Jalan Imbi and the notorious living style of the community that DBKL will help. Why?

At least you have a breathing space within KL landscape and this is not found anywhere in other towns in Malaysia.

In Ipoh, you barely have a spot for you to throw your lunch time or eating in a shop that sells Malay foods.

This is mainly for a reason that Kuala Lumpur belongs to all of us, Malay and Chinese, or Indian and other foreign nationals.

However, all efforts made on the improvements of the city’s facilities are pointing to on the improvement or improvement of the livelihood of the Chinese, which, in my opinion, are racist at all the time.

We already have Petaling Street for the Chinese to play dumb with the counterfeit law of the land, and we have all kinds of businesses run by the Chinese in every part of the city, in the city fringe, and in lanes or alleys. In fact, everywhere else is a Chinese ground in a true sense. So, where is a Malaysian city that Kuala Lumpur is trying to portray itself?.

Now the already Chinese area in Jalan Imbi is being developed with another government project to spur the ego of the Chinese as the skipper of the inner city development. Where does other Malaysian will go?

DBKL should not always think of the Chinese although the population in the area mainly Chinese because the whole Kuala Lumpur belongs not only to the Chinese but also other Malaysians such as Malays and Indian.

Please do not think Kuala Lumpur is for the Chinese ONLY. Our voice also is important to make sure that we also own Kuala Lumpur as much as the Chinese. As part owners, we have the right to object that Jalan Imbi should not be approved to be developed with a Chinese Food Center using the Rakyat money.

What DBKL has done by approving the site for a tourist spot in fact is to complement already a notorious living style within the residential district of the country. For some others who are unfamiliar with the living style within the area it is suffice to say that all the dark sides of the city begin here. They’re in the area the big shark of Along, who collect money daily from the enterprising Chinese or Malays. There in the area is the flesh trade which uses human trafficking as a hideout. In fact all Malays from the kampung will have a heart attack the moment they know how the Chinese have lived the notorious life within the area, and for the fact that DBKL, a Malaysian government agency, has abetted them to live such a life.

Can we have a better way to aid the so-called Chinese gain a better way of life? And of course, one way of doing is not by complementing their immoral activity.

Please don’t ask Nazri Aziz for his judgement on this subject. This is because he is a lawyer by profession and he knows nuts about humanity and eastern living style.

4 thoughts on “Jalan Imbi and the notorious living style of the community that DBKL will help. Why?

  1. Hey thanks for the compliment. At least WE know someone is reading. Ha ha ha. We have a few people who like to write, so let them write. Couldn’t careless if he can’t write perfect English.

  2. Oh Mat Ell, someone likes your written opinion. Keep it up.We will try to improve your English. Not a problem.You can write in Mandarin too if you like. Please Ginger it when you write next time.

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