlimen kaum Bumiputera dari Sabah dan Serawak untuk membantu kita dari orang orang semanjung yang telah termakan nasi kangkang kaum Cina berabad lamanya. Supaya dengan kekuatan mereka kita dapat mempratikan kesanambungan jalur untuk memperkasakan bangsa dan tanah air, dan bukan memperkasa kan bangsa dan tanah air Cina di rantau ini.

Ingat. Mereka juga berpendapat bahawa ini lah masa nya mereka memperkasakan bangsa dan tanah air mereka, tetapi malang nya, bangsa dan tanah air itu memberi maksud bangsa dan tanah air Cina.

Malang sekali corak pemikiran rakan kongsi BN kerana telah memperdayakan kita bahawa masyarakat Cina boleh mengasimilasikan kedudukan mereka sebagai rakyat Malaysia dan membuang aspirasi menjadi sebuah masyarakat berpaksikan kepada bangsa Cina.

Telah lama BN memperuntukan berbagai bagai peruntukan untuk kaum ini menjadi rakyat Malaysia yang sejati. Dan peruntukan ini adalah dari tipu daya pemimpin Cina dalam kerajaan.

Bangunlah dan dirikan sebuah kerajan tanpa memilih bulu dan ratakan pemberian harta dan kemewahan negara kepada semua kaum, terutama kaum kaum miskin seperti Melayu dan Bumiputera.

Berkerja dan berdampingan dengan Cina sudah tidak boleh di guna pakai lagi.

Jikalau ada Melayu di dalam kerajaan yang tidak bertindak hasil dari PRU 13, saya boleh membuat andaian bahawa anda akan di tolak oleh kaum Bumiputera dan Melayu keseluruhan nya pada bila bila masa.

Chinese are not clever in politics, but they are clever in cheating a partner.

Now everybody knows Chinese are up for no good. During the last 30 years they were spotted as a good fellow, a good partner in the government.

Now we know they want to be a partner for a reason.

Each person of a Chinese decent while in the government as elected representatives carried out mission to aid in building up an empire for the Chinese entirely on their own in this country whilst at the same time destroying the very own partner they have in BN, UMNO.

MCA and Gerakan, both have used UMNO’s power brokers and those in power to close eyes on several issues, including security and other matters of the laws and order.

UMNO in BN is powerless handling on several issues such as the allocations for the Chinese Schools. By right, the allocations are not provided for under our constitution. Why the Malays in the government were so friendly and forgetful of the constitution?

The leniency found among several government policies which in favor of the Chinese in total, and it was in total disrespect to the majority Malays. Policy that gives the right to the Chinese to sell homes to oversea buyers, is such a bad policy for the majority urban Malays who have suffered severely due to triple fold home price increases over the period in which the policy is implemented.

Illegal businesses are protected in many places where Chinese are trading, whereas stern actions by authorities of the government are taken on other non-Chinese traders. This confusing line of actions by the government clearly show that by becoming a partner in the government, Chinese have a great role promoting own races as well as protecting them even in the illegal businesses at the cost of other races in this country.

The government seems very blatant and careless in promoting professional among the races too. The so-called freedom in the running of the professional bodies in this country breeds one-sided body consisting of professional who promotes only Chinese supremacy and disregards other professionals from other races. See Majlis Peguam,

This is a careless education policy by the government that does not prolong the life of newly graduates in all fields. They stop dead when they get qualified, hammered by a racial split that is ONLY promoting Chinese supremacy.

There is something wrong with the partnership in the government, so much so that each time during the election we heard that area is reserved for so and so, and so on.

If the above partnership is not clearly defined, then I would agree with Nik Aziz in that UMNO is a lousy partner, who succumbs to helping other races a lot more than helping own Malays, and may be for the money which Chinese are providing at the cost of a nation building.


PS: Prophet Muhammad did not build a nation on wealth but by Roh of Islam, which was simply by a fair distribution of the wealth by itself. Not the other way round.

MCA dan Gerakan bergabung


Ah Jib Gor, We Love You. You are our inspiration. We Vote DAP, heh heh heh. Some more, some more, food and fund for our schools lah!!!


Bergabung. Bergabunglah. Jangantipusudahlah. Okay?.

Bergabung dan mengambil ahli dari kalangan orang orang Melayu.

Setelah tidak berkerja selama 5 tahun dan tidak berdaya mengumpul pengundi baru Cina, mereka hendak bergabung.

Bergabung, bergabung lah. Tidakpedulilah. Niat itu kena baik. Tapi, kebanyakan niat baik itu lah ada niat jahat. Itu Melayu kena periksa. Apatah lagi impian pergabungan itu ingin mengambil bangsa Melayu sebagai ahli.

Wah banyak cantik. Sudah lah awak tipu PM pi makan besaq serata tempat di Malaysia, ahli awak sendiri pun tak undi BN!. Ini tipu daya jenis klasik Cina nih. Makin rapat semakin hendak tipu orang.

MCA dan Gerakan kena buang ahli yang tipu mereka dulu, tak payah hendak mencari ahli Melayu. Jangan dok ikut perangai dan cara DAP, kalau tidak orang kata awak tu sama dengan DAP.

Bersihkan ahli awak dari agen DAP. Potong kepala mereka tu sampai mampus. Dan ajar orang orang Cina supaya lebih berintergriti terutama di dalam isu suka merasuah dan bikin rasuah.

Ada faham MCA, dan Gerakan.

Kita tidak perlu Cina untuk memerintah Malaysia dengan baik dan makmur. Bersama Cina pemerintahan menjadi hancur lebur dek kerenah busuk hati parah kaum Cina tongsan. Kumpulan orang orang awak ni hati terlalu busuk dan jahat, jadi lah orang orang baik dulu.

Awak bersih kan hati busuk awak dulu. Okay.

PS: Jangan suka suka nak buat petition dan bayar rasuah kepada UMNO supaya ikut cakap awak. MCA kena lupa kerja rasuah dulu. Mentang mentang banyak duit, suka sangat kerja rasuah. Terpalit ke atas hidung Melayu tak pasal pasal dari kerja busuk hati awak. Najib kena tahu lah hal kenapa Pandan jatuh ketangan orang salah Bafia!.

Dap guna nilai buruk dalam meraihkan penyokong di Malaysia, siapa ajar

Bila sesaorang mengunakan nilai nilai buruk didalam menaikan image beliau, maka image itu tidak akan tahan lama, ianya akan lenyap di tolak oleh masyarakat sekelip masa sesuai dengan keburukan nilai nilai yang di gunakan.

Jikalau ianya melibatkan sebuah parti, maka menjadi kemestian alam semula jadi dimana nilai nilai buruk itu membawa kepada kejatuhan populariti parti tersebut seperti mana yang telah berlaku keatas individual individual yang termakan dengan mengunakan nilai nilai buruk sebagai amalan harian.

Apa nilai nilai buruk yang telah di gunakan oleh DAP?

Menipu kaum mereka sendiri dengan fakta fakta bohong, seperti mampu memerintah Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara Cina tanpa kaum kaum lain terutama Melayu.

Mengunakan anak anak muda kaum Cina menyebar berita bohong dan palsu memperdaya majoriti kaum Cina mempercayai bahawa kuasa akan berada bersama mereka dan sebuah negara pemerintahan Cina akan berlaku di negara ini apabila mereka semua menyokong DAP.

Sikap mereka mengunakan fakta bohong dan palsu adalah satu sikap mengunakan nilai nilai buruk untuk mendapat sesuatu yang di anggap suci.

Kita semua tahu mengunakan nilai buruk tidak akan boleh memperteguhkan sesuatu kepecayaan lambat laung akan runtuh bersama nilai nilai itu.

Sebagai pemimpin veteran, Lim Kit Siang tahu hal ini dan segera menjelaskan bahawa perubahan tersebut adalah hasil dari pengerakan kesan sedar diri semua rakyat Malaysia.

Walhal beliau amat faham bahawa perubahan drastik penyokong hasil dari nilai buruk itu hanya terdiri dari kaum mereka sahaja yang telah di tipu dengan segala tipu daya dari nilai nilai buruk yang di gunapakai oleh DAP.

Siapa ajar DAP supaya menjadi jahat sebegitu?. Jarang orang orang Malaysia mengamal budaya buruk.

Adakah sumber utama kejahatan itu datang dari the Star?. Milik MCA tetapi sokong DAP. Adakah MCA sendiri bersekongkong dengan DAP bagi menjatuhkan sebuah kerajaan Islam beraja Melayu?

Sikap the Star yang bermuka muka baik di hadapan tetapi jahat di dalam jelas di lihat pada keluaran akbar itu dua hari selepas PRU 13.

Apa yang di paparkan sebagai ” We are Malaysian” sebenarnya bererti “We are Chinese” untuk menutup kejahatan yang di guna oleh mereka memperdayakan kaum majoriti Cina mempercayai bahawa sebuah negara Cina di negeri Melayu pasti boleh di tegakan selepas kerajaan Melayu di jatuhkan dengan tipu daya hasil dari kelicikan kewartawanan mereka.

Mereka tentu nya amat jahat kerana terpadaya dengan nilai nilai buruk didalam mengamalkan profession kewartawanan dan menjadi kuda tunggangan DAP.

Sekiranya telahan ini ada kebenaran nya maka dengan itu kita syorkan supaya semua umat Melayu memboikot the Star dan DAP diatas dasar kejahatan mereka yang terang terangan berusaha menjatuhkan sebuah kerajaan Melayu di Nusantara tanpa sedar diri bahawa mereka itu sebuah kaum minoriti yang boleh di hapuskan dengan senang oleh kaum Melayu tanpa berkerja keras dan berperang.

Siapa ajar mereka ini menjadi jahat?. Singapura?, Israel?, Communist Parties?,

Atau sememangnya pemimpin DAP sendiri seperti Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guang Eng, Karpal Singh, Anthony Loke, Teresaa Kok, Hannah Yeoh dan lain lain, sememang nya manusia jahat?.

Tanya lah dan seledik.

Untuk itu sama sama kita tanamkan semangat menghancurkan musuh negara Malaysia number satu, yang jahat jahat, sama ada mereka itu Cina dan Keling DAP yang ada unsur unsur komunis atau sesiapa sahaja dalang yang ingin memporak perandakan negara.

Aku tau apa Cina mau!!,

MICIDIS BENMi ci dis – ben


PUKIPu ki mak.


ULUTU lut.

images La Tuk dan La Ja.

Bantahan keatas Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina boleh di buat Perkasa dan di bawa ke mahkamah

Perkasa boleh mengambil tindakan membantah kegiatan Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina diatas fakta bahawa ianya tidak termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan membawa bantahan ini ke Mahkamah.

Ini adalah kerana dalam Perkara 12 Perlembagaan Persekutuan hak yang ada cuma pendidikan agama Islam.

MCA dan Gerakan harus menerima cadangan ini yang bertujuan kearah perpaduan nasional di kalangan ahli masyarakat berbagai kaum di Malaysia.

Di harap Perkasa atau lain lain NGO Melayu membawa usul ini secepat mungkin.

Dana dan peruntukan bagi membantu sekolah Cina dan India hasil dari kerajaan negeri dan persekutuan tidak ada di dslam peruntukan Perkara 12 Perlembagasn dengan itu ianya adalah haram.


Datuk Mohd Nor Abdullah.

PS: Pelik dan ajaib, apa yang tercatit didalam perlembagaan di bantah, apa yang tiada seperti Sekolah Cina dibiarkan berterusan. Pihak Polis pula di lihat sebagai terlalu defensif di dalam mengawal demostrasi haram, dan nyata rakyat didalam keadaan gelisah dengan cemuhan orang Cina keatas pentadbir Melayu selepas PRU 13.

PRU 13 – its also about a political transformation

BN initiates a first time political transformation. In today’s time it means get anyone winnable or credible as candidates, put them in the field and as winnable and credible candidates be able to strengthen the line between those who aren’t selected, gather the people strength among the party and go to war against the opposition.

No one is above the other, even if you are the boss. So for the bosses, please be a right boss next time if you aren’t selected.

It sounds interesting to be in the politics nowadays, you know. If I am already an incumbent but, because I am not transforming in my political career in any way the transformation wants to be, I may not be a winnable candidate, thus may not be selected, even if I hold a minister post previously.

There is a good side in that too, perhaps people don’t get to see me on things people seldom have the right to see. May be I eat too much rice and too little vegetables, or too much meat. Or perhaps I have secrets that people don’t always come to know, unless some videos will tell how good I am in bed!.

The transformation as I see it brings people in less known position in the party to be transformed. You know, your assistant or the assistant of your assistant now may stand a chance to become a candidate. Even people from the outside of the party who are in transformation path may even be selected. You see, an independent candidate after being sacked from PKR, and was transforming the Allah controversy issue is transformed as a right candidate to remove PAS’s incumbent Khalid Samad or known as Khalid Gereja from Shah Alam parliamentary seat.

The best known effect of political transformation is on MCA, for which some members have transformed into a wild goose beating head over shoulder. Some even cried to transform themselves into elephants and hit back at the owner pleading losing millions while doing what they were supposed to do, public services.

Our political system now recognises those who perform and not only talk but also walk the talk. Sad thing is that because of a personal conflict between the president Ong Kee Teat, a winnable candidate in my view get hammered out from the list and lost his chance to a big fight MCA is currently facing.

Ong Kee Teat a humble politician in my view should be given to the right to defence his constituency.

Anyway, there is always good and bad things arising from a political transformation. I really hope that the political transformation that is happening now doesn’t affect our winning chance in all states, and particularly in the state of Kelantan.

Itu Belebongwa, bukan fatwa.

Mana ada fatwa? Itu, apa yang Nik Aziz cakap tentang orang UMNO tolak Islam adalah belebongwa.

Siapa beri title tok guru kepada dia nih?. Saya tidak pernah beri. Siapa beri? Tentu dia beri title itu pada diri dia sendiri. Semacam Raja Kiram 111. Beri title Sultan Sulu pada diri sendiri. Nik Aziz pun semacam itu? La aku sudah agak dah. Patut lah kecoh semacam Kiram 111.

Bila beri title pada diri sendiri sebagai tok guru, apa dia cakap pun datang dari diri dia sendiri.

Mana ada datang dari mana mana. Maka manusia boleh bohong. Bila bohong kita kena anggap itu sebagai belebongwa.

Kata orang Kelantan, bua atau lebih “intel inside” belawok.


Bukan tau gapo kakas jenis semacam ini kut. Parti pun parti ajaran sesat. Itu TPM cakap tuh!.

Ahli parti Gerakan cabar undang-undang Takiyuddin, dia terus postpone undang-undang kecil majlis, heh, heh, heh. Sesekali keras, sesekali lembit. Kerajaan tahi kucing!!!!

The Star

Heh heh heh, berani tahi kucing. Nak tunjuk kepada orang Kelantan mereka hebat, saman semua bukan Islam terhadap kesalahan kecil seperti kelakuan tidak senonoh dan mencuci rambut diantara bukan muhrim.

Rakyat Kelantan yang membukan salon, baik Islam bukan Islam harus bertindak meminta keadilan untuk membenarkan kita mencari makan di negeri sendiri. Jangan dok main bahagi bahagi kerana agama lah bro. Jikalau tidak TUKAR Kerajaan Tahi Kucing nih.

Bila dicabar, terus menikus dan menunda dari mempraktikan undang-undang tidak adil itu kepada semua kaum, termasuk umat Islam. Porrah.

Takiyuddin: “In other words, non-Muslim female salon operators would not be issued with summonses temporarily so long as they only attend to non-Muslim male customers,” -The Star.

PS: Beey, deek, mek, mok, dan adik kakak semua. Puak nih nawak besar. Sekali hinggat sekali dok hinggat. Nok nunjuk jah, macam kisah sembahyanag hajat dia tu lah. He he he he. Kerajaan tahi kucing mek, oii mok, semua nawak belaka.

Hendak tunjuk kuat kepada penyokong PAS Kelantan dengan kuasa Islam : TETAPI FAILED. KECUNDANG LAGI, HEH HEH HEH, BERHENTI LAH DARI JADI PEMIMPIN. YOU FAILED.

Pas arr, Ramadan, also wants to play play.

Sandiwara Cina and Mak Yung – Kah kah kah

Like that arr. Today, I read Chua’s statement about  DAP and PAS‘s sandiwara Cina.

You know lah, Azizan, the MB of Kedah, said he wanted to close operation of all nightclubs during Ramandan. Aisay man, before that he would’ve had a meeting with DAP, and could’ve told the one and only big boss that he had planned to make a “wayang kulit” lah.

“You arr, when I said I will close them during the whole month of Ramadan, you make a big fuss about its closure lah, and I would reverse the closure order the next day, no problem ma!!”.

“Ahh ya, ya, ya, you arr Alilan, vely clever one, we arrr, want all Chinese in Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and Johor, think we are good one and leject MCA, and when you take over the states from UMNO we are truly a partner ma, ok, ok, I’ll play play this good one 2morrow, np. Wow, Alilan, you got blain lah in you head!!”.

Chua is right lah, that both of emms play-play sandiwara one on this closure issue.

Woo, DAP is vely sterlong lah, anything PAS does arrr, DAP can corner one, we vote DAP lah this time, and no problem if PAS becomes the head of our state. MCA arrr the cannot do like that one. It’s arrr, the afraid afraid with UMNO one.

Malaysia dizaman anti kerajaan lama

Malaysia di keliling oleh negara-negara yang bergolak dengan penduduk anti-kerajaan lama. Terdahulu, di Singapura dan terbaru di Thailand.

Hari hari ini, Malaysia tidak terkecuali dari tekanan penduduk anti-kerajaan lama. Sama ada bilangan suara dari golongan anti-kerajaan lama itu ramai atau tidak, ia nya tidak penting. Tetapi percubaan untuk gambaran ramai bilangan ini berlaku dari semasa kesemasa.

Dari berbagai cara yang di pertengahkan, media baru sedikit sebanyak menjadi tersohor sebagai alat paling efektif untuk mengambarkan kuasa suara anti-kerajaan lama di Malaysia sedang bergerak pantas.

Kejayaan “Arab Spring” di negara Timur Tengah juga memberi efek besar keatas kejayaan gambaran bahawa pergerakan ini telah meresap masuk kedalam minda umat Malaysia.

Kita ingin juga tahu mengapa anti-kerajaan lama. Kerajaan PAP Singapura nyaris terkena “peluru berpandu” anti-kerajaan lama baru-baru ini, dan sehebat pemimpin Singapura juga bukan boleh terkecuali dari tindakan pergerakan kehendak hati-hati manusia grombolan baru yang digambarkan disekeling kita sekarang ini.

Jepun pun telah merasa, dan Cina, malahan Indonesia. Rakyat dunia ingin merasa perubahan didalam kehidupan. Mereka ingin bebas. Bebas dari semua benda. Terutamanya, bebas membuat apa saja. Tetapi yang penting bagi mereka ini, dari apa yang berlaku dimana-mana, bebas dari pemimpin tamak, gelojoh, tidak efektif, berbesar diri, ego, kaya raya, membesar kuasa kroni, tanpa memberi kebebasan ekonomi, kebebasan bersuara, kebebasan memilih, kepada rakyat yang terhimpit dengan tekanan ekonomi global.

Thailand telah memilih wanita didalam cubaan mengekal demokrasi yang dihimpit kuasa Raja, kuasa militari, kuasa orang kaya keatas orang miskin, kuasa tindasan perbezaan pendapatan ketara, dan kuasa menghimpit kepuasan beragama.

Jarang negara sebelah ini mengikuti Britain didalam memilih wanita sebagai Perdana Menteri, tetapi Magaret Thacher telah menjadi contoh kepada rakyat Thailand untuk memilih Yingluck Shinawatra. Bukan diatas sifat kekuatan politik, tetapi diatas kekuatan gender iaitu sebagai saorang wanita.

Yingluck, adik perempuan Thaksin, bekas perdana menteri yang dikelaskan sebagai Robin Hood Thailand, menambat hati rakyat di wilayah utara Thailand yang diberi hasil dari kepandaian bekas perdana menteri “menunggang kuda, bergayut didahan dahan pokok, menyerang hendap bagaikan Robin Hood of Nottingham kepada rakyat miskin wilayah itu. Tanpa ragu-ragu, memberi kebebasan kepada rakyat miskin mencari dana, dari sumber apa sekali pun, menjadikan sukatan kemenangan Yingluck.

Sungguh pun beliau mengesa supaya kuasa elite; kuasa raja, kuasa para pedadang,  kuasa politikus besar, di Bangkok merapatkan jurang perbezaan pendapat diantara parti beliau berserta parti gabungan, dengan kumpulan baju kuning ini, dan memajukan negara Thailand didalam proses demokrasi, masih belum boleh terkecuali dari desakan angin perubahan anti-kerajaan lama.

Malaysia, pun begitu. UMNO dan BN mengalami deruan angin itu semenjak Annuar disingkirkan. Sama ada angin perubahan ini baik atau tidak, kumpulan anti-kerajaan lama menyerang ganas sehingga kan UMNO telah mengalami kegoncangan kuat.

Baik atau tidak, secara peribadi, saya tidak akan menyuruh kaptain kapal saya terjun laut, semasa lautan bergelora. Saya sendiri tidak tahu memgemudi sebuah kapal.  Dan dimasa itu semua mengatakan mereka adalah pengemudi kapal yang terhandal.

Baca seterusnya disini.